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Crimson here, again.

Use this thread to share archives (MEGA, GDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and DM/Paywall site contents. If you wanna request, do it in the pinned request thread above and make it obvious in your request about the archive/DM stuff.

(Since kemono already got a DM importing feature, it'll be best to upload the DM contents there and notify anyone else about it in this thread.)


We'll counting on you.


I'll start out with one.


Frumples (Official Archive from the creators themselves)



can someone archive this file in DM before vanished?


Anyone got DevilTokyo's stuff before he privated his Gdrive?


Wheres my man with the ruru archive link?


all of them or what m8?




Diives folder(Videos)


a l l o f i t




all of the files in waterrings DM's



Do you know who's managing the archive?


I don't suppose anyone archived
meteorreb0rn's shit before he deleted the link?


This is going to be fucking LONG and split amongst multiple posts so make sure you copy the whole thing and make it unspaced.

This is everything I managed to save before the original partychan died plus a few extra ones from my personal archives. A couple of the MEGA links that were posted the first time around got taken down for "potentially illegal content" and the IP's associated with them were "reported to the authorities." I didn't include them in this dump because I forgot to download them, sorry about that. Even if I did, I REALLY didn't want to risk it, so y'all just have to make due with what I have here.






Have fun.


Anyone have JMG link?


I'll post it after >>352 gets fulfilled


does anyone have ruru archive link?



holy shit man, master librarian right here, thanks a ton for your effort


Second this


File: 1628561026610.jpg (297.46 KB, 991x1280, 1603402152.piratefoxbox_ta….jpg)

Does anyone out there have any of piratefoxbox's exclusives? This Tawna in particular I've been dying to see the nude of.



Here you go mate:



Anyone have Mangamaster's MEGA?


Appreciate it.
Here's JMG's drive:




Thanks, man!



Thanks for the extensive pack of archives!


Anyone has G-Reaper's (Goth Reaper) Mega? Also seconding the above request for Mangamaster's Mega. Thanks!


anyone have murploxy's archive link?


Anyone have Everyday2 here?


Anyone has this artist?, or know where to find his fanbox?



Please try not to request too much in here, it can make the thread kinda clustered and would be hard to find archive links…

As I stated on the post above, if you wanna do requests, you better do so in the pinned request thread and states that you want the archive stuffs too.


I could take care of them for you if you'd like, since requests have their own place.


Crimson, would you like me to keep requests out of this thread entirely, or allow ones that ask for DMs/archives and delete the obvious irrelevant requests?


Nice idea, although I think it's best to leave the already existed requests alone in here.
Good idea. If you do, don't forget to pin it so they can see it too.

(btw, never thought i'd get attention from you guys xP)


PATAPATA's been hosting his stuff on MEGA and sending the password out via emails/DMs. I don't suppose anyone here might be able to do something about it?


The person scraping from their patreon is a faggot for only posting the previews instead of the actual finished stuff.


File: 1628777886536.jpg (622.98 KB, 900x1500, 100821_Rivet_FA_A_1.jpg)

Could someone provide all of Pixelsketcher's DMs? Or atleast Pixelsketcher's backed up MEGA archives? (since the MEGA links are all monthly and are deleted after 30 days), There's only June 2021 mega archive on his imported DM which works but i want all of his works in HD.




Pixelsketcher (June 2021)

BTW, for admins/mods, I think I will agree for you guys to make a separate request thread for DM/Archive stuffs like this. Will be waiting for your reply.


Done that for you. Pointed them to this thread for uploads ;)


Is this thread only for current paysite content or is older shit allowed too? I've got an old Clubstripes siterip from 2009 and a few archives of FA artists that deleted their pages ages ago.


