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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>25491
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There is no place to request. Stop trying.


Understood. You are aware that there is a request channel on telegram right?


You mean the now defunct, non-official, read-only channel owned and run by Meus? Yeah, Hermiet wants it completely gone, and if I were him, I'd have it gone. Don't want to piss off the Hermit Crab.


Idea: Allow users to export and import favorite lists.

Reasons for implementing:
1. In case a user loses their account for whatever reason, and have exported a list of their Favorites, they can, after creating a new account, import this list.

2. If Kemono ever goes down, there might be users who would want to sub to a person's paywalled site. This list would help them find these creators.

3. A bit like 2, but if a new site similar to Kemono pops up, users can use this list to remember who they Favorited.

4. If implemented, it'll be easier and faster to make a list of a user's favorited creators than making a txt file and writing it themselves.



You can already kinda do this in localstorage



Those just lead to blank pages.


How do you favorite a discord? It must not be obvious if the most favorites any discord has is 4.


File: 1675051806683.png (1.5 MB, 1497x1267, 1673652050414917.png)

Doublecheck that you're logged in.
There is no official way yet for stupid historical reasons.
Anyways, there is a userscript Meus made that adds a favorite button. Not even sure if updated sort will work correctly with this hack, but it is something, I suppose.
>As always, install things at your own risk


i use sleep & sleep-request for 7 second and rate to 500k (as shown in gallery-dl) is this too much or its safe enough from not getting blocked? or else i just had to use mullvad then…



Am I just dumb or something? All of my importer logs are completely empty

Status: In Progress
Total: 0

Says it's alive but gives me no info




There was and there will be again as YOU promised.


File: 1675100984008.jpg (28.56 KB, 960x540, 1638491561929.jpg)

I swear to god, leave it to shino to sabotage or delay the importing.


Why is only one hash allowed? It breaks the ordering because the same file is often repeated.


Few words, many thoughts and I understood jack shit.

Last time I configured the servers, 3 concurrent connections per cache server.
As for DDG block, fuck do I know what triggers it atm. Bother the other guy.

Speed is an unlikely problem, rate on the other hand may be.


I haven't noticed any pattern yet but a few artists pages are completely trashed. like the usual kemono site UI is just gone. just a white page with icons and links. I can still view content but it's disorganized. examples:



might be caused on my side but not sure


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Any info on when newsletters and fancards will be officially integrated on the site?
You've shown in other threads that you're already scraping the fancards.


file1 and file4 have the same hash

how it appears on kemono.party


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When will Kemono support Fantia(products/商品)?
exemple. https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/202279/products


Maybe after backnumbers for creators that use them. All in due time.


Stop being so entitled before I get a mood swing and press that shiny button to ruin the fun for everyone except us. La fin.
Ah, if only we could do that.


I'm subscribed to someone on patreon, and I imported my session last night. This morning I checked to see if it was successful, but it only grabbed their free posts and not the paid one I wanted to upload. Did I do something wrong? This is my first time importing so I'm not sure if I did it properly or not.


>For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.
Try again with debugging unless it was on.
Provide half the import ID (the 16-digit hex string) or all of it if you don't mind some randos looking at the problem too.


Getting a lot of errors on importing right now. Getting the "could not retrieve input logs" message, and the users I'm subscribed to that are on the site are giving me Guru Meditations.


File: 1675213080573.png (159.02 KB, 749x1345, wut dis.png)

im running into this more than lately, and i already rebooted our internet modem/router yesterday


yea im getting that too


Surprise feature addition. Check the toolbar.


Does anyone know how to make imports only import users I have paid subscriptions too? It can be redundant if for example it's already scraping stuff from people I'm no longer subscribed to or if I'm only subscribed to a free plan.


There is this one artist on patreon that for some reason has 2 places where the posts are being imported to. This is the link for both of them: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2412664 and https://kemono.party/patreon/user/34664186 There has never really been a problem with this because usually when one of the accounts got updated on kemmono that other one also did but now one account is being updated consistently but its only importing some posts. I dont know if this is because it has 2 different importing places on kemono but can this maybe get fixed? This is the account thats getting imported on kemono https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2412664 and this is the one thats not https://kemono.party/patreon/user/34664186. Also on the recent page it shows that the account thats not getting updated is getting updated but when i click on it, theres nothing changed. This does sound kind of confusing but if you don't get it (the moderators or admin) I can elaborate.


File: 1675222076071.gif (184 KB, 320x320, 1670167000481648.gif)

Infrastructure and other details are still being worked out, so public users can't do anything with it yet, but yeah, uploads framework.


So what IS "filehaus" anyway?


Is it possible to let us import posts from buymeacoffee?


Sounds great, curious to see what you guys are going to come up with. Thanks for working on this extra.

Not a bug. Two different accounts that have the same vanity and quite obviously the same user behind them, but the system doesn't care about that, it uses the id. Could be that whoever is subscribed isn't subscribed to both accounts when importing as the goal seems to be making even more money by using two accounts with split content.

tldr: Multiaccounter splitting his posts between two payhouses apparently.


[downloader.http][warning] HTTPSConnectionPool(host='c1.kemono.party', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=30.0)

what the fuck


Could be under heavy load


I know SA mentioned the lack of an edited field in the Patreon API in >>27365 but since there are only two public ways to tell when a post was last scraped (added for new posts and updated for import sessions), how complex would it be to add an updated field to the list of parameters the API returns for posts and would it bloat it up too much?

Seeing as half the importers are artists themselves for obvious tactical reasons in addition to backups, I can't really think of a way to stealthily implement this either. Just wondering if it's doable and worth the hassle or just laugh at the artists self-destructing and either getting bored or killing their own income, that's fun too :3


Same, all I had to do was refresh the page. Did you?


not a single picture is loading


Newbie here , when I want to download a set of 3 o 5 images I have to do the 'save as image'or there is another way?


same here. Probably server maintenance.


If you want to be polite or don't have many pictures to download that is the way. If you are afflicted with a hopeless digital disease known as data hoarding or the amount of pictures becomes hard to grab manually, try something like gallery-dl: https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl


Thank you ,imma take pics one by one then


I'm getting repeated timeouts too, and also very slow (<100kB/s) download speeds.


use gallery-dl


Getting '429 Too Many Requests' while just downloading a few images. Something's wrong?


There isn't two accounts on patreon though, there is only one account on patreon and its being splitted into two on kemono.


20 kb/s for me and it freezes for 150-200 seconds while briefly downloading for 3 seconds


Weird, I'm no staff but I'll check that stuff. Did Patreon allow creators to change actual IDs at some point or their own DB got confused? Checking both IDs and how they link to each other in there.


From the Patreon API, running a patron-creator redirect, apparently. No idea why they decided to create a patron account one year later and then link it.

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