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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>27484


Is there a way to see image captions from patreon? Some people have been putting zip passwords into the caption, so if there's a way to view the caption I would like to know it.




File: 1684327321142.png (1.43 MB, 999x684, yamnaya reconstruction.png)

There is still no tag for fantia/fanbox covers so we can't filter it out


Someone in the past thread asked about it but i would like to second the implicit request for being able to sort post search results by date. Unless there is some explicit reason why that isn't a feature at the moment.
Thank you.


There are no tags at all anyway, so IDK why you're complaining about that specifically.


Known issue. Being looked into.


Fanbox and Fantia change the covers' hash every day so each re-import causes every scraping tool to re-download covers. A tag for covers will prevent scrapers from downloading dupes and making the server waste energy.


I would have asked what work was needed for dlsite to work and if you needed help with tooling or code, but something just came up on a very similar ripping project so most likely I won't be able to offer my help that I wanted to. So treat this just as a question from a curious onlooker (that has cracked some drm that dlsite uses before for various games they offer) as to what sort of issues does kemono have with ripping that. No promises of help, but there's certainly interest if only I had more time to help. Thanks for the wonderful site, may it live forever and may countless archives and mirrors be kept and no content ever lost!


tags would be a fucking long way off lmao. You're better off begging for societal collapse and the heat death of the universe to happen before that is even a twinkle in the devs' eyes.
Especially without mod tools.


FYI: Anyone using Norton security are seeing "Malicious Site: Malicious Domain Request 22" errors while browsing Kemono. Only saw this today. Has something changed or on the site recently that might cause this? Error appears regardless of ad shown.


a novelty to receive an alert on your smartphone or email address in the event of a new file addition from an artist you are following


The covers always have the same dimension or be off by one or two pixels, it's absolutely feasible to have a tag for covers


re-read what I just said, and if you still don't understand that we're not getting tags, you're a bottom of the barrel retard.


Hi. Posted this in the previous thread, but without responses, so, trying again:
Want to report that there's a specific patreon post that strangely don't pass to kemono, even if it's in the same tier as the other posts imported, even after a month of normal continuous imports.
The artist is Discord-the-GE (patreon id: 4881983)and the post id number is 80816510.
Thank you.


Question: the "Fantia will stay down" notice isn't clear about the situation's seriousness.
Is the Fantia problem categorized as a long time resolving one, like Subscribstar and Gumroad, or something that can, hopefully, be fixed in month(s)?


This shouldn't have to be explained to you but I want to hear from the developer on the refusal to add tag for cover.


File: 1684447763276.gif (369.09 KB, 480x360, 1.gif)

Fix Fantia already AHHHH


I'm probably the best you'll get. Even I'm only trickled info in the form of "No", "Not happening", "Maybe", "Being worked on".
Trying to get more info from anyone higher than me is like trying to get blood from a stone


Even if they fixed Fantia tomorrow, it will be awhile before people will import their keys. I worry about Fantia playing dumb for a bit just to detect the importer again and issuing another round of bans.


How does that work? I'm genuinely curious because I'm pretty hesitant in importing things to Fantia


I know, but it doesn't bother me to expect an answer despite the high odds of not getting it. I'd wager the reason he's been coming here less and avoiding answering most site-related questions is linked to his increasing profit with the site.


Requires storing emails, maybe?

Kemono does not see any official devs currently, so having you all scream fantia won't make it go faster.
>>Give eta give eta pls pls pls
24h to 2-3 years.


File: 1684567557153.png (1.13 MB, 1151x571, 58054DEC-B1B8-4140-8CFA-63….png)

I remember asking 6 months back about how this particular artist locks his art after a month and everytime he gets updated, it overwrites his old posts with content to absolute nothing.
I was told the admins/mods are able to see the revisions/old versions to the posts back then.
Are you guys still working on it?
Thank you.


So are pixiv's "Newsletters" just a fancy name for DM's?
Cuz I know from past request threads this site has fancard scraping that hasn't been made available yet and only the admins have access to the feature, but I don't remember ever seeing newsletter scraping mentioned, is that why? Because they're just DM's which have been disabled for months?


People have been asking for revisions to be made available to the public for years now. Hope that answers your question.


I feel like there’s more important things to be focused on like the Fantia situation


Is there any way to pull in RSS/Atom feeds or any plans for it?

I mainly ask because I've pretty much been making a habit to click refresh over the past month waiting for new posts and having feeds which I can add directly to a Discord bot would help immensely.


One issue doesn't eliminate other issues, retard


You’re right I just think it’s stupid to whine about tags when it’s been clearly stated that’s not happening no disrespect to any other issues I should have worded my message better


File: 1684673178698.png (75.44 KB, 227x333, 6d877c2f3a95ab3538e52f032f….png)

same but Gumroad aswell


>clearly stated that’s not happening
It hasn't, the mod isn't the developer, retard.


