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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>24284


its almost the end of the month and my subscription is gonna end soon, i hope patreon importer can be fixed soon.


this the new "complain about not having free porn right this second" thread?



Patreon stuff is mostly novels for me.


An artist I like was updated earlier, but the site shows them not having been updated since last month. Not sure what’s up with that?

Also, whoever updated it gets props for including comments.


from what ive heard patreon importer is down





the admins are to busy jerking it to pedo porn from pivix to care


Or busy with the broken importer. After all, were busy getting the pixiv posts because of the banned in Dec 15.


well, we all deserve free shit, dickhead. That's why we use importer so otger people can get the stuff we are sharing ith them for free.



That was a lie, many artists are saying their work is getting removed earlier than December. Pixiv is cucked.


on today's episode of planet earth:
paywall service deceives its users


I think the Admins need to give some of us an update. It's near the end of the month and they are testing a new method that might be ready in a month. Don't expect to be ready because there might be unexpected challenges for them.


Hey I know you're probably busy with the other 2000 spinning plates that make up daily kemono party operations but
uses tinyurls that go through some gay shit called "https://anti-scraper.herokuapp.com" that will redirect you to wrong place unless the http header refer is "https://patreon.com"
people are mistakenly flagging them for reimport and will be too dumb to check here for a solution so could you add a condition that if the importer sees "tinyurl" or "anti-scraper" it gives the correct refer and retrieves the link or for extra lulz just make all outbound link clicking from kemono give the patreon http refer? and confuse some analytics


they're actually making their own paid graffiti private as some kind of big brain 'no you cant touch this if you cant see it and im doing this to all of my masterpieces' technique which is futile since pixiv sees it and may even wipe accounts if they arent that much of a big earner

thanks rewatching this one its a classic


An updated about how fixed is the importer, if they are still in deep sea or they see the light, would be good tho


this, unless its classified information and we have to do gangsta shit to up our rank. that would allow us plebs to get an eta without asking about it all the time and maybe even help


The longer this stays broke, the more that dedicated importers might just kinda forget about it.


We don't need full details. After all, there might be spies here.


Open the request board again cause you know if I stealthily post one as one of the topics the jannies will delete it.


Well, something seems to be at least partially fixed, as one Patreon I have in favs on Kemono did update yesterday.


File: 1669663670273.png (103.92 KB, 486x138, fff.png)

This artist was also updated but the new post (11/27) didn't show.



That shows that we are still not close to a working solution for the Patreon importer. CU 2023 (maybe)!


I feel like it's more the "people who have never written a line of code or even used inspect element demand a perfect working paysite scraper right now" thread.


that has nothing to do with it; leech-facing pages get cached and don't always get updated in a timely manner, but the data is still there. check back in a couple of hours


>>25460 sorry for the late reply i gotta carry on quickly for work tomorrow good evening sirs!
>pleb spacing intensifies

A sodomite made this art! Nice post-op vagene bro thanks i hate it also why are there no nipples in xer's ugly bobs?

back then on YP i heard people say we should create split MEGA accounts and use a frontend fetcher as a proxy to hide the cloud usernames

definitely wrong thread but is there a guide for AI art i dont want to waste my years accomplishing nothing
also this board really needs a cycled general chit chat area for all the new threads being created by newfags

inb4 website adds covid vaccine TPM verification to deter NEET leechers knowing they will get the dangerous shots upon compliance
i cant be the only one who thinks that admins are secretly getting bribes. Wheres the canary logs and the protonmail style shady funding? hell you might as well even make a sexy burb mascot while you're at it

>>25524 on today's episode of planet lockdown


If the importer is so hard to fix, why did the devs break it in the first place? It was working fine before!!

They've already said 'end of the month' for the importer fix, folks. No reason to get anxious until December. And even then there is no reason to get anxious, given kemono's subscription rates. It'll get fixed when it get fixed.


It's kind of funny how dependent people have become on this place. You'd think they would go upload onto exhentai or something. But no, if Kemono breaks down the porn piracy grinds to a halt and doesn't budge anymore.


What hellhole did (You) crawl out of?


And still no fix, well, sorry Novembro's even if the patreon scraper was fixed tonight, it still takes a good 2-3 days for the full auto-import dump to run its course and upload all 8000+ imports, which would spill over into December and a new billing cycle.


they still don't support video files though right? and the prospect of turning a 30mb video into a 250mb gif hurts my brain


Legit Diet Coke W7-890 without the funny.



* I meant Importer, hate this auto-correct


So how’s things going with the importer?


I dunno. Ask Shino or SA. One of those two are doing the thing. I only get told when milestones are met and we've only just got somewhere with it.


>leech-facing pages

What the bloody hell is that even supposed to mean lol?? I mean FFS man!


How much are the jews paying these goys to not fix the importer



Who knows. How damaged is your brain? To create comments that are garbage on so many levels at the same time requires something truly special. For starters, how about YOU start paying the devs, or why do you think anyone owes garbage like you anything?


gosh, it's almost as if people who frequent a piracy website expect to have access to free content! whatever gave them that idea? this is no place for such things!


Can we know what actually broke with the importer? What step in the process of importing stopped working?


This patreon fiasco has further proven to me that those who leech off of piracy sites without contributing themselves are some of the blackest gorilla nigger retards out there. The ones who use the name/email/subject fields when not necessary, doubly so.
>>25555 (wasted)
See >>25480


Hello, Patreon Employee #67026. Sure, we'll tell you what went wrong, where it went wrong, how it went wrong, and what we're doing to fix it.


I was just genuinely curious as to what the issue was.

If we can't know what the actual issue is then I'll ask instead how goes the progress of fixing it.


Nevermind, you said you don't know. I do hope it's going well though.


>I was just genuinely curious as to what the issue was
sure you were ;)


At this rate we might as well go back to waiting for chapters on official sites, they're ahead of Kemono by now


W7-890 my man what you been doin bro shit messed you up real bad

Tripfaggotry. Tripfaggotry never changes.

Admin #1's too busy working overtime and admin #2's too busy escorting sad humans to the other side. Srsly tho, what happened that caused all those imports to pile up, site-related or importers gangbanging without being told to stop hammering?



Yep. Unfortunately.


File: 1669753368933.gif (165.67 KB, 350x236, nervous-waiting.gif)

Waiting for the fix like


patterns are easy to identify and create rulesets for


>>25557 >>25585 >>25577
>what happened to your IP
why was i originally permabanned? it says "troll" and i dont exactly recall whatever i did as it was a month ago
>CH-ADD ban e-vader
i can't anymore screw this Ethernet cable i should have sticked to using WiFi instead not that i post too often here anyway
sorry for the streakfag earlier and the late post my system is clogged up ((again) again) due to severe memory leak issues i thought 48gb was enough
i originally used proxy because stratogem kept banning namefags on /soy/ and got a bit carried away and ended up here lel
nobody's lonely were just frustrated know thy difference its been months since you closed the requests section what did you literally expect?
refunds? no way! keep working for free yellow doggy

are you sure this is him? do the url referrers match? man fuck glowies

>he doesn't block the email failed or replace it with a checkbox like other chans
dunno whos more incompetent here the ESG hired patreon staff or the HRT ridden coders here oh and wasn't kemono3 proprietary?
we dont have that problem on flip-centric crack forum sites must be a "mutt problem" for you i guess /s


how about (YOU) put the canary logs below vichan jokes aside i remember bitchBUI banning me for mentioning bribes before kek that was fun but ive lost the mood to troll over the years and i feel bored now

on stage 1 the site flourishes and all sorts of creators get added and then security researchers start catching up on stage 2
i think were on stage 3 now (stagnation) this part looks really familiar basically imports will stop for a long time and users will flood this thread for legit reasons
stage 4 is the part where jannies go banny while excluding shit en masse and stage 5 is where the site goes down and fed alternatives go up
TL:DR history doesn't repeat but rhymes well for now i suggest making an alternate gallery-dl clone for individual use to avoid wasting everyone's subscriptions for now those can just be just added manually later after anons share scrapped stuff on 4chan also how hard is it to mimic the APIs of the patreon mobile app its literally just webkit/nwjs
>hurr durr leech
jokes on you i bought some fresh steam games P100 each during the black friday discounts now how do i add them back to IGG? ill repay my friend with cash in person later (it aint that expensive i just needed to borrow a verified account)



"are you sure this is him? do the url referrers match? man fuck glowies"

I was legit just curious about which part of the Patreon broke. I use Kemono for webnovels(and porn).

Btw, could you please tell me how to do greentext?


Instead of just asking about the importer, here is an actual feature I think would be useful.

The ability to mute/hide a creator's posts would be nice. This would come in handy when searching through Posts and someone uploaded stuff the user isn't interested in.

Does this idea have merit?


File: 1669763678779.jpg (66.11 KB, 1280x1098, photo_2022-11-27_19-58-54.jpg)

>your IP
Unbanned it to piss a mod off here, you make the threads actually worth reading.
>HRT ridden coders here
If that was the case, the site would be fully opensource, running on IPFS and whatever else they imagine in their dreams now, deleting content by dmca, running subreddit/discord server, Kemono Gold pass instead of ads, holding servers hostage on each time they run low on money by spending it all on HRT and cloud web services.

Would kemeno even exist today if that was the case?

Someone mod made a tampermonkey script, you can find it in the telegram channels.

Opened request thread and telegram channels, they start to get very annoying lately trying to request wherever they possibly can now, so consider this containment.

>>coomer.party slow

something something cdn is eating ass and will get solved in a couple hours.


