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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>29431
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no one's forcing you to be here, weeb, but you can't help but spread brain rot


whatever you say, faggot


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It can and will be.
I never mentioned manual uploading, only yiff.party integration
I own this place
Not touching code.
This is the subcategory of manual uploads on yiff.party
It is for old files that already existed on yiff.party
Thanks for the idea, Might actually work.
Temp issue with routing.
It would have worked better without them.
Them? Sure
Me? No


Thank you for confirming that there is indeed work being done to get fanbox importing back. This info is highly appreciated among all of the doomposting. I apologize for my errors in who is doing the coding.


Glad to hear there is work that will be done on the Fanbox importer.

Giving Kemono your keys is a risk you take and leakers know the risk of having their accounts completely deleted very well.

Honestly though I don't feel confident in handing my keys over until the smoke has cleared and other anons have imported from Fanbox successfully without issue for awhile.


Any chance we'll get revisions to work with the api? I got a fuckton of legacy fanbox files incorrectly named and there's no easy way to fix it without programmatic access to the api.


assume you could download every imported file from a post, how would you automatically sort it?


Obligatory fantia status question.


Hash? Is this a trick question?


finally got around to it: https://rentry.co/i6ceo
pretty barebones, any links and images will be broken; but that's already good enough for my purposes (update notifications for webnovels)


File: 1695350269830.png (479.49 KB, 912x1024, 1636317147064.png)

Props to the mad lad that updated karmagik's patreon and with the high res tier, to boot; usually, I'm the only one that ends up doing it once every few months so this a nice change of pace.


ok you've hashed the files, now what


Are there any chances that Patreon comments import will be fixed as well?
Cause some comments arent importing at all.


Stupid question: The in the future we will be able to explore the old data that was stored on Yiff.party before it got nuked?


Some fuckhead's just posted CP 10 minutes ago. That guy needs a life.



I don't know what you magnificent bastiges did, but wooo! The only unimported post on that author's page is now imported! Pretty much what I'd guessed happened from context, but it was awesome getting confirmation! So tysvm to the person who fixed it! You rock!
Ps: thanks for the update, Hermietkreeft! It's a bit like telling a bunch of ravenous cats that the tuna is coming (they dgaf unless it's actually there…and they will make sure you understand that, lol) but some of the "cats" appreciate the thought, anyway. Thanks.


Thanks to the developers for their efforts, is there any way to fix it for fanbox? I think we still need to develop a manual upload mode


What are you on about anon? You asked how I would sort versioning, which is completely unrelated to my grabbing of metadata of versioning for fixing filenames…

Please make your point or don't? Are you a dev?


Excuse I.

I use gallery-dl to download files from here. I only download unique files by not downloading two files with the same hash. Posts get updated so I end up with a lot of files that are unsorted and all over the place. I was just curious how you sorted yours because it seems to be what I'm looking for and I'm not tech savvy.


Hopefully the fanbox fix you guy's are working on, works on the subcribestar importer too.
Fingers crossed!


Oooooh, okay okay. My bad, that's a completely reasonable request.

So for fanbox I use `{id} ({num:>02}) - {filename}.{extension}` and `{service}_{user}_{id}_{num}` for an archive (if you want to keep an archive). I also (now) download json metadata for everything as a postprocessor:
"name": "metadata",
"event": "prepare",
"mode": "json",
"directory": "json",
"extension-format": "json"

A lot of this can be seen in the current gallery-dl issues. I've generated a url list I had previously downloaded and did a gallery-dl grab with –no-download to not grab any files, but it will grab the metadata. Using that metadata, I as able to rename files with matching hashes, but older imports of things like thumbnails won't have matching hashes, which is why I'd want the api to allow gallery-dl to snag this info.


Anyone know kogeikun's new bullshit MEGA password?


will we ever get candfans support on the website?


Can you post your script to sort the files using that metadata?


Those things spread faster than roaches. What's this now?

I don't want to jinx it but fanbox only is a password reset security issue when a session hijack is detected.

Substar on the other hand literally goes mafia on you and fantia deletes accounts (also means you lose all purchases on top of being banned so product purchases and backnumbers are highly unlikely to ever be supported). Not sure about the gumroad situation (other than no one working on the importer) so can't comment on this.


not sure if this is possible but if the importer can stop the detection could there be hope for fantia importer coming back?


what do you think dumbass


Don't be a dick to them you bitch


Can there be a feature for enough petitions on an old post to have the importer auto-update the old post and its comments? Sometimes content is edited back into old posts, for instance a changing mega link in comments. Thank you all.


Fix fanbox and I will hug you.
I will move heaven and earth to find you and I swear to whatever god you believe in I will give you the best hug even performed between two human beings, you'll be hugged so good that every bitch named Trevor will burst in to flames because his name is Trevor…unless your name is Trevor in which case, Trevor's are soooooo "cool".

In conclusion, please fix fanbox.


fanbox *will* get fixed eventually right


Seems like it won't since Fanbox is now listed as "Not working" instead of "Maintenance/Working on" and there is a spiel about Kemono being on it's last legs.


Where did you get it from?


Why would Kemono be on it's last legs?


Tele, And other thread about Importer statuses
Patreon is the only functional importer. Once it's gone, So is the site. No one cares, no one want's to fix anything.


you're either trolling or unironically retarded


The person on the importer update thread who claimed that "kemono is on its last legs" is somebody who was banned on telegram in January. Not a reliable source. I would refrain from saying if fanbox will or won't be fixed until Hermiet, SA, or whoever is coding says fanbox won't be fixed.


Considering Hermiet posted like a dozen posts above stating the fanbox importer "can and will be fixed" there's zero reason to believe otherwise right now. People are just making shit up and doomposting for no reason.


>banner looking for experienced Python devs in Wepscraping

shock and awe to doomposters.



File: 1695614634287.jpeg (707.81 KB, 828x1440, IMG_0012.jpeg)


I'm curious about how they ensure that the developers they're recruiting aren't the ones who already work with Patreon, Fanbox, or SubscribeStar. This could potentially complicate things further, as they might going to discover Kemono code structure. 🤔


they could ask them to write a standalone framework and then kemono implement it without them involving codebase


How do you expect Kemono to run without moles, Anon? We're all furry yakuzas of sorts.

2-4 months from meow, Pepegram and Hermitcrab dixit. Please stay warmly subscribed to paid tiers until this happens.


This shtupitt kimono site are fucking dead. Wimmy Flickerschnitzel!!!! Are so fucking dumb to think site will ever alive anymore?????


Kemono needs to implement manual uploads. Now that sites and artists have developed ways to circumvent automatic uploads, that’s the only way to keep Kemono alive.


File: 1695669754752.png (1.21 MB, 1152x866, 1 (2).png)

Cool story bro.

How will you verify the uploaded files?


recently got the kemono blacklist, and every time i close my browser it generates a new one. this of course because i have my browser's privacy settings to always delte cookies and stuff when it closes. How can I save the blacklist or make it so it doesnt delete cookies for it? on firefox using tampermonkey


How do I add a discord server to my favorites? I see some of them marked with "X favorites" so I know some people are, but I don't see how.


its a separate tool, like the artist blacklister. check it out in the kemono tools telegram server.

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