Gumroad cannot be "fixed". It will need a new importer altogether due to the changes in how things are handled by Gumroad


File: 1684682087335.png (5.2 KB, 610x34, Screenshot_207.png)

I've been uploading Fanbox shit for months now without issue, but just today I got this. What's going on, here?


The mod isn’t the developer so there isn’t any point arguing with them about it especially when it doesn’t seem (at least from the mods statements) that there is any developer here to answer


>there is any developer here to answer
There is, he started frequenting the imageboard less as his wallet got fatter because greed. Stop bitching about people reporting issues, you fucking faggot, wanting every post to be about Fantia won't solve that issue faster.


I’m not complaining about other issues being reported I’m pointing out that arguing with mods about tags won’t make it go any faster especially when this developer that used to be here doesn’t seem to be coming back anytime soon


Gaslighting and strawmanning, shut the fuck up already.


you know what man this is a really stupid argument it’s a pointless dispute that’s taking up space that could be used used for the reporting and discussion of issues so let’s agree to disagree and end this for the good of everyone here who are probably tired of watching us fight for no reason


Gib download all option, or at least for all images in a particular post. Saving one by one is a pain when the artist doesn't give an archive themselves.


Hi guys, love your work here.
Do you plan to add deviantart support ?


Bruh there's so many fucking AI profiles being scraped, that shit is so annoying and has to be a huge waste of bandwidth for you guys.
Surely there's something we can do about this?


I'm glad you recognize that you are fucking stupid and occupying space, now shut the fuck up.


Favorites seem to be broken. Can't favorite artists or go to my favorites page and anyone I already favorited isn't anymore.



Links are dead. Kindly re-upload. Thank you.


Is the Boosty importer down? I've been trying to import stuff for the past while now without success, doesn't show any progress whatsoever.
First half of import iD: 08e2c3a9


it's like where do they even spawn from, who keeps dumping AI trash on kemono??

Hopefully, pixiv's ban on AI art will solve this problem


Are they still working on fixing dms just asking cause there's an artist in particular whose content I wanna get m claws on.(Do not respond if respond your name is Anonymous)


Is File Upload broken or something? When I'm not logged in it sends me to the login screen and when I am it sends me to kemono.party/artists?logged_in=yes
I'd like to just upload some fantia shit manually since the importer is broken so I can unfollow some artists


Is there a big patreon import update coming?



IDK dude


Most of the links for https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/14347285
Don’t work. The ones that don’t work seem to be for a site called lanzoum.com . However some of the newer post have working MEGA links so most of the older posts might have to be reimported assuming that they changed the links.


Disgusting how shameless you leechers are.


How do I update edited discord channels?


Shit's hot as hell so they will continue to be imported.


Good night friends… it's been more than 12 hours since you've been on Patreon.
is there any problem?
grateful to everyone.


Patreon importer down? Or just a Pixiv dump?


Does the site not upload patreon anymore? Been like 3 days.


Don't tell me the importer is broken again.


>Patreon stopped
>Pixiv is banning artists left and right and they migrate to Fantia

Nothing works


File: 1684898877801.png (86.74 KB, 820x651, what.png)

>>29584 Isn't that why everyone is here?


Thank Not Anonymous


holy shit, convince them to migrate to patreon


so, any explanation why the patreon importer stops?


Oh Patreon stopped importing. That makes a lot of sense now.


was turned off while fanbox stuff is being imported. Frees up system resources.



I would just wait. Look at the timestamps. On page 1 of the "Recent" page, the very first and the very last one.

The difference between now and the most recent one (topmost) and the difference between the first and last one on that page are a good proxy for how busy the importer is.

The "Pixiv Fanbox" imports of the last few days were always 20-25 minutes of imports per page. Compared to the usual import frequency this is very busy.

So it appears that there are LOTS of Pixiv imports running at maximum pace.

We should probably wait for this batch to be over before expecting anything else.


Is there a method to see usernames of commenters instead of "Anonymous"? One of my favorites began using the username of the first commenter as the password


Artist alert
Names are anonymous for a reason. What kind of bullshit excuse is this lmao.


File: 1684991137312.gif (2.45 MB, 800x421, high beams.gif)

Can I get an answer for this before the month ends and I cancel my sub?


I recommend saving those files on your computer, then find a way to post it after canceling your subscription. That way, no one will suspect you.


I love people flaging posts so that the download links inside disappear when the author removes them from the original post.
Never change, dumbasses.


So Patreon was turned off to free resources during the Fanbox import. Any idea what when we can expect to see Patreon posts again?


Give it a week. That way, all of the Fanbox data will be updated.



Im already seeing repeat uploads, isnt it just cylcing updating the same pages?


