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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>29431


Code-janny, could you make the artists page take search terms from the URL?


Is fanbox importer down?


could you make a specific page for importers to import or put passwords which are not included on posts(they might be restricted to DMs, for example. also the current DM function is broken)


Why almost all of the updates are from patreon? Is there something wrong with fanbox importer?


Patreon payments got flagged as fraud last month and this caused a bit of panic so now there are both new patreons and late imports coming through.



>some importer features broken
>"i wonder why 🤔"
>went to telegram
>"any idea why the DM not gets imported?"
>owner answer
>no devs
>hmm i wonder why anyone know why here is no devs?


Is there a site for subscribestar stuff or is there an issue getting content from them


>Super based anon keeps YukinoMemories patreon upto date
Thank you whoever you are.


Gumroad won't import. Plus the google tutorial is outdated.


File: 1691837285472.gif (1.18 MB, 498x291, furryseason.gif)

Substar and Gumroad importers are dead
it's literally Patreon, Fanbox and Discord until the end of the furry season


But still that doesn't explain why is there almost no updates of fanbox, comparing to previous month


Another bug - Patreon importer won't update existing posts even if flagged



Attachments seem broken for this user


I've noticed that sometimes when a new import comes in it'll skip a post or two. For instance this user: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/37581425

Has a post missing right after the top row of 6. Is this something that would be fixed in a new scrape or would it be a continuous bug?


forgive me but what do you mean by "furry season"? The New Years?

If anything I'm just glad I'm not an idiot, spent way to long trying to get it to work. Glad the problem isn't with me.


Is something broken or site is just dying? There are almost no updates compared to previous month



The dl link for this post's set is meant to be in the comments. However, it seems the importer may have missed it. Hopefully it gets re-done soon, the artist closes the link after only a few days


Any ETA on Fantia coming back up?


Why is Coomers support for directly posted videos better then Patreon over on Kemono?


Because coomer always gets the best service, hah.

When someone comes back. I forgot an important step in there but man, my head hurts.

A few days? That's lax.


It's been dead for like 2 years. No devs, no accessible code repository. You couldn't even volunteer if you wanted to. Try Cowloon.

Please provide half the import ID and ping SA when he wakes up if he's not already dead and posting from the other side. Man, I wish I were dead too.

I blame Korean conscription or Patreon's hate for lolis. Either way, it's not coming back, chief.

Something already known with no ETA on a fix. Brainstorm for a workaround or politely rape the creator in the poopie hole.

Mayhaps there is something afoot with the fanbox importer? Have you asked your fellow importers and did they experience trouble? Oh, right.

Kill them all, Bastet will know her own.

How was your cave life, anon?

Try Cowloon.

Like pottery heh.

See >>30957 and then try again.


See >>30933 and loop back.

Code what?

I have to do your work and they don't pay me enough for this!


I can't follow the new artists and see which artists I already follow


Admins, have you banned eastern european IPs by any chance? I have to use a VPN to connect to the site now, which is really annoying.


What is this Cowloon you keep mentioning?


a site that never existed. lol seriously ive tried all cowloon.party cowloon.su cowloon.com cowloon.site non of it gives a result. all i found is a chinese restaurant in hong kong lol


I think this Github link is the closest to what he means by "Cowloon".


File: 1692099213605.gif (2.92 MB, 498x280, IMG_0478.gif)

I don’t know about that, but that doesn’t seems like it has anything to do with how to get SubscribeStar content.


what does it do and can it give me free shit


can we have rss feeds for users?


Obligatory fantia status question.


are fanbox artists just not updating anymore or is there some faggot going around with free subs


This is only a blind shot in the dark in terms of on the original poster means by "Cowloon".


Would it be possible to add some sort of notification trough email or something when a new updated video has arrived of your favorites? I would love an addition like this. Thanks


File: 1692212083964.jpg (1.04 MB, 2048x1536, 166085951522316.jpg)

Try another browser, relog or wait.

On Romania's end, not ours. If other countries block us, go scream at them.

Already implemented in the form of recent posts and artists.

Still down.

Yes, of course, we will automatically send you notifications at some point. Rest assured this is the utmost priority on our schedule.


Darn patreon videos are still broken. How hard is this to fix that it is still not working half a year later??


You know what I really hate?
When one of my favorite galleries says it has updated with new content but the latest post is from a week to a month ago, and you don't know when actual new content will appear in a gallery.



No please, don't add new notification. It become double edged sword. The artist also will know their kemono has been updated.


wtf is wrong with you, you really can't manually check the artist you want to see if it has been updated, there are many more important things than adding that useless function
I think the "favorites" section is useless for you.



holy shit, poor of you, it's hard to see how an artist you want isn't updated with the last post, if you want to see your artist updated so much, PAY.


You're either larping, or are forgetting to use your trip code


put your trip on sa


File: 1692334578747.jpg (26.26 KB, 482x482, 84fe4db1f9fe8f80e414889f46….jpg)

im dumb and all but why genshin thread deleted?


>looks on archive.is
>the CP is archived too LMAO
Welp, get those genshin mods while you can because those snapshots won't last long…


Bro, it's a given that they're Pedophiles. It's just a requirement for them at this point.


