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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>26441


File: 1675299065570.jpg (149.97 KB, 1200x840, FL01qvjakAIJyjz.jpg)

Scrapers, kindly fuck off for 4-7 days. thx.


You are an annoying fuck, but it is probably related to pinned posts and how they are (not)grabbed. Guess who was informed some time ago and is not doing shit.

Was already known to us, how it came to that? Fuck do we know, ask patreon. But they will stay as they are.

You are better off waiting for revisions. Whenever that endpoint will be done.

Manual uploads.

Give example post. The number of files displayed is not limited nor filtered by the hash of the file.

What service? The scraper will try to get data you have unlocked on the account, that is still accessible in the current month.
And we only import paid stuff.

Looks like it was the time when someone pushed code and things started eating shit.

Half the import id, tho check the page today. Cache was dropped completely, things might have already appeared.

If I start ranting about fantia and shino, there will be no end.

Issue created, now it's out of my hands. Not playing the parrot anymore.



File: 1675303083432.jpg (529.51 KB, 1920x1080, NSFW8.jpg)

god dam lazy niggers allow small files or text uploads
I have many torrent of mega file links that are dead now




>Scrapers, kindly fuck off for 4-7 days. thx
Okay, killed mine and commented out the crontab entry. No sense letting it run anyway as things are, since an hour in, it still hadn't finished this week's new posts for the first artist on the list.


>Scrapers, kindly fuck off for 4-7 days. thx.
How many of them do you think read this thread?

What's even funnier is that you don't want to add a tag for fanbox/fantia covers which would save bandwidth and you refuse to say why but also you don't want to people to waste your bandwidth.


Request link for when it reopens, and so that it's never forgotten: https://chan.kemono.party/requests/index.html


Data hoarders and scrapers truly are a bane unless they have a proper and reasonable archival plan.

Highly doubt a hoarder running mass downloading scripts looks at covers. You could literally have them scrape CP, snuff and various malware and laugh at the fallout when feds go knock knock and they try to shift to blame on the site.


>You could literally have them scrape CP, snuff and various malware and laugh at the fallout when feds go knock knock and they try to shift to blame on the site.
Obviously the blame would be on the site. Why the fuck would a scraper consider the possibility that the site would hide such material within the posts of the otherwise-legitimate artists that he chose to scrape? And if the site did that, then people manually looking through the artist's posts on the site itself and stumbling onto it would still be "accessing CP", so the argument makes no sense.


Fanbox and Fantia change the hash on covers every day causing the importer to screw over the ordering. No one wants to deal with that. Add a tag on covers so we can filter it or people will just resort to re-downloading the entire post and deleting any duplicate from the old post.


File: 1675377132957.jpg (190.35 KB, 1080x958, IMG_20230202_222520.jpg)

Is this like an alternative for Pixiv Fanbox DMs or something?


Based on the “Upload” button, it’s a way to put files on the page. If this works, we can place files from sites we can’t normally get them (Subscribestar, Discord, etc).


Based on what shino and SA said it's a framework WIP for manual uploads yeah. As long as they thought of a way to prevent people from doing silly stuff with it that is great development news, and a welcomed feature effort either way.


Heck yeah! Finally uploads are gonna be done.


Cant wait for people uploading 1TB of dolphin porn


Don’t get me wrong, the concept of manual file upload is great since it prevents artists from deleting or changing the links to third-party cloud storage, resulting in content that is exclusive and one-time-only. But I'm curious how these features can be monitored.
Since there is a 1GB file upload limit, how many part files would it take if the file size exceeded 10GB?
And how can the user tell if the files are safe to download? Since there are some methods using an Excel or PowerShell script to exploit the downloader machine,
There are also exe files, such as games or mods made by the artists, but exe files can contain malware and viruses. And what if the exe is legit but triggered a false positive?
And how can we be certain that someone will not abuse these features by uploading irrelevant content?
There are probably situations in which individuals would use kemono as catbox or gofile, because why not if they could, they would surely do it.
And how does Kemono detect and prevent uploaders from uploading illegal files for the purpose of trolling? Content such as child abuse material or gore can sometimes be seen in features like this.
If there were a flagging feature, how many flags would it take before it got deleted? And what if it was the artist that embraced these features? MilesDF, jadf and Diives would do this for sure.
This feature needs a lot of thought, experimentation, and research before it goes online, and we sure do not want the same thing that happened on yiff happen to kemono.


True. We cant just allow anything to be uploaded. It needs to be tested.




>le epic gay socks



kings (or kangs)
shopee packages are almost here i hope Jartycucks have a change of heart before my new chan buckbreaks them in Just a few more days


what was this post about? i didnt catch it
archive of previous thread https://archive.is/dWsjq

Irrelevant and polite sage but speaking of archives i just saved a couple of old threads while updating pages 1 to 10 and the catty as new threads come by (will do so again this month)
Heres some interesting finds and webms i added Stay MAD creatorfags you're sperging is forever here
https://archive.is/fy707 https://archive.is/30wVP https://archive.is/p2TX1
also add the [Update] button like other vichan instances so i dont have to keep on opening new tabs


Spoilers: Some of the pictures and archives scraped from paywalls already contain malware, it's kinda hard to auto-check millions of posts. This is more like making sure people don't upload shit like warez to troll.

The filehaus is a work in progress, I don't think shino is going to publicly launch something that could quickly send kemono belly up.


>I don't think shino is going to publicly launch something that could quickly send kemono belly up.


Yeah who would ever like that haha I would be pissed and not download that at all lol


Don't know about y'all but like, half the buttons I press on the site redirect me to some other "site" while opening a new tab of where I actually wanted to go. Just started happening


That's not normal. There might be ad that is affecting the site.


Intrusive ads. Use an adblocker before you get an absurd amount of hot chicks in your area, winning lottery tickets or free malware checkups.


Yeah, malicious advertiser.
Told Shino and he told me he's gonna berate the advertiser. Just turn on your adblock for now and you should be fine.


i recommend using ublock origin. its free open sources 100% guarantee to block all kind of ads and easy on you resources


Hi, I seems to encounter some problem when I wanted to import the Patreon posts of a specific artist. Other Patreon artist's posts import are fine, just that this Patreon artist (IG1119) import keep failing and said:

Posts aren't obtainable for URL https://www.patreon.com/ig1119, skipping…

Several previous import attempt for this Patreon artist only came out with the same result.

May I ask what is causing this problem and is there any way to fix it?

The link for importer log is here:


it says on the rules I should only request stuff on the sticky thread. but which one? this thread or…?


its a good concept but it need a lot to be taken into consideration before its gets implemented



they've given up on requests but are being very passive-aggressive about it, so they're keeping references to it like the rules

on one hand the reasoning for why they gave up makes perfect sense, nobody is going to randomly pay money to an author so that you don't need to, you should do that yourself, but on the other hand i feel as if a request community was actually helpful in convincing some people to do so, since they got a better understanding of what was going on, instead of randomly floundering like you are now

doesn't really matter to me personally either way though



File: 1675664464216.png (53.11 KB, 1919x948, Screenshot 2023-02-05 2217….png)

many pages under https://kemono.party/patreon/user/ are showing up without CSS is there a way to fix this? happens in firefox and edge


Getting these too.


>Best you can do is wait for the clubs system to be implemented

So, mind explaining what this "clubs system" thing is?




