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So there's this artist called Ourobot (Vexo in the artist search), and someone keeps updating him knowing full well that all of his art is behind some drive/discord bs, there aren't any links in any posts of the artist (i checked even the oldest posts), so, am i missing something? or is the guy importing a retard/asshole that just posts the preview?


He's just a fucking retard, bro.


If he doesn't also import the discord channel or import DMs then, yes, he's a fucking lazy retard. Very common occurance.


retard here I've imported it just for you


Don't see any change, you should just post the art in Sadpanda atp


what's the discord called ?


Checked every recent discord update and his discord isnt anywhere.


Alright, it has been updated, i feel like there should be a request thing ONLY for discord related things so stuff like this can be prevented


Theres a ton of artists with the same problem and its honestly annoying. I really dont see the point in 'updating' it, if it adds nothing of value


Hard pass


File: 1684774887649.jpg (32.84 KB, 519x519, naw.jpg)


I second this. It's so fucking retarded seeing the patreon continuously being updated with censored/cropped porn when all the actual content is on the discord.

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