How do i comment on someone post


method a: don't
method b: subscribe to creator and comment on source site


Is there a site like this that actually works?


No, kemono is the only place in the universe to scrape paywalls and leak passwords and DMs. It will truly be a worldwide catastrophe when the site dies for good.


You say this sarcastically, but unless you've been living under a rock since before Seiso and Memoryhole this is basically true, as far as fully automated tools go.
Guess we wait for another fork.


I had to reinstall my OS and a lot of programs after some critical corruption fucked up everything. I remember in my web browser i had some bookmarks that fetched the user ID's of patreon channels and the user ID's of fanbox channels as well, but i couldn't find them on the kemono FAQ. did those get deleted?


A lot of things changed anon, openyiff is now closedyiff, importers died forever, etc
I'll post them directly for people who don't feel like using shittygram



If your browser is shit and says bookmarklets are sus, run it directly in the console instead.


Just the fact people here only know about kemono and maybe knew about yiff, seiso and memoryhole shows the obvious flaw in the furry master plan. Original founders suck at tactical warfare, that's for sure.


Neither work, retard


File: 1692564044992.png (977 B, 130x130, IMG_0000.png)

I deeply apologize but I cannot be held liable for your very limited copypasting capabilities, fren.


I noticed that after flagging some fost are being unflagged but without content updates


I noticed fanbox user Ironsugar disappeared from the website. I had his page in my favourites and it just redirects to the frontpage. I also tried to import his posts, but the importer says they are already archived. Does this mean this page has been blocked from viewing on Kemono?



File: 1692638816636.gif (683.52 KB, 498x498, 16015231855215.gif)

Truly a terrible thing.


What Genshin thread?

Flag them again and import the correct tier. Also, give half the import id.

>checks content
Such a mystery.


Is fanbox importer turned off or broken or something? When i check recently updated artists there are literally pages of patreon imports only, without a single fanbox update.And the ones that are listed as recently updated are not even actually updated with the last posts from april


You are a major fucking retard.


200 creators or so have been updated or indexed using the Fanbox importer within the last 24 hours. There are quite a bunch successfully running as we speak.


Is patreon updates broken? I have imported my session key, and the key shows as live, but the site is not updating to the latest posts.


Check a random post you have imported. Say the creator's ID is 1234 and you want to check if post 12345678 went through: kemono.party/patreon/user/1234/post/12345678

It'll show up eventually, can take a few hours or a couple days.


File: 1692811144647.png (6.3 KB, 806x77, Capture.PNG)

Can you also import the commenter names? Pic related, I'm sure it's not going to be the only instance going forward.


That's a great way to get yeeted from a platform where nicknames are directly attached to payment information (guess what potentially happens if the passwords leak). This creator is a genius.


File: 1692825274534.jpg (64.08 KB, 640x360, sddefault.jpg)

num_of_files | total_size
30,902,173 | 163636.51 GB

num_of_files | total_size
24,960,195 | 313349.55 GB

Storage is ever growing, more spinny devices are needed.
At what point do you stop this insanity?


Start by removing all the AI shit that's started clogging things up since September


It's /exclusions all over again


Once reactionfags, AI autists, camwhores, murrsuiters and hypnotherapy all die out we can start paying for and archiving stuff that matters. #savethespinnies #stophoarding


My Patreon imports keep failing. It says posts are not obtainable for the URL. I tried importing a few months ago and had the same issue.
I tried all the troubleshooting steps I could think of. No luck.
Here's the first half of my import ID: 1234eceb


How are some posts hidden from an artist's page? For example, at https://kemono.party/patreon/user/38716688 , between 2023-08-06 and 2023-08-22, there are some posts that are only visible if you search for them when I search "kikuri"


Seems that there is a bug with patreon comments import - some of them arent imported at all.


maybe also don't bother importing files that have very short early access periods since they're going to be publicly available anyway after a few days, focus on the paywalled content that last a month or a year or never become public at all


They showed up now. I'm guessing they were just added out of order and there is a delay with showing up in the artist's page? I've noticed that a number of times, with artists showing that they've been updated but not being able to see the post(s) until about a day later.


Yeah, caching takes a little while in my experience aswell


File: 1692997481118.jpg (14.51 KB, 249x213, tired jerry.jpg)


only imports free posts even though I'm at the highest paid tier


Get that fucking cunt amouranth off the landing page on coomer. She's a fucking eyesore.


This is kemono my dude
Unless you want to help with storage, which is appreciated! I'll relay the information to the vacated ones


File: 1693195976568.png (426.78 KB, 499x758, 4a.png)

post revision is coming to kp but imo fixing the importer is much more important rn because artist that share content saved outside paywall would become immune to it. and the comments not not getting reimport anyway.


Is there a way to reach out to whoever imports a specific user if their import is broken and it hasn't been fixed yet?


No, and there never will be. We have no data on anyone. Not even able to give stuff to ruski gov when they need it since we have literally no data on anyone.


Alright, well, thank you for telling me. Hopefully the person responsible for the one I'm looking for notices eventually or if not I'll have to get a sub myself.


Might I suggest a 4-5 day delay on posts showing up on the site? It'll throw off artists who are monitoring their page index/update dates in order to ban leakers.