File: 1675688579989.jpg (88.84 KB, 702x679, Fukuro.jpg)

Is it possible to allow users to upload rewards sent via Patreon or FANBOX messages to Kemono.Party?

Some artists combat Kemono.Party by opting to send the rewards directly to the supporters via messages at the end of each month. One of the prominent ones being Fukuro. A lot of his rewards (R-18 Live2D) are missing.

If there's some way we could import or upload these rewards to Kemono.Party, it'd be great. As of right now, almost every reward from Patreon/FANBOX messages hasn't been uploaded/shared anywhere.


I have issues where i cant see some posts when opening the artists page unless i use the search for the specific post, example hoovesarts, dissapearing act dm,dosent show until searched


I have issues where i cant see some posts when opening the artists page unless i use the search for the specific post, example hoovesarts, dissapearing act dm,dosent show until searched


File: 1675702623477.jpg (497.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-02-06-16-5….jpg)

If referring to Fanbox Currently no. However, based on the "Upload" button sent, it can act as an alternative for Pixiv Fanbox DMs, since it's going to be a pain in the ass finding a Pixiv cookie.

If referring to patreon, yeah it's possible. See image.


File: 1675705234325.png (983.38 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230207-003616….png)

I just opened Maloxx's scrape today and noticed all but one post went missing, is there a reason why this might happen?


Something that's a very long way off


Did login or something break? Site acts as if I'm not logged in but mainpage says I am logged in? Tried a different computer/network already



have you tried logging out and back in again?


I see, thanks for answering me


Sounds like whatever it is, it's gonna be a long wait. Could you explain what it is anyway so we know what we're dealing with?


Yeah. First thing I did, after that I tried incognito mode and a different browser. Same problem persists.


i don't know why but every time i try to access this page https://kemono.party/patreon/user/70816369 i get logged out, anyone else has this problem or knows how to solve it? i already deleted the cookies but it does nothing


It should be working now, at least for me. I posted



No it's just you. Maybe you didn't eat all your vegetables or something.


any way to have the importer update old post cause some Artist are just updating one post with passwords to content and the site isn't grabbing it like: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=333527

updated but no new passwords


I use gallery-dl to download and I like to keep the "original" name of the files. Lately, gallery-dl download the same file multiple times because the name on kemono keep changing. Do you have any idea why or/and a way to fix ? I guess I could just stop saving the original name.
Sorry if I asked in the wrong place.


I'm pretty sure I saw an admin say kemono keeps backups of old posts, so you can revert back in case a creator updates old posts by removing all content from them. Assuming I didn't dream this, what's the procedure for requesting a rollback?
Here's a recent example where an artist replaced 568 posts with a black square, and I know you had the original posts just a month ago.


Hey guys, update, all audios aren’t working, like you clock on them and nope, they don’t even load, it’s not internet, data, whatever, it’s none of those, it legit that the audios aren’t playing.


Missing post in recent import:


(YES I know I sometimes have to use Previous/Next navigation because posts show up on index page only later)

Chapter 409 followed by chapter 411. Chapter 410 was not imported.



Same "off by 1" error as here (chapter 194 missing), where the very first new post of a new import is ignored?




Only seems to happen for *some* authors. Ugh.


What's this 402 Payment Required thing? I've never seen this before


File: 1675887492149.jpeg (345.75 KB, 1365x2048, ED6C921F-340A-40BF-9F8A-F….jpeg)

Keep /kemono/ threads on-topic as per rules #2 and #3, and politely contain other cancer to /b/.
Don’t worry about it.


Lol, I never get tired of you fools outting yourselves


What do you mean? I get error 503 on that link.



Oh, well thats a hell of a lot different than what you initially said, the 402 thing is what happens when the admins block access to patreon/fanbox creator, and they almost exclusively only do it when its stuff involving real kids.

No clue why your furry porn isn't working, they're apparently tweaking something this week which is why uploads have been so sparse the past couple days, maybe that's the cause.


Please do something about the 404s, tons of artists have problems


Whatever it is, is it something we'll see this year at least?


Ah, yes, sure. Let me put on the mind reading hat and figure out whatever the fuck you meant by that.

Because that path does not exists on the system?

Make shino actually work on any of the issues that exist, there are a lot and they are stale. But I'm too tired to deal with his shit anymore.
The most I will do is create an internal issue and from that point it is no longer my problem. Good luck.

Don't clock them, that's audio abuse. I need links to know what you are even talking about.

We do have revisions, but rarely is anything reverted. Before any extra work, there needs be an option to even see the revisions. Well, tell that to shino.

Search gallery-dl issue tracker for anything related of what you need, and if not open an issue.

Flag em.

They are all there.

Whenever I see the manual upload changes being committed, is when things will move forward for the manual uploads. When will it happen? Fuck do I know.

Can't find that specific URL being referenced in the file relationships. So I guess it was not downloaded. Issue was created on possibly failing to catch this type of linking.
This is only in relation to not downloading the file, not about being embedded/resolved in the post.


File: 1676068196904.jpg (85.52 KB, 640x640, jay.jpg)


>Make shino actually work on any of the issues that exist, there are a lot and they are stale. But I'm too tired to deal with his shit anymore. It is no longer my problem. Good luck (good sarcasm).

Forgive my fly on the wall observation but: Sounds like the KP staff in-fighting is well under way then. Fucking great news lads. GREAT WORK. ALL you had to do was just GET THE FACK ALONG WITH EACHOTHER. But instead we just get 1 Admin regularly trash talking the other whenever someone complains about anything.

With the amount of faith it sounds like you got in eachother nowadays; how longs it gonna be before shit falls apart?


File: 1676068816665.gif (1.75 MB, 320x240, I6lnSA.gif)

>When the closet nonces can't get their Lolibox & Infantia CP doujins anymore.


Bwhaahaahhaaa! Infantia! Gets funnier everytime! Good one, Mr. Bromide!

>With the amount of faith it sounds like you got in eachother nowadays; how longs it gonna be before shit falls apart?
Very soon, Nancy-wancy~! Just sit riiiight here n' enjoy the fireworks with me!


I noticed that some creators started putting passwords for their works on the "Membership" page. Can Kemono scrape this info?


"cyen kyemyonyo scwayp dis-" FUCK NOOO, bee-yotcharoo! Dis site goin' DAH-HAH-HAAAAOOWN TOOOWN


File: 1676103264207.jpg (50.79 KB, 1024x683, dead computer.jpg)

sorry for the offtopic as one guy made a poem above me had to temporarily use external monitor for this post
Furries please dont laugh at pirate gamers like me this is really embarrassing its supposed to be a resilient home server
RIP LEGIONNAIRE it was fun while it lasted you were a good one son REAL good ill miss this awesome device
About 1.5 years of service before the 120hz screen glitched itself due to malfunctioning GPU after BSOD yesterday

All these years i did my best to keep my system poz free and made some upgrades and THIS is what i get? i guess no more lenove from now on
Welp i hope the rtx2060 board H fits inside when i get this thing RMA'd as they ook very similar gotta remove that SSD safety first
if not i guess ill be buying earlier than i expected (the new 7040HS/6900HX one is for stable diffusion mwahaha)
Wish me luck i guess new year means new device ill see you in a few weeks as i stick to my y-fone as the last ram stick gets ordered
the only good thing came out of this was it no longer had to endure another year of PRIDE and dodging PAINbow updates and i can finally install linux

i saw you editing that post yesterday due to broken quotelink. Sneaky!

same kek this shithole of a site is so damm slow not even the honeypot loads properly also why didnt xe/xem exclude the creator normally or just add a fake 404 redirect? i mean you can pretty much see visitor IPs from the start so i guess we dont need to complain on the board



wtf you talking about schizo

This is still stuck on 503 btw, has been for days


sent ;)
enjoy you guys!


was that dolphin porn? what the fuck?