Wait whose stupid enough to do that?


Looks like the Patreon importer is up again.


File: 1685057521990.png (72.94 KB, 791x648, Bruh.png)


The retarded mod probably thought you meant anonymous here on the image board.


>>29623 true should've made that clearer


The only retard here is you. Comments are anonymous for a reason.


File: 1685096013285.png (9.66 KB, 676x285, Untitled54457567568463.png)

idk why, but I think the certificate may be broken right now



>Notices Patreon posts in recent again

>Clicks on favorites in hopes that favorite artist page would be updated. It isn't.


Import seemingly stuck on an exception error, something about importing comments.

Half of import ID: 59417dd4
(I think I got the right thing for this but IDK what I'm doing.)


Hey, just throwing it out there, whoever updated the Kemono page for Lamb-oic029 (https://lamb-oic029.fanbox.cc/), I just want to say thank you so much and you're a hero.


Agh. Wrong link. I meant to link to this page (https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/20398366), sorry!

Seriously, whoever updated it recently, you're a hero. Whoever said patience wasn't a virtue?


Uh…as much as I want that feature to come back, didn't they make it clear a million times that they just don't have the manpower for it?

I mean, you're not wrong, because while patience is a virtue, a lot of these guys like to use Dropbox pages that expire after a set amount of time because of piracy, that just means we need to be more patient.

I like to think that the cosmos have a way of aligning themselves to our favor *eventually*.


File: 1685206829487.gif (187.38 KB, 341x426, 86B655C5-50EC-4726-85AB-E9….gif)

Hey everyone



Finally, a 100% kemono-proof way to prevent leak

just use privacy to fight piracy


Please use trim() when inputting the artist name. My phone naturally likes to add a space after the name, and it should function the same with a whitespace after.



>Notices that favorite artist page is updated.

>Goes to newest update and sees a Dropbox link.
>Clicks Dropbox link in hopes that it leads to something that isn't an error page for the umpteenth time. It doesn't.

And what's really annoying is that the Dropbox link is from last Friday. I'd get it if the link was dead after a month, but a week? Come on!


Yeah we're plundering yer stuff, what are ye gonna do about it landlubber?


Lucky you, the artist I was following killed their links 2 hours right after their page got updated.
two goddamn hours, that ain't right


I wish my artist's page got updated. No update since the 22nd last month, and this is somebody with like a thousand subs.


i think my import is stuck and i dont know how to fix it the ID is


kill yourself corporate bootlicker


Importer is fucked


front end k1 and k2 are down guess well have to wait on the devs too fix it



looks like everythings stable for now…


Dms fix pls


Is there any ETA on when fantia might start working again?


A patreon creator's name was changed years ago and the site still uses the original. How do I report this to get it updated? I don't use telegram.


Don’t expect the devs to just rush out a fix for Fantia, if they are too hasty everyone just gets banned again.


Due to the new policies that Fantia implemented, even if the importer run again , most creators only allow you to view the publications of one month, to see the other publications you must pay for that month as well, so its a lost case.


That sucks balls isn't it. Fantia payment is so restrictive even if I wanted to I'm not even allowed to pay


It's over.


File: 1685570893504.png (1.08 MB, 1310x1946, match.png)

There's a fantiafag that I like that finally started uploading his stuff on fanbox AND THE MOTHERFUCKER'S LIMITING HIS CONTENT TO MONTHLY THERE, TOO. Hate that this fantia-brained faggot is intentionally prolonging the cancer.


the older beta.kemono.party URL's are routing to the coomer.party instead of kemono.party



>>Notices the same favorite artist updated their Patreon on 05-31-2023 with a Dropbox link.

>>Clicks Dropbox link, hoping it isn't yet another error page and…
>>Nope, it's still an error page. :(

This was two days ago! How is this even possible? And hey, it can't be a case of the artist deleting the dropbox link, because Dropbox actually has a separate error message for when a user deletes a page.

This error page recommends refreshing, but doing that doesn't do anything. Is the page broken to just me or is everyone else seeing the error page?

Like, the artist is here trim(https://kemono.party/patreon/user/404860), the page I'm using is here trim(https://kemono.party/patreon/user/404860/post/83812385), and this is the Dropbox page trim(https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iaan2ccltu1uob0/AADpHipj8pMaxIzgIJTgfLT8a?dl=0).

(And no, this is not a request, I just want to be sure that I'm not going crazy.)



Same, except for my favorite artist, their link is always broken. It doesn’t even go into any error page, just a garbage HTML page.

Page I’m using is here (https://c2.kemono.party/data/8d/6c/8d6cf3895dd6e4c30c79ac6c7c70ccc248089d10062709988b5f7145bca74e6a.txt?f=video)
and artist’s page is here (https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14264111)

Is there any other artist that has this same problem?


hello i have a problem with the https://kemono.su/ site that should be linked to the url in case it happens to kemono.party domain. that the site is down. can you tell me what is going on?


