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Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
Huge thanks to whoever updates those!

Here is discord link for "Web novel &stuff


3seed - Eight.
AbyssalRoadTrip - Abyssal Road Trip.
acaswell - A Budding Scientist in a Fantasy World.
Actus - Steamforged Sorcery, My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror, Requiem of the Sea, Morcster Chef.
Ad Astra - Speedrunning the Multiverse.
Adam Sampson - The Mage of Shimmer Mountain.
ailaaurie - Tori Transmigrated.
AleronKong - God's Eye, The Land.
alex_kozlowski - Alpha Physics - Post Apocalyptic LitRPG by Alex Kozlowski Author.
alexclaw - Interdimensional Garbage Merchant, Brewer King by Psychomeltdown.
Allanther - Wizard’s Tower.
alstonsleet - A Traveling Dungeon.
Andrew Robinson Leinbach - Shadow of the Soul King.
Anir Dari - Clone Warrior.
Apollos Thorne - Underworld, Codename: Freedom.
Argentorum - The Devil’s Foundry.
Argus - The Daily Grind, Kitty Cat Kill Sat.
Ashley Falcon - Mark of the Crijik.
Aster Loka - RE: SYSTEM // SUMMONER.
authoranno - Ortus.
authorchrisvines - Elemental Gatherers.
AutonomousPen - Modern Awakening.
awmaher - The Hedge Wizard.
azaleaellis - Seeds of Chaos, A Practical Guide to Sorcery.
BabaVader - Owlnother World.
benjaminkeyworth - Superworld.
blacksmithoftheapocalypse - Blacksmith of the Apocalypse.
BlaiseCorvin - Apocalypse Cultivation.
bluefishcake - Between Worlds, Sexy Sect Babes.
BMedrano - Ancient Dreams, Eve of Destruction, Lilith’s Shadow, Through the Fire, Mantles of Power, The Beesong Chronicles.
Buller - The Ancient Core: A Progression Fantasy.
C_Mantis - The Path of Ascension.
caerulex - The Menocht Loop.


cathfach - An Unbound Soul, A Lonely Dungeon.
Chipper Panda - Eleknar's Heir The Infernal Prince.
chronicler - The Eagle’s Flight.
chunwa - A Dragon's Curiosity.
CoCo_P - Tower of Somnus, Viceroy's Pride, Blessed Time.
Comiak - The Reincarnation of Alysara.
DakotaKrout - Desolation, CC2.
dangerguard - The Hero Without a Past.
DarkTechnomancer - Fates Parallel.
Dbfassbinder - Confessions of a Magpie Wizard.
ddwebb - Only Villians Do That.
DefianceNovels - Defiance of the Fall.
delemhach - The House Witch.
Dinniman - Dungeon Crawler Carl.
dragonheartednovels - Dungeon’s Path, NeoRealm.
Dragon of Rochester - When Immortal Ascension Fails Time Travel to Try Again.
DropShotEpee - The Strongest Fencer Doesn't use [Skills]!
Duck_No_Duck - Digital Marine, Super Soldier not Super Hero.
DungeonCultist - Respawn Condition: Trash Mob, Dungeon Item Shop.
DungeonRobotics - Dungeon Robotics.
dzzt - Bear Station.
egathentale - The Simulacrum.
EJames84 - Dungeon Novel.
eligos - Double-Blind: A Modern LITRPG, RE: Monarch.
EmmaLeia - Violet Reborn.
EmEs_etherious - Etherious.
ericvall - Dragon Emperor, Summoner, Without Law, Making Monster Girls, Duelist, Building Harem Town, Dragon, Conjurer.
erraticerrata - A Practical Guide to Evil.
FLRiley - Second Chances, Renewal and Rebirth, Tempest, Tuatha De Danann.
FortySixtyFour - AnimeCon Harem, RE: Trailer Trash.
Foxmoor Fiction - Saga of the Soul Dungeon.
Gamer4Life - The Adventurous Gamer Ninja - Daichi Hekima
GamingWolfie - Forgotten.