Why some posts are just the low res/preview of the full image? And I'm not talking about the preview image from Kemono. Literally the image the content that was taken is the preview file from Patreon. Like this one:


IDK if the "/L0/" in the URLs means something but all the images that are just the preview/low-res of the original/high-res have this string in them.


dolphins… i still remember that screensaver virus.


A query that the images and files do not have the original name is temporary?


There is a problem. The files in kemono don't have their original filenames anymore, just the internal names. Please fix.


There's a problem with kemono. The original filenames are not showing just the internal ones. Please fix.



This site be dyin' broskitoos!


Req is love, req is life.


I can't import new creator:
[c554165bd613d152]@2023-02-15 17:21:24: Posts aren't obtainable for URL https://www.patreon.com/higemorigen, skipping…


fantia down? failing to import atm


how to i see shit in>>27484
jn studio page? DMs respose bullshit


How to i see stuff in JnStudio page? there's no attachments and the bitch says her will post in dms???


*brum* *brum* gotta turn on the archiver its a messy job but somebody has to do it


Fantia imports are currently halted on the suspicion of fantia tracking the users down.
For now it is caution and with how slow things are progressing on the code side, can't say when things will run again.


>blood suckers
who'd've thunk

Intentional, since we need to figure out some things in regards to bandwidth.


>Fantia imports are currently halted on the suspicion of fantia tracking the users down.
>For now it is caution and with how slow things are progressing on the code side, can't say when things will run again.
How bout fanbox Newsletters/Fancard scraping, substar's and gumroads revival?
You seem to be losing ground each day, but not releasing stuff you've confirmed in various past threads is in working condition


should just prioritize file upload over other broken importer


All of your complains are to be directed at shino. For I refuse to touch code, not my job.
If you know your code shit and want to apply, do talk to hermiet.
Otherwise, enjoy the shino experience. Although you have been on this ride all along.

Shino was told of the things that need changing some time ago. And this thing will not start working until they are addressed.
He already fucked up fantia two years ago to this day, not gonna let it happen to the user uploads.


File: 1676563853876.gif (531.46 KB, 405x228, 13a8f17b321ae242a315a386f3….gif)

thanks i guess

>>27777 GET hah take that

>>27743 eww kringe art
>breed me
no thanks i'd rather not stick my dick on crazy also who keeps making new threads on /coomer/?

i caught it in the cache doe https://archive.is/fGZOS thanks to whoever used web archive that time
>blame shino as usual
>he then decides to ban instead of actually improving the site
>bbbut why are furry sysadmins bad
thanks for reinforcing the tranny janny stereotype i thought furries are really good at criticism this shows otherwise AAND as usual the ones who are really bad at coding instead moderate really hard to compensate for skills. SAD! Many such cases
no offense but its not even serious anymore its just sad at this point the fact that you obsess over some guy shitting up /requests/ show a lot about how the mod team operates like cmon were not forcing the users on gunpoint until our crap gets fulfilled

>what NOW chud

I think i know what to do with my mini pc now. That uncencored YPbbs clone and custom chan isnt gonna configure itself

>im gonna be a selfish little fuck and ban evade

No thanks the fact that a literal shitposter dosen't even feel like doing it says too much about ur site. I'd rather clean up those remaining tabs during my timeout


You forget that only one sysadmin is a furry. Rest are weebs. And the furry basically owns 99% the infra


Either you pay for it and try to import it or you don't.


>Fantia imports are currently halted on the suspicion of fantia tracking the users down.

Oh.. is that right..


yeah, everyone's going to move to an unaffiliated board run on a schizo namefag's mini pc just to btfo le cringe furries you're leeching off of


Missing post in recent import:


That link should point to chapter 311. Chapter 310 and 312 imported fine.


All iports had debugging enabled so providing only first half of import id

import: 2b26afa1

A couple of imported posts don't show up in log and skipped a post.

[2b26afa1]@2023-02-16 21:31:44: Starting import: 78764451 from user 24146169
[2b26afa1]@2023-02-16 21:31:44: Starting import: 78617339 from user 24146169
[2b26afa1]@2023-02-16 21:31:47: Your key was successfully enrolled in auto-import!
[2b26afa1]@2023-02-16 21:31:47: Skipping post 78047458 from user 24146169 because already exists
[2b26afa1]@2023-02-16 21:31:47: Skipping post 77927726 from user 24146169 because already exists

First 2 are chapters 123 and 122, then 78047458 is chapter 118 that was previously imported. Despite post ids for 121-119 not showing up in log at all 121 and 120 were imported, however chapter 119 was not (Or at leas it doesn't show up yet).

Also i saw similar post skip on other creators but i was not the one to import those so without import log i was not sure if this is a problem or importer/indexer simply haven't gotten to the chapter yet.
(for example https://kemono.party/patreon/user/36884260 missing chapter 311)

import: ddc616f7
Subsequent import's log shows import started from 78047458 (chapter 118) and does not mention ids for 123-119

import: 0e94b76d
This time the new chapter for erios909 got imported (78867856 ch 124), but then importer ignored chapters 123-119 (not even a skip message) and went straight to 78047458 ch 118, and started Skipping present chapters from there.


>Intentional, since we need to figure out some things in regards to bandwidth

So is the file name thing a temporary issue then?


kek nice digits Hold still imma archive this


File: 1676760834825.jpg (101.58 KB, 1080x370, IMG_20230218_225037.jpg)

Hell's going on? Been noticing that some users have received an update yet there's like no change.
Example: Fukuro from Pixiv Fanbox. The last time a new post was imported was like 1-3 days after the latest post. It got a new update yet no change was made. I'm assuming they're trying to import DMs or something?


import: 9500c7db managed to grab chapter 119 (78158598). The issue seems sporadic, but I have seen similar problems with many creators thou the issue usually gets solved over time. Probably one of the subsequent imports finally grabs the missing content.


well from >>27673, can we have the option to see revisions?


Is there a way to "sort by date" posts search results?


Is there something going on? There are some artist pages (and even some submission pages) that can't be bothered to load. The ads keep coming up even if they're in bits. Sometimes little bits and pieces of the page will load but won't load further. It isn't happening to everything since some artist/submission pages are fine, but seeing nothing change while hitting refresh over and over is really frustrating.


And now more pages are going to shit. Fuck me what's going on? I've never dealt with anything like this on such a scale.


It's alright, just restarted my computer and everything seems to be fine now.


I don't think I understand precisely how I import content from gumroad, I punch in the key from the creator's page and then fuckall happens.
What do?


Gumroad is currently considered dead, pending rework. They did some shit that basically killed the importer so will need a rework


whip the code monkeys and tell them to work on it when it's possible to then tnx


File: 1676846231495.png (232.41 KB, 1609x939, 123.png)

Hi, why the importer always skip importing this Patreon artist? I have try to import it many times in the last month or so but still get the same result, is something broken?