I'd say for older stuff too. Anything that is either archived or sent through DMs. Site Rips should be fine too so go ahead. Just make sure to encode to B64


File: 1629057073836.png (5.88 KB, 256x256, TPB.png)




ClubStripes Miu Collections / Vega Collections


Found something in my archive i've never seen anywhere else. It's from when AWD had a paysite, Nyte at Sea


Signed up and username is nightmare67


Oh fucking finally
Partychan's finally working again.

Yo, anyone ever archive the uploaded zip in this post? aHR0cHM6Ly9rZW1vbm8ucGFydHkvc3Vic2NyaWJlc3Rhci91c2VyL3dlbHdyYWl0aC9wb3N0L09kdVhTZGZF

Link it if you do please


Based PermaBooru poster


On this note, anyone know how TOR links work?
I've got a few bookmarks for some artists' pages for that FA scraper site, but that server's been down and I have no idea how to look for a new server.


.onion links are just strings denoting hidden websites which you can't see in the clearnet. Usually .onion sites need Tor to open, but I've seen some proxies recently which can allow access to .onions


>proxies recently which can allow access to .onions

You should probably still use Tor for this, proxies can be slow and don't always allow you to access the whole site (especially in the case of the permanent booru).


I remember Tor is slow too (Veeery slow). I used it once years back when we were going thru that faddy phase when it was "trendy and exciting" to "discover the dark web". And it felt like I was on dialup. Another problem with Tor (and the only real reason I've never wanted it on my PC again) is that it has the strong stigma of "being used heavily by pedos & terrorists", so anybody who's aware of that stigma (regardless of how true it may or may not be) is gonna start thinking things about you if they see you have Tor installed. "I thought I knew my mate Jeff, then I saw he had Tor installed… I wonder what he's got in his pictures folder? And I wonder if he was mates with Beardy Binladen?". Now people look at you with a mix of suspicion and concern. Some people openly vomiting for 30 seconds when they look at you (nuns fainting), all because you like onions too much. Now look what tears these onions have caused.


I had my suspicions about it but I know better now. Thanks for the heads up!


>I remember Tor is slow too
it's still faster than kemono.party


File: 1629165006899.png (537.21 KB, 600x900, 743.png)

Deep cut… Ow.


I suppose I should have made it more apparent that I was already using Tor browser to use the FA scraper, it's just that the server / link string/ whatever no longer works for me and I have no idea how to look for a new and functioning one.


Must be a problem on your end then, or in your region. For most of the time, the speeds have been fine for me.


What link are you using ? Tor has switched form v2 from v3 links, try this one :


>Even if I did, I REALLY didn't want to risk it
Risk what?


Or at least his recent dropbox.


According to my bookmarks, it's http://vj5pbopejlhcbz4n.onion.pet/fa/

But thanks.
Is there any particular way to look up the current server/links? I've been stuck without anything useful for the past two or three months.


According to my bookmarks, it's http://vj5pbopejlhcbz4n.onion.pet/fa/

But thanks.
Is there any particular way to look up the current server/links? I've been stuck without anything useful for the past two or three months.





Try removing the ".pet" from the link, you are accessing the site through a proxy right now


off-topic but useful to those that need it


is it a new link you are looking for?
here you go


replace "zen" with whatever the artist is called on FA, EXACTLY

for example if you write "Zen" it will not work



beat me to it
that is the link i have too and it works fine for me


Anyone got new mangamaster link and password? :/



Anyone has a mega with Theboogie patreon stuff?


As someone who's pledged to him before, they're not worth it. There's no actual images, just a lot of random work files, sure some are psds but it's still not worth it

F95 has a link to a collection of them up to like, a few months back, april maybe


Thank you, but it does not include all high-res images from Pixelsketcher, it seems to copy what's available from Kemono.party, it would be nice if someone imports all of Pixelsketcher's Gumroad page cuz there's only december 2020 one.


anyone got that Sakimichan link? I forgot to get it last time..


You're a hero, man


Hi, anyone can update de Gumroad or Patreon DMs of Porforever? I could really use the brushes and videos ar original speed, thanks.


