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IDK what the mods are doing.
but I've reported 2 CP posts in the last week.
This shit is a serious issue.
Can't the mods IP ban them?


>Can mods ip ban
niggers keep coming back regardless of if I rangeban or not. Banned at least 100 at this point. Getting sick of it. Being the sole mod doesn't really help matters either.


>Being the sole mod doesn't really help matters either.
get some more mods (aka me, i check this board almost daily)


What about that Usah guy? Or are you him?


Shit! I had to correct my name so it looks like I'm a mod. I'm undercover you see.


The site doesn't decide what gets imported, retard


Perhaps I need new glasses, but there's no report button. Maybe that could help to mark those faggots faster?


Click the checkbox next to the name of a post and click report in the bottom right of the page


Thank you.

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