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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>25491


So if I have an import that's been in the queue since 20th, I should keep it there and wait instead of submitting a new session ID, right?


If your key is in the queue, adding it again will do nothing but redirect you to your previously submitted import.


File: 1671831883695.png (16.44 KB, 586x186, Capture.PNG)

Please please please fix this


Patreon importer not importing comments


File: 1671843788359.png (543.19 KB, 1312x1540, abc.png)

>Download video
>picrel happens
What do?


File: 1671844037360.jpg (219.84 KB, 1243x1698, 17_guardian_a.jpg)

Please add a tag or something on Fanbox and Fantia covers so I can filter them


So uh, i don't know why, but Kemono.party now fail to load, it now tell me that the website timed out. Yet when i used a random browser vpn, the website do load. Do anyone know if the website was put into a blacklist in isp around france ?


Kemono is blocked in russia is the most we know


What's Kemono's process for dealing with post updates?

As an example, https://kemono.party/patreon/user/806688 uses a sticky post for each tier that contains a link to a temporary mega.nz folder. Each month, the sticky posts get updated, but kemono doesn't seem to have updated these posts since they were first imported on August 18. Other new posts are imported well, but they only contain teasers that link back to the stickies for the actual content. The sticky posts have also been flagged for reimport for a while now.

Does Kemono even update posts or is it a disabled feature for now?


Request link for when it reopens, and so that it's never forgotten: https://chan.kemono.party/requests/index.html


For the past week I've had an issue when it comes to logging in.

It'll show that the login was successful, and display my favorites, but then if I go search for something, it shows that either I've been logged out, or never properly logged in to begin with, I have to log in another 2 or 3 times until it finally sticks.


I’m trying to access shibbysays files but there is nothing uploaded from the patreon for the recent files


like what i told you before the importer are working just that it us like wearing condom to protect from datadome. whenever datadome cum dev team need to change the condom (reconfig the importer) manually so that the cum does not affecting the importer amd broke it entirely which also make it pregnant and unable to do the importing job


Well, there is a chance they are closing it for the automatic pixiv imports, but just wait for them to respond.


>Or at least update all my favorites.

Someone won't get any Christmas present here. Santa doesn't like selfish kids.



Now it’s time to give :)


Just be patient. After all, there are still alot of imports being placed from pixiv right now.


It happened again to my Patreon import.

I can't wait for my next "Internal error. Contact site staff on Telegram." in January!


I keep repeatedly getting logged out of my account right after logging in


getting a lot of

Error 503 Backend fetch failed

Backend fetch failed

Guru Meditation:
XID: 447777626

Varnish cache server
know anything about that?


File: 1671959994542.png (8.92 KB, 471x240, Error.PNG)

same errors


patreon videos are getting added as m3u8 files to kemono and they expire way too fast


Getting a lot of 503 errors here


Same. Getting A LOT of that same errors. Particularly older pages/posts are pretty much 99% gone.

Is this new? I'm worried that they're losing files from the database or something.


same here, even some entire artist page went 503
error 503 mean server too busy, right ?


patreon videos are getting added as m3u8 files to kemono and they expire way too fast, is there a fix or will there be??


Hello please explain the patreon “welcome notes” I see in https://kemono.party/patreon/user/62751825/post/72590045

Do these import? Is it a DM?


Patreon import getting "[2e321b24354f1430]@2022-12-25 14:12:51: Internal error. Contact site staff on Telegram.
" is probably old news.

Fantia import also returns "[8ecf5c2121dbcb91]@2022-12-25 14:14:50: Error importing post 1666688 from user 44103" and no new post gets imported.


>muh favorites … update
I'll start treating you as all the other requesters.

Retry till it works.
>fantia, 403 on file download
Retry, but it is fantia geoblocking for whatever reason.

As many times as I told this to a specific someone, he just ignores it every time.


Try again till it works. The patreon queue is now sub 1k.

>>26471 >>26457
Still can't pinpoint what is causing that.

If only you could keep your fetishes out of the statements you make.

Do not remember if sticky show up in the normal feed (no being loaded on top). Need to talk to shino.


File: 1672004303296.jpg (20.74 KB, 934x181, photo_2022-12-25_16-38-13.jpg)

Some Patreon artists already know the importer doesn't import comments for now.



If an artist got updated, but didn't import all of the posts of the same tier, does it need to be reimported or will the importer get to it?

Tldr: if given a specific tier, there is a gap in posts that didn't update, is it a reimport or importer being slow?


What service.





From about one minute ago, whenever i log to my account i get logged out immediately.


Minor quibble here:

In the CSS for user pages you recently added the following:

.post-card__header {
padding: 5px;
z-index: 1;
color: #fff;

The color property here overrides the dimming of visited links defined under a:visited so all links just look white and it's impossible to visually tell which posts you've already seen. Can you get rid of it?


Just to pre-empty. I know I can use background-color property as a workaround, but it would be nice to be able to just change link color.


so, the comments "bug" will never be fixed, huh?


I’m sure you guys already got this but, there is a logging in problem again. I log in, got the email, the code, the name, and everything, and I log in, try to click on my fav artists and it kicks me out every time.


Patreon import was finally successful.
Fantia import still failed even after the retry.
I suspect it had something to do with two-factor authentication so I turned it off. Am trying again.


This is the highest priority right now >>26448


Kemono doesn't use email, any kinds of codes, or whatever. IDK what you're using but it sure isn't Kemono.


Bruh, some one is trying to steal your bitcoins.


That still didn't work. Import ID e0a883f25eef3b8d


I'd like to know this as well, some posts are just randomly missing despite there being no tier difference


Any news on subscribestar? An artist i like had to switch


Just a suggestion, but a way for people to add categories to creators to make filtering easier would be super useful.

I guess similar to steam tags would be the least amount of work since it's community driven.


Some posts failed to import, like on OpikOort's page (Panspermia pages 122 and the sequence from 124 to 127 are unaccounted for). Is there something up with the importer failing to upload all missing posts?


File: 1672061345514.png (140.12 KB, 585x427, Immagine.png)

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Does anyone know what "#EXTM3U" means? I'd like to watch content from Cold Ones but all the video imports are broken :c



I hate how patreon videos are getting added as em3u8 files and they expire after a day


I realize I'm like a broken record here, but just to provide the import ID to the lastest Fantia error:

[2454717ba44bc7b1]@2022-12-26 16:16:18: Error importing post 1666688 from user 44103


i got banned from the kemono.party telegram group because the bot never sent me the verification button in DM. i also seemingly got banned from the kemono.request telegram group and when i tried to join it again i couldn't chat and i only saw messages from "kemono.requests" like some bot that mirrors the post in the actual group


i don't know if this is a bug per say, but on a few posts that i try to flag for re-import, it gives me an "Error 005: this post may have been flagged already", and i figured the flag button would then change to the proper grey-flagged symbol, but it doesnt. its stuck looking like it wasnt properly marked as flagged


kemono.requests has been deleted


Does flagging a post for reimporting reimport it from the latest import or do we have to wait for the next import? Some artists are only getting updated near the end of the month and by the time the artist gets updated again, the link is already outdated again.


you have to wait for the next import


so no more requests for importing/re-importing [insert content/artist here], its flag/import/re-import it yourself or you're SOL? i'd imagine part of the reason was all the ignorance to the rules that probably had a hand in it


Are there any plans to label the stuff in the dms?


Not sure if it counts as an issue, but some posts of one patreon writer don't appear.


Also, I forgot, the ones that don't appear are paywalled ones from the same tier as others that do appear.


can there be a fix to this because more cretors on patreon is using the patreon streaming feature. The posts on kemono is shown as m3u8 files and they expire within a day. it expires way too fast


Like the others have mentioned, the patreon videos are going away really fast which makes a lot of this stuff useless for me. It just shows up as m3u8. If there is any conceivable way for you to work around this, I would greatly appreciate it! Hopefully you can come up with something good for this problem.


We still have a t least 150 imports being queued. Can someone tell me what are those imports?


Nikocado onlyfans


If those queued imports are like those, I would rather let them be dumped.


Whats the picture from?


hey cool, access timestamps and destinations that can be cross-referenced with patreon server logs

this looks useful to someone who isn't kemonoparty affiliated


If that is true, that might be concerning for us.


then don't post the full log in public


Ok, are we gonna have a large import of pixiv again? Because it seems that the patreon imports are not moving again.


Yup, as expected. Large Pixiv import


File: 1672266180713.jpg (1.5 MB, 2336x3504, skeleton.jpg)

>MFW the admins finally open /requests/ again.


>he's not in the request discord with richanon filling all the requests
Oh man!


What just happened with the importer? Yesterday it was at like 150 this time of night and now its over 9k.


File: 1672283458116.png (625 KB, 2031x1177, my face - my soul.png)

>Patreon still frozen
>10,000+ Pixiv imports out of nowhere


>User uploads Patreon posts
>ALL posts are DM password protected
>All posts have ALWAYS been DM password protected
>Never uploads DMs
Is it just to taunt us?


oh bu then how do we request creator uploads ?


Been getting forcibly logged out constantly (including when relogging) constantly tonight. Is the system lagging horribly bad right now? Only had this sort of thing happen once before.


You don't.


a suggestion: a page for direct upload kinda like what Yiff Party used to have. this way we can add password protected content to an artist's kemono page thats less volatile than the artists who change out mega links ever so often to fight scrapers. if space is an issue we can still use it to host our own mega mirrors that direct through a thumbnail preview of whats in the mega


I have noticed how some patreon imports who have a mega link to access rewards often lack the password, because they are either distributed through DMs or private messages, is there no way to fix that?
Maybe a different section on the site to put passwords?