It's your own problem if you can't wait a few days for free porn.


You might be on to something. If we delay the posts, it will basically drive attention away from the one who is importing.


Artist detected


Interesting idea, maybe add a bit of randomness like between 2 to 5 days if you really want to obscure them for the obsessed ones who will actually take note and wait a set period
Calm down you'll still get it, considering it's free a little patience doesn't hurt


It's not that post on posts appear instantly after they posted on paywalled site anyway. And getting posts faster is better, because many artists have links that expire after only a few days and if you're not fast enough, the content is lost forever. And I don't think that artists that already aware of kemono will stop deleting the links only because their posts are appear here few days later, so that's really stupid idea that will be a benefit only for artists


This. Import time is already random enough, more delay will only benefit the artists who use expiring links


Yeah, that's what I'm saying


File: 1693399554211.jpg (109.44 KB, 1421x725, thinkmark.jpg)



Favorited posts for artists should be easier to view.


Cache is borked for user/7522724. What's showing up just ain't right.


Sorry, should've posted more info: /patreon/user/7522724; around first 5 pages.


Especially what again?


just put two spaces in the search box to force it to make a new query
revisions should be finally coming which would fix exactly that issue


Sorry to say this since I haven’t visited this forum for a long while, I’ll need to ask this question which might be answered already but is there a replacement thread for artist request now? If there is please tell me where I could find it.


has probably been suggested before, but what about a blocking artist feature? just like how someone is able to favorite an artist, you could block some. Getting kinda tired of a couple of artists that show up on certain post searches and they both clutter what I actually want to see, and in many cases even kill my boner.


Userscript is available on kemono tools telegram channel




Wait, this might be because I'm dumb, but exactly what does post revisions do? I guess it catalogs any changes to a post someone makes?

Plus, I know it's out of my hands, but man, /discord/server/1085197731301167205 is grossly outdated. The "#archive" tab only has one entry from April, but the artist has since removed the MEGA link…

It's fine, I guess someone will come around to it eventually.


File: 1693774317936.png (8.02 KB, 383x86, Capture.PNG)

if this works like i think it works….then that might explain why kemono has been a bit choppy for me to browse lately. whoever managed to code something like that in, and the effort it took to get it realized…..you fukin chad. pat yourself on the back, you did some crazy good shit right there



what is it for???


So what's this hash look up thing?


I'm fine if kemono want to add image search but is it possible that people can spamming it to create dos attack?


It lets you choose a specific version of a post that has been previously flagged for reimport, so that you can see the history of its content (useful when artists remove URL to stuff, for example).
Basically, now there should be no fear of losing content when dumbasses have nothing better to do that mass flagging in order to "erase" content.


certain artists don't seem to show up anymore when searching kemono…

i used to see ironsugar's fanbox but now when i go to their page it goes back to the
artists page


i miss shino



Actual DDoS attacks against kemono get completely destroyed. Just laugh and let jews cope and seethe at how they literally only have one bastion left.

If that isn't enough to change the mindset of pure greed, we'll make that zero.


when will you add revisions to the API?


First of all, please forgive me if this is not the correct place to troubleshoot.
I’m unable to search for artists and I get sent to the search artists page when I try to sign in. I do get signed in but everything looks as if I’m still logged out, the only reason I know it’s logging me in is that I can view my favorited artists but all other functionality that comes with being signed in (like being able to favorite artists and posts) is not there. The UI is also a bit messed up, where things are overlapping where they shouldn’t be. I’ve tried clearing my cache, swapping browsers, connecting to different WiFi’s, using a VPN, and going on the site with another device and the only one that worked was using a different device. How I can fix this on my main device if I can? I’ve been using this device for over a year for kemono so I don’t know why it suddenly stopped working with it. Thanks in advance!


Any way to import external payloaded sites linked to patreon?
ex. The Joi Database?



reddit typer


this is the first time I've imported something(fanbox), I have a question, here it says it's finished and has imported 230 posts apparently, but when I open the creator page there are only about 15 posts and several are missing, does it take time to appear or is there any other procedure?

last msg: 214. @2023-09-06 00:03:08: Finished scanning for posts


I'll drop this then.

On /posts endpoint, posts aren't sorted by post date one-by-one kinda bothers me.

Thank you for keeping up my comezone.


Is that why all of my favorite posts are out of whack? I thought it was just a me issue.


first time importing, trying to get someone from patreon but 5 minutes after it says importing campaign [URL], it says posts aren't available with no explanation and then just stops.
any more information would be useful, am i messing up? half the import ID is 2a11d4cc****


Hey, I just need to address something.

Is anyone here aware of the "Child Online Protection Act" in the US? The one the US goverment is planning to pass very soon?

As the name implies, it's meant to keep kids safe online. It comes with good intentions… but that's where the benefits end.

You see, due to the arbitrary boundaries in terms of what does or doesn't count as breaching child safety, innocent artists are having their accounts purged. And how's this; this isn't just a Patreon issue, or a DeviantArt issue, or even a Twitter issue. This is an issue that affects ALL websites based in the United States!

At first, this might seem like someone else's problem. That is, until you realise how people are going to react and how it may affect Kemono.