This is not a request thread


Please use the sticky for this


because patreon was closed all the stuff there is gone

i am sharing what i have gathered from patreon

some things might be missing but this is everything i have



I have an entire artist's Patreon works who recently shut down their Patreon, but I don't have any of their text posts. What's the best way to release?



Maybe compiling all in a Mega?


fwiw mega will kill it very fast even if it's done properly, their secure stuff thingie is just some marketing plan, anyone can access a mega account and that's the reason they can also file instant takedowns. Not even hash based, it's just yet another simple obfuscation that gets branded as a multihashing technique that only mega knows how to do.

iirc Crimson hosted it on a remote server at some point, which is a better option when it comes to takedowns as most angry artists will infect themselves and terminate their own devices by using random scripts in an attempt to destroy a server they want to kill. The remote server should also be discreet and barebones as it will become known the moment the first obfuscated link (that is instantly deobfuscated and just for dirty search indexing masking) gets posted somewhere.

Throwaway servers are cheap to maintain. It's also cheap to maintain duds designed to catch attacks and confuse attackers on where the content is, if there is any content at all.

If Crimson wants a remote filehost then host on as many as possible and see which ones survive the longest. Lesser filehosts aren't prime targets and underground filehosts that move all the time are harder to reach. You should also obfuscate data that contains links to the actual data within links and use generic filenames. Also never open a file directly on any cloud drive or it will be removed for sure for obvious reasons.


Does anyone have JMG's new GDrive link? The previous one posted by >>671 seems to be dead for some reason.



True, but when all's said and done, the content must be shared in some way - or the community will die off eventually. So I guess we've got to try one of the two routes anyway.


damn, that link hadn't come by that easily and now it's taken down


How do you guys even get your content deleted on GD? Even with blatant piracy content not a single one got taken down in years here and they've been accessed a shitton of times.

You using generic filenames? Random things that don't attract attention and still make sense for the size. That's a very basic technique China uses to prevent automatic checks and instant reports. It will still trigger a check if someone opens the file directly within a cloud service so this may just be what happened here as google drive is one, it shouldn't trigger an instant takedown if it was done properly though.

Yeah sorry bro what I meant is just don't use mega for this unless it's your only option, google drive actually is better, dunno about dropbox, you can bypass both quota restrictions on accounts even if they're full blown bans so don't worry about that (unless you're the uploader ofc)

Many services also offer storage and don't even give a flying fuck on what's stored inside. Hosting pirated content on completely random stuff like stash or newgrounds dumping grounds throwaways may seem like a very stupid idea but if your budget doesn't allow you to maintain trash throwaway servers and you do it right it actually works and content is never removed as long as nobody blows the whistle lmao, you'd be surprised how much suspicious stuff is on deviantart stash and NGDG


Maybe because the creator took them down as soon as he saw that they were on kemono? Alternatively he noticed something suspicious and took it down. If the former, holy fuck what were they thinking advertising the site on twitter? It's like shouting on a street-corner that you're selling drugs.


Nah, the creator took the GD down because all his GD links only last for a month. He has created a new GD link for all his september creations and that's why he deleted the one from august. That's all.



Any chance you could share new month's link? :-P


I'm currently not subscribed but stuff of this month has already been uploaded to rule34.xxx


Thanks for clarifying. Hopefully we get a new link soon.





Yet another hero! Thanks for sharing, lad!



Sorry if I sound dumb but how do you access that folder? Is it like an onion link?


You need to decode it.


It's a string that can be decoded if you copy it and paste in Base64. It should generate a link.


base64decode.org or any other if you can't do it on your own, it's just to prevent it to directly show up on a search engine

you might also want to remove the protocol to make it less obvious that it is a link



rururaida discord MEGA link


Thanks, man. Amazing share.


Fulfilled the request for Milta_translations patreon partially, wasn't about to do the $40 tier but I was close to it, if the guy that requested it is still around. Unlikely I can do it again so read the novel now if you care.