Some creators use the comments to hide them since we don't get them yet.


Having an issue with https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/7964
The frame that used to show to show the password is just showing up as a "frame embedded" that links to the mega.nz.
Several recent posts that used to work are just showing "frame embedded" while others like https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/7964/post/4654930
are working. Flagged for reimport and it didn't fix the issue.


File: 1672318606028.png (243.9 KB, 1360x576, asdf.png)

Forgot Image


My shit updated. Bless.


How to watch embedded Patreon videos?
All it appears is this:

And so on, how to deal with it?


Mine did too thank the devs. And it's a Patreon one with the comment passwords finally updated! Merry Christmas


What's even wrong with it?
I think it's been more than a year now.


Apparently Subscribestar is incredibly aggressive with its anti-bot technology and will automatically ban accounts that it believes is accessing its API in a non-standard way. My guess is that it's checking the IP and comparing it to the last login. Subscribestar is way smaller than Patreon, so they can probably put up with any false positives that make their way through.

A lower-level explanation from a KP dev would be nice. I (used to) write my own web scrapers for personal projects, and I would be interested to know what exactly is happening.


Also wondering on this one. Are you the person trying to import?


i know this has been asked most likely, but I wanna ask is it possible for there to be tags on works, so we can blacklist some tags, like if we blacklist something, it could make the image thumbnail of the post darken, sort of like nhentai.net does.


why don't we have a section on each post for us kemono-ers to chat about the posts? could also be used to post links so that there's no need for manual upload feature


Add the option to show only favorited artists in the search post page, or in the favorites, sort by most recent post, as of now it only showns the ones individualy marked as favorites.




Anyway to detect and remove watermarks added to videos by imatag? A creator I supported started using it and banned me a couple weeks back because the video I uploaded elsewhere apparently had an invisible watermark in them that was tied to my account. I made an alt account to test it again and got banned a second time.


prease andastand.


Anyway to detect and remove watermarks added to videos by imatag? A creator I supported started using it and banned me a couple weeks back because the video I uploaded elsewhere apparently had an invisible watermark in them that was tied to my account. I made an alt account to test it again and got banned a second time.



first time i've heard of that and ngl gotta give props to how clever of a preventative measure it is


please tag the covers so it can be filtered, fanbox and fantia keep changing the hash for covers every day





File: 1672374788492.png (467.95 KB, 680x610, media_FkjyjIzWIAA1IM5.png)

>>26613 >>26610
What service and how was the file provided? If it was DM, tough luck.
As to the question, you need the the same file from different accounts to compare and figure out where and how it is watermarked.
And after that comes all the bullshit of scrubbing the info and etc. OR, you get yourself some virtual credit cards and go ham on that account.

No, I am not about to deal with non-cacheable content. The only way I would agree to it is fetching the artist api pages via js and doing shit in js.
But someone needs to write this and shino got other things to work on.

Grow thicker skin, also for that the tags would need to be imported. Which was told many times to shino, but as always: ignored. forgotten. etc.

Was once considered and then buried. As to the reason, try to guess.

Glowing, aren't we? Either way, small company, motivated. Which means once operations resume, as we poke their systems, they poke our systems.
If people were to use virtual CCs and throwaway accounts, things would be easy. Then we could glow in some capacity.
But if you involve normal users, it becomes pia. Since we can do so much until they find some way to detect us.

>>26594 >>26593
Hm, actually interesting how the way we process the embeds is "exploited". Noted. I can see it just fine if I query the original iframe url.

Possibly soon. >volatile storage, yeah no. And generally no thumbs.

Can't hunt it down, since it happens at random. The login session is client side, so… yeah.


1.5 months were enough to reset the memory of how many patreon keys we have.

It was I that happened.

>not importing the request discord channels
Shame on you.

I hope you get dumped.

Yes, but no.


The color will not change due it being cached and no extra calls will be made to the db only to change the color of the flag.
As to the error, dunno who made it an error where it could have been ignored just fine.
Although, maybe a byproduct of the way I cache the pages and indication to the user that the post has been cached even if they do not see it.

Restarted it manually and it imported that post. Dunno what fantia is smoking.

Go there and subscribe to him.

Heh, go ahead. The code is out there.

Kinda fixed.


>Kinda fixed.
As long as I can see an improvement it's enough, thank you so much.


>he does not use the export as zip feature on telegram

sir this is EA website those kemonopay creators arent gonna fulfill themselves dont forget to sync your credit cards for an ininterrupted experience goyim!

>critisize admins
>baleeted even though he never mentioned the creator itself
Irony! Says the one who runs a big data analytics site apparently 'were' the selfish ones for not feeding your telementery adverts thingy
Yup as expected the incompetent devs compensate their abilities by doubling down the banhammers, we get it no one is surprised at this point
Now just to really piss you off somebody should really make a standalone client to scrape shit and hopefully escape your tyranical 'mod team'

sheesh you could have atleast enabled requests for a week or two not that it will matter any way then just revert it or just give us a new UI theme

same here m8 those trade secrets arent gonna release themselves goy!


File: 1672377344878.png (18.75 KB, 255x117, 1672374110859.png)

Anonymous 12/30/22 (Fri) 04:21:50 No.26620

File: 1672374110859.png (78.63 KB, 660x304, Untitled.png)

I'm assuming the Patreon DMS are broken because this artist exclusively gives image sets through direct messaged dropbox links, and even though their main page is fully updated rn, their DMS haven't been posted since last year


Where is it? I wanna post mine.


DM's aren't imported automatically, the subscriber has to manually toggle them on.
It's for privacy reasons, don't wanna go uploading something that outs you in front of everyone and lets the artist know exactly who's leaking their shit.

And even then, most just don't bother to do it anyway…


Why even bother updating them at all then?


Too be assholes and torture us of course.
There are literally 100s of artists that have been uploaded here that go the DM only route, and are basically just uploaded here by assholes saying "haha look what I have, that you can't access poorfags"

Doesn't help that the current DM set up for this site is a mess, and half the time you can't even tell which artist the DM is from cuz they don't link back to the account on site, instead you're just playing russian roulette with the random links in the DM, and have no idea what you might be downloading.


they probably sub to multiple people and they all just get imported from the same key


So, uh, last time I checked there were three digit imports queued. So what the heck happened here? Why are there 8K now?


Does someone knows how TabletKnight "TK Archive Keys " works ? The discord is empty or requires a fanbox


What request Discord?


Any chance you can add a way to only show posts with attachments and download links?


>I can see it just fine if I query the original iframe url.

Can explain to me how to do this please, or is it not possible from my end?


File: 1672411318581.png (1.96 MB, 946x1126, comparison.png)

So, idk if this is recurrent, but this artist https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/11292252, has had a good bunch of their posts overwritten by versions with frame embeds that send to the fanbox itself, said posts don't have the images that they used to have on previous imports, as shown in the comparative image that uses an october snapshot of the page from the wayback machine, more posts are getting overwritten the more this artist gets imported, and newer posts doesn't even have the PSDs on them, this might be a new anti piracy tactic or the fanbox importer might be broken, but its probably "deleting" more posts as we speak


I think he's just refurbishing his old posts to get away with posting cunny


I'm still having issues with staying logged in. I've cleared my cache, history, everything several times, and it's still a problem. I login successfully, click "favorites", and am immediately logged out. I have to repeat this process anywhere from 3-7 times to get it to stay logged in.


there's definitely issues, now why that I don't know, I've tried a couple of french IPs including my own and none of them could connect, keeps "timing out"
is kemono blocking frog IPs?


0121fcbdaXXXXXXX still getting "post aren't obtainable" and "internal error".



I had a similar issue but I don't know what watermarking service they are using. This would explain why I got banned though. Recently in each post they started linking to some sort of form that only requires my Patreon username or email. After entering it I'm brought to a s3 url with a "Images are now being processed for download, please wait…" screen. So I assume the watermarking would take place at this time? After that I would get the images in a zip file. I went to upload them to e-hentai as usual since I can't here anymore and the creator banned me later that week.

When I registered a new account to start another pledge after I got banned, the form wouldn't accept my new username or email at first. I messaged the creator directly and they said that it takes about 24 hours for new usernames to be synced on their end and that it was an automated process.

I just hope this doesn't become widespread.


File: 1672481894222.png (424.56 KB, 652x1224, 1520571226766.png)

I'm downloading stuffs from kemono using gallery-dl but my download speed is getting super slow these last few days. Is it something with the server, or is my ISP being a cunt?


anyone else getting a lot of 503's?


Im getting them at random..


yeah, but only when I try to look at my favorites page




Welcome to EVERY fucking friday night/saturday morning.
This happens every weekend after there's been a dump, it's finally the weekend, more users are likely to be on to see the latest batch of content, but admin's can't seem to process this, and don't bolster the site to compensate for it.

So EVERY friday night/saturday morning the site shits the bed, and becomes unusable for hours on end, I can't even fucking log in this time…


genuine question. every video that i'm trying to open of this user https://kemono.party/patreon/user/48246711 and clicking the "Download video" link it's just full of txt or html or something. what does that mean? thank you.


I hope this user's videos (https://kemono.party/patreon/user/48246711) with an embedded link like "Download video" would open because it doesn't really work at this time. Hoping you would fix that problem. Thanks.


anyone else getting
Error 503 Backend fetch failed
on any post or artist page?



and the Favorites


is it possible that updating creators fails on certain posts than with others?

there is an artist I'm following with only one of two new posts that has been updated.


testing happy devils new year you magnificent bastards dont you faggots mock our culture by jacking off to rabbits aand im back home yes its a bit too early i know oh well things are back to normal tomorrow for the unsuspended VMs


Happy new year!!.. thank you to everyone who contributes to this wonderful website.


with today being the eve of new years fam, could it be alright if i make a request of a patreon artist who i'm surprised hasn't been added yet? anyways, hope with patreon importation fixed we may see request threads return.