Every American-based paywall site including Patreon (Kemono's most prioritised site) may see a significant wave of artists migrate to any paywall site they can find outside the US. And of course the most significant (if not the only one) of it's kind is Pixiv Fanbox (based in Japan).

Now Kemono (admins/mods), I know you don't prioritise Pixiv Fanbox as much as Patreon (and I know there have been periods where not a whole lot of Pixiv Fanbox activity happens). But seeing how much things may be about to change, it may be time to prioritise Pixiv Fanbox on the same level as, if not more than, Patreon. The sooner we can get a head start on preparing for this shift, the better.



File: 1694092411104.png (93.4 KB, 750x429, Child Online Protection Ac….png)

You are very confused. Or retarded. Or GPT.


This isn't a kemono problem, most people go with Patreon first because many westerners don't know how to fly uncensored content past the radar without breaking the rules on Fanbox.


Imagine being in 2023 without knowing how to zip file or external link.


I'd love it if comments in already uploaded posts were checked for updates, as some creators put/change mega decryption keys or passwords in them.


I'd much rather have rss feeds

speaking of which, is the kemono api documented anywhere? I want to see if it's possible to build an rss feed out of it, for personal use. I used to have something similar for picarto until rss-bridge made their own and rendered mine obsolete



It's actually called the "Kids Online Social Media Act", I saw some people getting mixed up.

Sorry for the confusion, but yes it can still cause a big migration to Pixiv Fanbox. Whether things actually get that bad or not.



Too many patreons/fanbox users has now hide their contents through MEGA files with a password key where the user send it to the patreons SM. The importer should’ve give the password key too. Otherwise it would be meaningless.


I prefer dev add blacklist to ignore people pulling bs so I dont see them show up in search result


A whole bunch of my favorite galleries have been "updated" but non of the additions are showing if any.

But I bet this issue of course will be ignored.


Same issue here, a ton of updated favorites but I'm seeing nothing new so far in them.


for the 1000th time, posts take some time to show up in the artist's page. If you serach the posts by name they're already on the website, but i guess bitching on here like retards is easier than spending 20 seconds reading the other posts mentioning the same damn thing every time isn't it?


so why not make it only update when import is finished and showed up? who is retarded here? who made this design choice?


I already know that, but this time there's a FUCKTON of "updated" artists that posted nothing new in the last month or longer and already had all their posts imported long ago, makes me think someone is maliciously automating the flagging of all public posts for re-import so they get updated with worthless comments or whatever.


even searching through the individual posts, a lot of galleries that say they were updated are missing recent posts, so it's not a loading issue. the updates are just either fake or not going through.


Some of the "updates" are for artists who haven't uploaded anything in about two years.


Updates are lies. Can't find new posts


a way to see the recent post of your favorites would be nice


Says updated but no new posts


I came here and was about to ask the same thing. I guess the guy updating /patreon/user/68763542 got patreon hooked up to kemono but forgot to connect discord? He's still a patron it seems since there's an update from yesterday.


>Already implemented in the form of recent posts and artists.
I mean like a .atom/.rss url you put in a feed reader like newsblur


Seems like a lot of people are facing the same problem. There's a lot of artist who got updated, but has no recent post. Even if tried to search for the specific post, I can't find any of the recent post. Here are some of the examples:



I'm not sure what causes this. Maybe someone who used to update the artist didn't pay for the subscription this month,but it got updated on kemono anyways? I know there are some cases where the artist's free post only got updated, but not their paywalled post. Maybe this is a similar case?


something is wrong with fanbox importer
because patreon post showed up just fine

all the fanbox artist bumped for nothing


Just thought you should know the rewards link page for the dropbox for Jhiaccio's patreon has been broken for months despite the fact updates are still getting imported


Phantom updates are honestly getting out of hand. I'm seeing the same artists get updated multiple times per day at this point with zero change to their content.


I also got a fuckton of favourite artists updated today (~150) and all of them had new content. Even those who didn't post anything in some time, were only updated if their most recent post had never been imported before


Tell whoever keeps posting cp on this chan to go get a life. Just happened within the last half hour.


Absolutely true, lock them up and let them rot in a rat infested cell.


What is up with the site recently? A lot of updated artists only to see that their works haven't been updated at all.


Phantom free content bumps, not actual subscriptions.


It would be nice if there was a "last imported" or "latest post" sort option.
This is assuming what is happening with last updated is intentional and not a bug.


it will be very funny if someone found a bug to import nothing and still make it bump the artist just to screw everyone


I'm getting bumps for artists that haven't posted anything new at all


Shoot. Waiting for artist getting updated, only to find the link already expired. What is with the ghost update.


fanbox importer is either broken or bugged so you see tons of ghost bump


Fantia is ded right? I don't see updates from fantia many months ago



bump? every time i've tried it's still having the same issues, i only subscribed to the patreon to get it uploaded here in the first place. would appreciate help


for posterity, first half of my import ID is 0625f23f


Will flagging a post that is not updated, cause all the posts to lose their updates? Like the importer will start importing all the posts again or only the flagged one?

The patreon video is from a vimeo link, and gets expired, and whe nnew posts are made available, the old posts are not updated for some reason. Any solutions for this?

