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Crimson here, again.

Use this thread to share archives (MEGA, GDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and DM/Paywall site contents. If you wanna request, do it in the pinned request thread above and make it obvious in your request about the archive/DM stuff.

(Since kemono already got a DM importing feature, it'll be best to upload the DM contents there and notify anyone else about it in this thread.)


We'll counting on you.
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I've had enough of these anti-semitic remakes!


Pom, where is your license to post outside the curfew hours.


>>346 good



Could you reup please?


Anyone still have that yiff.party cloudflare archive link? I wonder is it still up.


For a moment I thought someone had finally posted the kajinman DM exclusives I had been looking for, but every single link is dead.


File: 1639707614501.jpg (125.56 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20211216-211916….jpg)

Tenzide is deleting links now, we need an archive of both their older work, and the new animations. Pic is of the link to his new animation.


Kamuo $10 Gardevoir Video



Since I'm generous here's the Kamuo $5 gifs of the same video.



File: 1640127319781.jpg (45.14 KB, 678x463, good_shit.jpg)


Hebrew and Judaic studies ;)


Ooh you clever bastard. Should've thought of that myself…


that clearly doesn't look like the enemy's language

what is this pig latin im reading? i have no idea what this rhythmic sequence of emojis mean?


Only use Reddit for porn
Oh I'm worse then that my friend, I'm bl*ck


dude if you are here please reup the link for rururaida new archive.


File: 1641436357983.jpg (39.11 KB, 800x450, DJrmQ8yV4AA9JjX.jpg)

Crimson here.
Is that your own personal MEGA drive? Cuz ones from Kamuo's Patreon page in his Kemono are in GDrive instead of MEGA.


File: 1641669066992.jpg (136.23 KB, 1200x675, E4R_1R4XEAUrqeX.jpg)


File: 1641820060007.png (629.73 KB, 852x480, Never Pause Spongebob 12.png)

Crimson here. Bumpin' my own thread.

Just a reminder again to everyone who read this. Kemono might have an Upload File feature, but such feature is said to be rarely used by importers, to this day. (No offense, mods. I DO appreciate all of your hard work to make this site much better and accessible.) This thread is actually the successor to previous thread from the "then" Partychans (which is dead now, and I forgot the first Chan site which has a black BG a long time ago), and those former threads are created by other users, not me.

Seeing that Kemono is lacking archive contents unlike yiff.party back then, I politely reminds you guys again (and not insisting) to contribute stuffs regarding this thread (archives and paywall stuffs).

Read >>7446 for more info if you are new into this kind of stuff. Thank you.

(Admins/Mods, please feel free to warn or delete my message if you guys are bothered with it in any ways. Forgive me if I offend, like I said, I appreciate all of your hard work and doesn't have any means to discourage you guys.)


Flapcat - Fredina Animation FULL



Flapcats just put in drm on his download links. If you try to access the files without being on patreon, it directs you to a blank page with the text, "Download from my patreon. :)"


Bypass should already be in place, Unless something changed.


Crimson here.

Looking at the link from the Patreon, I think the DRM is called Anti-Scrapper, by Heroku or something.


Easily bypassable. Amateuristic shit


>can't change a referrer
>calls it DRM

Referrer check hardly qualifies as DRM anon. It just prevents clueless, lazy idiots from getting content directly without using at least one brain cell. The same kind who go suicidal the instant kemono sleeps because they don't know how to access completely free sites.


Then how do you bypass it? Some of us here aren't as tech savvy as you.


Can you please give the Bonnie animation too? It's also has been locked with the same anti scrapper.

Yeah, if you know that much, mind telling us how to bypass it?


I got you bro. Every video is in here



Change Referrer to Patreon.


Hot damn! Thanks a lot!

And how can we do that?


File: 1642034761728.png (24.63 KB, 763x471, WTF am I doing wrong.png)

>>15839 How? I'm looking at the source code now and I don't see what you're mentioning?


Crimson here.

I figured out how to set up the referrer. Sending it in few minutes from now.



Hope it helps.
If it asks you for password, follow the url format shown. Password is the YT ID for the rickroll vid.


Thanks, I'm getting the recent animation, I'm going to upload it to anonfiles


Boom, new flapcats animation.



File: 1642179727860.jpg (296.43 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20220114-120135….jpg)

Now if only we can figure out how to gain access to Nekomayo's shared gdrive links without having to message them for a link.


You mean Nakimayo



Crimson here.

It is Nakimayo. Nekomayo are their alt. name, probably just to separate sfw ones with nsfw ones (like PKM-150 with KM-15)
If you check their artworks in some boorus (e6 or R34) you'll find the artworks has the same watermarks.



WinickLim's stuffs

Btw, I'm planning to rearchive this guy's contents (up to tier 3), so if any of you willing to help me out by accepting my request ( >>16167 ), that'll be so helpful and appreciated. Thank you,


You do realize this is not a request thread, but an archive sharing thread right?


oh yeah, a lot of the Onedrive links in the DM section of diives are dead…that needs to be looked into


I got you fam



first link has never had t3 content
trust me i know
i made it

second link look like it has not been updated for a month

there might be a reason but i do not know

i just supply the links to the stuff


sorry but i have no idea where to ask this
anyone has Diathorn's "Elvira x Wednesday" and sarada comics ? or they are lost forever
tryied to search it but no results


Im dumb as hell, so I need this to be explained to me like im 4

What the hell does the referer control extension do? Like, what does it bypass?


if you want t1 g-drive links give me an email to send them to


File: 1643010032393.jpg (80.65 KB, 500x864, 61o7tf.jpg)

Crimson here, reminding (in a friendly way).

In case if any of you didn't noticed or simply doesn't care, requests for DM/Archive contents has been moved to /requests/, specifically here:

Due to Upload File feature being disabled by the time as I sent this message, you may post any Archive/DM/Private contents in this thread, just remember:
>Encrypt the link(s) of the content(s) first
>It's recommended to reupload the leaked contents on your own cloud storage/other file sharing sites, in case if artist/creator takes down the links.
>Also if you are uploading for a request from the request thread, will be nice if you provide link to the request along with the link of the content(s) you provided.

Have a good day.


or just use telegram and don't have anyone laugh at your base 64 strings


* resists arrest *

if you find out the site make sure to notify shino or the other admins and dont forget to b64 the links before posting them here


Crimson here.

See >>7446
Also note that not all folks here are willing to use Telly for their own reasons.

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