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Do I need a Kemono Party account for the import to work?


No, you don't need an account to import.
However, one is required if you wish to import direct messages or manage aspects of the autoimport feature later.


>However, one is required if you wish to import direct messages
Is this why next to no fucking artists’ DMs are ever imported? Or did you make it obvious that an account was needed for importation of DMs and people still won’t import them?


Might've had something to do with the fact that the feature was disabled for almost 9 months, the fact that it only functions specifically for patreon and not any of the other platforms the site hosts, or the fact that it's a completely optional feature that's off by default with a big RED X denoting its no activated and completely up to the uploaders themselves if they want to risk the exposure, which a number got in trouble for.

Dumb ass…

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