File: 1672528972571.jpg (40.16 KB, 550x550, 0182c29f40e25a65808850494b….jpg)

So…another year went by and Kemono is still alive…Despite all the setbacks and malfunctions throughout 2022, it's quite impressive that this whole thing is still going on strong. Let's see what 2023 has on store for us, may it be for the better. See you next year.


Been trying to import from patreon the past week and keep getting internal error, are there any settings I need to change for my account to get it to work?


File: 1672558147504.png (455.32 KB, 2796x664, Screenshot 2023-01-01 at 1….png)

Does anyone getting this on an artist's post? Whenever I click on the link with "Download video" this kept on appearing. I hope this issue would be fix.


Just wanted to wish everybody a merry 2023 :)


funnily enough simpcity seems to be down, but could be yearly maintenance or some shit


very much hoping post revisions will be available soon
just found an artist who changes a single post every month


i keep getting internal error too


Hi all,

With my mobile device (iphone or tablet android, with 4G or wifi, with safari or firefox), i can't access to kemono.party. All i got is a error "secure connection could not be established"
I don't have problem with my computer, only my mobile device.

Did someone have a problem like me ?


File: 1672601390739.png (126.95 KB, 897x703, 220.png)

>I can see it just fine if I query the original iframe url.

A new post has been uploaded and the password embed is not showing. Is there anyway to do this on the user end or do we just have to wait to see if anything can be done on your end?


Hello. I am unable to access favorites.
It says:
Error 503 Backend fetch failed
and mentions the Varnish cache server.
If you would be so kind and look into this please and thank you.


Favorite's page is all wrong
Artists not in order of when they were last updated and their updated dates are all wrong


I sort my favorites by last updated to find out if there is anything new. But there seems to be a rollback or something because all my favorites last updated just went back by quite a bit. December 8 is now the top one. None of the content was deleted tho so that same patreon has stuff from a few days ago. I rely on "last updated" to check if there is anything new and now it's not working.


Same here. Updates are still there but the sorting is all outa whack.


Why delete the post after December 25?


any idea why sometimes you can't add artist to favorite?
I get "Error: 003: Could not favorite artist" message when trying to add some artists


File: 1672615012111.png (25.99 KB, 613x178, Capture.PNG)

Is the site shitting itself again? Can't add favorites, page reloads randomly, logs me out, the favorite button doesn't show…


>French IP
Use a VPN. That should fix your problem


>Comes to check if favorites are fucked up
>Favorites are fucked up


Mine were fucked and are now fixed


I've been trying to favorite some artists in the site for a couple of days now and everytime I do it I receive the following error:

ERROR 003, Could not favourite artists

Allow notifications like this from kemono.party to take you to their tab (which I'm not exactly sure what it means)

I used to have no problems whatsoever favoriting artists prior to this. I'd appreciate it if it was fixed, thank you


I've been trying for the last few days to import from Patreon but it always results in an internal error. Af34c551


When will DM importing be re enabled? more creators are only sharing and passwords and links via DMs


Is there a way to filter DMs by artist or to even know who are they from?


When a reimport happens, does it reimport everything? Or only the most recent? Some posts from a writer I follow haven't appeared yet, because the number of pages went up, but some missing posts from last year are still missing.


Considering there have been DMs uploaded to the DMs page just today, the function itself seems to be working fine: https://kemono.party/dms
The more pertinent problem is ==it's impossible to tell what DMs are from who since they aren't labelled==


File: 1672718361379.png (51.73 KB, 1919x530, Screenshot (1).png)

There are some Patreons that link to Vimeo, but the links never work. I assume it's only accessible to actual patrons. Is there any other way of viewing them?



Download them.


is there a way to view m3u8 videos once it's expired? It's only been a day why I can't open it already


There is no way to view them after a day and you just have to wait for someone to change the link


So I'm not the only one right now.


Getting a lot of "503 Backend fetch failed" messages. Somethings broken.


Error 503 Backend fetch failed
Backend fetch failed

Guru Meditation:
XID: 22872657

Varnish cache server


Uhh, the importer was on 900 qued and 500 running just a couple hours ago. Now it's 1400 queued and 10 running. Not again…


I wanted to import something from Gumroad but noticed that the pdf file has a watermark of the buyer's email. Would it be possible for kemono to remove that and other tracking from the files or do I have to do it manually?

I apologize if that question was already answered (couldn't find it).


Is the importer broken again?


Give it a week. I think this is gonna happen every week for the pixiv automatic imports.


everything is 503 Backend fetch failed and we are doomed


Just wait for the Admins to tell us the news. After all, they know more than we do.


OK, who is this Guru, and what is this meditation apparently taking place?


>>26748 >>26747 >>26746 >>26731 >>26728 >>26727
Server processes ate shit so hard they could not recover.
I'm in the process of changing the systems to be less prone to this kind of error.
The site should be recovering now.

Intentionally stopped, till specific patches are made.


Thanks for the news. At least we know it will be fixed.


File: 1672840445341.png (5.12 KB, 423x155, 1.PNG)

Is not being able to favorite posts a common problem? Sometimes it shows favorited a bit later, sometimes it does not gets favorited at all.
Keeping record of what I've seen somewhere else is bothersome, but I think I have no choice.


>26666 i actually got the GET lel
also why is board super fast now? it wasnt like that a few months ago

inb4 somebody posts r34 of the varnish cache bunny (please no god not that one)

no idea i archived this thread beforehand on google cache what did he say?

still no explanation of why /coomer/ was nuked

what does France have to do with this? i thought Europe had very robust free speech laws. in all seriousness though im curious
i can 4chan ban evade and shitpost on starhub tourist SIM with no problem at all but they blocked xvideos for some weird reason kek


>expecting QoL updates while leechfags screech about patreon endlessly


Any work around for patreon posts being changed to the file?=h format?


Froggy ISPs seem to like blocking Kemono. VPN or alt DNS is usually the only way around it. Don't know what ISP it is since nobody is telling, but it's obviously some ISP doing it.


i've changed then DNS (on wifi) of my mobile device, and it's worked.

France is a "free speech country", who are in the top 5 for censure on internet …
France is actively working to block all piracy sites, warez, etc… including kemono.party. "Why kemono", don't know, but shit, i like reading the light novel on my cellphone…


kemono data servers try not to shit the bed challenge (impossible)


why the fuck is still not a thing


Patreons are appearing in recent again. Yay


just updated user https://kemono.party/patreon/user/383399 but every time I try to actually go to their artist page it just redirects me back to the artists section. I cant search them up at all either but I can see their posts being uploaded (ex post/24124010 ) . can this be fixed?


That just means they haven't been indexed yet. Give it some time and it should have a proper artist page


Don't know if this happened to any other artists, but somehow https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/38270352 has over 2100 empty posts. Their actual fanbox only has 8 posts FWIW.


Those extra 1000+ empty posts are placeholders for the real posts. The artist has received 1000+ commissions since last week and only this site knows that, thats why they planned ahead, you see.


>no idea i archived this thread beforehand on google cache what did he say?

IIRC he said (and I apologise if I'm paraphrasing here!): "All of you god forsaken floating burglars will submit to the evil will of allah or die. Prepare to be assimilated. You wont need eyes to see where we're going. We have such sights to show you! You think this is the real Quaid? It isn't ."

Sorry I might be mixing references there, but still…


Has anyone asked premier Gorbachev why they banned Kemono? Tear down this ban! Tear it down!


are you retarded?

the retard removed them and the site imported the retard's "updated" posts


that artist is aware their stuff is being posted here and is using imports and re-imports to overwrite and obscure their posts to game the system


That is exactly why we need Post History. IIRC one of the admins mentioned that it's already a thing, it's just not visible to the public for some weird reason. Feel free to yell at me if I'm wrong.


Always getting "Internal error. Will be re-tried. Contact site staff on Telegram." no matter how many times I cleared cookies and re-logged in to Patreon. Latest two imports are:



File: 1673004001553.png (276.78 KB, 1832x921, img.png)

When loading an imported discord channel. If the images 404, then the page tries to automatically reload them, making thousands of requests in less than 10 secs. So the page basically gets stuck in an endless loop trying to reload 404'd images.

Link: https://kemono.party/discord/server/406611572270694401

The onerror="this.src=…" attribute that you put to every loaded image, makes you retry infinitely. If you want to try reloading an image only three times times, do something like this instead:

<img data-tries="3" onerror="{ if (this.dataset["tries"] != "0") { this.src = this.src; this.dataset["tries"]–; } }">


Most patreon pages now have off-site downloads and keys and other anti-piracy measures.

There is very little actual content being uploaded.

Your website BLOWS.


Hi friend, forgive me, but only if it's your artists ….. in my list of 70 artists, only 2 are using this method …. the rest I can see the posts and download the arts without any problem …don't generalize, please.


look, the website scrapes patreon posts and all the files attached to the post. You're calling the site shitty because your faggoty artist is using their brain? unlike you using your money?


File: 1673020718279.png (19.12 KB, 1279x253, Screenshot Capture - 2023-….png)

Fix the damn site.



No seriously, does this request Discord exist or are you just making this up?


He's making shit up to mess with y'all.


So, uh, why is there 5000 imports queued when there was 400 a couple hours ago?




anything new regarding the m3u8 posts? will it be fixed or can't do anything about it?