Thank you


It's been like this for months, they know and don't care, see >>30104 and their response >>30122

From what I've seen it currently takes at least 2 hours for a fanbox post to actually show up on the artist's page once it's been uploaded (while patreon is instant), until it shows up you have to copy the post number from fanbox, hop on a seperate existing post page already uploaded to KP, and then replace that post number with the new posts' number to see it…or again, wait 2+ fucking hours for it to finally show up…


I already saw some artist got bumped twice in 3 days and they haven't post shits for weeks on their fanbox page


doomposting aside, can we eventually get searching within revisions


That's two different issues. The former is the fact that Fanbox posts take a while to show up which, while annoying, isn't a huge issue to come back a few hours later.

The latter is that most fanbox "updates" within the past week have contained zero content whatsoever and it continues to happen as I type this post. I'm seeing artists update dozens of times PER DAY with zero change to their content even though they're pushed to the top of my updated list. Something has clearly fucked up to cause these phantom updates within the past week.

It's making it obnoxious to find out which artists actually have updated, especially when you're following a decently large number of artists. Waking up to 5+ pages of "updates" and trying to figure out the handful of those that have actual new content is not fun.


Did the phantom update thing get fixed? Seems like it.



https://www.kemono.party/api/patreon/user/32832692/post/39942336 Exist but
https://www.kemono.party/api/patreon/user/32832692/post/39942336/revision/7971078 does not exist


Use the site then.


File: 1694391713428.png (1.65 MB, 1892x2142, o6xypg00uac911.png)

Any plans to add API support for it?
I've made myself a basic HTML scraper for now, but I kinda hate using it. Instead of getting 50 posts per request, I now have to request every single post to check if there are revisions, and then do an additional request for each revision to check if they contain anything that's not in the current post (they usually don't, by the way).


Obligatory monthly fantia status question.


Some creators put a mega link in the post with a decryption key in comments. Is there any way we can request for artist comments to be imported on posts?


I saw all the ghost bumped date have been restored, thanks for not forsaken us


will flagging a post, update other posts as well or only the flagged post?

Asking because that after i flag a post because the link of the video of that post has expired, i find that the videos of the posts that are working, get expired as well, after a while.


Only the flagged ones


You have to flag every post that needs reimporting, it will skip others.


Seems that the site's cert has expired and cannot see the post's images in full size :(


>>31490 yeah, I had the same problem. I can't see the full size of the image


lmao you got scammed because the guy you hired to implement revisions to the site didn't fix the API


>>31490 i thought it was on my end because i couldnt see anyone else complain about it oop


Hi, i'm trying to download from a link but it says that the certificate is expired.
https://www.kemono.party/patreon/user/10339775/post/75231828 this is the post


nope it's on their end, and it seems to be a very recent issue


It seems that all the "c[X].kemono.party" addresses that handle the full downloads have the expired certificate problem.


treble bump, issue still remains


also experiencing this issue getting nginx errors with a white screen saying too many requests so cant download when trying to view one image.


Why was the favorites API endpoint on coomer removed?
https://coomer.party/api/favorites now gives a 404 error
https://kemono.party/api/favorites still works.


All the downloads here are broken, they start 30 seconds after clicking the link and then the bandwidth immediately decreases to zero.



Have the same issue with downloading the full size pictures or mp4 files


I've also found that I've had this issue every once in a while on some of the more infrequently updated artists I pay attention to. Is there any possibility that maybe there could be a thread set up to report these kinds of issues so the scrapers involved with those artists would see it and know to report it? I'd prefer not to give out bank details to one of these sites just yet to fix it on my own but if it's what has to be done I can do it as a last resort.


Any update on the broken downloads?


It looks like the site is giving a 502 error when I try and access the site. Is this just a individual issue or is more people having this issue?


502 Bad Gateway and 529 Too Many Requests are pretty common.

For the former, just try again later; for the latter, slow down on the queries.


How long does importing take? No progress for 24 hours, is it broken?


about tree fiddy


Half of id: 0696ec8e

I guess this is failing idk. There's nothing in the log.


Quite a few creators has started putting download links in their Welcome Note's

which it seems Kemono does not pull at all, is this something that can be added?



when will kemono stop logging out people randomly


When browsers decide it's pointless to set expiring sessions.
It's quite obvious you don't know how technology works.


this one artist has been missing the same ~20 posts for literally months no matter how many times their page gets imported

I'd say who the artist is but then the "mods" would probably think I'm making a request and delete the post

knowing how overly sensitive they are they'd probably delete this anyway


"Click the picture to get the password. The password is shown below the image."
If I interpret this correctly, one of the images should be a redirect to some site hosting the password?
I'm not sure, but if it's like that the link didn't get scraped with the rest of the post. Maybe this can be implemented?


yeeeea, either it last weeks or it expired tomorrow for no reason and I browse it everyday

totally my fault, really


File: 1694790033483.jpg (754.96 KB, 974x1633, Screenshot 2023-09-15 1048….jpg)

Duplicated Gumroad pages that needed to be merge with the other one that has the imported content or be removed.


Check the tier of the import, assuming those missing posts are for a different tier.


