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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>26441
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i think my import is bugged

its 991a4c036e2ba9d1


for this creator, only some of his posts are being imported and some are not. How can this be fixed? this is the creator: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/34496074?q=


I live in New Jersey. So it doesn't work.


Can’t open original size pictures and partychan through Wi-Fi ,but it’s work by using 5G on my phone from yesterday. And I heard some people cannot access the site. Is it a server problem?


What happened to fantia page? It's not being updated for over a month


Been encountering a lot of dead mega links on posts that were literally posted the same day. Not sure if it's an issue with this site or the artist is an actual ninja.


I know New Jersey is known for some legal loopholes, even sorts that attract all kinds of companies. Saw a video about it on YouTube, might've been by RealLifeLore but I'm not 100% sure.


still waiting for file names to come back


File: 1678790125772.jpg (79.32 KB, 640x360, the-end-of-hitori.jpg)

Any updates on the Fantia situation?


Can’t connect kemonoparty today.It’s work yesterday.Only not work on my home Wi-Fi .I can access on other Wi-Fi .Can someone help me?


Fixed, thank you


Why is the resolution of the pictures in the ZIP different from the pictures in the post?


ask the retard who made the pictures?


How many months do we have to wait before the filenames come back? I can't even tell what I've saved before or find stuff later.


Thanks for your response, but you don't need to give me a vague and impolite response.

because I didn't find any relevant instructions here, I wonder if the resolution was changed intentionally by the kemono site administrator?


I'm gonna be honest, there are some real cunts in this thread. Not everyone, but some people, jesus.



I'm guessing its normal. I've seen a few artists where the viewable images in a post are lower res than the images in said posts zip/rar package.

EG Sanuki (same on every post). So I treat the viewable images as "previews" to decide whether I'll grab the zip)


I much prefer it to those artists who simply post zip files with no viewable previews (now I have to DL a whole 150mb zip "just to see if I want it at all…").


Whether it's a request thread, a clubs system, or bringing back the old voting system, something's better than nothing. I know there's the whole importing thing but there also needs to be a way for those who aren't in that position to at least be able to have their say. Sometimes I wonder if the admins/mods realise that a method of requesting is their secret weapon.

Only an enemy or a traitor of the Kemono.party community would dare to have any desire to shoot down that statement.


The fix is beyond easy, but it does not play nicely with the cdn.

>On behalf of everyone

Content is not re compressed.


So why doesn't someone try to make their own kemono request page or group? Why does it actually need to be directly connected to the admins? Couldn't the community just do it?


Fantia importer doesn't seem to be working with a new key
Not sure what the issue is since I've seen fantia uploads happening just not working from my key


There are, r/yiffparty and u18chan request board are filled with people begging. Start directing them there so they can get their placebo requesting done


File: 1678949157734.png (473.05 KB, 1920x1863, TQy2IChtDK.png)

oh boy shino sure do make a lot of money alone from donations. now that's why he decided to disappear all out of sudden


fantia is like subscribestar now, they blocked your account if they detect any suspicious activity


Anyone having an issue with incomplete imports? One of the creators I follow just got updated but like 2 months worth of posts are missing


>The fix is beyond easy, but it does not play nicely with the cdn.
that means it's not easy because you got stuck, would have been over long ago otherwise


>tfw schizo is freaked out about the fact money is being spent on the site's infra and costs and isn't happy just because shino doesn't want to interract with the retards on here because it puts a major downer on his mood and everyone on the teams' moods too, because of people like you.



"I have no mouth but I must scream -forever ignored - into the request abyss portal" - Those who can not see dat wood for the trees, even when slapped in the head with a plank of freshly cut timber.


Thank you for your reply.

I know what you're talking about.
I think the url I gave is not a preview.

In other posts,some images have the same dimensions, but their bytes and hash values are still different.
other example:https://kemono.party/patreon/user/5203032/post/79662316

On the patreon website, there are multiple version of a picture

"download_url" should be the original image uploaded by the author

It is possible that the URL above shows other resolution instead of "download_url"

Can you confirm?

hope i didn't offend you


Some1 leaked Shinonome, the admin of this site, in the flesh; turns out he's an oriental woman, just like most people thought from the start.


Suppoert trhe camwhores; support Kemono admins! Slurple the purple!