Decided I'd post this just in the offchance anyone wanted it but the password for NekoNoTe's Mega links: 22228591


thanks man


Thanks a bunch


File: 1631373686333.jpg (4.46 KB, 242x208, deus ex pog.jpg)

Thanks, anon! Very pog



thanks dude! didn't know that!


thanks king


I managed to find a mega link for JMG's "Adult Illustration Collection 1" on F95.



Thanks, dude. This one had been missing on his Gumroad account here; and hopefully hopefully someone would share his new drive as well.



The link doesn't work anymore :(


Hi, >>2898 here. I am going through the works now, but found some discrepancies?

I manually made an archive of this artist's patreon the first time they quit, and comparing with my backup before they axed it there are file size differences between images. Like somewhere between 200-300KiB. Did Patreon optimize content at some point?


do you know of any other tor hosted sites like this?


Here's this one
It will take you to a doc with links to the illustrations made by the artist.


What's the point of importing all the expired DMs of JMG?


Huge thanks, man!


Everyone will probably know that jmg will likely delete/expires drive links once it got leaked, so how bout someone download/archive it then create a personal drive/mega instead?


From what I know JMG just deletes the link after the end of the month. The last link we got here expired at around the beginning of this month.


Ah, thats sucks. hopefully someone made a gallery leak since dm links are not much reliable due the expired one got exported instead of the new/live one.


Parkgee is closing up shop, and taking all his rewards with him. None of his DMs, nor his Gumroad packs, are imported.
I beg, no, PLEAD, for the one importer-anon to not be a faggot this one time and actually import anything beyond the previews.


Okay so I found another MEGA dump of JMG's stuff with some of the recent artworks.



Any chance someone could reupload JADF's most recent works on a living/working link? Dropbox seems to be giving error/unavailable, thank you.


He's at it again, I see… I uploaded his stuff up to July on exhentai. Have a look for it there if it's any use to you.


I see thanks for the heads up. But the one I'm talking about it's like the most two recent works on his Fanbox, these being one on Da Vinci and Okita from FGO, from like end of September, and sadly by the comments imported on those specific posts on his Fanbox (which are already at Kemono thankfully) no second or newer link has been posted with again, working images and such to no avail, at the moment at least. Thank you for at least keeping these newer posts alive on Ex. Appreciate it.


Thanks, mate, I missed some of his old sets


>>5554 I got'chu homie with da Da Vinci.

Also which Okita you were mentioned? I see no new post about her. But if you're thinking about the new FGO character he did then it must've be Tamamo vitch.


Thanks a lot for the Da Vinci link man! Regarding Okita I was referring to Okita Alter (Saber) the one released this year on Summer 6, with both her and the small Okita, err, Rengoku, he made a post of her after Tama Vitch but before Da Vinci, the one here.


But as I said the one and only dropbox link on the comments as he always puts them, is already dead, tried entering multiple times but to no avail.


>>5627 ohh the one before davinci. Sorry man I don't have that also I'm not into futa stuff. For that let's just wait until someone update the comment box on kemono or someone willingly share them here.



Someone here has Chesareartworks stuff? The comics of frozen?


How do I use your link? Is it mega or gdrive or?


Like it says in the main post, you need to decode it first.


Ahh thanks. Got it now.


Uh, just wondering so anyone having a workable link for JADF's Okita Alter Summer set? Thank you regardless.


If it was prior to the end of July, check exhentai. I uploaded everything on there up to end of july.


You're supposed to post encoded link to archives that you've saved on MEGA, Dropbox, GDrive, etc. Not an encoded link to the patreon page.






Probably a troll
A decent one at that
Well played, sir


Slugbox dGllciA2IGZvbGRlcg==


Do note that this is only tier 6 content, which is also all yuri(female/female), I'm still looking for the other master links


JADF_Archive (Up to October 2021)



To bad this can't be updated. Still, much appreciated. Anon


Link is dead.