Given how many artists are moving all their Patreon content to linked Discord servers, the Discord importer really needs a facelift.


This. Discord isn't going to keep rulebreaking servers forever but if no one's ever working on the dead importers again, better than nothing.


Any way for us to delete our kemono/coomer account?


Nope. Just forget it exists.



I noticed that Skygracer's gumroad has been at the top of my favorites page for a long enough while now, but every time I take a look, the page is completely blank, not a single entry. I recall they had somewhere between 2-5 posts a few months back. Did somebody false-flag the posts when Skygracer wiped their gumroad clean?


Nothing broken or bothering me right now, but I just wanted to throw it out there:

Whoever updated this page (https://kemono.party/patreon/user/19126407/post/26745392) so that the link actually goes to a picture, you're my hero. Thank you! :D


Why do Kemono's admins and mods only have 2 meals a day?

Because they don't have bREQfast.


The way Kemono does things with gumroad changed a long time ago, so will be under a different URL: https://kemono.su/gumroad/user/8895614098716


Is dlsite Importer fine?


Only importers that are fine are fanbox, patreon and discord


Just throwing it out there, whoever imported this Fanbox page (https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/55251912?o=0), you're my hero! Thanks so much! :D


So there's an author whose Patreon was imported, and every post but one (I don't sub to him, but you can search posts on Patreon without being able to actually open them, and the post titles are visible on his profile/page) was successfully imported. I can't figure out why "part 127" and "part 129" were imported fine, but "part 128" just… didn't make it.
It's not a huge deal, just a little annoying, but I thought it was super bizzare. Like…I get having *several* posts missing, if it wasn't imported or updated recently…but every single other post from this author was fine. Any thoughts?
For reference, the "part 127" I mentioned: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/51234090/post/86615557
Just tap "previous" and it'll take you to part 129. Tap it again, part 130. Etc. Weirdest bug (if that's what it is) I've ever seen. Sorry, idk the etiquette for posting here, I speak "pidgin tech" at best. Just seemed like a bizzare issue that someone should be told about.


Pixiv sent me an email that said unauthorized access had been detected on my account and had me reset my password. Fantia did the same thing about the time they put leak detection in place.




yeah me too…



Kemono doesn't seem to recognize cookies.
I'm logged in, but when I click Favorites, it asks me for a name and password. It even keeps the option to logout and such.


Can there be a feature for enough petitions on an old post to have the importer auto-update the old post and its comments? Sometimes content is edited back into old posts, for instance a changing mega link in comments. Thank you all.


Same here, seems like the Fanboxpocalypse is upon us.


Why is it that with pages that use Vimeo is doesn't open to the video. It always leads to a "video not found page".


File: 1695184849517.jpeg (35.53 KB, 709x765, sM77zRs.jpeg)

I can't be the only who unfaves all my saved pics cuz a new one from the artist came out and i want them to be neatly organized


Could be that specific part accidentally (or deliberately) was in a tier that the importers didn't have access to. Only way to be sure is the import logs.


Not the person you're replying to, but in my case, I know one for certain one of the missing posts is from a tier below what the person ripping is subscribed to, and so there's definitely some sort of glitch going on.


This is a reply to post no.31646

Yeah, that was my first thought, though it'd be super weird. But nope, part 128 is from the same tier (the lowest available) as 127 and 129 etc. It's weird as heck. Thanks for the suggestion tho :)


Welp, boys, Kemono is now oficially a Patreon ONLY scrapper!

"Japanese shit is for losers anyways"
-Future mod post


can the importer be modified to do about this or are we doomed


How come there isn't any updates on kemono?


How come there isn't any updates on kemono? Is it broken or something?


hello can you tell me what is happening in kemono because it has not updated today and there have been no new publications. can you tell me what is happening because the publications are paralyzed?


Why isn't there any updates? Somebody answer me!



The zip files download for the profile are broken.


Can somebody answer me why Kemono isn't updating? I want to know!


Can you stop fucking panicking they're prolly working on a fix now just be patient


It's already been a day and it STILL hasn't been fixed yet!


I figured out how to reply to posts! Woot! (I'm the "one random post wasn't included in the import of this author's Patreon profile" anon)

Dude, chillax. I'm sure they're working on a fix. And the more time they have to spend soothing your panic attack over a delay in your pron getting updated, the less time they're able to spend fixing the frickin problem, savvy? (Feeling pirateish today) So take a deep breath, and relaaax. The God emperor protects, buddy. Lol. Hang in there.


Apparently, they are not fixing fanbox importer sadly


You got a source for that? I feel like you are confusing fanbox for fantia, which has been broken for a while.


Pixiv Fanbox, which broke a few days ago (immediately following the phantom updates saga which may or may not be related to why it's currently broken), is like half of the sites updates. Not fixing it (if at all possible, of course) would be silly.


File: 1695285497082.jpg (238.22 KB, 720x714, Screenshot_20230921-113356….jpg)

Source:official kemono telagram


File: 1695285643372.jpg (106.09 KB, 720x292, Screenshot_20230921-113439….jpg)

Here's more


Oh, and pinned message in tele literally says: "2 importers left before total kemono death"


Same person here, decided to check telegram after not opening it for a while. Usah is saying that fanbox is likely gone forever and that most of the devs don't care about the importer, while Hermietkreeft is saying that he's working on the importer and manual uploads, and something about yiff.party stuff being integrated.

