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lmaoo they REALLY mad
I feel kinda guilty, but oh well, life goes on


>I feel kinda guilty, but oh well, life goes on

I don't. Fucker steals other peoples characters and creations then charges money for them, THEN wines when people do something similar to them. Fuck him.


File: 1679529655755.png (393.82 KB, 603x632, Choose Laugh.png)

watch as he comes in here and writes a 5 paragraph essay for us.


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>It doesn't matter if it was made by a million or billion dollar company, or an indie studio, or even an individual.
people are actually playing defense squad for corporations now.


Basically what 90% of all paywall artists do. No sympathy for any of these angry & blatantly delusional hypocrits.

> "I draw pics of Pokemen fucking hypnotized poke-bitches; all unlicensed copies of copyrighted Nintendo IP's, every time. I make £200 a month off those knockoffs. What is the problem? What have I done wrong?" - Everyone

> "I steal what has been illegally copied and illegally monetized (effectively: "stolen") then share it with everyone. Thus, cancelling out the terrible thefts of the paywall artist, and I make no ill-gotten gains from it unlike you lol sorry. Do you mind? Here, let me just take some more. Thanks m8!

Keep gladly copying / ripping off the ORIGINAL artists & IP holders (like all paid fanartists do, by definition), and we'll gladly keep on digitally stealing your "grey area" illegal products!


What are you talking about? Artists that draw original characters get their work stolen on this site too. People here are just leechers that want everything free no matter how many lives they mess up in the process. The IP argument is overused and ridiculous at this point, since it has never been the main issue here. If it really was, only creators that draw licensed characters would be uploaded.


What's actually overused is you sperging out over "stealing" because someone copied a file on a computer while your hypocritical ass steals IPs and profits off of it.



Literally the guy in OP's post is doing this. Literally, +90% of artists are doing this.

They can fuck right off along with you. I'll donate more money to this black flag operation before those fuck heads every see a dime of mine.

Fuck off.


Someone is big mad over here, and I'm not talking about the artist shared by OP lol. Guess you ran out of arguments if all you can do is cuss people out at the minimum shown of someone disagreeing with your lack of logic. Artists will continue making big money online creating porn: no matter if using licensed characters or original characters. Stay salty.


"you mad" and "lack of logic" says the faggot morbidly lurking sharing sites, stealing from IPs, sucking off corporations and accusing people of "stealing" for copying some data!


It's hilarious you immediately jump to conclusions thinking I must be an artist because I don't agree with the arguments you give, and you project your wrath at this anon that can hardly draw stick figures.

In the end, the only ones morbidly lurking at sharing sites are the horny fappers that refuse to pay the artists they so much claim to hate, but despite the hate they claim to have on the system artists have created, you stalk them and thirst over their art, begging to some day access the content they create and lock behind paywalls. Of the so called stolen IPs you claim they are sucking off and for what you hate them for. But you are still here, expecting to see such images, requesting them, waiting until someone decides to repost or share them… so you can access them nonetheless. So what's the real issue here? The images and methods that artists use to create the hentai you consume, or that you are a cheap and poor anarchist wannabe filling your mouth with corporation talk and how everyone is so awful but not you?


it's funny that you think anyone gives a shit who you are when you speak on behalf of mouthbreathing speds like yourself


As expected, no arguments and with the incapability of discussion of an intellectually disabled.

I rest my case.



Yeah, I should invest some of this salt in this shitty website. Maybe 0.01 BTC.

I think that will make me feel better.


Kek, and it's always the 3d aberrations """artists""" too lmao. Never fails.


File: 1679758859763.png (43.72 KB, 465x216, car.png)

As expected, the retard repeating a debunked line for decades has no arguments and with the incapability of discussion of an intellectually disabled.

I rest my case.

Keep copying.


Rest your case dude, you are so ignorant you don't even understand what you are saying.

"But you don't give any arguments *crying hard*"

Ye because your arguments are well thought and without any flaw. Dude, if people don't reply your "arguments" is because they are too dumb to even consider them legits.

Pirated content (at least digital one) exists even before internet. People sharing with friends floppy they bought, or even making copy, etc. This is just another pirate site as many others exists. People come here because they don't care about supporting said contents (and mostly whiny artists), they just want to see it and nothing else. If that author stop creating content, here no one would care about it, they would just move to the other artist.