I was going to threaten FIX YOUR SHIT OR I POST MID-90S BADLY WRITTEN USENET TIER SONIC AND TAILS PORN but I suspect that'd just delay you more.

Well, that and you probably wrote it.


>I was legit just curious about which part of the Patreon broke.
sure you were ;)

>Btw, could you please tell me how to do greentext?

get back to work, #67026



Hang in there admin-san

godspeed on your work


Return to cuckchan and take your half-legible schizoposts with you.


You guys got an ad somewhere on the site that is trying to open connect to a malicious site according to my anti-virus



Since requests aren't a thing anymore, is there any chance for a feature like Yiff.party had where creators could be flagged as being in need of updating?


So how’s things going with that importer fix?


File: 1669787481607.jpg (21 KB, 640x480, 1552005824833.jpg)

>waiting for the fix like


File: 1669787562390.png (25.44 KB, 128x128, oPYHXMF.png)


>tfw you realize the staff took a big paycheck from patreon to disable the importer permanently


So what do we do if the importer isn't fixed by the end of the month?


jack off to the countless other free porn on the internet


Any updates?? Sick of trying to filter through loli garbage from Pixiv lol



See, the problem with that there is that I really don't give a shit about the porn. Because you're right. Loads of free porn out there. I use this site to read ahead and webnovels. To get chapters months in advance. And if the importer isn't fixed, I basically have to drop them until it catches up with Patreon.

Well, I guess I don't really have room to complain. I knew the risks of using a volatile pirate site like this

Well, I


You're just pissy cuz you can't watch fat cows with pink hair and furfags react to 15 year old episodes of Naruto.
Spoiler alert, he doesn't fuck the faggy–
sorry I mean "dark and brooding" emo.


Well, we found the lolifag




Just wait longer. We don't know what they are doing right now, and there might be changes in Patreon that will effect it. Till they fix it, look for alternative sites where people place their images without the need for importers.


the thing is, even sites like Sad Panda got partially paralyzed by the crash of Kemono importer because they have been uploading what they scraped from kemono lol


New pixiv rule
CGI/photorealistic fans are royally fucked, and everyone else is just fucked.

Remember this isn't just loli/shota shit, this is an entire slew of content and fetishes that now have the Sword of Damocles hanging over their head.
Anything morally questionable (fun) is now threatened


Welp, another reason why we must focus on Pixiv. So many art being banned due to this.


Is it ogre ?


Putting this on a post reminding about impending mass censorship really makes me think.
Don't forget to back up regular Pixiv artists you like, I fully anticipate them to do a mass exodus and not upload their old content wherever they settle.


please fix the patreon importer….i can't take this hentai content from pixiv anymore….especially the guro, loli and shota. I want my furry pinups back.


Do you have any date estimated to fix patreon problem?


Just block all the pixivimports these motherfuckers have been clogging the importer for a month now, fuck them


Gasp! You did it! You fixed the importer! All it took was turning off the remaining functional parts! Why didn't anyone else think of that?!


The number of imports hovering around 8000 for two weeks. Is it real number of patreon updates that get stuck?


Most of them yes



Now here we have someone qualified to become president of the US of A, definitely a very stable genius.


Anyone can tell me why the image name (sha) changed on https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/11701235 ? I'm downloading some and I just saw duplicates because the has changed.


It’s the end of the month and still no fix what’s going on?


Are there any alternate sites for Patreon posts?



Of course! Just try patreon.com.



Grandpa Biden, is that you?


Oh, ok.

I have to pay for this stuff.



Assuming the site ever gets updated again, can we get a "sort by date" feature on the posts tab?


Already December, and still no Patreon posts.


Hey, king. You can't be go saying things like that, even if they're true.


So whats the new deadline then if the end of the month thing was wrong?


File: 1669878930484.png (58.27 KB, 299x280, 296-2965237_wojak-png-down….png)

>Queued Imports: 8414
>Running Imports: 6


File: 1669879984931.png (244.05 KB, 1036x1154, fg.png)

Still the end of the month


So the end of next month?


How long is this going to TAKE?!


That was just an estimate. There is no way to accurately predict when it will be fixed. Just wait until it is done. If you can't, just search in other websites where you can find paid content for free.




File: 1669897069013.jpg (9.89 KB, 235x245, e330ca7bcff44441903c39702a….jpg)

>Queued Imports: 8438
>Running Imports: 2


it's over


ah yes, all those other websites that have the same exact content that's available everywhere…


File: 1669905773575.webm (3.77 MB, 480x360, this is slightly less jew….webm)

Meanwhile, at Patreon…


I think it is very clear: No importer fix, no money for the devs. If the devs want money, they need to show that they have the ability to fix the importer first. If they cannot fix the importer and continue to take money, that's basically the equivalence of being a con-man. It they cannot fix the importer and are honest with everyone, that's understandable. First fix the importer, and then you can have your cash.


The fuck are you talking about? Nobody pays to use Kemono.
They're running at a loss for thankless impatient niggers like you who demand free gibsmedats right now.
The miniscule amount of money they get from retards who still don't use an adblocker can't possibly cover what it costs to run, either.


This mess every time the importer is broken could've been fixed if the people running this fucking website posted updates HERE instead of on FUCKING TELEGRAM, who the fuck uses that shit?



Only russians and pedophiles use telegram because it's "obfuscated"

Those cucks don't realize that big daddy govmint sees literally every thing you do online and that "MUH PRIVACY" has not been a thing since 1990.


Imagine being this much of a bootlicking faggot to "devs".
Did you not realize that they depend entirely on us to have a website that makes them money??? We upload shit, they do not. F95Zone is a better way to archive patreon posts thanks to mega/anonfile not this shitty furfag website that stores oversaturated weeb garbage from pixiv exclusively.


Bro y'all need to chill, it's just porn.


File: 1669924343556.jpg (730.73 KB, 1000x1000, 76634af6046b12f95009a3a2bb….jpg)

I was about to call you out for fedposting but judging from the fact you think Telegram is 'obfuscated' it's more likely you're just a retarded doomer.
This site does not make anyone money.



No, it's also some very very important web novels.


a patreon artist i like actually got updated a few days ago so im not sure what the fuck is going on? if it could happen for this why cant it happen for everyone else


Over 11000 imports. When will this be fixed?


File: 1669927800533.png (50.47 KB, 937x931, Capture.PNG)

Today I will remind them that the importer source code stopped being updated publicly because "le obscure is le secure" and since then it's been down 30% of the time.

Shino is just cruising off of donations and just doesn't want someone hardforking this shit and siphoning off his simp cash flow.


Were there any similar problems with yiff.party?


File: 1669930427101.png (1.77 MB, 1200x1200, yeah.png)

Wrong branch, tard. Also, go on, try it. Launch a fork.

What an exquisitely strong flavour of salt.
It's almost like something was not updated.

And miss the salt? Never.

A nobel prize worthy speech.

For every question +3 days.

Unlikely, unless it becomes more js heavy.

>I have to pay for this stuff.
Well, that's how it works.


Gee, how could we have missed it. You are right.

Then pay for them, to the artist, yourself.
Also, suffer some more.

Welcome to globohomo.

Sure thing, footfag.

>I basically have to drop them
ez, pay up and sub to the creator/tl

There, have some more.


>jews paying
nice joke


We're reaching bbwchan of asspain in this thread


Every minute spent arguing with niggers is a minute spent not fixing your shit.
>but the devs provided this busted site for free so don't complain
They opened this site for a reason, and I doubt it's out of the kindness of their shriveled black hearts.


are you 14
honestly asking


Hey the "queued imports" are going down, you guys think it's fixed?


Imports are going up. We're all going to make it, bros. ;w;


It might just be fanbox stuff, sort by "last updated" and it's just all fanbox right now



Not just might, it IS all Pixiv stuff.


File: 1669940858374.jpg (28 KB, 427x519, d26af637.jpg)

How's the air up there?

>are you 14
Are you a tranny looking to molest a kid?
honestly asking



you can't be 14; no 14-year-old is smart enough to moderate a porn site and not get caught


>three patreon pages updated within the last hour
>giantess shit
>MS paint inflation
>uncanny valley 3DCG porn
so this is the power… of western artists…


normally i'd have some god tier shutdown for this but i'm too busy choking on mucus because pedo shits like you won't stop mouthbreathing everywhere you go


you gotta wonder how many of them are inporting their own pages to kemono because nobody actually wants to pay for it


So if the patreon importer is fixed I guess as evidenced by the 4 updates will the pending imports be cancelled isn't it already a new month wouldn't the keys have expired by now or am I mistaken?


quit being a faggot and go back to the code mines pls


so expecting pirated content on a piracy website is a bad thing now? good to know!


>Are you a tranny looking to molest a kid?
Aren't they all?


I would say that is another test, but since they were imported, it at least gives some hope.


>Are you a tranny looking to molest a kid?
Where the fuck are your parents?


You will never be a human.


the admins here have the maturity of a 13-year-old edgelord


Oh, you've done it now Admin, you've triggered the safe spacers



Perfect, I heard e621 was looking for more admins.


Is the importer fixed or were those updates only a test?


I think that's a test. Still, there is hope.


hey look, another edgelord!


>expecting a safe space on an imageboard
I guess this is the result of furfags venturing from their Reddit and Twitter homes for free porn.