So is the caching for new artists fudged at the moment?

Nothing but discord's have been added to the list in 3 days, but several new patreon/fanbox artists have been added since then, their posts are viewable but the artist pages themselves can't be accessed.



File: 1673111337148.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-01-08-01-0….jpg)

Can someone help me? When I try to download the video I get this code?



How do I request anything in the Telegram request room? I keep seeing new requests pop up occasionally, but I can't send messages there, instead there's only a "mute" button.


UPDATE SPEED with the large numbers in the queue and in "Running" is… a whopping 15 (FIFTEEN) imports per hour, judging by the Search page, sort by "Date Updated".

Guys, this is going to take a few months for even just the current queue to be processed.


Get a fucking life you losers, you keep crying and begging every single fucking day. Go do something with your good for nothing miserable existence.



Import yourselves or contribute somehow else.



I can throw that right back at ye.

Don't offer a service if you don't want to hear complaints when it doesn't work.

OR, and that is far more important, acknowledge that Houston we have a Giant Problem.

With that queue and "Running" - unless the numbers are fake and there isn't actually anything going on? - 15/hour IS *VERY* NOTEWORTHY, especially since this particular problem is quite new.



Oh and this thread is called "Issues".

Now you are surprised when people post… issues?


There is literally zero issues right now. What kind of mega weed are you smoking? I want some.


m3u8 files expiring too qucikly, speed on imports are VERY slow


m3u8 stuff is not a kemono issue in the slightest. Import speed has been upgraded since we have more dedicated importer servers now.



How do I request anything in the Telegram request room? I keep seeing new requests pop up occasionally, but I can't send messages there, instead there's only a "mute" button.


Why did you remove the posts with the NEW ISSUE that now EVERYTHING is slow, 15 imports per hour max? Previously it was just Patreon that had issues, now we have a looong queue and nothing, not just Patreon, moves.


This is NEW! Previously only Patreon imports had a speed issue, but the current queue is mostly not Patreon stuff.

We also never had so many "Running" displayed, that was 200 max now it's 775 - but still only <15/hour imports. Something has definitely changed, and something is definitely not right!

Why do you remove such an issue report/question, in the "Issues" thread?



It looks like the Pixiv Fanbox imports have sped up to their previous normal speed again. Yesterday though, and also this morning still, it was incredibly slow all day as described.


Fuck…Patreon seems to have switched ALL creators over to CUF.
There were a number of artists that were still only charging on the first of every month, instead of when you sign up, but seems at the start of the new year they switched everyone over to charge up front…

I was gonna grab a $50 tier artist, and cancel before Feb, and I almost ended up actually paying the sell out.
Then I went and checked 8 other artists who were still only charging at the beginning of the month back in December, and all of them are now CUF…


good, keep denying everything! soon everyone will know how perfect and infallible you are


Dude, they admit when they are problems here. Just read the multiple treads here.


error "001 could not favorite post", have been hard stuck on this for last few days, use a new account and it goes through fine, is there a soft limit for the amount of posts an account can have favorited?


File: 1673221842461.jpg (257 KB, 1200x630, 1.jpg)

Why do you persist with refusing to tag covers


I'm wondering what's going on now cuz every time I try to go to the site I'm getting error 502 I'm wondering what's wrong here


Seconding this, main site is busted


didnt they say there was gonna be maintanace today maybe there was a fuckup with that?


Using the status.kemono.party address it shows the error is on the frontend all other checks seem normal

I guess we need to wait for admin


How many of you guys actually download your favs posted on kemono? In case things go south or are unavailable like now, I keep em saved and safe




Welp, site's dead (again), datadome or the U.S government got'em good this time, a fatal strike I dare to say. Time to move on lads, thing's buggered for good, no point of return. See you around chavs, tho it was a good ride ngl.


I might archive my absolute favorites or specifically source files. Depending on who you keep an eye on most artists and creators have most of their stuff already released publicly for the most part if they're not a full blown paywall only asshole.


guys I'm getting 502 bad gateway when I try to access kemono. is the site alright? or is it just me?


frontends broken
check for your self



I do, though my collection isnt that extensive.


>>26880 so its not totally the entire web is going to shut down?


hopefully we hear something soon. Idk how long it usually takes the admins to respond to instances like this, but 4 hours seems like quite a long time.


thanks, I was not aware of that status site


btw, the replies on here are taking quite a while to appear. weird.


Imagine thinking admins don't have a life outside of this



site is back up again.



it would be nice if we got clarifacation on what caused the frontend errors


I have to admit. Some of us here would act like it’s the end of the site even if it’s only down for a few minutes or an hour.


yeah i'm thinking we're back


Well that's gonna serve as one hell of a deterrent.

Bad news for us because it means that (when the request section reopens) requests of artists on Patreon are less likely to be fulfilled.

And it's also bad news for the artists because some people can't afford to pay the whole 12 months in one go and may therefore lose Patrons. It's like if you're trying to buy a house/property that totals up at around $400,000 and they demand you to pay upfront instead of getting a mortgage. How when you haven't got the money there and then?

Seriously Patreon, what the actual fuck?! And in the midst of a cost of living crisis too?! That's one way to get unpopular.


CUF doesn't mean you have to pay for a whole year at once


>CUF doesn't mean you have to pay for a whole year at once

No, indeed it doesn't. But thanks for giving us such a good idea! - Lord CEO & Food/Beverage Manager of Patreon Enterprises 2022-2057


Fantia's update speed and quantity are reduced, will it be restored in the future?


Thank fuck. For a moment there I thought we were screwed.


Patreon HAD 2 ways of charging.
"Base" where you would only be charged on the first of the month with no intial payment on the day you subscribed, and CUF where you would be charged on the day you subbed, then subsequently every 1st of the month.
But now they've done away with "base", and its just 2 different versions of CUF, 1st of every month, or the new personalized billing where if you sub on the 10th, you're charged on the 10th of every month.

So the small group of artists that still had it set to 1st of the month with no initial charge have now been converted over to prevent easy thievery.


I'm getting a "Error 503 backend fetch" message when I try to import from Patreon.


is the "Upload file" function broken? I'm trying to upload some deleted content, but the "Select or drop file" button can't be pressed, and the DevTools console is giving a 404 error


It's been disabled for well over a year now.


oh shit, my bad, newfag mistake. is there any other way to post said content?


File: 1673399234852.png (19.68 KB, 1359x304, 37536431.png)

I'm having trouble submitting my Patreon import key. When I try, it says this. This has been happening to me all day.


Naturally I miss that one fucking part of the configuration after changing how things work. gfdi
Works now.

Depends on how much time shino will take to fix the more pressing importer problems.

All infra is ready, waiting for shino to do a small fix that is taking… well, yeah. If only I could share my pain.

Faulty hardware while failover was not configured. The problem has been solved.

The bones inside the sack of flesh need some rest.

That table is locked to death due to the way the software works right now, since importer and whatever else is taking up time, this has not been tackled.
Something akin to a tombstone is needed, not hard but that is not my job. So someday.

It takes more effort to reply than to read the thread or work on the servers.

I am unable to differentiate the running imports and the imports (in timeout) waiting for a retry, so that is why you see that big number.
But only patreon does that and since I show the aggregated numbers of all importers, well, that's where that big number comes from right now.

Let's see how long it takes to merge that commit. :DDDD

Blow me, fag.

# select count(*) from revisions;

It is. And the reason, the web code has not been written.


I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but a lot of the artists I follow are starting to put their posts behind password-locked rar files with the passwords sent by DM. Assuming this is already known, is there a stopgap measure I could do to get at the goods?


Pay up and import the DMs.


That's the thing. There's a DM section on the site that I saw, but I notice all of them are unlabelled so the only markers are date and the message itself. Would someone other than an importer know what to look for?


not sure if Patreon importer actually works now but d6bb28d6xxxxxxxx has been stuck for a while


it looks like it works. It's just slower


90% of posts i've tried to favorite return this, unless l login to a new account. temp problem for the site or purely on my end?


Quick question, the importer import artist in the queue randomly iirc, then why sometimes there are many artist imported from a single site together in the recent page? Is that for ease of indexing?


Just want to thank everyone for working on such a project.
I guess the internet is not totally gone.


Patreon "Kyfe", just imported:

Chapter 193 is missing. Last imported was 193 one or two weeks ago, the new import starts at 184.

Where is 183….

I DID use "Next"/"Previous" navigation, I already know the index page may not show all chapters because it takes longer to be updated.

Link to chapter 182: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/56863911/post/76615873



>Chapter 193

Typo, I meant chapter 183 (one EOIGHT three)




I looked at a random other new Patreon import, https://kemono.party/patreon/user/328543

and there too a post after


is simply missing.

Maybe the current importer has another off-by-one error, forgetting the first post it should add?


lol nice cope faggot.
my imported videos are m3u8.
yt-dlp can download them no problem.
this cant be that much of an issue, engineer.


Blame shino.


What happens with the post section, when I search for something, the posts appear with ramdom date, please fix this


>ORDER BY added desc


Yeah that seems like a thing.


hope the coders are working on the Subscribestar importer now that the worst of the Patreon issues seem to be over


> now that the worst of the Patreon issues seem to be over

Just read a measly six comments above yours. Especially when you are here for webnovels where missing a chapter in the middle is really bad, and not for furry sex graphics, where missing a post does not matter.


Not to get involved (which is exactly what I'm doing) but isn't that like saying:-

"Missing 1 part of an artists portfolio series or artbook isn't important compared to a part of a story"?