Keep in mind that Usah's job is strictly on the message boards rather than actual site code, so I'm going to take the doomposting with a grain of salt since he likely only has slightly more info than us. We'll see how the broken importer snd manual uploads go, but I'm leaning on the "it will get done eventually. It will take time, but it's the highest priority for the site."

Oh, absolutely. Fanbox is literally half of the content here, while Fantia, Subscribestar, and Gumroad were more niche. Letting it stay broken forever would be a bad idea. That's why I'm hoping that Hermiet's manual importer will actually be released at some point, and that it can hopefully filter out spam, because clearly the automatic importer isn't sustainable.

I'd like to add that Patreon, the other major half of this site, broke a year or two ago, also due to cracking down on piracy I believe (rather than their current issues of credit card errors, which has had very little effect on imports), and they did manage to fix that in a month or two. Also, from what I'm reading, Pixiv is only forcing password changes, while Fantia would outright delete accounts. Password inconveniences are obviously much less dire than a completely deleted account where you can only reuse your email after waiting a month.


I was busy reading the telegram myself and typing my giant reply above while you posted these, but I might as well give some more positive information to counteract the unhelpful doomposting. Usah is not a developer, and while he's definitely being given updates, he's not directly working on the code, so I'd give more weight to a developer's words than a moderator's. Meanwhile Hermiet, who is a developer, has stated that he's working on manual uploads, the "importer has been written", and something about yiff.party integration. that I'd take the doomposting with a grain of salt.

Also, as I mentioned, patreon broke a while back in a similar fashion, and that got fixed, and fanbox isn't exactly "pulling a fantia" since it's only making you change your password, but isn't deleting your account like fantia was. I don't think I need to explain that that is much less dire.


File: 1695289592723.jpeg (214.5 KB, 749x905, IMG_6615.jpeg)

I might as well give proof to let those not on telegram know I'm not BSing to get people's hopes up. Part 1


File: 1695289691196.jpeg (254.47 KB, 749x1093, IMG_6614.jpeg)

And part 2, confirming some form of manual uploads is indeed being worked on


This is all useless until revisions and covers are detectable in the API.


I'm honestly surprised there's any coders left, much less anyone who cares about fixing anything


Fantia also started with password changes, but they deleted your account only after adding your key to the Kemono importer after the first reset.


There aren't. They're paying Fiverr to lease them a worker.


if that's true, it's still very surprising that they cared enough to even bother


Is there a request to change the password on Patreon as well? What are the chances of fanbox being fixed?


So… c(insert#).kemono.party servers appear to be doooowwwwn. But Kemono.party is live… so none of the larger images or zips load. :(


This wouldn't be happening had the parasitic furry social climbers not taken over control of the site.

It was all over from the moment shino left.


without furries, this site wouldn't exist, you ungrateful sick fuck (your anime would also not exist)


And the site will most likely cease to exist thanks to them as well.


no one's forcing you to be here, weeb, but you can't help but spread brain rot


whatever you say, faggot


File: 1695328475555.jpg (764.76 KB, 1290x1279, IMG_3363.jpg)

It can and will be.
I never mentioned manual uploading, only yiff.party integration
I own this place
Not touching code.
This is the subcategory of manual uploads on yiff.party
It is for old files that already existed on yiff.party
Thanks for the idea, Might actually work.
Temp issue with routing.
It would have worked better without them.
Them? Sure
Me? No


Thank you for confirming that there is indeed work being done to get fanbox importing back. This info is highly appreciated among all of the doomposting. I apologize for my errors in who is doing the coding.


Glad to hear there is work that will be done on the Fanbox importer.

Giving Kemono your keys is a risk you take and leakers know the risk of having their accounts completely deleted very well.

Honestly though I don't feel confident in handing my keys over until the smoke has cleared and other anons have imported from Fanbox successfully without issue for awhile.


Any chance we'll get revisions to work with the api? I got a fuckton of legacy fanbox files incorrectly named and there's no easy way to fix it without programmatic access to the api.


assume you could download every imported file from a post, how would you automatically sort it?


Obligatory fantia status question.


Hash? Is this a trick question?


finally got around to it: https://rentry.co/i6ceo
pretty barebones, any links and images will be broken; but that's already good enough for my purposes (update notifications for webnovels)


File: 1695350269830.png (479.49 KB, 912x1024, 1636317147064.png)

Props to the mad lad that updated karmagik's patreon and with the high res tier, to boot; usually, I'm the only one that ends up doing it once every few months so this a nice change of pace.


ok you've hashed the files, now what


Are there any chances that Patreon comments import will be fixed as well?
Cause some comments arent importing at all.


Stupid question: The in the future we will be able to explore the old data that was stored on Yiff.party before it got nuked?


Some fuckhead's just posted CP 10 minutes ago. That guy needs a life.