GenesisWavebySaltMaster - Genesis Wave.
georgemfrost - The Zombie Knight Saga.
halosty - Elder Cultivator, Truthful Transmigration.
HarmonCooperWriter - Tokens and Towers.
HBDLo78 - Unlimited Evolution.
HereBeTreasure - Breaker of Skulls.
Humas - Again from Scratch.
IAmNotTheHero - The Houndsman.
IdeasGuy - Power Corrupts, Going Native, See No Evil, A Hard Knock Life, Risk It All.
Igi - The Space Legacy.
InadvisablyCompelled - Blue Core, Paranoid Mage.
IrateRapScallion - Displaced.
ivankal - Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends.
Jacob Tan - Solo Apocalypse.
jacobk - Heart of Cultivation, Yashima Chronicle.
James A. Hunter - Vigil’s Justice, Shadowcroft Academy, Viridian Gate Online, Yancy Lazarus.
Jaredman92 - Fighting to be Kind in a Cultivation World.
jdfister - Wizard Tournament: Humans Need Not Apply.
jmclarke - Mark of the Fool: A Progression Fantasy.
Justin Ankar - Molting the Mortal Coil.
Justin Miller - World Keeper.
K Hilliard - The Laptop Hero.
KaiserBlak - This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder.
kamikazepotato - An Outcast in Another World.
Kelly McCullough - WebMage Series, Fallen Blades Series.
kevalshahaudio - It Started with Slime.
Kingkennit - Sylver Seeker by Kennit Kenway.
klevanski - Dragon Heart novels.
Konge - Sanguine Paradise.
KrazeKode - Mark of Time: A LitRPG Timeloop.
kuropon - Unfathomable Senior, The Runesmith.
Kyfe - Soul of the Warrior.
Laevo - The Caring Dungeon, Druidic Cultivation.
Latinas Leitos - The 3rd Law of Cultivation: Qi = MC^2.


Lillene - After the End: Serenity.
LiseEclaire - Quod Olim Erat, Leveling up the Wolrd.
lochar - Planetary Cultivation.
Lone Immortus - Shovels in Spades, Lone: the Wanderer.
lukew_logan - Dragon’s Dilemma.
Luna BigCat - Draconic Karma Dungeon.
Macronomicon - Wake of the Ravager, Apocalypse: Generic System.
Magic_Smithing - Magic Smithing by Kosnik4.
Malcolm Tent - Wish upon the Stars.
MarkArrows - 12 Miles Below.
MatHaz - Ave Xia Rem Y.
Max_51 - The Dungeon Without a System.
Maxlex - Phantasm.
Mecanimus - A Journey of Black and Red, The Calamitous Bob.
MelasD - Salvos, Melas, Tian.
Melkyal - The Astral Sea.
Michael Adams - Cheep?!
Michael Chatfield - 10 Realm Series, Death Knight Series, Maraukian War Series, Emerilla.
MillenialMage - Millenial Mage.
Mirikon - Dark Fate, Lewd Dungeon, Lich Returnee, SCI Stories by Stuart Grosse.
MonroeByJahx - Monroe.
Monsoon117 - The New World.
Mountain Barber - Mage Errant side stories by John Bierce.
MrWhiteWriting - A Journey in Darkness.
MystiqueDreams - Fated To Fall: A Transmigrator LitRPG Tale.
Nagrij - Dim Prisons and Drakes, School in Hastelan, Leases in Hell.
Nameless Author - Nameless Sovereign.
nanakawaichan - Demon Lord’s Succubus, Dark Moon, The Incubus System.
Necariin - Unbound.
nemorosus - Jackal Among Snakes.
neobear - Out of Space.
NoahBarnett - Gun Meister Online, Nigmus Online, Star Nova.
nobody103 - Mother of Learning.
NorskDaedalus - The Way Ahead.
nixia_writes - This Quest is Bullshit, Dungeon Devotee.


Omnixius - Heather the Necromancer, Dragon Knight Prophecy.
overflowithmonsters - I'm the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire.
Parky - Dreams Come True.
PATRIARCH FOWL - Casual Heroing.
Patrick Laplante - Painting the Mists.
pirateaba - The Wandering Inn.
playwars - The Fallen World: A Dungeon’s Story.
Plum Parrot - Falling with Folded Wings, Victor of Tuscon.
Proximal Flame - The Last Angel, All the Little Lost Boys and Girls.
pshoffman - The Last Human.
puddles4263 - The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound.
QitM - Queen in the Mud.
QuasiEludo - Inexorable Chaos.
QuietValerie - Lieforged Gale, Gauntlette, The Walls of Anamoor, Ryn of Avonside, Witch of Chains, Trouble With Horns.
raizarp - I Was Bored so I Made a Secret Organization, The New Horizon.
RD404 - Ar’Kendrithyst.
RealmofMonsters - Realm of Monsters by Frostbird.
Reed Stevens - The Archaic Ring Series, The Slave Son’s Saga, The Fragmented Being Seires.
RhaegarRRL - Azarinth Healer.
RinoZ - Chrysalis.
riverfate - Battlefield Reclaimer.
Ruffwriter - Savage Divinity.
Saileri - Rise of the Weakest Summoner, I Own a Brothel in Another World.
sarahlin - The Weirkey Chronicles, Street Cultivation.
SCM2814 - Demesne, Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers!.
Seaborn - Seaborn by CaptainK-19.
sealjohnson - Undermind.
SelkieMyt - Beneath the Dragoneye Moons.
SenescentSoul - Delve.
ShadeTouched - Shade Touched.
Shirtaloon - He Who Fights With Monsters.
SHMTranslations - Dropped Into Another World…, Isekai Nonbiri Nouka, Lazy Sigh of the Villainess.