File: 1676861342500.jpg (218.55 KB, 1280x328, photo_2023-02-19_12-17-36.jpg)

I'm getting this in some posts , the ones that says " Download video " in orange . I don't know what it is or how to get the videos from there


what actually is your job besides constantly whining and banning people?


If you exclude code and accounting, pretty much everything else.™

>is something broken?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ probably, like so many other things.



You know whom to talk to.

I did a minor adjustment in the code, maybe that did it, who knows.

>So is the file name thing a temporary issue then?
Depends, it's been two days since the main part of the solution has been provided.


With the codebase having become somewhat of a secret club and PRs being held hostage, it's hard to whip codemonkeys that don't even exist.


If you wondering who SA this is his github page.
after he gets recruited in shino team, he decided to commit as anonymous to protect his reputation.


>You know whom to talk to.
not really, aside from replying to the apparent "correct" person like i tried


I am blind. Yeah, that was the right direction.

Nice try, but not even close.


Is there a way to see which artist is being updated and what is in the queue?



Updated again. Chapter 733 still missing.


There was a broken update two updates ago that didn't grab chapters. Then in the previous update, it grabbed chapters but missed one. Then in the most recent update, it only grabbed the most recent chapters.

I don't know if there are systems in place to even _look_ for gaps or if it just looks for the most recent chapters.



I doubt there could be a system for that since as far as my limited understanding goes, the issue is that the place where importer gets its chapter lists sometimes does not contain all chapters, and since chapter id is global there is no way to detect a gap.

I think at most there can be a set of heuristics for the post names but it would be unreliable and possibly perf costly. Thou I suppose it should mostly work on writers who number their chapters.



The practical problem here is that while the issue seems widespread it is critical only for writer-type creators who are a minority. For all other creators, it is a small problem that is usually not even noticeable. Hence all examples of the issue I have seen were writers. If we discount fixing the root cause, I doubt anything will be done about it.


Wild guess is this is due to how the Patreon API fetches and displays posts.

It will definitely be noticeable if any creator has enough posts. It's just less obvious for non-sequential stuff because as you said, there's the chapter number as a hint.


.ttmp2 files are being downloaded as zip files with .mpl and .mpd, this makes those files essentially useless, can this please be fixed?


This retard decided to remove all of his images, can you revert the imported posts to the last time it had actual images?



This guy's got a good point. I mean, archive.org has a history of saving versions of a page. Every update isn't necessarily an upgrade.


Check the site and used the search bar. Is chapter 733 is Optimism? If it is, it's there.


I suggest checking sadpanda for that particular artist, there's a recent dump that looks complete.


What a tragedy… A CP artist has deleted his CP drawings.


File: 1677092567197.gif (8.85 KB, 200x131, crying emoji.gif)


An anon lost their cp content 4 ever. What a terrible day!


do you guys know of a program to mass download attachments from coomer.party like gallery-dl for kemono ?


gallery-dl works for coomer, just replace kemono with coomer in the config file


Why are so many of the recent Patreon file imports named shit like "d3c46135fcb28bd80f7481894fe10355d0a4dd525c3b18121e558bf7d1d97c12"?
Even archive files have been renamed in this manner. I would like to save files exactly as they were uploaded by the creator. Please correct it.


First step: learn how to fucking read
Second step: Look at notice thread
Third step: Stop being a lazy cunt and just copy and paste the file name from the site over to download file


>uses spectrum
>obvious american
>US education system teaching nothing but how to accept niggers and troons in current day and nothing else
You wonder why they can't read or have no comprehension at all…


Y'all fucking ass greedy motherfuckers who don't want others to use your bandwidth. Grow a backbone already


the idea that you actually contribute to this site beyond being a whiny asshole baby is downright laughable

what backwards country are you from that thinks that kind of fossilized mindset is ok? (don't actually tell me, I don't give a fuck)

how the hell did these pieces of useless trash get to be "in charge" of this board anyway?


Copy and paste the file name from the site to download the file.

How am I supposed to copy and paste the filename from the site into the file when I wasn't the one who imported the files? That information is not available to me. I'm not sure why all the filenames have been changed to hashes in the first place. The given excuse for this change is "bandwagon shenanigans," whatever that's supposed to mean. What does bandwidth have to do with stored data?



Here's an idea: instead of heaping all of the site's problems on Shino, who you clearly recognize isn't the best choice for fixing broken things, why don't you find someone competent who knows what they're doing and put them in charge of coding? Just a thought.


Or maybe, even better, he can do it himself! What a revolutionary concept, am I right?


File: 1677171945464.png (224.51 KB, 1666x842, Untitled-1.png)



Nobody is talking about download links at the top of posts for archives. You can't do this with recent image posts because Shino converted all the filenames to hashes for some inexplicable reason.


Gallery-dl is unfamiliar to me, and I have no idea how to use it. I shouldn't need third-party software or scripts to access a file in its original format. The name of the file should also be shown as the artist posted it because many artists use it to indicate the HD version or not.


File: 1677199236264.png (456.68 KB, 1024x1000, 20pngfiles.png)

>in its original format
The file "format" was never changed
>the name of the file should also be shown as the artist posted
It's all there, prove me wrong ( ° ʖ °)

>the filenames have been changed
News to me. Pretty much the moment deduplication happened, the files were stored with hash names to this day. Prove me wrong, for real.
>What does bandwidth have to do with stored data?
What does gasoline have to do with a car?
The reality is rather simple. Dynamic filenames and ways to call a file cause a change in the caching key. Which by proxy is treated as a different object. That data has to be distributed to edge servers for you and other users to load it faster.
Consider this file:
now this https://kemono.party/data/77/c4/77c4855806a0867fbe21c262ddf47d58c4eaadba7ca6f3e1e0304009e5ec8c86.png?f=dde5d8b0-5013-4b5b-a61f—62cf3fdd4143.png
and this https://kemono.party/data/77/c4/77c4855806a0867fbe21c262ddf47d58c4eaadba7ca6f3e1e0304009e5ec8c86.png?f=ddesd8b0-5013-4b5b-a61f-62cf3fdd4143.png
and this https://kemono.party/data/77/c4/77c4855806a0867fbe21c262ddf47d58c4eaadba7ca6f3e1e0304009e5ec8c86.png?what=even&is=this
and this https://kemono.party/data/77/c4/77c4855806a0867fbe21c262ddf47d58c4eaadba7ca6f3e1e0304009e5ec8c86.png

Open them up. Are they the same file? Yes. Does the CDN consider them the same file? No. Now consider the following, before the change we were pushing about ~14PB at the lower bound. If PB makes no sense to you, 40Gbit±2.
That is purely from our servers to CDN to you, uncached/unachable data. Now a lot of files can and are cached, that is data that is fetched once, pushed to the edge servers and served to the users. And that is where the whole issue starts. IP-Transit costs $.
Uncachable data is inevitable, but when the same cachable files are accessed in different ways, that starts racking up a cost across the whole network, because you at least will have to move two version of the same file to dozen of edge servers. And that scales.
And we are currently working on a solution with ddg. Everything would have worked, if not for retarded "security" of the browser makers. Fucking morons.

For once, you can't blame shino for that. Also, there was never any conversion of any filenames. They never changed.
The only thing I had him do is remove the query that would be processed to a specific header. All logic is still there.
And the "inexplicable reason" is ip transit ^.

