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Does anyone have a python script that uses 7-zip to recursively extract any archive (zip, rar, cbz, cbr, etc) in a given directory, ignores password'd archives, and removes the archive if it was successfully extracted?

Something like:
>script.py "C:\Downloads\Archives" zip rar 7z


No idea but windows powertoys has a bulk rename option maybe that could help i guess?
>delete the archive afterwards
Somebody clearly shows no regards for the backup gods


I do but I will only share if you beg for it.


Please share it.


I told you to beg for it moron


fuck off back to /requests/ retard
>also using protonglow
stfu creatorfag kikes like you dont belong here inb4 somebody posts memz


Well here you go you ungrateful asshole.

Link to python code (bcs kemono is too RETARDED to allow adding python files to post): https://pastebin.com/y4HQa187
Run: python extract.py –help for info.
Example: python extract.py -i <path> –delete


I dont understand half the shit that comes outa your mouth looser. Go fck yrself.


Can you recommend an alternative to proton tho? cock.li??


for the record i am NOT OP and why do i even have to beg? you want me to give furrybux why not just ask nicely? mods allow troll threads here like the ones below its not a big deal
thanks for outing yourself as a plebbitor perhaps that explains it

umm thanks i guess i mean i do apologize for what i did earlier but why do you have to be rude in the first place? are protogent coders really this elitist and arrogant? i thought you guys were chill no wonder why the stereotype exists among this idiotic fandom of yours
also just use tutanoa or something paid fuck ((free speech))


I'm not >>28014

Thank you so much for your help. Will this work if the file path in the archive exceeds the filesystem's allowed maximum length?


I dont fuckin know dude. How bout you switch to linux. Or here:

appreciate your information. Maybe you arent so useless after all. xoxo


I am on Linux. Can you make an additional change to your script so it'll skip extracting the archive if the extracted content will exceed 260 characters?


If there was an extraction error the file will be skipped automatically. Doesnt that solve the problem?


There is no such error when it fails at extracting files that exceed the 260+ file path limit which causes it to delete the archive.

Would be great if it could skip archives that have a path longer than e.g. 200 characters.


It is possible but I will have you beg to me again.


Ok please update the script so it can skip archives if the file path is more than 200 characters

Just to clarify, any archive gets skipped if it has one folder or file that exceeds 200 characters if extracted



You can change the MAX_FILE_LENGTH value


Found some issues, it thinks everything is password protected and it doesn't do recursive extractions of the inputted path

Here's an archive that it says is password protected, I replaced "gz" with "cbz" https://gofile.io/d/w58hgX


polite sage but who the hell keeps ghost bumping this? whats the big idea?


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what are you even talking about lol


Aromatic herbs & ghosts.


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The script is broken

Doesn't work, files are being extracted where the archives are. It should extract files from the archive to a folder named after the archive.

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