There are very clear instructions in the first post detailing what this thread is for. Stop encoding the link to the patreon pages, you are not helping in the slightest.


oops. put wrong link.

JADF_Archive (Up to October 2021)



>>7299 Thanks a bunch, man!


How does all this work? I'm legit confused.


Artist please.




A rather obscure artist specializing in voice-acting, drawings centered around Rayman and Kirby, yet not one of her NSWF pieces reached the public. If there was a way to import new artists, I'll be able to fulfill your request. I have to many pledges to deal with.


This thread is dedicated to sharing links to content that's not directly accessible on kemono, such as monthly rewards shared through a mega nz link or an archive of older content stored on a google drive folder. To protect the thread from being found by creators looking up their links on a search engine, all shared links are encrypted in the b64 cypher, you can use a site like this: https://www.base64decode.org/ to easily encode and decode links.

It's also important to note that this is not a request thread, do not post your requests on this thread any and all requests should go to the pinned "Request Thread (DM/Archives)", currently >>896


Thank you. I only requested the name of an artist and nothing more.


Ah,no. You don't have to. You could just send me the encoded files here. Only for the comic I asked because that was the only one that got my attention.


Animax-Cartoon Friday Night Fuckin'[sic] Funk it up


First time using B64. Hope I did it right.


Yes! Good job! Thank you!


>>7513 Brother, there's a request thread. C'mon.


They changed passwords and killed the old links.


Don't know the artist, but whenever I see this kind of comment:-

>When TF will people learn not to post official/source links lol?

Even if an official link is B64'd (so that it can't be instantly found with a web search), the artist still obviously has full control over it, so as soon as ANY non pirate finds it they can just phone home and get it shut down.

People if you're gonna post archive links; please do it the safe/secure way: Mirror the link (IE DL it and upload it to your own link) so that its not connected to the artist and only YOU can delete it. Its not like artists and simps don't know about this site.


Seems like they got a new password, any chance you might have it?(There doesn't seem to be a password preventing you from reading the rules. Why not do so?)




seconding this request(YOU'RE DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS)


>seconding this request
>openly says the other one and he's requesting outside of the request threads

Didn't think I'd see this, did you?


just wanna tell y'all that JMG has nuked its leaked works from R34(dot)xxx, so prepare some back up of its works in case it found us or we are its next hit list.


>insinuating he'll be able to get his shit taken down from Kemono

Not happening. Unless it's illegal shit like CP, not happening.


"It rubs the lotion into the skin. it rubs the lotion, INTO, THE SKIN!"


>>9524 I am a fucking idiot and I forgot there's literally a request thread JUST for DMs.


OK, but I don't understand why you're telling me that lol.


wait he has an archive link ? i didnt see in any of his fanbox post or am i just blind


mangamast*r's such a jew why even post limited time discord links and limited time dl links
so fucking annoying
iamhentai.xxx has his works up to 2020 but seems nobody been updating it :U


A lot of these artists are fucking jews, honestly.


As Patrick Bateman once said, cool it with the antisemitism remakes.


go back to reddit


File: 1638302400570.jpg (8.01 KB, 150x150, happymerchant-1.jpg)

oy vey. calm down, goy.


Yourself. Kill. Please :)


Damn, using kemono while in university? Cringe!
Back to reddit… also, back to studying for whatever you're majoring in. Probably gender studies or feminist dance theory or whatever woke bullshit it is you're studying.


that was lame as hell man


Link gave me a 502. Most likely from the Yen symbol.


Here's a dump of Hanxulzmods' SSBU mods from the "All Ultimate Skins" tier, though it doesn't include the nude skins from the $12 tier (I am lame). Includes downloaded content from the provided Mega links.


I know people mostly use this shit for porn, but I never really liked the idea of paywalled mods, so I gotta dump this shit somewhere.

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