Don't be ridiculous sir. A missing picture(s) in a series (such as Gigers now literally legendary missing paintings) is as important to an art collector as a missing page or chapter is to a book collector. And the same applies (albeit to a much lesser degree) to "random internet art & random internet fan stories". It all depends what someone is into. Yes, art isn't important to you. But thats you, not everyone else. I guess I'm lucky to not have a bias on this particular subject. Though I do realise the meat & 2 veg of this site is and always has been artwork (and a specific type; pornographic).



No, only what *I* read on this site is important. Nobody cares about what *you* want.


Since i don't have a telegram and such, might as well try, it's been spinning on this for a while now.

[23c17cc0f4bbf663]@2023-01-12 17:05:26: Internal error. Will be re-tried. Contact site staff on Telegram.
[23c17cc0f4bbf663]@2023-01-12 17:35:47: Starting import. Your import id is 23c17cc0f4bbf663.


File: 1673549488176.png (110.24 KB, 642x874, Screenshot 2023-01-12 1051….png)

channel5's recent video download links are all 2.34kb files and when converted to .txt the none of the stream links have valid signatures



Blame shino.


Any news about the importer?


the importer was working just fine when I posted my comment *shrug*


Is there any way to tell which DM is from which artist? Or am I just blindly hoping a DM from around the same time as an artist's post is the right one?


Yeah, the DM needs some fixing


There’s a chance this is intentional to fix it. After all, this isn’t the first time the Admins did that.


>why was I…
first two lines

It's useless to have imports loop due to errors as some importers have seen/are still seeing.
Let's see if shino tackles it whenever… until then, blame shino.

Yes, there is one. It is called you go to the fucking page of the artist and click on "DMs", dipshit.

>the importer

Patreon? Same as all others. Tho, a specific person does not seem to feel any urgency.


"Yes, there is one. It is called you go to the fucking page of the artist and click on "DMs", dipshit."

Admin having no fucking idea how anything works is the typical retarded shit I expect in here



But that IS how it works. I just went to some artist's page who actually has DMs, and there is a link "DM", and it indeed linkes to some DMs for that artist.

What is your complaint?


i wish flagging posts actually did something because whichever retard is importing cooliehigh doesnt realize that all of the mega links are dead so all of the posts are just useless crops


Like how the admins are messing with us all by keeping the request page closed.


Kemono and Partychan were down all morning Wonder what happened.


whens the patreon big auto import gonna happen again? usually happen on the weekends but it hasnt started yet.


SA and Shino should grant your collective wish so you can have people import totally random shit and clog the importer so hard it breaks. Do not re-enable requests, importers have enough trouble paying for ungrateful bitches who just come here to whine about non-issues.


Retarded importer here. I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience. I shall now commit seppuku for this disgrace but first I shall unsubscribe from all creators to buy a pure and flawless sword to disembowel myself with!


Yeah it's looking like Patreon is clogged up once more.


File: 1673741511572.png (541.12 KB, 903x655, Screenshot 2023-01-14 2109….png)

Dunno if this happened with other creators, but I noticed with this one.

It seems the importer skipped the entire month of September 2022 for Karno, Patreon Creator https://kemono.party/patreon/user/672997


Is there a way to look at an artist's prior uploads?

For example, someone uploaded a new archive for January. But I want to look at the old snapshot from December that *didn't* include January.


Like a "time machine"/restore point style feature?


a minor thing im experiencing with kemono.party, but when im logged into my profile to access my favorites, at random time in almost every day, i pull up the website, but it acts like im not logged in. i click the refresh button thinking that will fix it, it does not, i click the login button, and instead of the "fill in account deets" prompt, it "relogs" me back in


oh, and on top of that, i also get an error message prompt "Error 008 (or something else): couldnt access favorites", then it switches to my favorites section like normal. don't exactly know if that interaction is purely on kemono.party side or the blacklist userscript, should've mentioned that in the first post, apologies


Do you really think someone would go to the requests page, see some random garbage artist there you requested, and go out of their way to spend money on it so you don't have to?
Importers only import shit they're interested in.


Kemono went down again this morning. What's going on?



File: 1673854304470.png (2.15 KB, 180x20, blameshino.png)

Did something happen again or is everything working as intended?


For the many posts that patreon authors update the link monthly on, to hinder us the scrapers, what is the method of updating them if there is someone with an active account and key in the system for it. Does Flagging update the contents of the post? It doesn't seem to for some I've had flagged so I'm not sure at this point.


Working as intended fr fr.


It does update but some artists change their links constantly


That's alot of automatic imports.


File: 1673882725855.jpg (416.85 KB, 2984x648, 4cdce05369d3144c5285146be0….jpg)

>It is called you go to the fucking page of the artist and click on "DMs", dipshit.
>But that IS how it works. I just went to some artist's page who actually has DMs, and there is a link "DM", and it indeed linkes to some DMs for that artist.
I feel like I'm being gaslit because I don't see what either of you mean
If I got to an artist's page, the display at the top only has the Upload File, the Favorite/Unfavorite, a direct link to the artist's patreon/fanbox/whatever, and that's it. If you mean the sidebar with the DMs button, the DMs page aggregates PMs from all artists with no labelling, not the specific artist you're on the page of. I can go to anyone from Sfan to Reddyheart and I will see the exact same page, wit the exact same page with the top showing "SSB/Ultra tier" and dual language spanish-english (as of this moment on Jan 16th) spanning 61 goddamn pages. They are impossible to tell apart and they very clearly come from sources bot related to the artist whose page I'm on.
This is it, this page is the only one that appears by clicking DMs→ https://kemono.party/dms
Am I going insane or is this not supposed to be the case?



Dude chill, they are all messing with you, admin included. There's no way of sort de DMs by artist.



When will this become clear to everyone? I'm starting to think never lol.


Test your insanity with this page.


Will requests finally return already, or will we really need to wait until like, SubscribeStar import is running again, not just Patreon?


Okay, I do see a DMs button for this artist at the top. It actually exists. That's all I wanted to know. In that case, I have to assume the reason I didn't see it for the artists I was looking at is because the importers for them didn't take the DMs with them. Which is a shame, but at least I know for certain now.


So, one of my authors just updated, finally. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/50049787
Gay shit, I know. Took eighteen days, but I'm not paying for Swift deliveries. I'm not paying at all, in fact. To cause for complain. But, uh, I do have to ask. Of the… *four* posts they've made since new years, why is it that the *one* post on Kemono is the *one* update they made? That's a one in four chance of missing every chapter, and that's if we said it would only be updated once. Am I just incredibly unlucky or is somebody fucking with me?


Would be great if whoever is scraping from Kilinah to kindly deal with the discord. The patreon scrape is worthless since it's all just thumbnails.

Same thing goes for Cooliehigh, they've been doing the same thing for the past few months now.

Also, when can we have an artist's galleries/servers linked together? They don't always use the same name, you know.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again- if I had enough money I would absolutely do this.



What a strange question? If you look at that author's Patreon, there are different tracks for the different stories.

So what is updated on kemono is whatever the person providing their key for happens to be subscribed to from that author. If they only pay for one of those story tracks, that's the story updates you get.



Talk is cheap. You are not dirt poor, you are on the Internet, which requires significant resources (electricity, expensive modern electronics device). Put even a little money - one measly $5.50 Patreon subscription - where your big fat mouth is.



If there are DMs for an author, that author's page will have a link "DM" in the top area. I know because I searched through a few artists until I saw it after a Mod post claimed such.

So, I guess if there is no such "DM" link that there simply are no DMs stored on kemono for that author?





Left of "Upload File" there is "DMs"



Well, it was semi-fast until it reached a queue size of about 10,000. Now it's down to a snail's crawl, with not much happening on the Patreon front.


Queued imports just dropped from 12k to only 8k in less than an hour and imports have also slowed down is something wrong


you do realise there are ways to get reduced cost for internet access, if your american its called the lifeline program and one of the things it does is offer a smartphone with mobile internet. the conditon is your household has to be below the poverty line so yes poor people do have means to acess the net afordably.



"Reduced cost" - you re STILL not dirt poor! You are not some African-in-some-reamote-village-tribe-farmer-without-grid-only-generator. You fucker(s) don't realize how fucking privileged you are. Your STUPID whining about how pooooor you are and that other people need to give you stuff are getting old.


You don't deserve asking for free shit because you are completely out of touch, a whiner, stupid, and a hypocrite.

How about re-adding requests - but for every single one you have to upload SOMETHING (new) to Kemono. Nobody wants to support whiners, or wants to see other stupid people who support whiners, so no requests in the old format.


is there a way to deal with expired m3u8 files?


Only a small portion of volunteering importers are philanthropists (and masochists) who will gladly take insults after spending money they barely earn on subscriptions for "art" they don't even care about. The rest rightfully went fuck it and is uploading things they can afford and also like for others who might be interested. The more jaded ones who no longer have any faith in man may do more creative things.

Kemono infrastructure works the same way, but you'll be called an asslicker if you dare point out than the team isn't paid to manage servers and could just shut eveything down and go fuck this shit.

Totally agreed but the share-for-share ala bittorrent was rejected and the kemono credit system is an utopia at this point.


Did the auto importer die or something?


Patreon importer is down based on import logs and they stopped updating


File: 1674005745829.png (24.45 KB, 212x97, Screenshot from 2023-01-18….png)

Evidently not.


Then why have the imports slowed to a crawl? And thousands of queued imports suddenly disappeared while only a few artists have been updated. The importer may not be completely broken but something isn’t right


>You don't deserve asking for free shit because you are completely out of touch, a whiner, stupid, and a hypocrite.

same could be said of you, i've never asked for anything here im merely content to take what people are willing to share. as for dirt poor i am, i dont gotta be in an afican mud hut to be, come back when you got to sell blood plasma and do clinical trials just to help keep a roof over your head cus your job is just not enough anymore and no other place will take you. as for talks on privlige you seem to have loads of it.



