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If you haven't seen already, we have a Telegram group!

There are four in total, each serving a different purpose for the Kemono community.
kemono.party: This is the main chat, intended for development discussion and bug reporting. To a certain extent, general discussion is also welcome.
kemono.banter: This chat is for large porn/meme dumps, roleplay, and off-topic discussion.
kemono.requests: This chat is for requesting new creators to be added to Kemono, or for existing ones to be updated.
kemono.notifications: This chat lists all changes and updates made to the Kemono website and the importer. Unless you're a developer, this channel is likely not of interest.

The telegram group is the go to place to make serious issues know, request creators for import, and to generally chat and have fun with like-minded individuals without all the petty squabble of anons constantly arguing.

Should you enter, READ THE RULES! AND READ THEM THOROUGHLY! We don't take rule breakers lightly and WILL take action.

The following link will take you to the portal that will allow you to enter each different chat as mentioned above.


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