silentoverseer - Whispers of a Dead Empire.
SilvaLau - Dragon Princess, Blue Sky, Loli Elf, Demon Sword Maiden, Transcendent.
sorrywrites - The Dark Lord's Home for Undead Heroes.
sunrisecv - System Change.
sunslammers - Virtuous Sons.
tabletot - Mana Anxiety.
Tao Wong - The System Apocalypse, A Thousand Li.
technomagica - Technomagica.
Tefler - The John Blake Chronicles.
tejoka - Reverse Reincarnation, Path of the Hive Queen.
The_Red_Lands - The Red Lands by ForestRage.
theBlackStaffAndNightMarE - Stranger Than Fiction.
theCRUniverse - Cross Roads.
TheDeepDarkReef - Rok, The Aby Survival Guide, The Abyssal Dungeon.
thegameslighthouse - Fate Online, Combat Archaeologist: Rowan.
TheRealDissonance - Lost In Translation, Necromancer and Co., Saltworld.
TheUnwanted - The Unwanted.
thundamoo - Vigor Mortis.
Tilted_Axis - The Stained Tower.
TMarkos - Peculiar Soul.
todstl - Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita.
Torsten Hewson - Beware of Chicken by Casualfarmer
treeaeons - Tree of Aeons.
Tsaimath - A Jaded Life.
TurtleMe - The Beginning After The End.
valethehowl - I don’t want to be the Hive Queen.
VoidHerald - The Perfect Run, The Legend of Kairos, Vainqueur the Dragon, Never Die Twice.
vren55 - A Fractured Song.
Wandering Agent - Melody of Mana.
wardenraime - The Storm King.
WilliamDArand - A lot of Amazon published novels.
wiz - Reborn: Apocalypse.
WolfWrites - The Rise of the Winter Wolf, Dungeon from the Void.
WritingBySea - Path of the Dragon Mage: Exiled.


wtmileham - Blood Shaper.
XelofBloom - Los.
Yamirmoon - Tales of the World Devouring Serpent, Phantom Kid in the World of American Comics.
Za1d3 - Forgotten Conqueror.
Zendran - The Great Core’s Paradox.
Zogarth - The Primal Hunter.


I hope someone uploads ravnicrasol's maiden fic chapters


Flameruner: Memoirs of Your Local Small-time Villainess


discord got banned again? :(


Did discord got banned?


Did discord got banned again?






Yes we got nuked. Backup is from february .
setting up the bots . eta is 1 hour


damn discord got nuked again huh


i so we were nuked once again


Jesus fucking Christ people. Here is the invite go nuts. Anyone that adds me or bothers me before the shit is done will get permabanned . Yes you won't be able to see shit the role bot isn't up yet


Ace you fat indian fuck hurry back up cause I don't remember how to do the roles thing.
At this moment you can join , get a reader rank and post chapters . notifications are out until said fat indian wakes up.



With love from Covington & Burling. Try not to pirate something from a big 5 publisher again.


That's bullshit.

On another note were back up at 100%. We might be missing some channels but we're fully operational.


Thanks for the effort gren <3


Thanks, Appreciate the work you guys put into this.



Some think you're a troll, but in the event you are from MacMillan's anti-piracy team we'll stay away from their content in the future.


Is there an inv link for the new discord? both links here say invalid. I just saw it got banned today


Yeah discord link is expired



Permanent invite now that stuff isn't on fire.


Stop siloing this shit behind fucking Discord spyware and start providing it to Kemono


Nobody’s siloing anything. The discord is just an alternative to Kemono, especially useful when the importer is broken or something like that. Importers share however they want, there’s no expectation that they post only on the discord and not here.


File: 1686263058554.jpg (15.02 KB, 320x296, 334.jpg)

Importers do what they want. We don't tell where, when and how people should share the things they paid for.
My patreon key is on kemono available for auto import. Can you say the same?


Anyone have a password for wandering inn?


it's been a while since wardenraime - The Storm King. it is not updated, it stopped right when he was going to start his life as ruler of the prota.



damnit grenskul. add me again. i swear i wont call you tsundere anymore.


link expired.


link expired.

or was i banned


Chapters 626 and 627 of Salvos are missing. Same for chapters 182, 183 and 184 of Amelia. Is it normal?





Never expiring link.

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