Ooohh, that makes sense. I forgot about that. What a shame. I really did quite enjoy Bioshifter. I guess I'll just have to wait and see if anybody picks it up and starts importing it again


so the patreon importer is definitely down again then


haha yes, clearly everyone who has a computer with internet access has enough income to spend on porn. isn't it wonderful that we live in a world where the economy makes sense?



Anyone who spends MONEY on porn is too stupid to be allowed to pollute the gene pool. The amount of COMPLETELY FREE PORN is pretty much INFINITY you moron.


O Supreme Guru Usah 'Sojamee with infinite knowledge and all the answers, would you be so kind as to explain to us mere mortals why autoimporter keeps rolling back and emptying the queue aside of this example of the importer working as intended?

There is a lot of confusion among peasants and alas, we are too stupid to understand what might be going on. Please share your great knowledge with us, o great one, we shall sacrifice virgins and furries in your Name.


> we shall sacrifice virgins and furries in your Name.

Thanks asshole! You're gonna sacrifice basically everyone on this whole BBS! No, this whole corner of the internet!!!


It's been said by the admins many times before, the queue isn't to be taken as gospel, and often misrepresents the actual current queue. What's probably been happening is that things have either been imported too quickly for the counter to keep up with, or autoimport keys had died and this autoimport cycle has only just checked to see that. Admins will know a lot more than what I can guess.


Wait! You can afford the most commonplace bills & cost of (todays) living, yet you can't ALSO afford (or justify) splashing money on JPG?

If you can afford to eat everyday, then OBVIOUSLY you can also afford a £10 P/M subscription FFS! And if you can't, then why not just think economically and stop eating on Tuesdays and Thursdays. See, now you can afford to sub to 1 artist (but to see the NSFW versions you'll also need to stop eating on weekends).

It's like people just don't know how managing money works IRL and its kinda entertaining :P


Don't know m8 sorry. I was asleep.


That's already substantial information right there. Thanks mate, at least we hear stuff from you instead of blame shino bs because admins can't even into basic coordination and the things we import go to blackholland


So over the past 4 days, the que went up to over 13000 imports queued to a few thousand, to now being less then 200 and I even saw it in double digits earlier. As a side note, the importer was importing about 10x faster (based on artists imported, not data) when the que was at 13000. A lot of patreon artists got updated which was nice.

My conclusion is that they turned on the auto-importer and then turned it off again. It's all I can think of to explain it, especially since there have not been 13000 imports and they must have been removed. It would be nice to get mod communication every once in a while.


i get the #EXTM3U message on a couple of creators now when trying to download their vids and i can't download the .m3u8 links through ffmpeg or anything else because it says the link expired - even on links that were posted within the same day. how does this work on patreon's end? do they change the url every minute or something?


File: 1674091836724.jpg (80.77 KB, 719x1125, rainforest.jpg)

Nah, that stuff is signed and has a timeout. As the importer is now, it does not download videos.

Do you really expect me to come out and explain every little detail as to why and when and who did what. And why should I?

You don't know shit and I intend it stays that way. Still, blame shino.

>If you don't have $10, you probably don't have time to watch Twitch, because you should be working, you should be trying to earn money.

I can just remove the badges altogether, then there will be no confusion. Only questions, but no answers.



>When 21 hours become "suddenly"
>may not be completely broken but something isn’t right
You just described the last two years, and the current state of my mind.

Yes, shino fixing that part.

>he figured it out

Pay for it, if you want it.

>this morning
Quite the specific time frame, I must say.

Favorites table has been eating shit for many months now. Was brought up many times, but… I will be a parrot only so many times.

There is some stupid shit going on with JS. The "logged_in" parameter is set client side in the local storage,
but for some reason JS will try to fetch favorites and then decide that you are not logged in and "log out".
Click https://kemono.party/api/v1/account/favorites?type=artist and if you see a lot of your shit in there, then you are logged in but "logged_in" is not set to "yes".
Fuck do I know what logic is causing that mess.

Revisions? Annoy shino to add the ability to view them.

Pointed it out internally, got no reply, pinned it.
Now sit down with me and suffer. Also, start the counter.

Open a patreon, post a video and let kemono import it… oh wait, it won't work. HAH.

Want to take over? You will suffer, that I promise.


I just tried telegram and for some stupid reason I can't make a request in the kemono.request channel.
Was there a waiting period or something?
How was it that other people got to make requests recently but I can't?


looks like the importer is broken, because when i try to import it it says "Posts aren't obtainable for URL" even though there are updates
also the session key isn't added to the Keys page



I'm having the same issue with the Patreon importer. I also tried using the Boosty imorpter but I'm getting internal errors.

Here is the second half of my debug log: f203a8a7


Requests are NO LONGER POSSIBLE. Sorry for caps but this has been asked thousands of times. They are not coming back as people cannot have a smidgen of common sense.

Reason is too many people spamming tons of requests in wrong format while contributing nothing themselves and we just got sick of banning every phone number.


Any news on bringing the Gumroad importer back?


+1 on this since there's an influx of artists sending everything on gumroad and/or booth before anyone even has a chance to subscribe. Don't expect discount codes to work btw after the gumroad cart update.


Careful man, this kind of diet leads to people ending up like picture related >>26573


Hold on! Whats this doing on here? Who's been taking photos of me on this BBS!?


File: 1674154231679.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2000x3000, Deuce baca70383a19d6cc7f3….jpeg)

Well yesterday I went direct to the original administer8or Andy Shimonofield via his business email, and requested a pic. I got this only 10 mins later. Some people say this only works on a Wednesday but people say a lot of things.


>remove badges
>only questions
This would be so much better. Echo chamber hilarity.


Then how does this site still get updates? I know there's new content added every day.


How it's always been done. People backing up the stuff they paid for.


ah yes, all that free porn that's 100% identical to what's available behind paywalls! I forgot about that, thank you so much for reminding me!

>Pay for it, if you want it.
might as well shut KP down, it's useless now since no one will need it anymore once they start paying Patreon subsciption fees instead of relying on this website! good advice sir!


File: 1674187902643.jpeg (69.96 KB, 803x878, fishandchips.jpeg)

I think you got something wrong there. "We" are not here so you don't need to pay for the content you want or like.
But rather the importers are sharing the content that they like and have paid for, with everyone.
So yes, go pay for what you like and import it, so that you can share what you like with everyone.

You pay for the content, you import and now others have access to the content you imported.

Boosty is eating shit right, I think it will be fixed soonish. Since it is not that hard of a fix.

Half the import id.


Do you know the other reason why people import here as soon as possible? Because half of the content is GONE from the paywalls by now and this has nothing to do with piracy most of the time, it's the services shutting them down or the creators randomly nuking their stuff. Just like Enty and Fantia work but without the backnumbers since you can still technically buy shit.

So even if you do subscribe you get nothing. Kemono is here to archive content that's paywalled and paid by people who are clearly wasting their money by being too generous, and hosted by people who are also wasting money on hosting it, developing and running the tools to archive it.

You don't have to pay for it but don't act like it's useless or you wouldn't even be here in the first place.

Need an ELI5 version or clear enough?


I''m having weird problem with importer. It says "Posts aren't obtainable for URL (artist name here)".

EXCEPT THEY FUCKING ARE.That is the whole fucking reason I subbed to that artist.


Half the import id.



If you can only jack off to stolen paid porn you need a psychiatrist and some psycho meds. Something is seriously messed up with your brain.


Looks like the auto import died again


Don't you realise that in modern times, porn has no effect on the genitalia unless it is pirated!?


Eh, as a leech, I don't care about the debate. It has always been about a few good tech wizards making stuff possible and a few good people donating to the world, letting "us" have more. Cut either part and some leeches would screech, but many would move on since few can do either part.
Only came here because one of the paywalled patreon stories I started reading suddenly skipped some chapters, that apparently weren't imported since they're in the same tier as other chapters that did get imported.


>that apparently weren't imported despite being in the same tier as other chapters that did get imported


English,please. What do you mean to "half" the ID?


I'm doing the bloody session_ID as usual. If there is something more needed, be bloody specific.


Can we talk about the issue of links being automatically sniped? this can not be manual it happens too fast I even setup a firefox addon to check every 5 minutes (PageProbe) and still the link is dead instantly
so it is clear that some automation is waiting for the kemono page to change and the instant it does the link is DELET
I see two ways this tactic could be defeated
A: setup some complicated captcha/human checker so humans can get to the link but bots struggle giving humans a chance
B: randomly (and frequently) change the page in a way that triggers the bot so everyone including paying customers suffer till they stop auto killing the link

there is probably a better way but these are all I could think of besides hiding certain posts to people without an account but that seems antithetical to the purpose of the site


I’m unsure if I’ve mentioned this but quite a few audios from certain artists don’t play at all and it’s not an internet or the like issue, it’s legit just doesn’t work and shows the play button with a slash through it. Ist it okay to say which artists aren’t working or no? Cause it’s a LOT….


pasting the firsst half of the import ID here


there. though my session_ID is 45 characters so one cannot divide it in half properly


*"half" the >>>IMPORT<<< ID?

Import id. IMPORT. The shit behind https://kemono.party/importer/status/, the shit behind "Importer Logs For ".