File: 1669980713113.jpg (125.28 KB, 1000x1000, 5Ne_BAKA-FfM6vymVIAAX3L7.jpg)

>Beg for updates and ETA
>Start doomposting
>Claim staff abandoned the site and ran off with gorillions.
>Staff responds literally anything
>Yell at 'em for having posted instead of coding

Image board culture truly is fascinating


Everyone ITT but me is a tranny


2022: Destroy porn and discord, cause hundreds of millions of e-junkies to unexist and contribute to regulating population growth.


wow, your completely baseless assumption was right! I definitely do want a safe space here, instead of just wanting people to not be assholes! thank you Mr. Edgelord for showing me the error of my ways. may you one day be the mature adult you believe yourself to be.


gosh, now I realize what a wuss I am. I guess I should go curl up into a ball and cry now that a stranger on the internet has called me out. what a day this has been!


Nigger samefag


It's been this way since before time existed.


Too bad we didn't get a new ETA. :(



Is it just me or did Logins shit the bed again. Can’t log in with my account and have to recreate it all again.




Pls understand small indie group can't fix it for long time


Recent updates say 32 Patreon artists got updated today, looks like at least a little progress is happening?


test batch. means nothing more than 'they're working on it'. Could be everything works and we get the full run tomorrow, could be they find an issue and it's another 2 weeks before they're even ready to test again.


One of my authors got updated yes! By Jesus and his wrinkly, puckered hole. I am so happy.

Now to watch the importer immediately me layed out of commission for the rest of eternity with this test match being the last updates we'll ever see


Looks to be working now, except we have a fucking backlog of weeb shit being uploaded still.

Good job kemono devs, you're retards but at least you're capable ones.



Unless the "Running Imports" number jumps up to the hundreds, it's just a test and the importer hasn't been fixed/updated.


I've been waiting on one Patreon to update for a year and a half


Is the site shitting itself again? It doesn't show many artists I have favorited as favorited but they show if I use the API


The two import tests were successful right so is it fine to ask for a new ETA?


File: 1670029098848.png (270.63 KB, 1303x896, sheepstail.png)

small company, prease andastand

You had 1.5 years to work, get some money and spend on the content.
Yet here you are. ████████.

>is it fine to ask for a new ETA?

What we are fighting is not "Patreon", but rather what is in between.
We need to figure out the patterns and what makes the other side tick.


Why you are such giant ass hole! We gonna leaveing your site you fucking rude bitch. Enjoy your died web site.


do not redeem the patreon bastard bitch


I feel like the quality of the site would spike upwards dramatically if having an account with import keys were required to download/post here.
Slightly ironic since this is a paywall bypass site sure, but unless you enjoy trolling these retards it would beat dealing with a sea of ungrateful niggers.


sirs please calm yourself


why es people so fucking entilted about free porn


patreon importer back? a lot of creators are getting updated


It might be another test though unless it makes a big jump to like 100 running imports we can't be sure yet I think.



Not yet. It's still being worked on and tested. As the Admin said, "what makes the other side tick".


Until the Admin says otherwise or Patreon content is getting imported constantly, assume it's just a text.


ok show your acc with key leechfag


File: 1670042274910.gif (2.62 MB, 498x270, savingprivateryan-ww2.gif)

Waiting for the patreon importer


is the patreon importer broken?


>>25792 Yes it is
How did you manage to make it through all the messages without realizing it was broken


Patreon is updated but DM importer isn't . again . Please fix and add DM , thank you


A lot of patreon favs are being updated rapidly, really happy about that. I really appreciate this site, even if there are problems, which you probably don't hear too often. I'm gonna donate next chance I get.


The novel I've been waiting on finally got its turn, so like most people who use this board, this'll probably be my last post until the next time shit stops working.

Dear Patreon Executives: Whatever company you hired to try to protect your site from this scraper is not effective. It is probably never going to be. It just got outwitted by the retards who run this site; why the fuck are you paying for that?


Thanks to the site administrators.
the importer is working again…..i am very happy. I was really missing my Furry girls made by my favorite artists.


god bless the admins for dealing with these tards and getting the importer running


File: 1670078075511.jpg (1.81 MB, 2315x4096, 1616544789887.jpg)

The Patreon importer is now back in full operation. The amount of research and trial-and-error required to stabilize things cannot be overstated, and it would not have been possible without the assistance of fellow administrators SA and Hermiet, moral support from Usah, as well as the patience and support of the users. Thank you.
I apologize for the break in communication from me at around the end of November, and that I was not able to meet the original planned deadline.
The inciting incident was a severe increase in the amount of bot detections from Datadome, which completely prevented imports from making any kind of meaningful progress while also sipping away the limited balance on our captcha solving provider. For these reasons, we could not afford to keep the container running.
>Datadome is a sort of paid plugin to Cloudflare, typically used by places like sneaker shops, and adopted by Patreon as of March this year (cause of the first Patreon importer crisis)
>To be honest, these guys actually have a pretty powerful product
After March, a new version of Kitsune was created, tentatively named Kitsune-Ultimate, that largely uses browser automation instead of plain HTTP requests. However, I still set things up to directly contact the private Patreon API as previously done, which ended up being somewhat of a poor choice when thinking about detectability. Ultimate now uses the frontend, which helps it blend in far more. This is one of many changes made that now allow the scraper to work with zero bot detections.
Kitsune-Ultimate was initially not provided to the public in an abundance of caution immediately following our problems earlier this year, but I realize this conflicts with our initial effort to keep Kemono reproducible, self-hostable, and open. If demand from the community is confirmed, I will clean up the codebase and release it sometime; I don't have problems with doing so at this point.


Thank you for your efforts . Patreon importer is back , but the DM importer is still down . Many artists lock their contents on links in the comments , and they tend to change the links regularly . Please fix the DMimporter quickly or they will change the links and the content will be lost to us . Thank you .


Thank you for your efforts! :)


File: 1670083838970.jpeg (105.14 KB, 1350x1667, sPjPdYJQ.jpeg)

For future consideration:
Some artists are using Fanbox Fan Cards feature to hide their passwords. Can they be imported? See picrel.


GREAT work, super happy to see it online again. But the current imports are sitting around 37 atm.
I've seen it reach 200 several times so i wondered if the processing threads for patreon are capped at a certain number.
Wouldn't it make more sense for the threads to dynamically switch between importer algorithms for each site so the imports always run at 100 % capacity when the import waves come in or would it be too much unnecessary work?


Importer is slowly getting back to where it was, tho one of the artists I favorite says it was updated, but has not actually been updated still as of this comment. (naninoanime)


>Datadome is a sort of paid plugin to Cloudflare, typically used by places like sneaker shops, and adopted by Patreon as of March this year (cause of the first Patreon importer crisis)
>To be honest, these guys actually have a pretty powerful product

Basically, if anyone wanted to try coding the Patreon importer from scratch, try and search for "how to scrape the Nike/Adidas store website." There is a lot, and I mean A LOT of information out there that you can get from forums both on the surface and deep web, and the only thing that you’ll need is time and a good eye to find a really good conversation on this scraping bot or tool on a forum or blog. Using Google with GoogleFu format (you can search what is GoogleFu) and DuckDuckGo is highly recommended as they are the most popular search engines. Try also looking in the forum for this in a collection of dark web lists called dark.fail (information to janny; this website is safe and does not contain any illegal links). My point here is there a whole community dedicated on discussing how to scrape the most toughest website to scrape. So whenever this website upgrade their anti scrape system, Patreon will do the same.



Thanks for your hard work! :D


God bless the devs


tnks for your work, and ignore the entilted assholes



Many thanks to you and the whole team. Hope you have a delightful day.


Thanks mate.
Source code would definitely be appreciated, but it would be nice if the SubscribeStar importer got a fix since it seems people are recommending some Fanbox artists to move to it.


Great work everybody, have a good one


Man, I've never been this happy in my entire life. It's like Christmas came early.



Shinonome, if you're reading this, just understand that there are people out here that supports you and your team's efforts. Some have no patience whatsoever and act like they're going to kill someone if they don't bust to whatever artist they're interested in. Don't mind them. Thank you for your hard work and have a good day.


I think a lot of the dooming and gnashing of teeth came from people's previous experience with what had happened to yiff.party. Anyway, thank you devs!


File: 1670103238132.png (1.72 MB, 1280x720, heart.png)


Nicely put. I'm utterly shocked how the kemono team can navigate through this jungle full of apes without losing heart. Mad respect.


Imports are slowing down is something wrong?


the number is going down though, I assume it's because a lot of importers that queued up in November no longer have access so it just goes through error importing then moves on
just a guess though


>>25845 does that mean there will be imports missing? I have quite a few favorites right now that is either not updated or missing several posts


So how does the importer really work? Does it import all patreon posts at once? Because I saw a patreon page get updated just now with all the latest posts but eventually it stopped at a certain point.

See here:


Oi snowflake. If you haven't been asleep all year you'd know that DeviantArt had implemented a paywall system. Of course I'm not saying everything's paywalled there but the amount just keeps building and building. The Kemono staff are aware and may be looking into the possibility of someday adding a DeviantArt importer to the site.

>Importer is broken.

The PATREON importer. Why do you act as if everything relies on a single importer?

>BACK THE FUCK OFF, you goddamn ungrateful piece of shit.

I just love how you took two completely different people and confused them for the same person (I'm 25001 BTW). That's almost as wrong as mistakening Kemono.party and Patreon as the same thing, or your grandma and your girlfriend.

Let's just hope that isn't the case.

I mean, there was a time when I suggested to Kemono that maybe they could get Patreon 'in on it'. I just hope that hasn't backfired. If so then holy shit have I fucked up.

Shit. Having a website announce they'll do something on a certain day and then jump the gun. That fucking better not
catch on.