Artists complaining about "they stole my stuff!!" are dumb and I would like to reply to every one of them "welcome to the internet and welcome to the real world"



P.S. My english sucks and feel free to insult me :P


File: 1679767000261.jpg (7.55 KB, 200x267, fakku proxy.jpg)

stop calling it pirating

copying a file is not fucking theft

the schizos who insist it is theft needs to be locked up in a mental asylum



Sure, then copy a cd music and share it for free. It's just copying a few files, it's not theft. Lol

Sharing something behind a paywall is still infringement of copyright since the author has the ownership of their material (even if their material is just drawing other IPs)

Just a little link and something you can read:


I support piracy, but what you said it's just dumb



What did I steal if I'm copying some ones and zeroes, you fucking faggot corporate bootlicker

Did I steal your car if I take a pic of it?

stfu retard


Does this person realize that saying the sites name will make more people go to the site :P
I use the site regularly and i still have people i'm subscribed too
if anything it helps smaller creators imo. smaller artists barley get their stuff updated unlike the bigger artists and it inclines me to sub. This site is amazing especially when finding pages of artists who deleted everything with no way of finding their work.


Hurrdurr, it's not stealing because it's ones and zeroes!

Your entire fucking life is ones and zeroes you moron. The sum of your fucking existence is digital. Your computer is worth more than you. you're not a fucking caveman, it doesn't have to be a physical stick or rock for something to be stolen. Do we need to physically print the entire fucking thing like they did in the 70s on punch cards for it to count for you?


>Sure, then copy a cd music and share it for free. It's just copying a few files, it's not theft. Lol
Is that supposed to be some own? Literally everyone who isn't paid to disagree with that agrees with that



lol. Hope you are just joking, you cannot be this dumb


uh oh i just copied a file to make you mad again

sorry for """stealing""" :)

so what do you call it when you steal and profit off of IPs that you don't own? fucking hypocrite piece of shit



>What are you talking about? Artists that draw original characters get their work stolen on this site too.

The staggeringly vast majority of all paywall artists (on all paysites I've seen) draw nothing but fanart (just like the vast majority of all "internet artists" in general). Click 500 artists on a paysite and only 50 of them will be "original material" artists. Thats what I'm talking about.

Original artists (IE those who draw original chars/designs) are the only ones deserving of any sympathy in this situation. Artists who simply "rip trendy IP's off" for lazy brained gains (using the same positions over and over) don't deserve monetary support.


File: 1679877451154.png (393.6 KB, 696x603, 20180306_200513.png)


>uh oh i just copied a file to make you mad again

OH no you DIDDUNT!!



If one of these guys is mad at the fact that their content is being scraped they need to rethink the way they do things. A lot of artists make their shit publicly available after a while which creates actual organic subscribers instead of trying to force people to give you a sub for a month for some crappy content they'll immediately regret afterwards.

Also the way this dude handles his tiering is beyond awful. Seriously, he deserves to be scraped just to prove a point.


Should've gotten a real job instead of trying to make a living drawing porn of characters you don't even own, nor had permission to use. Don't expect any sympathy whatsoever from people who actually value their money.




Should've gotten a real job instead of trying to make a living drawing porn of characters you don't even own, nor had permission to use.

>And charging for it monthly like a cheeky fucker, with even cheekier tiering.

>Those Guys:

It IS a real job god damnit you pirate fucks! I'm making good money from copyright infringement everyday! Now just… Just leave us alone!!! We don't want to associate with the likes of criminalisticated thieves like you.


why people justify stealing? just do it, it's fun.


File: 1683083314612.jpg (11.76 KB, 220x163, FvFdeqjXoAAp8xD.jpg)

>look at their art
>it's not good


why retards say copying a file is theft? just corporate bootlick without making shit up, retard


Why is it always shit artists going to pieces over this?
(I know why, it's because they only care about money and happily charge for their crap art without making sure it's actually worth it)

If people like this dude, Bikomation etc spent as much time working on art as they do malding about piracy then maybe people would actually want to pay for it.


Holy shit, Lars Ulrich uses kemono too???
Dude, I loved your work on St Anger!!


If their financial situation is that serious, why not get a job? Drawing porn will only get you so far.


File: 1685283316166.jpg (20.56 KB, 740x415, images_(49).jpg)

>Complains about getting his stuff stolen
>Post the name of the site where his content is being ripped off in BIG LETTERS

LMFAOOOOO. Thank you for mentioning Kemono explicitly, idiot.


He should be happy that he got scraped by such a big site considering the quality of his art LMAO

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