I don't know what you magnificent bastiges did, but wooo! The only unimported post on that author's page is now imported! Pretty much what I'd guessed happened from context, but it was awesome getting confirmation! So tysvm to the person who fixed it! You rock!
Ps: thanks for the update, Hermietkreeft! It's a bit like telling a bunch of ravenous cats that the tuna is coming (they dgaf unless it's actually there…and they will make sure you understand that, lol) but some of the "cats" appreciate the thought, anyway. Thanks.


Thanks to the developers for their efforts, is there any way to fix it for fanbox? I think we still need to develop a manual upload mode


What are you on about anon? You asked how I would sort versioning, which is completely unrelated to my grabbing of metadata of versioning for fixing filenames…

Please make your point or don't? Are you a dev?


Excuse I.

I use gallery-dl to download files from here. I only download unique files by not downloading two files with the same hash. Posts get updated so I end up with a lot of files that are unsorted and all over the place. I was just curious how you sorted yours because it seems to be what I'm looking for and I'm not tech savvy.


Hopefully the fanbox fix you guy's are working on, works on the subcribestar importer too.
Fingers crossed!


Oooooh, okay okay. My bad, that's a completely reasonable request.

So for fanbox I use `{id} ({num:>02}) - {filename}.{extension}` and `{service}_{user}_{id}_{num}` for an archive (if you want to keep an archive). I also (now) download json metadata for everything as a postprocessor:
"name": "metadata",
"event": "prepare",
"mode": "json",
"directory": "json",
"extension-format": "json"

A lot of this can be seen in the current gallery-dl issues. I've generated a url list I had previously downloaded and did a gallery-dl grab with –no-download to not grab any files, but it will grab the metadata. Using that metadata, I as able to rename files with matching hashes, but older imports of things like thumbnails won't have matching hashes, which is why I'd want the api to allow gallery-dl to snag this info.


Anyone know kogeikun's new bullshit MEGA password?


will we ever get candfans support on the website?


Can you post your script to sort the files using that metadata?


Those things spread faster than roaches. What's this now?

I don't want to jinx it but fanbox only is a password reset security issue when a session hijack is detected.

Substar on the other hand literally goes mafia on you and fantia deletes accounts (also means you lose all purchases on top of being banned so product purchases and backnumbers are highly unlikely to ever be supported). Not sure about the gumroad situation (other than no one working on the importer) so can't comment on this.


not sure if this is possible but if the importer can stop the detection could there be hope for fantia importer coming back?


what do you think dumbass


Don't be a dick to them you bitch


Can there be a feature for enough petitions on an old post to have the importer auto-update the old post and its comments? Sometimes content is edited back into old posts, for instance a changing mega link in comments. Thank you all.


Fix fanbox and I will hug you.
I will move heaven and earth to find you and I swear to whatever god you believe in I will give you the best hug even performed between two human beings, you'll be hugged so good that every bitch named Trevor will burst in to flames because his name is Trevor…unless your name is Trevor in which case, Trevor's are soooooo "cool".

In conclusion, please fix fanbox.


fanbox *will* get fixed eventually right


Seems like it won't since Fanbox is now listed as "Not working" instead of "Maintenance/Working on" and there is a spiel about Kemono being on it's last legs.


Where did you get it from?


Why would Kemono be on it's last legs?


Tele, And other thread about Importer statuses
Patreon is the only functional importer. Once it's gone, So is the site. No one cares, no one want's to fix anything.


you're either trolling or unironically retarded


The person on the importer update thread who claimed that "kemono is on its last legs" is somebody who was banned on telegram in January. Not a reliable source. I would refrain from saying if fanbox will or won't be fixed until Hermiet, SA, or whoever is coding says fanbox won't be fixed.


Considering Hermiet posted like a dozen posts above stating the fanbox importer "can and will be fixed" there's zero reason to believe otherwise right now. People are just making shit up and doomposting for no reason.


>banner looking for experienced Python devs in Wepscraping

shock and awe to doomposters.



File: 1695614634287.jpeg (707.81 KB, 828x1440, IMG_0012.jpeg)


I'm curious about how they ensure that the developers they're recruiting aren't the ones who already work with Patreon, Fanbox, or SubscribeStar. This could potentially complicate things further, as they might going to discover Kemono code structure. 🤔


they could ask them to write a standalone framework and then kemono implement it without them involving codebase


How do you expect Kemono to run without moles, Anon? We're all furry yakuzas of sorts.

2-4 months from meow, Pepegram and Hermitcrab dixit. Please stay warmly subscribed to paid tiers until this happens.


This shtupitt kimono site are fucking dead. Wimmy Flickerschnitzel!!!! Are so fucking dumb to think site will ever alive anymore?????


Kemono needs to implement manual uploads. Now that sites and artists have developed ways to circumvent automatic uploads, that’s the only way to keep Kemono alive.


File: 1695669754752.png (1.21 MB, 1152x866, 1 (2).png)

Cool story bro.

How will you verify the uploaded files?


recently got the kemono blacklist, and every time i close my browser it generates a new one. this of course because i have my browser's privacy settings to always delte cookies and stuff when it closes. How can I save the blacklist or make it so it doesnt delete cookies for it? on firefox using tampermonkey


How do I add a discord server to my favorites? I see some of them marked with "X favorites" so I know some people are, but I don't see how.


its a separate tool, like the artist blacklister. check it out in the kemono tools telegram server.

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