If you really want to complain, then go and complain to WHATWG and the whole fucking nigger ass cartel that are the web browsers and their god fucking retarded security theatre bullshit. https://html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage/links.html#downloading-resources
https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/g/blink-dev/c/Iw3_SUcagGg https://chromestatus.com/feature/4969697975992320 https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=714373 https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/f2d2fe87028de36a489f7db3f5fb28da2e9d9b2b

How about no.

Personally, I will not go out of my way and associate any of my persona with anything related to kp.
Depending how things go, a simple banner will be slapped on the front page and we'll see how it goes.
These projects do not attract a lot of willing people. But that's only how I see it.

love you too <3

Heh, nice one


Rather than revert, complain to shino to actually implement viewing revisions. Is it hard to do so? No. Why is it not done? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just rename for now? Gotta invest a bit of work into it, if you are downloading it for free. :D

If any of you import and the log contains "Error while importing xxx from user yyy", it's an error that keeps happening every day. Talk to shino for a fix, all the errors are logged and trackable.
But if it silently skips the post, then there are 3 causes that come to my mind. It is a pinned post, which is not processed right now (complain to shino).
The import was interrupted and some logic causes the post to be skipped, which is less likely to happen. Or, for whatever reason, the api responses from patreon did not include that post in the posts "feed" of the user.
There were many instances where such cases were directly forwarded to him, but you can guess the outcome.


>the name of the file should also be shown as the artist posted
It's all there, prove me wrong ( ° ʖ °)

Care to explain this then?
Looks like the filenames are gone to me.

More examples:
All of the filenames for these posts have been replaced with a string of numbers, as anyone can see.


Even more examples:

(Stop it with that spacing, it's annoying to look at)


I have no interest of reverse searching the images in the database. What is the post of the artist where you found the files?



They were all taken from these pages. There are many more that I haven't mentioned. Almost every artist I follow on here has had their image posts altered in this way.


When fantia comeback alive?


For now on hold. On one side we are waiting to see if there were more people affected by the messages that fantia sent. On the other, whenever shino decided to work on migrating it to actual "web scraping". Do not get your hopes up.
Or… the whole thing might have been caused by that one rogue moment where the system was caught in captcha solving loop and was hammering it like crazy. Since we actually changed it to bypass the said pages that trigger captcha, it might be safe.
But who knows for now, we wait and see.

<a class="fileThumb image-link" href="https://c3.kemono.party/data/33/2b/332b8dae653e4ed8a069ed6e22f297e9ea091cd2eba993cc4d51987580368eb7.png" download="%ED%82%A4%EB%A6%AC%EC%BD%94kon2.png">

<img src="https://c3.kemono.party/data/33/2b/332b8dae653e4ed8a069ed6e22f297e9ea091cd2eba993cc4d51987580368eb7.png" style="max-width: 100%;"></a>



>attachments: [{name: "키리코kon2.png", path: "/33/2b/332b8dae653e4ed8a069ed6e22f297e9ea091cd2eba993cc4d51987580368eb7.png"}, …]

While I would say that I am still right on a technicallity, I do notice that "alt" attributes are missing from the images, which would actually display the alt text on hover. Probably should be fixed.

>Almost every…

Man… it's as if this shit was generated from a db and the templates are subject to change or modification.


How is file upload planned to work?

just let people manually upload shits
or there's a Kemono@home browser extension that save everything you opened on paywalled site ?


So many artists delete their stuff at the end of the month I'm surprised there's not a solution for it yet.


When an artist's post is updated, it is often not reflected in my account favorites.
What causes this?


Ignore the furshits.
You can find it on panda, here's a link if you're too lazy to search it:
That post gets updated periodically, there are torrents too (though they are more out of date).


>coomer saying this
schizophrenia is one helluva drug


Correct me if I'm wrong

It will be used to upload files that have been attached from deleted posts or files that have been sent via DMs.


+ Others can be uploaded as well, such as Doujinshis.


Apparently you are right the names are there, but on the page they are not shown anywhere only if you put /api/ in the link, before when you put save file the file was saved with what it said in the name now it is only saved with the number of the page.


Where should you put "/api/" in the link? I just tried it, and my browser reported that it leads nowhere.


open the post that I want to see and between party and patreon add api

kemono.party/api/patreon/user/"user number"/post/"post number"


Holy sh*t. It works. Why wasn't I told about this before? If I had known I could do that, I wouldn't have even complained. This information ought to be displayed on the front page so that users are aware of it. Not everybody knows how to code.


All the .zip files from this artist suddenly turned into .bin files, even previous ones that I've downloaded before


save and rename .zip


A creator I check on kemono mostly deals with videos and since the start of the year their links have all become manifest links.

Unfortunately a lot of the links are expired and it doesn't look like the links are being made new whenever the page gets updated.


Identical problem with this artist:

Even though the website claims that the pages are being updated, the 2K and 4K animation archive link hasn't been updated in many months.


It'so fuckin easy to avoid Kemono scraping, Kemono is going down. And all creators wiil learn.


How so, Mr. Frankfurt? You still crying about your godawful shit being on kemono? SA, Hermiet, Shino, why don't you do everyone a solid and get rid of his tripe. It's fucking disgusting anyway, and nobody would miss it.


getting lots of "403 forbidden" when using gallery-dl on https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/3805206 but the pictures load just fine on a browser


I cannot download anything from the site. Is it normal for the bandwidth restriction?


solution to the .ttmp2 files downloading as zip files: enable file name extensions in your view tab in file explorer, and then change the .zip to .ttmp2
when prompted if you really wanna change it hit yes and it's done.
this is applicable to .zip files downloading as .bin as well. just change .bin to .zip


Hey uhm. How's Filehaus going?


Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but are all the dropbox links working properly, or are artists putting fake links or something?

I've seen on 2 or 3 different artists now a dropbox link that says the files have been deleted, even though they've mentioned that they keep the links up for a month or two.

And they aren't even old rewards. One of them was literally released (and imported) just a few hours ago.


¯\_(ツ)_/¯, not wasting my time on him. So I won't think about it, until I see the right commits.


Works over here and there.

98% DDG, possibly the user agent tripping DDG. Change the user_agent, maybe slap the cookies ontop and see if it works.
If it does not, mail hermiet your ip and the log of gallery-dl with the failing urls. That way once can see what is tripping it.

Effort, and no to removal.


Manual uploads. There will be no k@h, nice idea but we would start glowing. Not that it would cause us much trouble, but the less you know…
As how it "should" work: Login, go to post or artist page, start upload, data and metadata are stored for later processing,
at intervals the data is process and ingested into the system and from there it should be available to the user for download.

Maybe? Up to the users.

Favorites is based on the latest "added"(local) timestamp of a post that an artist has.
The "/artists/updated" is based on the last time an import with access to the said artist has run. But that does not guarantee that anything was added or updated.


what config file ? the ones i found don't have the word "kemono" in them


create an extractor called "kemonoparty" or "coomerparty", or take any remaining extractor and change its name and then type "gallery-dl -K <kemono.party URL>" to see what you can put in that extractor

also read https://github.com/mikf/gallery-dl/blob/master/docs/configuration.rst

"skip": true
"skip": true


will the grumroad importer be fixed?


still waiting for original filenames to be restored…
also manual uploads…
SubscribeStar importer…
Discord thread importer…
the coders are actually working on something right?