Hermiekreeft, is that your message to everyone who uses Kemono.party? Is this who you are?


Seeing this after seeing this >>28337


I thought that the reason Fanita imoport are disabled is because they were so fast it slowed down the website


Hey, I remember that in yiff.party there was such a feature - each of the artist pages indicated how many posts had not yet been uploaded.
I think it would be useful here as well


all of the admins are like that. on a more civilized website they'd be banned in no time flat for talking that way.


And this is a reminder of a reminder of why you can never take Kemono.party (like Yiff.party or any other pirate site) for granted. It was founded on an illegal activity, hence no attempt at any legal oversight, no proper structure, no guarantee it'll even survive.

As for morals, anyone moral enough wouldn't engage in piracy to begin with, and if the site's admins/mods are just lacking enough in morals to engage in piracy then how can you expect them to be all civilised when it comes to everything else?

With any pirate site (or any site or organisation that engages in anything illegal) there's only one real rule and it's this: ANYTHING GOES.

In other words, projects like these are doomed right from the beginning.


people really are getting mad over someone telling someone else to kys over the internet holy shit


Why do some creators post update selectively? There is a YouTuber who got updated recently but only a couple of posts did. Skipped weeks of content.

(Yes I am a reactfag) But haikyuu and march videos haven't updated in weeks only the MHA Dogshit keeps getting updated on kemono.
Please look into this brehs.


File: 1679185588710.png (39.93 KB, 978x544, aaaaa.png)

Does anyone know why none of the links from https://kemono.party/patreon/user/15327834 are working? I'm copy and pasting them from the posts and it keeps saying the file isn't available, yet the comments don't seem to have this issue. Am I missing something? Is the import breaking them?


Been noticing that when clicking on posts or accounts sometimes it takes me to an ad instead.

Could be an issue with my phone or an issue with the site I'm not sure.


So…Are we really "rewinding" March-April 2022? Y'know, the whole datadome 'pestering' the site, Patreon importer going haywire for like two months straight, and the daily whining and reeling by coomers here in Partychan (and Telegram) about the whole site 'bout to kick the bucket for good…This whole shit currently ongoing feels eeringly similar, 'cept the Patreon importer ofc, and the whining (for the most part). But think about it, now the FANTIA importer isn't the one bloody working, there are quite a lot of missing posts from a buncha artists, some files don't even work and can't be downloaded, and frankly it seems like this whole site's administration been set on autopilot mode these last few weeks, I dare to say that everything's been going downhill from this point onward (don't know if manual uploads or any add-on to the site are gonna occur before long). Future be looking quite ominous and unpredictable for kemono ngl, just like roughly a year ago. Don't really know what'll happen next tho, but I definitely won't get my hopes up way too high.


I don't know if this has been suggested before, but would it be possible to implement an alias or tagging system for artists? Some artists have weird names on kemono that don't match their regular names, if they could be internally tagged so they show up when you search for their regular name(s), that would be neat.


Btw for anyone not knowing what to do with the .bin file try changing the extension to whatever the file is supposed to be (like .rar).


That, and the other kind of alias system is something I think would be a real convenience & time saver:-

IE, many artists go by atleast 2 different names (EG sometimes the exact same artist will be on 4 different paysites, sneakily under 4 different names). IF when you clicked on an artist, their KP page had links to their alias pages, we wont end up missing loads of content that we don't even know exists.

Theres no way for anyone to "just randomly know" that BBCMaster3000 also goes by the name WayneKerr, and DickTracer, on 2 other sites, all of which feature pictures unique to those paysites (shrewd sneaky motherfuckers lol…).


Hey retard, "shinonome" is a Japanese word that means 'daybreak'. Anyone can pop some hipstery-sounding word into DeepL and get an epic Japanese sounding nickname. He's probably just a weeb.



yup, still no original filenames


Another tip.

Any "Anon" who talks shit about requests (or even the idea of it) is really one (maybe even a few) mods pretending to be us as to form a fake majority opinion. So it's not retarded users versus non-retarded users, it's all of us versus the mods!



eta on filename problem?


genuinely asking. does anyone also have a problem when opening a link with a "Download video"? it doesn't work for me whenever i click it. there were just some text that will appear and that's it. how can i open a link with a "Download video"?

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