Integrating DMs under the artist section, along side posts by that artist. The DMs tab is confusing and literally I cannot identify who made this DM. For example, trying to find a DM made by Fukuro whom provided an R18 MP4 version, since he/she announced that all R18 MP4 files will be sent via DM, not via posts. The DMs tab doesn't show who made this DM, and so I have to scroll through which one is the right one.



My classical nigga!



And SuscribeStar improter too!!


A lot of the creators will only post encripted zip files now to avoid censorship. And usually they put password in the comment section. Perhaps while retrieving/ import work, also import the comment sections 2 hrs after the post? And any chance you guys could add onlyfans to your archivées as well?


You're looking at the wrong thing. If an artist actually has DMs imported, there will be a button next to the Favorites button. The one on the sidebar aggregates all DMs on the site but it doesn't have any that aren't available on the artist's own page. If the button isn't there, it's because nobody bothered to import.
Here's an example:


Is it a free teir? Have you uploaded content in the past and had ur ID saved? Otherwise idk. There are a few patreons that I haven't been able to find on here.


still no tag on covers and still no explanation as to why


on the artist "kdmn" ( fanbox/user/14958683 ) the files aren't in the post, but rather on a fanbox link that usually leads to a (404??) dropbox page. is there any way that those files could be imported?

some have already been re-imported but the links are still unusable


Did my research and I figured out that artist uses a bot to detect if the link was placed here.


Im not sure anything can be done if an artist is aware like that. If manual uploads were a thing I think a lot of users would flood it with bad things like they try to on this board


I was a supporter and talked here to an admin about that, the dropbox links weren't getting imported properly for some reason and sadly it doesn't matter if you flag the post the new links get an instant 404.

I created an exhentai gallery (don't have money at the moment so can't update it) because you can't use kemono for saving that guy until the admins figure something out at least, if the guy that's importing his post read this (they won't) it would be wise to create an exhentai gallery and just forget about kemono.

When I get more money to support him again I'll update the post I made here showing how the links looks in fanbox so maybe the admins can do something.


dropbox has a download limit at least the free version does so when it gets imported it will instatly reach the limit from everyone downloading it


Thanks to the Based anon for updating YukinoMemories
It Hadn't been updated since Halloween and i had lost hope


Still having issues importing posts from Boosty. Here's my ID: a5efb86e


Is there a way to look at older version of an artist's page? One artist updated their posts moving their pixiv fanbox content to booth and the recent updates also updated the older posts turning full sets to just two images.


Error 403 Expired signature
Expired signature

Error 54113
When ever there's a post were you need to download to view this comes up 99% of the time.


My Fantia import doesn't seem to be working.

"Internal error. Contact site staff on Telegram."

Keep getting this message no matter how many times I try.

Import ID: c7e010ab…….


A monthly reminder that this exists, and will/must never be forgotten: https://chan.kemono.party/requests/index.html


Hello, I'm just wondering what's up with this bug; I check a page in my Favorites that's updated since I last checked it on that device, and I have to load Page 2 or later / another page, then click on Page 1 again for it to actually show me all the new posts. F5 / Refresh does nothing.


I keep getting the "Posts aren't obtainable for URL…" error when trying to import Patreon content. Importer ID: df403299XXXXXXXX.


Says that "posts aren't obtainable for URL", don't really care about the person that I'm trying to import in particular but I'm wondering why it doesn't work, here's half of my ID: 36c18a1e


Allow users to import Pixiv Fanbox DMs.


For some reason the patreon importer keeps on going offline every few days for the last month. I have no idea why and it seems like only the admins know.


I request for the thread at >>24195 to be unlocked. Password-locked artists have been a pain in the ass and it's the only place I've seen where passwords for those artists are able to be cataloged.


i got a question, what happened with the stuff from subscribestar? i never knew what happened cuz i wasnt here around that time


Can’t import Fantia content
Here is half of the log: 1e555a73
1e555a73]@2023-01-24 07:35:39:
No paid subscriptions found. No posts will be imported.


That's super weird, I follow other artist that use Dropbox and big ones at that (alacarte).
If you are fast enough you can get the contents no problem, but with KDMN it's instant 404, quite literally seconds after importing


A common feature that many filehosts use to enforce their premium plans is counting the entire data the instant the query is sent, successful or not. You only need a negligible amount of packets to instantly block free quota, traffic on the download link or account is irrelevant.


File: 1674601106214.jpg (495.86 KB, 1814x1536, media_Fkf3K4iUUAIiMAB.jpg)

Interesting, they started using captcha on some pages. That's why nothing was found.
Solutions seems simple and they are doing it in a simple manner,
I gave shino whatever info is needed, so it's only a question of how much time he will waste.

A multi million corporation vs two retards late into the night. And magically the thing starts working.
Tho, there is one bug that is rather painful right now. But it only affects a few people.

That requires a pixiv cookie, well, shino was made aware of this some time ago. Let's see how long it will take.

A fix will be deployed shortly, so we'll see how things go.

Annoy shino.

Known, whenever shino decides to work on it.

Pretty sure I said it before, but it seems that artist updates his previous posts with content and uses. Or at least it was like that before.
Seems to have changed to appspot and no longer asks for your fanbox credentials. Well, it will probably be something along the lines of referrer checking and something else.
Not worth pursuing autism of some artists and manual uploads are on a slight back burner.

Some higher level of autism. We could activate the whole bot check page and all, but that would mess with the scrapers for the site. Not worth the time investment.
External download was worked on before, but as always some stupid shit breaks and needs attention.

Keep waiting.


Wouldn't a simple robots.txt work to stop crawling?


>Seems to have changed to appspot and no longer asks for your fanbox credentials. Well, it will probably be something along the lines of referrer checking and something else.
Not worth pursuing autism of some artists and manual uploads are on a slight back burner.
Welp, there's only waiting for manual uploads and pray for those post to get imported, thanks for answering the question tho.


Do something so vimeo links will work


the website keeps fake logging me out, then i have to log back in, then out, and back in to get rid of the usual three error popups that plague me if i dont

side question: has the kemono blacklist userscript changed any from version 1.2.2, or is it still the same as when i first took it from the telegram channel?


File: 1674625324648.png (46.78 KB, 987x205, iuyiyuiuyi.PNG)

Trying to import for this creator, and it's not working.

Attached is how all of the files looked when other people were uploading them, with a streamable link, but all of my imports just have a "Download video" hyperlink that does nothing. Have tried Chrome & Firefox.


Not sure if manual importing is broken, but I can't seem to either select or drop in images.


> We could activate the whole bot check page and all, but that would mess with the scrapers for the site.
Could there be bot checks but ONLY on very specific pages? like if a page is flagged and the importer finds a difference more than X times in a month that page becomes anti-bot for a month
this solves both the problem of bots sniping links and doesn't stop auto scrapers from (eventually) functioning on 99.99% of pages

one potential false positive would be if a page was updated with new content directly but unless that post is modified every month the bot deterrence would wear off

I mean there is still the mad lad on u18chan who cloned the mega drive so it can't get taken down so easily
used to be a fun game of cat and mouse grabbing the link before it died but hakya has automated that away
doubt it


Sure, but considering that this is supposed to be an archive/piracy site, and that more and more content on Patreon is getting served this way, I'd hope that people are at least working on a solution for this.
A site introducing a new anti-piracy measure might not be a bug, but it's definitely something the developers of a piracy site should strive to adress, otherwise their project will become more and more useless.


One possible workaround I could imagine would be to implement an alert system that allows people to get notified when a link from a certain creator is uploaded so they can grab it quickly, and an option for other users to append a torrent/MEGA link to a post and serve the file from their end.


>get notified when a link from a certain creator is uploaded
That sounds like a really convenient feature for creators who like to replace their links as soon as they get posted here.


they probably get more ad revenue from people checking the same broken links and thumbnails over and over hoping they will magically start working than from going in once and downloading what they wanted.
500 IQ play


Would it be at all viable to have Kemono comments on posts, separate from Patreon-imported comments?


Yeah, no. That wouldn't work well at ALL. It'd be a moderation nightmare.


There used to be an RSS feed back in the day, but that's long gone now. Don't forget that Kemono's frontend is open source, so you can always implement it to be a part of the site.


I guess manual uploads will never be a thing then? That would be much worse than allowing comments


I'm sure that wont be a thing. The spamming alone will definitely crash the site.


anybody else getting a 403 error when downloading with gallery-dl?


Conflating moderating comments of over 7147645 posts with moderating a couple of file uploads per day is pretty dumb if you ask me.


Email me your ip and ill look into that.


Uh so I'm reading about this 403 error with gallery-dl, I seem to be downloading things but everything is either broken or corrupted. Videos can't render, images won't load. Is it related?


>That requires a pixiv cookie, well, shino was made aware of this some time ago. Let's see how long it will take.
Hope for the best


Found out that it was gallery-dl version 1.24.3 that was causing the issue. Downgraded to the previous version and things are downloading fine.


Imagine if Patreon just had a robots.txt that politely asked you not to automatically scrape the site, KP would die instantly


noo, another artist is switching to fanbox's newsletter system


hopefully someday we can scrap that feature


Did the posts with the embedded mega.nz links just die all of a sudden? Can't access them anymore.



More flags lulziness. API returns null for the edited field after reimporting. Only seems to affect Patreon creators and cross-checking with paid posts shows that they didn't update. What kind of furry porn can we bribe shino with to get this looked at?


Is it a bug or is it intentional that Fanbox and Patreon have different time zones when the page was last updated? Right now Fanbox has a time zone of 0 and Patreon +1, which causes confusion on the Favorites page.
For example, there might be several Patreon pages at the top that updated at 14:00 (13:00 time zone 0), and then somewhere down there will be a Fanbox page that updated at 13:05 time zone 0.


