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The artist tffeathers is putting passwords as their poll options now.
He watches kemono and knows that it doesn't import poll options or results, so he's jusy hiding the passwords there.
Any chance poll options might get scraper support too?


bumping this, we need improvement of the scrapper engine so it also scraps polls as well




Bumping for great justice


Bumping for this to be fixed


can someone just leak the password


Not a priority.


bumping this too


There's no reason to bump this everyday.
Seeing "BUMPING FOR GREAT JUSTICE!" doesn't assign it a higher priority, it just clogs the threads. Furthermore, in case you weren't aware, several things are broken right now, so adding new features on top of that is absolutely (presumed) not a priority. If it matters that much to you, just pay and support the guy whose work you so clearly want to see.


leak the damn password jesus






Been seeing this kind of shit a lot with the tools who paywall character cards they made with their pirated copies of illusion games (most notably koikatsu).



Stop insisting bro. No one but you give a shit.




bro hurry up and gt this shit fixed


Password is ukkt



the arist Teranen is doing this too, now. if anyone has the password for that it would be appreciated but this should really just be added to the scraper



Can somebody leak the passwords for Teranen too. They have been doing this for 2 months now and they just put the password in a new poll each time.


Not working for me for some reason.


password changed i think, anybody have it?


Anyone got the new TFFeathers password?


save us donald trump where is tffeathers password


Where are you Donald Trump?


If they had poll options I'd hope it'd be a separate tab next to the main posts but for now we request the password


File: 1700886508750.jpeg (42.83 KB, 750x208, 562756F5-3777-4F82-827D-9….jpeg)

the search bar is your friend


we can see poll results now orginal password was ukkt but that doesn't seem to be working now. I assume he change the password but scrolling through the Patreon doesnt show a new password post. if ukkt is still working for anyone let it be known but he possible change the password and figure out a diffrent way to send the information out


I suspect it's via their Discord


wtf it was that easy


fuck im actually retarded




Clever ass dude. MFFeathers puts his new passwords in his old posts and erased the titles so it'll be hard to find them just like the ones shown in the link from >>33736, and doesn't put the word "password" in the post so it'll be even harder to find one.

Yeah I know you're watching this thread too, MFFeathers


Most of us seems to find the password, but few seem to be too helpless to actually use their brain and look for it


imagine if he moves only to Subscribestar



Great idea, thanks moron. I'll take my content to subscribestar so you can't scrape it anymore. Appreciate it :)

Sincerely, your buddy Tffeathers.


oh boi



Imagine moving to a less popular platform and losing money in the process. Perhaps he thinks people here will give him money or something. When you thought artists couldn't get more retarded,


dawg stfu you aint tffeathers


Whining that artists reads the threads< not believing>>33849
its actually them answering


Anyone got December password?


Nope ukkt or bwug isn't working. Looks like that the poll answer (password) doesn't get updated from the uploader. I hope it gets fixed.


File: 1701700973803.png (11.72 KB, 543x104, link.PNG)

just copy the link kwuh


Oh fuckin hell. Thanks a lot. Didn't knew that would work.

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