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Are there any backup plans for when the domain gets seized by authorities?


If we lose the current, these will go online. Might want to bookmark them.


inb4 this causes mass doomposting


Using only zones maintained by ru-center for the mirrors is a bit shortsighted imo. kemono.party is included into the RKN blocking registry since 07.10.2022, and is actively being blocked in Russia since 24.10.2022.

Given that it was included into the registry based on article 15.1, you can safely assume it is listed under the CP category by RKN. So the moment they realize you are now using .ru/.su, they will forward the case to a prosecutor's office and your domains will be seized.


damn, this true?


I got kemono.to too.


The .Su domain is located in the Jungles of Suriname. Yes. That is true.

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