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I'd like to tell you that the way to get import keys may have changed. I don't think you can get those cookies in Chrome anymore, not in the way the site tells you to. You might need to find another way.
As for my case, I am using Opera GX.


Are you in a smartphone? Of course it won't be the same. I am using Brave and seems like the cookies are still in its place. I've never imported from a smartphone since I don't have any but things in PC appears to be like the usual.


You're on mobile (galaxy fold?).
That's the problem.


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no yeah, the way has absolutely changed for chrome users on desktop. now you have to inspect the page, and go to the application tab


I meant on an actual desktop, not on mobile.


If you want anything like this changing in the FAQ, you'll have to make a wish upon a monkey's paw.

TLDR; Not likely to happen unless by some freak miracle it does.


That means search for the cookies yourself


I guess Brave is the only one which remains with this function, but since is a Chromium based web browser, the function will probably be gone eventually in the next updates.


> As for my case, I am using Opera GX
I’m so sorry, get well soon


Weird that now I have a problem. My keys are not shown there and even when I try to import a key it says they are already imported. But I can't revoke keys because I don't see em.


hHello, I don't know how I get my session key. the tutorial doesn't work
I'm on PC, I already tried it with chrome and godzilla firefox


For anything Chromium based, you can access cookies with a number of add-ons, I use EditThisCookie

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