Request link for future references: https://chan.kemono.party/requests/index.html


In all seriousness, it would be great if we at least had SOME sort of temporary Pixiv Fanbox request page. After all we're less then 2 weeks away from Pixiv's judgement day (assuming the purge hasn't already happened by then). Not everyone's able to import stuff (etc.), but those who do dedicate themselves to import stuff will be able to see what's at stake.

Now before everyone starts freaking out, no this isn't really about the old "Oh, pity poor wants kiddy porn" (not for me at least). Again there's a lot of non-child-p0rn things at stake due to the vague ambiguity of the new TOS. Even things that might seem fine at first glance. This would be out final chance at being able to save what we really like (aside from the child p0rn, that can disappear for all I care).

Also just ignore those who say stuff like,
>Oh, do it yourself. Oh what, can't ask Mommy? Ungrateful coom.
Because there are always going to be morons who don't understand. Some of whom probably spend their free time bashing and robbing the homeless like cowards.


why do you requesters think anyone is out there looking for requests to fill


the OG yiff party never had this problem why not just open it already?
at this point its pretty clear that requests are just a placido nobody is being fooled anymore just let us throw coins in the well already

>>25835 https://archive.is/uwYbO

since this thread is mostly flame wars i might as well ask why was my shitty joke deleted? i demand an answer from the KemonoBBS trust and safety frontliner team



Agreed. Even yiff.party had a vote button for prioritizing requests, as opposed to this based "favorites" system; leaving any newer artists/requests in the dust while these dime a dozen artists are outright baked into the front page.

Having dedicated areas for ""popular"" artists and voted requests would honestly be welcome (and could cut down on users requesting for the same artist). Given it's almost always other users fulfilling them, locking/putting a hold on requests just seems childish and unproductive, as it isn't like they're begging the admins to do it themselves.

Maybe when, and if, things DO get fixed, implement a system similar to YP's and let the people decide whom to update.


File: 1670157832186.png (59.14 KB, 600x800, 23684 - SoyBooru.png)

>None of my favorite artists have been updated yet


Wait, i've not got an eternity to read the whole thread, since half of it is shitposting anyway

in a summary, is the importer fixed or still having issues?


The Clubs system will make this easy. God knows when it'll be developed and implemented though.


There's no way for a random user to see if an artist has a key saved for auto-import and request an update, right?


What happened none of My favorite artists have been updated.


sucks to sucks lol


It makes me feel sad that out of my 9 favorited Patreon creators, only 3 were updated after the importer got fixed, and I can't even make update requests for any of them because there is no more requesting of any kind.


just allow requests again already ffs


Having problems importing from Boosty:

[d1ecfdc4bd5d2d0e]@2022-12-04 23:18:55: Starting import. Your import id is d1ecfdc4bd5d2d0e.
[d1ecfdc4bd5d2d0e]@2022-12-04 23:23:01: Importing user sorafoxyteils
[d1ecfdc4bd5d2d0e]@2022-12-04 23:23:01: Starting import: 0a4aeb20-c29f-43ed-9be9-145e6181e9c9 from user sorafoxyteils
[d1ecfdc4bd5d2d0e]@2022-12-04 23:23:01: Unsupported content found. You should tell Shino about this occurrence.



okay which one of you guys uploaded this?


Dafuq is a boosty


Russian patreon



>at this point its pretty clear that requests are just a placido nobody is being fooled anymore just let us throw coins in the well already

At THIS point!? I imagine everyone except the hyper-request-junkies worked this out about 5 years ago. I'll never understand how so many people can be fooled into thinking what the other anon is saying…:-

> "What makes ANYBODY think theres filthy rich people just looking for OTHER PEOPLE'S requests to fill???!?"

Its like how people only worked out the "request update" button on Yiff did nothing 100 years later, and even then 1 or 2 die hards were still refusing to stop believing!

WTF is wrong with people's brains nowadays!?!? Simple deduction is simple, so why can't you do it!? WHY DAMNIT!!!???


Wat da good fuck is a Russian Patreon? I don't like the sound of it!


Im only fucking around BTW lol



The importer working doesn't magically import everything every artist has made, people have to have working keys for the month for a starter.
You seem new here.


Will the subscribestar importer ever work again?
What is even wrong with it?


It wasn't secure, uploaders were getting banned because SubStar was able to trace it back to them


hi friends… Forgive me for so much. Any news on Patreon's importer?… 3 o'clock that no update takes place. Thank you for your attention.


Okay, what now? Queue has been hanging at the same number for many hours, and no new Patreon imports.



Patreon importer is fine. Backed up fantia and fanbox imports are coming through now since most of the patreon imports have freed up the queue

Missippi Tree Emblem



Well, that doesn't explain why the queue is unchanging and still pretty full while not much importing is happening-



LOL, now imports incl. Patreon are running again, from the queue, just after I made that comment. Divine intervention?


thanks for answering my question… I think I'm a little greedy.


I've been getting errors trying to import my latest posts. Here's my log: 7088054d


please revoke SA's posting privileges during difficult times in the future, he's a retard manchild and only makes things worse for everyone


Nah, it was funny seeing him troll actual retard manchildren.


So just wondering, my favorites got updated anyway so I'm content, but how come the updates have been stuck at 1800 is their a particular reason why since all the importers are fixed right?


Who knows


it feels like its very slow, took forever to get to my import then it had an error because I accidentally logged out I assume


File: 1670303914775.jpg (67.6 KB, 900x900, thereisnoescape.jpg)

>blablabla favorites blablabla
I wish I could apply wires to both of your temples and let variable current run through them.

>I accidentally logged out
Possible, but we had our fair share of stability problems some hours ago.

If you had checked the recent artists page or the post, you might notice that things are flowing.
Tho we needed to slow some things down to get the importing to a stable state. Part of that are the parallel imports.

seethe and cope

We changed a few things, so re-submit it again for now.
If it happens again, drop half of the import id.


>inflation fetish with a drop of food colouring
Guess only slightly better than feedism/gaining.

I suggest autoasphyxiation without the auto- part.

Do I really need to answer that? Technically it was considered some time ago, I forgot what the result of that was, but at least it's a no for now.
The logic was to be: If import has auto-import enabled, then the imported/updated artist would have a flag set, which implies at least one key would update it. And the flag would be reset at the end of the month.
But no, not now. Dunno how I feel about that kind of feature. I'd rather not have it.

Read the thread.

All I read is salt and desperation.

Yes, you.

>from people's previous experience with what had happened to yiff.party
That type of suffering is sustenance for my soul.

You already got your reply ages ago.

A crackwhore denying crack. See you when the withdrawal symptoms kick in.


Question: is the import queue strictly FIFO, or is there some kind of priority based on popularity/number of missing posts/old vs new creators?
I was planning on updating some creators myself, but I don't want to sub then not be able to import anything before the sub expires. Happened to me a couple of times on yiff.party.


Manual imports have a higher priority in the queue, usually that means your Import will start instantly/same day


Is there an issue with Patreon comment scraping at the moment? An artist I follow seems to have moved to putting links in the comments, but no comments are ever imported…



>> Divine intervention?

> coincidence

That's the same thing!



When they enable comments the most recent post is often missing from Patreon imports. That was the problem the last two times comment-import was enabled at least.

So - either you want the comments, or you want the latest post as part of the import. You cannot have both. The reason is to teach you that life is a compromise, so don't even ask to get this fixed :)


Uh huh, sure, and if I point a Super Scope at a mafia boss, he'll transform into a chimpanzee. Pull the other one, mate.



Reading comprehension issues, or link to the wrong parent comment?

Your reply makes no sense as a reply to the comment you link to.


I can't seem to join the telegram channel. It says "This channel does not exist".


Pretty sure it's scuffed again


>You already got your reply ages ago.
It was my first time making a post about it. Whatever, it's not very commonplace yet anyway.


>update an artist that was several months out of date
>artist page gains 300 favorites in a few hours
I sometimes forget how many people use this site.



Yes, 300.


Sometimes when looking at the recent updates page I see an artist from my favorites near the top of the list, but on my actual favorites list that artist may not even be on the first page. I'm just curious what update(s) would cause that.


How long do I let the import chug along? IDK when there would be a problem, trying to complete the gallery of an artist


Looks like it’s slowly getting backed up again.


So I've tried to import a patreon, but the key doesnt show up in the "keys" section and the importer logs have been stuck on "Status: In Progress
Total: 0" for about two days maybe. Does this mean that it's just in queue hasnt been started yet? Or has something failed?


Hey, is something wrong with the connection. Need to use a vpn just to comment here



For support dial 1-900-12345 for just $4.99 per minute.


It runs in the background when it does, you don't have to be there or something. Bookmark or write down the import and do what's in the OP if it doesn't budge at all
>For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

If you didn't enable debugging just provide half of the import ID string anyway.


Ability to specify/recommend update dates for creators?

There are a few creators who set up monthly archives (e.g. on Dropbox), and remove them at the end of the month.

When the archives go up on the 3rd or 4th of the month, but this site gets updated on the 2nd, it just means we get a bunch of dead links…


I don't see how ringing the UN call centre would help.




I wish the admins would do that


Email me your ip that does not work on the site + traceroute/mtr result.
(bonuspoints if you do mtr on –tcp mode)
Fuck geoblocks.


Someone updated this artist and most of his contents disappeared.
It seems like the update affected the old posts which the artist had deleted the contents in it.
Is it possible to change it back?


sorry to bother you again….the Patreon importer has been down for over 8 hours…is it still working?..thanks.


Intentional for now, will be back online in about 12h.
We are slowly working on increasing perf.

Give me a few posts which "disappeared".

>Does this mean that it's just in queue hasn't been started yet?
Yes. We have some perf problems and are working on resolving them.