It’s quite unfortunate my favorite artist only uses Fantia so if this Fantia situation really is unfixable I’m going to have to either find somewhere new or cave and pay which I do not want to do because Fantias subscription deal sounds like crap honestly I’d like to at least know if it’s actually being worked on by the devs but I already know I probably won’t get answer for that one


.su still needs the DNS sorting out.


will our login passwords transfer over to the new url?


File: 1685829296314.jpg (63.18 KB, 554x439, 1366114317702.jpg)



Why is there a new domain/url anyways? Is kemono in any trouble, and if so, is the trouble legal or internal?


File: 1685838512732.jpg (66.65 KB, 626x348, 1366118434389.jpg)



Just to be sure, am I safe to login on that site?



What's up with the new domain?


So why the fuck do I get sent to either a Russian website or some spam site every like 10th link I click? The fuck you doing guys?


I have no idea what the jpg means, but with how calm you seem to be, I assume it means everything is fine. In that case I'm just going to assume that the new domain is a proactive measure for in case the current one is taken down, rather than a reactive measure. I really don't want kemono to go down the same path of destruction that yiff.party went.


I'm getting these annoying automatic redirects even with Brave's adblocker on mobile.


goinhg to kemono.su gives me DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, unless i change my dns to


Yeah about the kemono.su thing. Is that just a measure to keep the site up in the hypothetical event something happens to kemono.party? Or is there something going on and that we should REALLY be prepared for it as if it's going to happen? I mean, it'd be great to know if things really do look as though they're about to go belly up.

>The .su TLD is known for usage by cybercriminals.

Off to a great start.


wtf do you mean "new", fantia has always worked that way waay before the importer permanently died, I even purchased previous months of uploaded artists and imported them no problem


Why does the site keep changing the hash of this type of file?

The same width and height 95% of the time too.


Yeah, it's as if these fucking Kemono developers are cybercriminals…wait, they ARE


Almost any artist moving to fanbox or patreon does this for 'fairness', it's scary but it's been like this for almost a decade now.

Many people aren't familiar with fantia's hilarious concept of 'paying off your debts' (literally what it says in Japanese if you accidentally unsub or payment fails) and backnumbers being the only (semi-)permanent kind of content along with downloads and comms, you will not get any reward for paying every month, not even support points - you only get that once for free daily or if you overpay monthly/give social tippings (up to 100k JPY per post iirc). Batshit crazy money laundering scheme but hey, it works, and it's getting even better with every anniversary!


How can I watch vimeo videos in kemono?


found the AI artist lmao


can't seem to enter channel ID's for the Discord importer, when i switch to Discord on the importing page there's no spot to put them, only a spot for the session token, and separating with commas doesn't work


File: 1685991390838.jpg (87.99 KB, 724x720, 1415982195449.jpg)



Thanks, got lost in the configs as things keep changing. Should be back up and running.


That's cyberbullying.

>keep changing the hash
>The same width and height 95% of the time too.
Works as intended.

>Off to a great start.

Give it time to propagate.

The fuck are you doing?

Party or Su? Because party is still primary and su is on the back burner.


File: 1685991834762.jpg (320.62 KB, 1899x1862, a.jpg)

kemono.party is getting dark lately and why are you guys removing the filehaus redirects? are ye trying to be sneaky? the link redirects to https://kemono.party/shares

kemono.su is redirecting to random ads sites even with ublock activate. i bet it has something to do with the .su domain.


>Works as intended.
What is?


For some reason I'm getting redirected to ads when I enlarge an image and some stuff. What's going on?


The script that made clickjacking unnoticeable broke.


File: 1686003223311.png (78.59 KB, 153x256, 1421795095232.png)

Ok, that pop needed specific conditions to trigger, but we tracked it down. Yeeted and deleted. Need a few more minutes to figure out some other shit.

Dark times are coming, or not. Forgot to comment in a few values.

Cryptographic hashing


Why are you changing the hash, avatarfagger aka retard?


File: 1686013083541.png (188.84 KB, 364x652, 1422061341002.png)


Will kemono.su hack my IP address or something?? I'm scared


yo where the filehaus though


are there any plans to add ci-en (https://ci-en.net/) support? Looks like some ppl use it as an alternative to fanbox along with fantia


File: 1686108870228.png (29.76 KB, 1130x361, Screenshot 2023-06-06 2331….png)

i tried the method you said for vimeo videos by turning
>https://vimeo.com/797508626 into
which didnt work, pls help a newfag


no screw-ups on the site for a long time… are the coders actually working on new/restored features I wonder?


You are probably missing the referer "https://patreon.com" that needs to be sent along the request.

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