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oh no the pedo is upset that his child pornography got purged



Seriously, where else can I find Ai art?


Thank fucking god.
95% of the fanbox "artists" that have been added to the site since mid last year have been AI shills, seems every day another 10 or 15 are added, can't imagine how much real estate that shit is taking up on the sites servers for a bunch of garbage that looks indistinguishable from one another.

Hundreds of "artists" all posting the same crappy "art" made with the same 2 or 3 programs with the only difference being the size of the breasts sliders they use.

Get fucked AI bros, you ain't artists.


I wonder why I don't see this outrage for those who are normalizing machine translations.


Most people let that shit slide because "something is better than nothing", but they don't have that large of a presence on Fanbox/Patreon.
ACTUAL translators are usually more than happy to pick that shit apart on e-hentai though, and rightly so, there are some SHITTY translations on there, and they only grew in number thanx to the pandemic and people having so much time on their hands.


File: 1683836979741.png (666.26 KB, 826x580, 1598043571640 Yukkodown.png)

While any policy change that displaces paywallfags and promotes free sharing for ANY content is a win in my eyes, I will have to say that I don't get the vitriol towards diffusion (ignoring Twitter, because they are vitriolic about everything)
I don't do any of that stuff myself but have had a /ddg/ fap or two out of curiosity, content is pretty okay, people seem to be doing a lot of maintenance/touching up to get closer to what they want with extremely complicated setups and terminology. Sure is a long and painful road for something that is supposedly the soulless "make anime art instantly" button.
It reminds me of what Koikatsu is to Blender and MMD. Not quite the same creatively or intrinsically? Yeah. Lower average quality/effort? Perhaps. Something you should feel proud charging people for? Absolutely fucking not, generally.
Something that should be senselessly spit on and driven out of all the sites? For me, I think more nuance is needed.


File: 1683846767628.gif (1.28 MB, 463x489, gem.gif)

>fags paywalling shit they didnt even make get BTFO'd
Good. Total paywallfag DEATH.


DLsite and their Cien subsite are also following suit and will be banning AI content too.


Do you have a source on this? Not doubting but I wanna spread the news


Can confirm there is no statement on AI at all from DLsite.



why you want to pay for people to generate AI pics while you can do it yourself



Honestly what kind of braindead will waste money on someone who can't draw but use some sort of computer generated program to do shit.



Would also appreciate a thorough explanation


You need certain hardware, understand how dockers work on Linux or Windows and be good at troubleshooting with the terminal

Not worth it imo

also the program is over 50 Gb


>over 50GB
At that point, it'd be unusable without a super mega ultra GPU with at least 50GB of VRAM…

Just download the backend, frontend, and models you want to use and it's pretty straightforward from there.


Wow, so my options are either paying a buck or two to get everyone, not just me, access to see gorrillions of coom material someone's already made or buy expensive hardware, learn a lot of technical stuff, and potentially have my power bill go up to just have some "computer generated program to do shit" for me? Man, I really just don't know what to do guys…


>Wow, so my options are either paying a buck or two to get everyone, not just me, access to see gorrillions of coom material someone's already made or buy expensive hardware
OR, option 3, take that money, burn it, and then take the ashes and shove em up your ass.
Cuz no one wants that AI shit.


cry more faggot


I don't know why "prompter" insist they are creator
the only thing they create are prompts, not art itself

imagine if you ask GPT to create art or commission someone to create art,
then say you are the creator


As one of the assholes who actively shit on reaction videos being posted on YP and KP, and voiced his opinion on that shit taking up space countless times. I can whole heartedly say I'd take that shit any day over AI generated trash.

So this is obviously all just a psyop by the reactionfags to get people to stop ragging on them for watching some fat american thot watch a dubbed 10 year old episode of naruto and get us to focus on hating something else.


Nice false flag.
I don't make or even like AI art, but there's a lot more to it than just typing in a prompt. Like having to decensor images, except instead of just genitals it's minor details all over the whole image that the AI fucked up.


I can understand that if you are using img2img to inpaint it, at least you are "editing" it

but saying you are creating it with pure txt2img is just bullshit


imagine giving a shit lol

>uhh muhh hecking artists !!!!

gtfo retard


Reminder that technology and society will progress regardless of your consent or participation

Pouting about AI just means you're getting too old to keep up


Considering the wave of AI """"""artists"""""" invading PixivFanbox and other paywall sites trying to get retribution over nothing and pushing away true artists, this would be the natural and most intelligent course of action. Thank God, I hope more sites will join this idea.


So what you're saying is that those faggots spamming AI garbage absolutely don't need the money ?


No one needs money. We can just barter.

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