Cool, thanks. Hope it goes well.


Hey sorry if im bothering , is the DM importer fixed ? If it takes too long the artist might switch the links to their works in the comment section and the content will be lost on us . Please have a look , thanh you


What is up with these urls? I can't open a single one. It's from 2 days ago :\



File: 1670583772263.png (1.13 MB, 1151x571, 9165406B-BA5E-4D9C-972F-45….png)

Posts like this:
The posts that have the images and contents missing have this in the title:(公開終了).
Here's a wayback machine page of it. Someone tried archiving it but they were lazy.
Here's an image example.
Left is before and on the Right is after someone updated the page.
Hope you can fix this and thanks.


Thanks ;)


Of course the pun got lost. I wish the admins were rushin'


Keeping and eye on this issue too, seems to me like flagging is being abused and without revisions we are left with the short end of the stick least you make your own archive polling for updates to grab them all ASAP, and that'd defeat the purpose.


since some Patreon creators are starting to upload videos directly to the site and they get added to kemono as EXTM3U files so how can I open and play them?


I think the pateron importer broken again


My Patreon import 7923675989f5ceec has not started after several hours and the key I uploaded doesn't appear in the Stored Service Keys page either. Is this part of a site-wide problem?


Open requests back up I’m tired of waiting. Can we get it back in the year 2023? WHO KNOWS!


File: 1670614825159.png (456.48 KB, 750x487, cagle temp image 145904.png)

>open the server see this image
what do you do? picrel source https://www.cagle.com/rick-mckee/2014/03/russian-sanctions
kek even south park made an episode about this and the two competing horses fucked each other


the importer isnt broken, it was purposefully turned off so that the weekend batch of pivx stuff could run and to address the performance issues caused by some of the degenerate pron patreons y'all are submitting keys for trying to import 20gb of images at a time and locking up the servers. It'll get turned back on soon enough.



If you want something so bad, why don't you import it yourself, you lazy dumb leech.

You can pray to god if you want to open a request just like every other idiot who thinks like you.


nice meme, all a facade, russia is a western country, westerners don't sanction each other until one of them starts doing genocide against their own people


i am experiencing a LOT of 503 backend errors on almost every importeddpatreon post i try to open. i say almost because there's some patreons i can open, and others that give 503 errors




good job not closing the imageboard when doing a maintenance so i can see porn addicts sperg out


File: 1670649061649.png (707.37 KB, 2000x2000, 1670400875765899.png)

Nothing. In general, infrastructure components need to be reconfigured, replaced, and/or repaired sometimes as part of regular operations as the site continues to grow. Usually, the sysadmins don't need to disrupt operations, but this time they needed to.
Apologies, please bear with us.


I just want to say thank you for what you all do… mostly because I don't think I've seen even one on this entire site.


Will this maintenance help with the import speed and the importer getting backed up?


Several artists I subscribe to have started linking to all their work on their patreon membership page instead of in posts. At this time the importer does not scrape these pages making my subscriptions effectively useless for the importer. Are there any plans to remedy this or is it technically challenging? The usual format for these pages is patreon.com/ARTISTNAME/membership

Can I upload a txt file with the relevant links to the artist pages as a workaround?


And of course you choose the fucking weekend to do this…
Could've done this any other day of the week, but instead you choose to do it when most people have their days off, where they can relax and take in the weeks bounty of fresh content uploaded by the autoimport.
But instead they get a brick…

And as always, ZERO heads up.



Do you want your money back?


Heads up was given on Telegram around 10 hours prior.



I did not originally complain about anything, but this is bad as an excuse.


We are not on Telegram, we are HERE in this forum.

I don't even have, nor will I ever have an account there.

There is no point in maintaining THIS forum if you require everybody to be on Telegram.

What's so hard about posting here too?



Calm down people…He's here giving us explanations of what happened…it's no use getting stressed or upset…let's wait for maintenance and wait for the news that the importers will be working 100%….here it is a space just to clear doubts….a good weekend to all!




There is more free porn out on the internet than thousands of men could consume in a lifetime of constant cooming.
Go look at that if you hadn't the foresight to download the creators you like from Kemono in advance.


as always i appreciate that you didn't lock the imageboard while doing a maintenance so that i can read porn addicts sperging out


I understand there's a maintenance going on, but the Patreon import problem seems to be specific to it and began before the maintenance. Latest Patreon updates happened in Dec 8.

Will the maintenance address that?


Is there any plan on when it will be up


A means of blacklisting some artists would be incredible. There's some truly horrifying shit being produced out there


Around a week. Big works going on so it will take a couple of days at least


Can you make single character search in /posts work?
How the fuck am I supposed to search for 桜 or 蛍?


Short answer: Can't.
Long answer: You can't.


It's been a few days, why are request broken?


They've been closed since September for reasons needn't be known by the consumer


Its literally this. Also a partial hardware upgrade I believe potentially, but I may have misinterpreted what I read.
EU own fault for not embracing nuclear/domestic production while being obsessed with bringing in more people from elsewhere more pop = more energy demand. Americans warned them about getting reliant on Russian gas and got laughed at for it. Now EU can't even do modest sanctions that mean anything, lel.


>reasons needn't be known by the consumer
Define "needn't be known". People usually appreciate transparency even if it isn't info that changes much. If you mean that there's some form of risk like paywallers or datadome spies, I get it though.


The reason is simple: they don’t want anyone outside of their Telegram circlejerk to decide who gets updated and when.


stfu kiddo no one wants to hear chickens in the coop


>he dosent randomly check the frontpage for random creators using his y-fone while killing time in the bathroom
also pornhub crashed my pc once i guess that will get VM'ed as well next time

great job stealing my fucking GET faggot oy gimmie those digits back

go back to your slaughterhouse pigskin this is a brown rooster only cage

>mfw /coomer/ thanos snapped all by itself for no reason at all and the catty is gone

and just like that after all these months my vendetta towards partychan abruptly came to an end welp im going to rest now thanks guys
in a few more days a new world awaits us Merry Xmas ShittyAdmiral ill be back from VACation in january hopefully my pc does not blow itself up while im gone gotta autobackup those phone files


Is the Patreon importer broken again?








Yes - YOU! Just do it yourself you lazy ass.


Patreon creators have started uploading videos to the site and they get imported as EXTM3U links to kemono. so how the fuck do I download an EXTM3U link like this https://c3.kemono.party/data/32/0d/320d6c0c800ea63be8d35d66f6d80781754895d14d66940ef77eb051a73efc5f.txt?f=video


when you click the 'download video', copy and pate the link thats in it so starting from the https and ending before the '#EXT' so for the file that u wrote it would be https://manifest-gcp-us-east1-vop1.cfcdn.mux.com/zapAGy1uqklmUQM00C3jI957jN8gx2UsMk00YPMHdsK6401dpdCx6cEAHRzhztXuK8twSO1FtdkvTLQUbD83xtaP8n02B2jZawzDkCJZNDIsaA4/rendition.m3u8?cdn=cloudflare&expires=1670176800&resolution=1280x720&rid=Ir02FmqsqUnMIpEqH89MdlvWa15QwOo6dCnelCtSI9YI&skid=default&signature=NjM4Y2UwMjBfZjdmMjkwNGZkMGRlMzYyM2M0ZGVmOTY2ZjE4ZWY1NmUxMmI0MmYzNzBiM2FmYzA5NDZjZGM2ZjZhMTBiNjNkZA==&vsid=J8HGpIGIUVW1RgAcJXMACqwoxUYE8NISGhwq93ztYv8lC029VOK3W3Hu00s5bnsVNR8ovGcJ1302u4 you paste that to your browser and it should download to your files, then use vlc to play the actual video. sometimes the link is expired, idk this for sure but im guessing if you flag the post and it gets reimported it will change the link and not make it expired? im just guessing tho.


so if maintenance is done, when are patreon imports going to start back up?


why arent patreon imports starting, maintenance is done.


Small indie dev team preasu undastandu


Any updates on this? >>25980


His only way to fix it for us who download from here is to give out a list of hashes of these resized files


Same problem. My Patreon import ID is 7923675989f5ceec


Sorry but is the patreon importer broken again?


Yes, and the last time we hear from admins addressing it, they said it was intentional and should be back online in 12h. It seems they never turned it back on since 8th.



No, last thing we heard, comment is just above somewhere, was that they are working on performance and that it will be ABOUT A WEEK. That was last Saturday or so.


File: 1671029646355.png (195.06 KB, 880x689, Screenshot 2022-12-14 0947….png)

Well, I assumed >>26025 was about the maintenance.
From today's Telegram, there is no estimated date.






Are you niggers actually getting cockblocked by Datadome? Jesus fucking Christ


Go to a porn site then m8. Take your pick. Theres dozens, including Kemono for example… If you have access to the net then you have free access to millions of megabytes of porn. You don't even NEED to know any sites. Just do an image search on Yandex; see how billions of porn images have appeared, linking to porn gallery sites (which so long as you practice common internet sense, will usually be safely identifiable)? This is old news BTW.

> "Can't nut"
> Has an internet connection…
> "is this your first day online bro?"



Then I guess it's time to go to a warez site then eh? What kind of softwarez were you looking for? Ableton Live 11? Sony Vegas?


Found an artist on Fanbox making pretty good loli content, and it turns out he has a Patreon as well which somehow hasn't gotten baleeted and is not only kept up to date with said fanbox but has uncensored versions as well. It's very out of date on KP, though.
Waiting for the Patreon importer to become stable before I "subscribe" so I won't have to try and manually upload anything in the case it doesn't get imported before the end of the month.
This post is just to remind future me to import it when it's working. Hopefully it's fixed by next week.