Fanbox uses JST but the API uses GMT/UTC. It's a known bug, nothing serious.


Frame embeds work fine here. Either you posted the wrong link or I have shit for eyes.


Take a guess who set "timestamp without time zone" but passes "2021-09-12T07:23:02+09:00" as is.
Shit is fixable, it will continue to run in this state till auto imports are done.
After that, at some point, a "short" downtime with a lot of column rewrites.
It is a stupid bug, but at least easily fixable and the timezones are consistent.

Patreon has no "edited" field. Nor does it state that the post changed, so the only thing to go by are the flags.
The "added" field is something you can use, it is updated/set on import/re-import.
But for that you need to store your last scrape/scan time of that artist somewhere.

They are scarped, but not shown, yet.


Time and storage. Later part is soon to be done. The former is more of a problem.

But they do, it's just that "you" do not know how to play them.

Downloading of video files provided by patreon via streaming is currently not supported.
Whenever someone decided to patch that, they will be properly downloaded.

If you are eager to write something like that, go on, try it. Alas, it is more effort than worth.


It's been like this for a long time, over 90% embedded URLs don't appear on the site.


>faggot won't say why he won't add cover tags
>faggot won't say why he IP bans you after downloading some files


Getting same issue, no matter the version.
And yes, the referer header is set.


Is the subscribestar importer still dead or is the artist I'm waiting for just not getting updated anymore?


What were you DLing to get banned?


Still dead.

IP gets banned for one hour if you go crazy. Go less crazy or get another one.


Throttle your connection speed to something like 170KBPS, and you won't have any issues.

Wish there were more definitive numbers somewhere (like a wiki) for what is the limit so it's easier to stay below it. I don't think there are limits to the number of requests that can be made sequentially, but I start running into 502's and other errors after 3 concurrent requests.

TL;DR if you keep your scrapper (EG, using gallery-dl) for the site at "background noise" levels you're fine, but if you start to go ham on it, you get temporarily blocked.


how do you throttle it with gallery-dl


File: 1674930901605.jpeg (34.6 KB, 618x177, 7D45C5DF-760D-4838-8149-4….jpeg)

dont forget to gives your ip if you want access! home ip is highly recommended


see post with attachments above!


File: 1674960987705.png (6.55 KB, 478x62, Screenshot 2023-01-29 at 1….png)


why is the importer so slow? i thought it was fixed


"-r 170K" will limit it to around 170KBPS

Also recommend setting "-R -1" so it will retry failed downloads until it finishes, though it will skip over files that give a 404, etc.

If you are worried or really want this to be background noise, use "–sleep 1" so there is a 1 second delay between requests.


"-R -1" isn't this default?


Can you show how to set this as default?



I would like to ask for some clarification about requesting through Telegram. Is this the right place for this?


There is no place to request. Stop trying.


Understood. You are aware that there is a request channel on telegram right?


You mean the now defunct, non-official, read-only channel owned and run by Meus? Yeah, Hermiet wants it completely gone, and if I were him, I'd have it gone. Don't want to piss off the Hermit Crab.


Idea: Allow users to export and import favorite lists.

Reasons for implementing:
1. In case a user loses their account for whatever reason, and have exported a list of their Favorites, they can, after creating a new account, import this list.

2. If Kemono ever goes down, there might be users who would want to sub to a person's paywalled site. This list would help them find these creators.

3. A bit like 2, but if a new site similar to Kemono pops up, users can use this list to remember who they Favorited.

4. If implemented, it'll be easier and faster to make a list of a user's favorited creators than making a txt file and writing it themselves.



You can already kinda do this in localstorage



Those just lead to blank pages.


How do you favorite a discord? It must not be obvious if the most favorites any discord has is 4.


File: 1675051806683.png (1.5 MB, 1497x1267, 1673652050414917.png)

Doublecheck that you're logged in.
There is no official way yet for stupid historical reasons.
Anyways, there is a userscript Meus made that adds a favorite button. Not even sure if updated sort will work correctly with this hack, but it is something, I suppose.
>As always, install things at your own risk


i use sleep & sleep-request for 7 second and rate to 500k (as shown in gallery-dl) is this too much or its safe enough from not getting blocked? or else i just had to use mullvad then…



Am I just dumb or something? All of my importer logs are completely empty

Status: In Progress
Total: 0

Says it's alive but gives me no info




There was and there will be again as YOU promised.


File: 1675100984008.jpg (28.56 KB, 960x540, 1638491561929.jpg)

I swear to god, leave it to shino to sabotage or delay the importing.


Why is only one hash allowed? It breaks the ordering because the same file is often repeated.


Few words, many thoughts and I understood jack shit.

Last time I configured the servers, 3 concurrent connections per cache server.
As for DDG block, fuck do I know what triggers it atm. Bother the other guy.

Speed is an unlikely problem, rate on the other hand may be.


I haven't noticed any pattern yet but a few artists pages are completely trashed. like the usual kemono site UI is just gone. just a white page with icons and links. I can still view content but it's disorganized. examples:



might be caused on my side but not sure


File: 1675166773468.png (179.56 KB, 1002x450, Untitled-1.png)

Any info on when newsletters and fancards will be officially integrated on the site?
You've shown in other threads that you're already scraping the fancards.


file1 and file4 have the same hash

how it appears on kemono.party


File: 1675184565534.jpeg (587.82 KB, 1294x853, 6.416565.jpeg)

When will Kemono support Fantia(products/商品)?
exemple. https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/202279/products


Maybe after backnumbers for creators that use them. All in due time.


Stop being so entitled before I get a mood swing and press that shiny button to ruin the fun for everyone except us. La fin.
Ah, if only we could do that.


I'm subscribed to someone on patreon, and I imported my session last night. This morning I checked to see if it was successful, but it only grabbed their free posts and not the paid one I wanted to upload. Did I do something wrong? This is my first time importing so I'm not sure if I did it properly or not.


>For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.
Try again with debugging unless it was on.
Provide half the import ID (the 16-digit hex string) or all of it if you don't mind some randos looking at the problem too.


Getting a lot of errors on importing right now. Getting the "could not retrieve input logs" message, and the users I'm subscribed to that are on the site are giving me Guru Meditations.


File: 1675213080573.png (159.02 KB, 749x1345, wut dis.png)

im running into this more than lately, and i already rebooted our internet modem/router yesterday


yea im getting that too


Surprise feature addition. Check the toolbar.


Does anyone know how to make imports only import users I have paid subscriptions too? It can be redundant if for example it's already scraping stuff from people I'm no longer subscribed to or if I'm only subscribed to a free plan.


There is this one artist on patreon that for some reason has 2 places where the posts are being imported to. This is the link for both of them: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2412664 and https://kemono.party/patreon/user/34664186 There has never really been a problem with this because usually when one of the accounts got updated on kemmono that other one also did but now one account is being updated consistently but its only importing some posts. I dont know if this is because it has 2 different importing places on kemono but can this maybe get fixed? This is the account thats getting imported on kemono https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2412664 and this is the one thats not https://kemono.party/patreon/user/34664186. Also on the recent page it shows that the account thats not getting updated is getting updated but when i click on it, theres nothing changed. This does sound kind of confusing but if you don't get it (the moderators or admin) I can elaborate.


File: 1675222076071.gif (184 KB, 320x320, 1670167000481648.gif)

Infrastructure and other details are still being worked out, so public users can't do anything with it yet, but yeah, uploads framework.


So what IS "filehaus" anyway?


Is it possible to let us import posts from buymeacoffee?


Sounds great, curious to see what you guys are going to come up with. Thanks for working on this extra.

Not a bug. Two different accounts that have the same vanity and quite obviously the same user behind them, but the system doesn't care about that, it uses the id. Could be that whoever is subscribed isn't subscribed to both accounts when importing as the goal seems to be making even more money by using two accounts with split content.

tldr: Multiaccounter splitting his posts between two payhouses apparently.


[downloader.http][warning] HTTPSConnectionPool(host='c1.kemono.party', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=30.0)

what the fuck


Could be under heavy load


I know SA mentioned the lack of an edited field in the Patreon API in >>27365 but since there are only two public ways to tell when a post was last scraped (added for new posts and updated for import sessions), how complex would it be to add an updated field to the list of parameters the API returns for posts and would it bloat it up too much?

Seeing as half the importers are artists themselves for obvious tactical reasons in addition to backups, I can't really think of a way to stealthily implement this either. Just wondering if it's doable and worth the hassle or just laugh at the artists self-destructing and either getting bored or killing their own income, that's fun too :3


Same, all I had to do was refresh the page. Did you?


not a single picture is loading


Newbie here , when I want to download a set of 3 o 5 images I have to do the 'save as image'or there is another way?


same here. Probably server maintenance.


If you want to be polite or don't have many pictures to download that is the way. If you are afflicted with a hopeless digital disease known as data hoarding or the amount of pictures becomes hard to grab manually, try something like gallery-dl: https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl


Thank you ,imma take pics one by one then


I'm getting repeated timeouts too, and also very slow (<100kB/s) download speeds.


use gallery-dl


Getting '429 Too Many Requests' while just downloading a few images. Something's wrong?


There isn't two accounts on patreon though, there is only one account on patreon and its being splitted into two on kemono.


20 kb/s for me and it freezes for 150-200 seconds while briefly downloading for 3 seconds


Weird, I'm no staff but I'll check that stuff. Did Patreon allow creators to change actual IDs at some point or their own DB got confused? Checking both IDs and how they link to each other in there.


From the Patreon API, running a patron-creator redirect, apparently. No idea why they decided to create a patron account one year later and then link it.

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