Sorry for being a dumbass, but how do I download the videos for patreon posts labeled 'Download Video'?


It's time to end being cautious about the fantia. How long do we have to wait?


Any chance for a per-user blacklist feature?
I trawl around on the Search section in Posts occasionally and there is some pretty foul or annoying content that would be nice to never have to see (Gross fetishes, AI-art-only creators, react channels, etc.)


what's this supposed "club" feature that's upcoming? was mentioned on the requests announcing they're closed indefinitely and said for folks to either wait for the club thingy or import stuff themselves.


NTA but I found the panda gallery.
That said, what's the link you posted, even? I imagine it's encrypted, but with what?

>complain to shino
You're the guy with the stick. Go and whip him on our behalf.
(really appreciate all the work you guys have been doing)



Are you an importer? Submit an import, give me half the import ID and I will run you as a test. Many times.

iirc it was something along the lines: People deposit crypto towards specific paywall rewards and the subscription and importing gets handled by us. Unlikely to happen.

My fucks to give have run out.

Someone wanted to have the video import working considerable time ago. You can witness how things are going, live.



So, what'd y'all have for bREQfast?

>Request link for when it reopens, and so that it's never forgotten:



Reminder that it will not be reopening. Cope mald and seethe


Patreon as of today shows A LOT of text for text posts (I'm on it, and here, for web novels, RoyalRoad ones mostly , not for pictures).

Don't get too excited, other web novel readers, at first I thought there was a mistake and all pay content was available, maybe due to a bug. It was about a 1/3rd of the text of chapters that I checked.

Curious move.



Not the original poster but here's half my Fantia import log db8dd7cd3

Just run all the tests you want. I don't mind even if it's banned. Hope this helps with bringing Fantia back.


Draite's gallery appears to have been incorrectly restored from a backup and mixed up with Wolfblade's gallery:


File: 1677906587977.png (359.35 KB, 2204x625, e.png)

alright I'm guessing my attempts to make individual threads to this were removed because you wanted it in this thread, but I'm seeing an issue where instead of links to vimeo videos like in most of her posts, sometimes there's just this weird text file. it's not a torrent file, but I don't know what to do with it. i'm not subscribed to her but I'm wondering if it's an upload error or if it's some way to share videos that circumvents what i know how to do with yt-dlp


if you hate this place so much why don't you just leave and give your so-called "job" to somebody who actually cares and knows what they're doing?

you don't have to keep torturing yourself, unless you're some kind of masochist or something



Regardless of your dislike of the requests feature, you really need to stop being a dick about this situation, Usah. Regardless of your plan for it to never come back, your attitude about it is just completely abhorrent. Seriously, "cope mald and seethe"? That's stereotypical twitter retard shit. I get that shino also probably also doesn't want to deal with requests either, but at least he's not acting like a child over it.


Because of Pixiv Fanbox's stupid policy change, many artists start to empty their previous posts or add more mosaics to their works. Some artists even had the habit of regularly emptying their past posts, and all these updates replaced the old posts.
Could someone please restore those
old missing content? I originally used kemono as an archive website, but now it is difficult to continue to use it as before.



No - YOU idiots need to shut up about the most IDIOTIC "feature" ever with your moronic "requests".

If you have a request go to church and pray.



Or do you believe there are some bored Gulf state princes looking for your requests to throw their money at?

Anyone asking for "requests" is too stupid for life and a danger to the human gene pool, which already has been suffering waxy too much anyway.



I genuinely can't tell if you're Usah logged out (as I remember some "anonymous" comments suspiciously acting very similar and talking about certain aspects of the site mentioned by logged-in Usah as if it was that same person talking about them) or some other person, but my problem isn't the handling of requests at all - while I would prefer having them, I fully understand getting rid of them, especially in their godawful current state, and for an indefinite time due to more important features like importers and maintenance.

No, my problem is your shitty attitude. Both of your attitudes if this is truly a different person. "Too stupid for life and a danger to the human gene pool", really? This kind of hostile speech is not appropriate for anybody, let alone a moderator, again if this is you Usah, and if not you should still knock that shit off.


Ha, actually I used the requests channel to find something interesting. Basically, I treated it as a news feed while occasionally requesting something myself. Plus to my surprise, a number of creators I requested that weren't yet on kemono were imported shortly after. IDK whether it was a coincidence, but I remember people mentioning that they use requests to find something interesting there too.

So while I agree that requests were inefficient and a waste of moderating time, it was not totally useless.


Moderator hostility can very easily become Kemono.party's downfall.

Any site moderator who acts wanton really want['s shit ]on.


Seriously, if you want this site to survive then you need to do something about this attitude crap.


this looks like a friend of the sysadmin rather than the guy itself but i still archived either way

>>27852 >>27871
>dosent use stable diffusion to create fresh new loli art
Pathetic. but you know what's more sad? >>27924 actively getting triggered by cartoon children on a paywalled site like an e621 moderator

>>27958 >>28003
>mutt education
i fucking know right? even us thirdies learn how to navigate torrent sites at a young age (and bring home some fancy malware) we aint got no CRT on our grading system thankfully
>is that the same guy who made the going down thread and you leaked his IP
KEEEKK the creatorfag is so stupid he cant even turn on his proxy properly i thought furfags were very smart? also what artist was it? out of curiosity

>>28100 >>28127
challen/g/e accepted dont say you werent warned fuck i wish i was good at being a web dev damn SEA had really good piracy laws too bad my AD480p could not process it

>>28137 >>28138
speaking of down why did this chan board go offline for 1 and a half day with 504 error? (the status page also failed to load on my phone)


File: 1678037311973.png (20.65 KB, 758x200, crosslink.png)

>Want to give input on how the site could be improved?

I'm not sure if this was brought up in the previous threads.
Would it be possible to crosslink the same artists with their different paywalled sites?
For example, X artist is on Patreon, Fanbox, Fantia etc, and these would appear on their current opened profile, that this artist has other sites as well.
See pic related: (bottom right corner)


While scraping I've found many Not Found and Forbidden errors, I've gathered the direct URLs of the 404s here (since I can't upload text files here):

and the direct URLs of the 403s here:

Please fix them kind Sirs


>Cope mald and seethe
Confirmed tranny


File: 1678085477253.png (1.36 MB, 970x937, cody's too tired for this ….png)

>artist posts content on Discord
>artist's patreon is consistently imported, though
>can't request for the guy updating the patreon content to update the Discord content


maybe this has been said before but i have a problem that's annoying me. lets say there's a download link labeled smut.rar, when i download it, it will download as 78798798678b5b43b4.rar instead. Can i fix this because it wasnt an issue before?


maybe this has been said before but i have a problem that's annoying me. lets say there's a download link labeled smut.rar, when i download it, it will download as 78798798678b5b43b4.rar instead. Can i fix this because it wasnt an issue before?


Takes one to know one


Why would I need to be a tranny to know that the mod is a tranny for saying stupid gay shit, you fucking idiot? Tell him to dilate and dilate your brain with a shotgun.


It's been like that for a month now. A mod said it "will only last for a short while" so you just have to wait.


Although this is a problem, it's not too severe. The files can be named back to their own names and if they are changed into a .bin file, changing the file back to rar will fix that. We can wait for it.


>speaking of down why did this chan board go offline for 1 and a half day with 504 error?