The importer's broken a-cocking-gain. It worked for like five days and it cocking broke. FFS


ah yes, all those porn websites that have the exact same content as this one


Shit is still not back, only a temporary solution that is still slow.


There's some Patreon importers that are updated


I cannot log into my account. It says "Username or password is incorrect" at the top of the page when I try.


For some the importer not working and only saying
Import log Status: In Progress
Total: 0


I gotta Ask why is it three rows now when looking through artists its really obscure, Unless this is a desktop issue but its reall annoying



Glad to hear there's progress



not sure whats wrong with some of these uploads the high quality files seem to be lower size/corrupted compared to other rips I've seen on sad panda


So just wondering if I may ask the patreon importer is fixed so to speak its just not shall we say "fully operaitonal" is that how we should think of it like?


In short, slow but moving.
Around 50 Patreon creators updated today. Not a lot, but getting somewhere.



Only productivity, friendo. If you're against that, then don't bother reading. :P At least there's someone thinking of the site and listening to some of the userbase, even if it is slow; as opposed to using it as a vent and a crutch.

TL;DR Don't worry about it and get out of here. I'd sooner beg the monkeys updating the site than bother you.


Here's hoping that's the case. Government cucklords fucking everything over.

Hoping that ain't the case.

Prove them wrong, maybe?



The pixiv and fanbox December 15 last minute Asian panic is real, 502 and 503 all over the place

Hope kemono isn't using pixivutil because that shit discards 502 instead of actually retrying what it didn't download


Dick Denial December
Might extend into Jinxed Jollies January and Forbidden Fap February

Hackerfur is a myth bro you can block kemono importing with 1+1 captchas
Patreon is literally rofling at how they defeated a bunch of furries with their retard tier stuff, check their blog


It seems to be very easy to miss if a post to a given favorite artist was imported, if its original platform date is, let's say, a bunch of months old. These older posts are sometimes spotted through sheer luck by noticing the yellow favorites' highlight in an early page, but are usually adrift in the sea of content, dozens or hundreds of pages deep into the results by a wildly variable ammount after even just 24 hours.

Considering the apparent default/available sorting options across various pages within Kemono, any combination of the following suggestions could be very helpful to solve this difficulty. Either:
1) both adding a "Sort by latest import" to complement the already existing "sort by last updated" in the "Favorite artists" page and making it also an alternative to the default sorting in the actual artist's page;
2) both adding a "show only favorites" filter to the Artists search page when sorted by "Date Updated" (which seems to output the same results as the "Recent" page) and adding a "Sort by latest import" to complement the default sorting in the actual artist's page;
3) or just adding a "show only favorites" filter to the Posts search page.

If any one of these could be implemented into the site's code, then a nice afterthought would be to also bring in a "hide favorites" filter to the Posts search results.


The fucking Kemono PS4 app is broken again ;(


>Dick Denial December
The new version of No Nut November.


>Dick Denial December
Might extend into Jinxed Jollies January and Forbidden Fap February

The new versions of No Nut November


just gotta hold out until Manic Masturbation March and Aggressively Anal April


File: 1671167778853.jpg (226.85 KB, 1080x785, Screenshot_20221215-211117….jpg)

Uncloseable advertisements are aggressively encroaching on interface components on my mobile device. (They're also appearing over top of the side panel and blocking input there, which meant I had to go back to the frontpage to get here.)



the patreon importer is clogged fucking again, does fucking nothing for me. fix this shit.


Great now they're ads that open a new tab when you want to click anything on screen very nice….


BRUH basic pop up/ad blocker doesn't work


mate do you cosplay a fuckin ostrich at the cons
"I can't see the problem" does not mean "the problem does not exist"


Patreon down again? Since yesterday nothing new.


Patreon has not been fixed yet

seems like the big corpos are winning


Not a doomposting but at this point I’m likely to assume that datadome is shoving a big F finger into the devs ass. This is why mocking them and calling them out on social media platforms (twitter) was never a good idea… They genuinely make a huge comeback that causing the importer to break for a long time.


Not to defend the admins' trolling at the time that was completely retarded but it's probably not related, just kemoners having a hard time going through basic security. You could say it's karma though.


I don't know if it's just me, but there are problems with the ads and how they're interfering with the way the site works. I'm using Kemono on mobile and the site can't work because of the ads (I can't search a artist because it'll go to another tab due to the ad.)


I keep getting signed out a few seconds after signing in. Any suggestions?


Been trying to import for specific pages but I keep getting Status Code 401. Am I just retarded or is something broken?

[c21d09a67cf60024]@2022-12-16 18:02:07: Status code 401 when contacting OnlyFans API.


What's with the new ads? Site is nearly unusable now with the pop-ups.


Yea I have the same problem. It’s literally unusable and I use a different app than safari for searching on mobile, so pop-up blocking doesn’t work. I’ve seen random obscure porn sites have less intrusive ads than this. Pop-ups on those go away after a couple taps. These just don’t fuck off. And even when the x appears on the big ads, the pop-ups are still there.


I'm having issues with the site. Most of the time, I can login fine, but after I start trying to navigate anywhere the page will initially load before re-loading as though I was *not* logged in. Trying to log in after that also doesn't work. Tried a couple different browsers and it's happening in both.


You're a mouthbreathing retard.
Ad problems can be easily solved by blocking ads.
Sounds like shitty software to me. I just tested Bromite, its basic built-in adblocker worked just fine on kemono.


try using edge browser for both ios and android. they have a built-in ad blocker but for extra turn on the security to strict so that most of the ads would be blocked. it works well for me, no more annoying ads. or you could also use brave and firefox if you on android, firefox have various built-in extension such as ublock, and noscript.


<3 hours the shit will be gone


Reminder that if this post stays up, the mods, admins and whoever actually care about this site and will accept this as an alternative while the request board is still down.

If they immediately take it down, they don’t give a shit about us and will continue to not do anything about the request board despite it being an important part of kemono since people will have no way of communicating what pages they want updated.


Extremely based, we /requests/ refugees will not be ignored. We are many and we will make ourselves known!


The louder we are, the harder we are to ignore. Eventually the admins will have to give in, fix the /requests/ board or there will be consequences!


File: 1671224187628.jpg (76.99 KB, 405x720, we need :requests: back ke….JPG)

/requests/chads, I kneel…


I'm trying to fill this request but the importer is down! I have spare money and I want to make anons CUM but I can't because it's down!


Okay good. Nice to know a fellow footchad is out there helping out. Hopefully the issue gets resolved soon.


Ads have been getting a little invasive on mobile. I’d download a blocker if I wasn’t stuck with an iPhone. Instead I’m now hit with a footlong dingle dong that takes up 90% of the screen every time I open the site. I know ya gotta make money, just wish it wasn’t interfering so much.


Hey something is odd with the Kemono site, every time I click something it takes me to an ad, it’s gotten to the point where I have to log out just so I can tap one thing… unless I missed it, it’s reallyyyyy annoying since I can’t really tap a thing without it taking me to five other sites I did NOT ask for.


So is the Patreon importer broken again what's the situation looking like?


So about the subscribestar importer.
Is it still broken?


Every 5-10 seconds after logging in, the page is reloaded and I'm logged out.I can't stay logged in for more than a few seconds


Page keeps reloading and I'm logged out. Can't stay logged in for more than a 5-10 seconds


it's over


Here we go again. Doom posting. Admins, we need an update.


It'll probably be fixed by new year I think.




So is there a reason a large amount of substar accounts have been removed from the site?
Went looking for Marmalademum's discord to see if it was updated now that discord scraping is working, and it didn't show up, neither did their substar account, or patreon, and I know they were here before, then I typed in a few other artists and they're all gone too…


File: 1671275608596.webm (3.89 MB, 338x600, 1640373271565.webm)

Haha rm -rf /requests/ goes brrrr

With how slow one nigger in our team is SHINO it might take till end of this month..maybe next month? why not somewhere in march?

New ads, 24H contracts are at times too long due to cancerous providers.

Clear your sitecache + cookies, and try again.

Are you possibly smoking something that is giving you visuals?

Enjoy your ride of new random ads this month, new contracts will only happen next year.
Your ad experience may change every day, hour, minute :D


the imports from this artist https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/11292252 have been breaking recently, their latests posts have been getting overwritten by (apparently) the free versions asking you to subscribe, mind you is only the posts that have images in them, the ones with PSDs are okay, found the issue since I can perfectly recall seeing images on a post that now doesn't have any (the ones with the upskirts), I do not know of other artists getting the same problem.


I guess now I understand why the weird invasive ads started showing up all over the place all of a sudden, the admins just stealing any money they can carry and leaving while they can, same shit that happened to Yiff.Party.

The Patreon importer is never getting fixed the admins got dicked down by big corpo and refuse to say so instead hiding in fucking Telegram instead of using this place to talk because they know they're getting owned 24/7 by eevryone here.

So now they just get as much money from ads on the website and high tail it while they tell us the importer is getting fixed "soon".





Okay, so… should we do something about that? Because what you're claiming is happening, is happening despite us yelling about it here for months on end.

Calling them out on it does literally no good without any action to back it up. At this rate, if what you're saying is true, we'll be all fully aware, but we'll just watch as they do it anyway and the site dies.

They aren't exactly getting "owned" by us, because that would imply we're making even a modicum of difference by posting our complaints on this thread.

It's more like, they're just giving us this place as an echo chamber to bitch about what's happening and feel reassured that everyone agrees it's a problem, while they ignore it because it affects nothing.