It'd be pretty childish if that was Usah reacting to my last two comments (>>28137 and >>28138), really childish.


File: 1678180525767.jpg (202.01 KB, 719x1319, IMG_20230307_161329.jpg)

Am I the only one who cannot see the running and queue import?


Not just you, but I think it's intentional.


File: 1678250074591.jpeg (79.7 KB, 828x1220, C9FEB2D6-69FA-408B-849A-E….jpeg)

Could this be intentional too?


Moste likely for safty.


The videos on
are broken. They just lead to a bunch of text instead of downloading the video or opening a new tab to play it. Here's an example.



what kind of safety exactly? they have make private the importer code. idk bout you but im surely have lost my trust on giving my session key to this site especially when disabling the auto import doesnt work when kemono still importing despite the auto import has been disabled disable and data and history has been cleared on my browser. all of this is starting to get shady lately…


You do realise it's probably using someone else's key, right?


nope the artist that im import is not a popular nor a furry nor a anime artist nor a nsfw artist. and im waiting for almost a year for anyone to import them since its only cost 1 dollar to access all their post and its been months since i first import and the artist still have 0 favourites which means no one have ever import them other than me. and im sure you that the import still ongoing even i have disable the auto import in the first place.


again i repeat 1 dollar not 5 or 6 or 10 but 1 DOLLAR



#Mod, if this is intentional, is there any way of figuring how many new post could have been imported in consideration?

So we could have an approx idea of how many post (or pages) we can check for new stuff?

Was the github 404ed anytime before that?


>patreon hosted videos are not getting ripped for months
when will this be fixed? or did the dev give up?


this is gonna sound really stupid but what do i do with this .bin file? tried using a converter and it didnt work can someone just tell me? or is it unusable?


Try changing the .bin to .rar


File: 1678413833220.png (5.6 KB, 406x157, Screenshot_1.png)

When I rename to .zip or .rar extension I just get this when trying to open it. What do I do?


Regarding video posts on patreon and expiry dates,
Why kemono.party just doesn't download those videos and rehost them? Most of them expire within a day. Do people really have no life and are expected to check daily?

I thought of kemono.pary more of an archive site, at its current state it's unusable for any video content hosted on patreon originally.

Just my 2 cents.


I guess patreon videos finally won. The devs probably don't know what to do about it or don't want to store the patreon-hosted vidoes on their own servers for upkeep reasons.


File: 1678435564166.png (2.57 MB, 1249x1085, M.PNG)

>Invalid Signature: Expired Signature

Is there any hope to get around this for m3u8 videos?


File: 1678448274393.jpg (33.4 KB, 640x640, photo_2023-02-20_15-06-50.jpg)

Streaming video's is planned.
Like the fanbox fix, revisions, myfans, fansly, manyvids, afdian, fancards, gumroad, boosty, filehaus, fantia products.
Eta? 2-3 years.

Congratulations, you failed using basic windows features, should I assume you do not know the difference between copy and cut?



I would like to see the date of last post on the tile page for the artist in favorites (or recent section), this artist currently has their last post date of March 2 but the tile says March 9 https://kemono.party/patreon/user/19474462


File: 1678471075081.png (119.61 KB, 622x177, Screenshot 2023-03-10 1157….png)

forgot image


Why doesnt fantia/subscribestar/dlsite update as often as patreon and fanbox?


Welp, I am not able to watch any sort of video within any Patreon creator. This is the saddest day ever for Kemono. :(

I am officially bored with nothing to do and cannot use Kemono for video content. :(


What happen to the file names of the images? Images used to have their original names, but now it's back to the random name generator?


been that way for months and they don't know how to fix it


Nope, just started being that way for me earlier.

I think one creator (Kamenriderhime) needs to be refreshed/re-imported or something, one of their latest post imports from today only has the "Download video" link that goes to an "#EXTM3U
#EXT-X-INDEPENDENT-SEGMENTS" error page with no video at all in it, other posts of theirs have a link to corresponding videos like normal.



You just noticed it now because you access them right away before they expire. But the issue has been around for months. When the generated m3u8 tokens expire, they aren't accessible anymore. Saving session urls is the issue.


tried that and it just puts the files into a rar file lol. anyone know what i do with these? its just a long string of random characters (im assuming the hash) with .bin at the end of it how do i get the file from this?


File: 1678566519003.jpg (367.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-03-11-20-2….jpg)

One of the artist's post (https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/3272927/post/5439416) has an xfs.jp link that leads to filestorage. However, for some reason, when you click on it, you have a 50/50 chance of accessing the actual page, with the other 50 leading you to an error. Kemono screwing up the off-site links or just a general website (referring to xfs.jp not kemono) issue?


the source code link doesnt work anymore should we be worried?


File: 1678585716729.jpg (22.29 KB, 349x344, 1399734295929.jpg)

>Like the kemono.requests telegram, there are currently no plans to re-open requests. I did talk to shino about it, but the idea would lead to utter chaos and a complete nightmare, so I've come to the decision to indefinitely close requests. Therefore: REQUESTS ARE CLOSED INDEFINITELY. Best you can do is wait for the clubs system to be implemented or just do it yourself.
<iirc it (club system) was something along the lines: People deposit crypto towards specific paywall rewards and the subscription and importing gets handled by us. Unlikely to happen.
I take a break, patiently wait and even sit through Usah constant passive aggression and self-pity, and I come back to this sort of news. At least there's a thread for passwords now but fuck. Would it really have been that hard to bring back the old voting system on the main Kemono site if hotpocketing a containment board you didn't need to make in the first place was so untenable?


what happened to the import tracker?


They removed it cause it showed when the weekly autoimport dump was happening, and people would flock to the site to grab the latest stuff killing the bandwidth whenever they saw 10000+ imports in progress.


You've got a point.


File: 1678608218964.png (112.52 KB, 1711x594, 106103980_p0.png)

Something interesting I found about Subscribestar; remember back two years ago when we had an importer, then it stopped working and people reported that their credit cards were being declined and it was assumed that they were tracking pirates? According to a paywaller I happen to keep tabs on (https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/106103980 is the source of pic related), this is an actually a common problem for anyone – but for some reason setting it to New Jersey allows cards to be accepted.

If we applied this info, do you think it would be able to jumpstart progress on reviving that importer and getting around paywallers who are starting to get away from Patreon?


i think my import is bugged

its 991a4c036e2ba9d1


for this creator, only some of his posts are being imported and some are not. How can this be fixed? this is the creator: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/34496074?q=


I live in New Jersey. So it doesn't work.


Can’t open original size pictures and partychan through Wi-Fi ,but it’s work by using 5G on my phone from yesterday. And I heard some people cannot access the site. Is it a server problem?


What happened to fantia page? It's not being updated for over a month


Been encountering a lot of dead mega links on posts that were literally posted the same day. Not sure if it's an issue with this site or the artist is an actual ninja.


I know New Jersey is known for some legal loopholes, even sorts that attract all kinds of companies. Saw a video about it on YouTube, might've been by RealLifeLore but I'm not 100% sure.


still waiting for file names to come back


File: 1678790125772.jpg (79.32 KB, 640x360, the-end-of-hitori.jpg)

Any updates on the Fantia situation?


Can’t connect kemonoparty today.It’s work yesterday.Only not work on my home Wi-Fi .I can access on other Wi-Fi .Can someone help me?