So we're just waiting on one guy at this point?


File: 1671283314901.jpg (47.84 KB, 616x616, r.jpg)

anon if youre getting annoyed by the ads just use some adblock. why is it so hard for your puny brain to think? use browser that have a built in adblock if extension adblock wasnt supported
instead of calling shino a slow ass nigga why dont you lend a hand and help him fix those codes? currently only 3 people have a private access to the importer source code you, sa, and shino. he might have actual jobs that need to focused on rather than wasting his time fixing kemono. he also stated that he spent all of his spare time tried his best to fix kemono. you had most of your free time during semester break to fix it but you didnt


Okay, something was wrong with search, they weren't appearing, and I know for a fact I didn't have any filters on at the time.
It seems to be working now…

And yes, I am some kind of idiot.


I wonder if Pixiv would instantly take down any reported artist whose content breaks the newly revised rules, now we're past December 15th…


So far the only artists that have been taken down are 3D artists with REALLY lifelike models, and the sick bastards using AI to mask/duplicate images using real kids.


kinda feel like reportmaxxing everything so it all gets taken down and the pedofags stop clogging the importer with weird gross shit


Cry harder faggot



Why not add more to the team if one team member is too slow?


Do it.


So, I keep seeing the exact same profiles on the "recently updated" list appear over and over again over the last week, like they're being shuffled around a whole bunch, but nothing about them is actually changed.

Any explanation for that? Or like, should I be assuming that the fanbox importer is struggling too, and the updates are all fake?


There's probably multiple people manually importing, but if the artist makes no new posts it will not import anything new and still count as recently updated


your family doesn't love you


File: 1671320499681.jpg (238.75 KB, 1080x1361, IMG_0242.jpg)

Go smell your feet till you vacate your innards uncontrollably.

Nothing really wrong, cache, is explained every thread but can't be bothered anymore.

>dont you lend a hand and help him fix those codes
Because each one of us has their own ambit. And for one, I refuse to touch the code.
>might have actual jobs…
Take off the blinkers.


>the hamster wheel is spinning


The only thing being stolen is my time reading all of this.

>have been removed from the site
Anon… nothing is deleted.


What a grave mistake you did by not specifying the year.


Let me take a glance at the looking glass… all I see is myself.

Your only chance is to pressure shino, since he is weak against that.
The other admins… well, good luck. Not that you need it, since it won't work.

Nah, DD has been taken care of. There is another reason.

While I do write long passages of text whenever needed, it is a pain to read long passages of text.
Let preface all of this with the following: I do not want user interaction with shinosoft and the DB more than needed.
Anything that I can be sped up via caching and delivered faster to a lot of people is preferable over a few people that hog the resources.

1) If all goes my way and the artist pages and favorites are rendered via js and api requests, maybe. At that time, sorting, filtering and what not is client side.
2) While doable, this is up to shino to write or someone can create a PR. Since creators page and favorites can be found client side.
3) No. If it were up to me, the "Recent Posts" page would not exist. On top of that, I do not want more user interaction than needed, which would mess with caching.

>then a nice afterthought would be to also bring in a "hide favorites" filter to the Posts search results.

I think there is a userscript that acts like a black list, maybe it can be adjusted.

Your hope is crushed.

You know, you actually have to click the image to load the original. Or open the link in a new tab.

Rows or columns? Because I got 5 columns.
All pages will display 50 entries.

Case sensitivity? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just wait.


Make sure that your nuts are in a relaxed state. Then proceed to playing the nut on an anvil. When ready, use a hammer of your choice to repeatedly and precisely strike the nut.

small company, prease andastand

We'll see.

Were it up to me, nobody would know anything.

Single character? No.
I thought about logographic search, which actually works fine within the search engine we use, but it is effort to do so, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 2 character search, take it or leave it.

There is a userscript that does that. Unlikely to do it on the backend.

Well, I do enjoy their suffering, too.


Actually told shino this multiple times, but as always, one ear in the other out. If he read that at all.

For that to happen, the import has to be processed to even know if the key works or not. And as you might know, downtime. So that key is stuck in the queue.

Revisions exist, in the database… but not displayed to the public, yet.
Also, that user has 206 revisions.


So it's not even Datadome. Shit's just broken because shit's broken and the guy in charge of fixing shit hasn't fixed shit. Good to know.

Shino just fix your shit


There's any speculated date for the patreon importer to be fixed?


I don't want to fight. I just want to know if there's a speculated date for the patreon importer to be fixed




I swear every minute or hour is pixiv related update. When will this shit end?!


I swear every minute or hour is pixiv related updates. When will this shit end?!


I swear every minute or hour is pixiv related updates. When will this end?!


It would be nice if they temporarily opened patreon imports to anything under 10mbs and it updates in order of file size from smallest to largest.


Honestly, I'm just sad that I can't read ahead for the novels I'm reading anymore until the Patreon importer is fixed and doesn't break the next week.


What novels are you reading if you don't mind me asking. I'm looking for the new stuff to read too, since Patreon is stuck.


When are the requests gonna be back on? GIVE ME MY FREE PORN


November 67th.


holy fucking shit touch grass


>anon leech tells guy with actual value to "touch grass"
sir if you're going to be that stupid could you at least bring popcorn for us


"What novels are you reading if you don't mind me asking. I'm looking for the new stuff to read too, since Patreon is stuck."

To answer this, I find stuff to read on Royalroad and you'll find my recommendations lean heavily into litrpg genre.

Path of Ascension
The Primal Hunter
Defiance of the Fall
System Change
Theory of Rifts
Apocalypse Redux
Fate Points
A Summoner Awakens
All the Skills
Soul of the Warrior

That's most of what I keep up with these days. Not all of them are on Kemono. Some of them are getting published on KU which means those chapters were removed from Royalroad prior to being published.


Guys, guys, calm damn…
Shino has a grand plan, come december 25th, Christmas day, all the importers will be back up and running, and not only that, but they'll also reveal scraping tools for 17 other paywalls across the world wide web, and there will be free head pats for all the good boys and girls who eat their vegetables and shut the fuck up, even you pathetic losers who only come here to watch reaction videos cause you have no friends in real life and are desperate for human interactions, while us pathetic losers who come here exclusively for porn have a legitimate excuse for why we aren't going outside and having sex in the real world instead, girls are scary.

Believe in the plan, it's a good plan, you can trust me, I'm a stranger on the internet, and more celibate than a monk.



I'm also reading stuff on Royal Road and into LitRPG, but it's hard to actually find good stuff. So instead i decided to read ahead what i'm already reading on Kemono.

Delve is already one of those, but will check other stuff out you mentioned.

Check out The Calamitous Bob. There are even combined chapter releases on Kemono up to a certain point.


Patreon importers have been updated finally!


What's the use of fixing the Patreon importer if they don't add the requests in Fanbox?



Because everyone wants the patreon importer to be fixed and has been complaining about it for months now.

I'm just now hoping that the creator I care about gets updated, before this turns out to just be "another test" and the patreon importer goes down for another week.


>I'm just now hoping that the creator I care about gets updated
This right here, whoever's doing these novels please do them right now before the whole thing falls apart again





Do they fix and update the DM importer asa well ? I kinda need those links in DMs before the artists switch the links to their contents


A feature that I would find nice would be being able to see the list of Queued imports and see a time estimate on when each import might be imported.

I understand if it would be too much work.


I agree with you.


The patreon importer is fixed right this isn't just another test it's just slow?


So I just started a patreon import and it appears to be stuck.
Every once in a while a timeout occurs and the import starts over from the beginning, trying to import the same posts over and over again.
Maybe that is what has been messing up the patreon importer?


File: 1671425537668.gif (66.22 KB, 400x338, 1671368427746344.gif)

I'm alive, sorry for not being around much, I had been busy with both end-of-year student stuff and a lot of tweaking/bug-squashing on the Patreon importer. Apologies for the instability on that end by the way, Datadome has still been mostly out of our way and we were simply messing with a lot of things for stability and performance ^^''
Happy holidays, by the way.
To me, there is not much point in having such a thing, because there isn't really a reasonably accurate span of time to give you. The queue is not a line, it is a herd that gets pushed into slots as they open. Manual imports [i]usually[/i] get picked first over autoimports, Patreon and Boosty (and likely Afdian WHENEVER I LAUNCH IT) have a separate herd from the other services for reasons, and from there it is completely random.



Thanks for the response. Merry early Christmas.


Are you working on improving import speeds because the queue is still pretty backed up


Requests man.

Some people want to fap, some want to read, some want to watch reaction vids.

And me… I just want to see what's on the other side of the wall. Is that too much to ask? Shouldn't be all rocket science.


This artist has a bunch of stuff that doesn’t show up normally on their page, only when using the previous and next arrows. I think this is the oldest of those posts.


File: 1671469048669.jpg (9.97 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

Oh wow, I didn't expect both you and hermiet to be students. By the way, thanks for all your effort on fixing the importer, and good luck with pursuing your studies!


Thank you very much for all the work you pour into this project!


I'm also having this issue even today.


Thank you so much for fixing the importer, and Merry Christmas to you as well.


Am I the only one that gets automatically logged out seconds after logging in?



I've been experiencing the same issue. It's more annoying than anything since it logs me out the first few times I log in and try to go to my favorites list, but after jimmying around with logging in and out a couple times it'll stick.


Someone said to clear cache but even after that I’m still being logged out after a few seconds. It’s at the point where I can’t log in anymore. I’ll login, and instantly the page will be reloaded and I’m logged out again


implying that SA is a person of value


File: 1671501270565.png (1.72 MB, 1139x1008, unknowsdsdsdsn-3.png)

I think I might have an idea where the problem comes from, maybe. Importer comes first.