Fixed, thank you


Why is the resolution of the pictures in the ZIP different from the pictures in the post?


ask the retard who made the pictures?


How many months do we have to wait before the filenames come back? I can't even tell what I've saved before or find stuff later.


Thanks for your response, but you don't need to give me a vague and impolite response.

because I didn't find any relevant instructions here, I wonder if the resolution was changed intentionally by the kemono site administrator?


I'm gonna be honest, there are some real cunts in this thread. Not everyone, but some people, jesus.



I'm guessing its normal. I've seen a few artists where the viewable images in a post are lower res than the images in said posts zip/rar package.

EG Sanuki (same on every post). So I treat the viewable images as "previews" to decide whether I'll grab the zip)


I much prefer it to those artists who simply post zip files with no viewable previews (now I have to DL a whole 150mb zip "just to see if I want it at all…").


Whether it's a request thread, a clubs system, or bringing back the old voting system, something's better than nothing. I know there's the whole importing thing but there also needs to be a way for those who aren't in that position to at least be able to have their say. Sometimes I wonder if the admins/mods realise that a method of requesting is their secret weapon.

Only an enemy or a traitor of the Kemono.party community would dare to have any desire to shoot down that statement.


The fix is beyond easy, but it does not play nicely with the cdn.

>On behalf of everyone

Content is not re compressed.


So why doesn't someone try to make their own kemono request page or group? Why does it actually need to be directly connected to the admins? Couldn't the community just do it?


Fantia importer doesn't seem to be working with a new key
Not sure what the issue is since I've seen fantia uploads happening just not working from my key


There are, r/yiffparty and u18chan request board are filled with people begging. Start directing them there so they can get their placebo requesting done


File: 1678949157734.png (473.05 KB, 1920x1863, TQy2IChtDK.png)

oh boy shino sure do make a lot of money alone from donations. now that's why he decided to disappear all out of sudden


fantia is like subscribestar now, they blocked your account if they detect any suspicious activity


Anyone having an issue with incomplete imports? One of the creators I follow just got updated but like 2 months worth of posts are missing


>The fix is beyond easy, but it does not play nicely with the cdn.
that means it's not easy because you got stuck, would have been over long ago otherwise


>tfw schizo is freaked out about the fact money is being spent on the site's infra and costs and isn't happy just because shino doesn't want to interract with the retards on here because it puts a major downer on his mood and everyone on the teams' moods too, because of people like you.



"I have no mouth but I must scream -forever ignored - into the request abyss portal" - Those who can not see dat wood for the trees, even when slapped in the head with a plank of freshly cut timber.


Thank you for your reply.

I know what you're talking about.
I think the url I gave is not a preview.

In other posts,some images have the same dimensions, but their bytes and hash values are still different.
other example:https://kemono.party/patreon/user/5203032/post/79662316

On the patreon website, there are multiple version of a picture

"download_url" should be the original image uploaded by the author

It is possible that the URL above shows other resolution instead of "download_url"

Can you confirm?

hope i didn't offend you


Some1 leaked Shinonome, the admin of this site, in the flesh; turns out he's an oriental woman, just like most people thought from the start.


Suppoert trhe camwhores; support Kemono admins! Slurple the purple!


Hermiekreeft, is that your message to everyone who uses Kemono.party? Is this who you are?


Seeing this after seeing this >>28337


I thought that the reason Fanita imoport are disabled is because they were so fast it slowed down the website


Hey, I remember that in yiff.party there was such a feature - each of the artist pages indicated how many posts had not yet been uploaded.
I think it would be useful here as well


all of the admins are like that. on a more civilized website they'd be banned in no time flat for talking that way.


And this is a reminder of a reminder of why you can never take Kemono.party (like Yiff.party or any other pirate site) for granted. It was founded on an illegal activity, hence no attempt at any legal oversight, no proper structure, no guarantee it'll even survive.

As for morals, anyone moral enough wouldn't engage in piracy to begin with, and if the site's admins/mods are just lacking enough in morals to engage in piracy then how can you expect them to be all civilised when it comes to everything else?

With any pirate site (or any site or organisation that engages in anything illegal) there's only one real rule and it's this: ANYTHING GOES.

In other words, projects like these are doomed right from the beginning.


people really are getting mad over someone telling someone else to kys over the internet holy shit


Why do some creators post update selectively? There is a YouTuber who got updated recently but only a couple of posts did. Skipped weeks of content.

(Yes I am a reactfag) But haikyuu and march videos haven't updated in weeks only the MHA Dogshit keeps getting updated on kemono.
Please look into this brehs.


File: 1679185588710.png (39.93 KB, 978x544, aaaaa.png)

Does anyone know why none of the links from https://kemono.party/patreon/user/15327834 are working? I'm copy and pasting them from the posts and it keeps saying the file isn't available, yet the comments don't seem to have this issue. Am I missing something? Is the import breaking them?


Been noticing that when clicking on posts or accounts sometimes it takes me to an ad instead.

Could be an issue with my phone or an issue with the site I'm not sure.


So…Are we really "rewinding" March-April 2022? Y'know, the whole datadome 'pestering' the site, Patreon importer going haywire for like two months straight, and the daily whining and reeling by coomers here in Partychan (and Telegram) about the whole site 'bout to kick the bucket for good…This whole shit currently ongoing feels eeringly similar, 'cept the Patreon importer ofc, and the whining (for the most part). But think about it, now the FANTIA importer isn't the one bloody working, there are quite a lot of missing posts from a buncha artists, some files don't even work and can't be downloaded, and frankly it seems like this whole site's administration been set on autopilot mode these last few weeks, I dare to say that everything's been going downhill from this point onward (don't know if manual uploads or any add-on to the site are gonna occur before long). Future be looking quite ominous and unpredictable for kemono ngl, just like roughly a year ago. Don't really know what'll happen next tho, but I definitely won't get my hopes up way too high.


I don't know if this has been suggested before, but would it be possible to implement an alias or tagging system for artists? Some artists have weird names on kemono that don't match their regular names, if they could be internally tagged so they show up when you search for their regular name(s), that would be neat.


Btw for anyone not knowing what to do with the .bin file try changing the extension to whatever the file is supposed to be (like .rar).


That, and the other kind of alias system is something I think would be a real convenience & time saver:-

IE, many artists go by atleast 2 different names (EG sometimes the exact same artist will be on 4 different paysites, sneakily under 4 different names). IF when you clicked on an artist, their KP page had links to their alias pages, we wont end up missing loads of content that we don't even know exists.

Theres no way for anyone to "just randomly know" that BBCMaster3000 also goes by the name WayneKerr, and DickTracer, on 2 other sites, all of which feature pictures unique to those paysites (shrewd sneaky motherfuckers lol…).


Hey retard, "shinonome" is a Japanese word that means 'daybreak'. Anyone can pop some hipstery-sounding word into DeepL and get an epic Japanese sounding nickname. He's probably just a weeb.



yup, still no original filenames


Another tip.

Any "Anon" who talks shit about requests (or even the idea of it) is really one (maybe even a few) mods pretending to be us as to form a fake majority opinion. So it's not retarded users versus non-retarded users, it's all of us versus the mods!



eta on filename problem?


genuinely asking. does anyone also have a problem when opening a link with a "Download video"? it doesn't work for me whenever i click it. there were just some text that will appear and that's it. how can i open a link with a "Download video"?

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