Cache, since the importer is not up to snuff, the point of flushing cache may not always be reached. Wait 12 hours.


Yet here you are, asking for help, instead of scaling the wall. So much for your determination.

Do you want a stupid answer?

One of things, has been known for some time. Possible optimization is being written right now.

No, still an extended test.

But it is.


Mald some more.


You clearly do not understand how the whole thing works and I will not explain.

He has been very productive the past few days.


Importer got 503 error after submitting key :(


Try again?


>Yet here you are, asking for help, instead of scaling the wall. So much for your determination.
The wall's all covered in razor sharp spikes that'd kill me before I even get to the top. So I NEED that help.

So much for customer service.


Then die faggot


Adminman, Any updates on this?>>25980
I would pay and subscribe to this artist but he already deleted those updated posts


Can't we just have proper queue instead of priority of manual uploads? because patreon imports can't really catch up

Or just make a separate queue for patreon and rest?


At least he's an actual admin working on the project instead of powertripping over a chan's control. soyjaymeh namefag acting like he owns the place or something.


File: 1671550226481.png (32.93 KB, 1174x378, Screenshot 2022-12-20 2229….png)

Importing items to fantia went wrong (attached with the image of import)


It seems like the importer is getting backed up again


I don't know how the system works, but this would be nice. I've been waiting for a relatively popular artist's patreon to get updated since the importer first went back up, and it just hasn't happened because the manual fanbox imports keep pouring in



Same thing is happening to me. It picks one artist then keeps looping the posts over and over again before throwing an error:

[***05997]@2022-12-20 21:38:03: A timeout occurred on https://www.patreon.com/alaraki, retrying…

And then eventually stopping permanently with an "internal error."


Patreon importing seems to be stuck in loop.

About 15 posts only, but logfile is over 3000 lines

06e8671e and 135664f0 (first half of both IDs)



I kept getting the timeout on my import, before the bot protection kicked in and it just stopped, but at least the key got accepted unlike my subscribestar key.


Patreon import 06e8671e…….. log at 5800 retries now. Pretty sure its stuck for good.


File: 1671590692641.png (215.24 KB, 818x664, nomacs_oMsJxc7Or2.png)

Too bad for you, there is no one higher up :)

The state of the posts with the content is located in revisions, I can see it in the db.
All focus is on fixing and improving the patreon importer. The UI and all other stuff is being pushed back.

The queues that you see are aggregated numbers. It works just fine.

At least more than you.

Fantia decided to geoblock some regions. Fun. Fixed.
If you import your key again, you should find a running session.

All restrooms are busy.

>I've been waiting … to get updated

Known for some time, possible solutions are being worked on today and tomorrow.

The ss key is saved and should the whole thing start working, it will be re-added.


File: 1671590983711.jpg (37.41 KB, 1280x357, photo_2022-12-20_20-34-48.jpg)

Tried three times to upload my Patreon. Each time re-logged in with a new session ID. But all got this error.


anon leech acting like he's owed anything more than a ban


BTW asking here only after I contacted Telegram mods as instructed by the error message. Only told to read the pinned messages which I did and did not resolve the issue.


You are in the same spot as the others, patreon importer is being worked on.
Even saying that it started importing a campaign is a sign that the key works.
You just got unlucky with that particular import process. Again, more time is needed.


Thank you for the answer, hopefully you guys can get it all in working order then.
Have a happy holiday, health and happiness to you and your family.


Thanks. I completely understand.



Kimoaners, you mean.


File: 1671611769581.jpg (582.67 KB, 3641x4096, FjkGSqyaEAAB6eG.jpg)

please add a tag or something for Fanbox covers so I can filter it with gallery-dl


since the thread is almost closed might as well shit it up one last time

>space marine
wait i thought furry hate memes were banned here on sight? i guess ill start another petition to remove the murrsuiter thread

this website is pro-stormfag now? next youre gonna advocate genital mutilation why are puritans such hypocrites these days this isn't fedschan faggot

>woke furries
sorry officer please dont use the nwordcop on me i thought this site was leftist at first because you guys used to be anti weeb/loli for a brief period back then (i think it was on the YP era i guess)
another reason i thought KP was libtarded was because ursurah shitamee really hated human thots and simping related content with extremely shitty and strict moderation like a jew hence the name
the funny part is that furries barely have the self awareness to call out others spending thousands stupid commissions [https://archive.is/s4DXn] yet apparently its wrong when WE do it almost as if they envied our income source
but i guess not due to the fact that admins are ok with cub porn and did not add rainbows pride on june gee they could have atleast changed the mascot just to piss off patreon staff

>open soures

its actually a lot worse ive personally seen trannies obfuscating their code and putting malware inside just to hide the stolen sprites in their shitty paywalled rule34 fangame but got banned shortly (this is literally one of the reasons why i upgraded my VMachine) Cant touch that host baby! if i see rainbows/pronouns its gonna be pirated end of the story

>>25782 (>>25756 based lucky jakker)
at least were not as loud or entitled as the scummy popufurs on twitter/FA checkmate gringo!


HH (Happy Hannuhka) ill be back after VACation

eww cringe art

jokes aside i seriously hope mutahar doesn't make a video about this to ruin the website for the rest of us (its gonna be worse than the kotaku shitstorm trust me thanks to modern wokeness)

what the hell? is this real? i thought you guys use linux? damn hope my n6000 box is safe

>>26366 >>26269
jokes on you we dont live in gommifornyaa enjoy your mutt genes faggot
>also he dosent know how to evade cuckchan bans let alone steal the janitard's 0 doller salary for lulz

same just to spite off the admins i actually have the urge to create offsite requests on another chan stay mad shitty admiral you guys dont even know how to lock boards properly let alone filter mimetypes gee i wonder if most FAGMAN furries are just diversity hires

>>26185 >>26099
its pretty clear that he's just being sarcastic we coomers arent like that IRL though thanks for the jokes and laughs i appreciate it
>why dont you download porn beforehand
he dosent check for random new potential fap material/artists on his y-fone while discharging the poo poo on the toilet



- best regards


Hopefully the patreon importer is fixed by Christmas. Keep up the good work, bros. I'm grateful as a leech.



Welp, imports are starting to build up again and no more Patreon uploads are showing up on "recently updated". Looks like it broke again without the creator I was waiting for getting updated.


i blame the niggers



not again please!!!


File: 1671687241155.jpg (123.41 KB, 860x1016, ye.jpg)

yup theres no doubt anymore were definitely getting buttfucked by datadome. each time datadome make a thrust of them dick the importer definately gag having the admin to reconfig the importer back it again.


Something must be done to prevent this. I think a spy is here looking at the progress to find what happened.



For example, provide less data. Like, all the "recent posts" info showing which artists were imported at about what time. Or make it deliberately wrong by up to half a day or even a full day, delaying when imported stuff appears by random nr. of hours.

Less association between what appears on this site at what time and the logs of the site that was imported from. Statistics is a powerful tool to find out access patterns, and even approximate data about when the importer was active for specific artists helps finding where the requests came from.

They don't even have to find the specific IPs, they will still pretty easily find the session and user ID. They can also embed hidden data in images to see which user account leaked it. Most of those hidden-data-in-pictures methods don't survive any transformations, but there are methods to allow even that to various degrees.

If they really want to they can find many or even most of the user accounts used to import, it's not a question of feasibility, but if it's worth the effort. Had kemono remained small and unnoticed… wanting to make it big has significantly increased the incentives for the counter-efforts.


One of the reasons why we are feeling the pinch more whenever importers go dead is cause there isn't a backup plan for uploads. The topic of manual uploading has been brought up and discussed thoroughly again and again. So no point in going over it again since it's obvious conventional methods can't feasibly solve the problem of verification of uploads.

So here's some suggestions for a workaround of uploads and verification. 1. Using an already existing section (Import DM's) for uploading in case of emergencies and when the import is fixed, the flood of imports can be used as verification.

2. If Import DM's can't handle the traffic for uploads, another existing site for archive uploads can be used for backup uploads.


lol spy, you clearly had no understanding how computers and the world of programming work didn’t ye? Programming is a field where technology is rapidly evolving. Whoever did patch it first will surely have the reward. In order to combat this (paywall), these things typically have a community where users can lend a hand and support one another. Kemono, however, lacks this community, which leads to a constant stream of broken importers. There were just three people work on it and ye still believed things would get fixed quickly and go smoothly?


Regarding the potential for a creator tagging system, is implementing one simply too much work at the moment with all the other issues currently being addressed, or is the concept itself viewed as unviable for a site like this?
I imagine a few participants separate from the current work team could be granted the power to actually tag creators and monitor the tagging, so I don't see that being an issue once the system is in place.
Again, I'm not saying building it would be easy, just wondering if it's on the table.


Well, there is a large import of pixiv artist bing imported now. After all, they said they turn it off last time to focus on that import. I hope that it’s the case this time.


Glad to see the same shit being updated every single day while the actual good stuff is being constantly pushed back


So is the ETA for another patreon test gonna be Christmas or new years?


Noticed a few patreons in recent again but not many…


looks like the comments are back for them too


Or just not providing a user-facing datestamp at all.

Good idea tho


That proves that the importer is still working and the site is prioritizing the automatic pixiv imports. That’s good news


Nice usage of "Ye" instead of "you". Very 17th century. Well anyway I gotta go. Take care of thyself, and remember to be thou not afraid in the face of adversity.

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