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Everything is broken and it is bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Old thread: >>30911


Coomer api 404? Anyone else getting this?


Yes, I'm also getting 404s from both the coomer and kemono APIs.


Also have 404 error when using gallery-dl.


I would mention the fanbox being broken, but it is beating a dead horse now ain't it?


I hope fanbox importer will be fixed. There are many trolls jinxing about fanbox importer will never be fixed.


The issues board usually starts with the question:
>Something broken or bothering you?
Now it reads:
>Everything is broken and it is bothering you?

What a way to start the new thread. Fuck me.

So much for improving Kemono.


API url seems to have changed from '/api/' to '/api/v1/'. So something like
should work for now



Nice. Kinda sucks that the old URLs are broken now, forcing all scrapers to update, but it's worth it for API access to revisions and announcements. Also nice to have actual documentation instead of relying on word of mouth to discover all the endpoints.


I can access it manually in a browser window, but in code it somehow keeps redirecting me back to the old URL. For testing purposes I've got my code printing the URL immediately before it makes the request, so I can see that it's correct, but for some reason the actual request still redirects to the old URL and gives me a 404.

It's just blank off-white for me. Maybe it's an extension issue but there's nothing in uBlock Origin or uMatrix saying they're blocking anything.


File: 1697736867885.webm (230.91 KB, 730x720, StopFuckingCryingBitch.webm)


I hope so too.

(Actually, come to think of it, have they behaved like this before? Because I remember there was a lull of Fanbox updates some time ago, at least for my regulars, but it got updated eventually.)


The actual troll is the one making false promises for years


Any news on telegram regarding the issues or nothing?


Woop de fucking do -
At least they can admit they don't give a shit.

Hopium guzzlers fucking merked ;^)


If you are using Python for gallery-dl, you just need to update gallery-dl, so it addresses the issues, but the .exe version does not work at the moment.


What? Did they finally gave an answer about the Fanbox?


What? Did they finally said something about Fanbox importer?


Question, how often are Patreons updated on kemono? My favorite artist uploaded content but nothing can be seen on the Kemono page… only the old posts…


is there a way to favorite discord in KP?


is there a way to favorite discord in KP?


When will pixivfanbox be restored?


I know it's far from ideal to regress back to how yiff.party used to operate, but surely there is some record of who has been updating Fanbox users, and verify them to do some manual uploading like ye ol' days. It's better than nothing until Fanbox's importer gets fixed. Is this not an option? Anything is better than sad panda's rate of updates.


Not the biggest fan of the API just randomly being changed without any notice or grace period


Would be a helpful fix, whether temporary or not. Saw a mod trolling about there being no actual developers any longer, and some allusion to shino having left?

(I haven't been on the chan for half a year tbh so no idea what went on).


stop asking about fanbox importer, it's dead


And if it is, so is Kemono, and the admins should post a deadline for the site to go down. That it's time to start backing your favorites up.
Patreon is for nothing but trash western artists and AIfags who have been chased away the only platforms that matter.


And now only Patreon is left and if that dies the entire site will die.


Stop jinxing it


I cant imagine not being able to wank to thicc furry girls with big tiddy from japanese descent. Good luck with fixing the importer.


Yiff sucks a lot, especially the ones with shotas


Imagine not being able to understand that even without Kemono, stuff can always be uploaded to Exhentai, F95 and other websites.


But then, Exhentai is just a white void for most people and when you say F95, do you mean this website? → https://f95zone.to/


Imagine not being able to understand that Kemono is superior to Exhentai, F95 and other websites.


Dumb question, but what is this "sad panda" site people keep mentioning? When I googled it, I found posts that refer to it as exhentai, did the site get renamed then? Why do people keep calling it sad panda if that's the case? And what's so special about it? It just seems like a complete copy of ehentai. Unless it's the other way around or something idk


Used to be the premiere hentai site with an amazing tagging system and a HUUUGE collection of works.
Unfortunately it got taken down back in 2019. It "came back" but they've stopped allowing new users and it hasn't been the same since then…


exhentai is the same site as e-hentai

tendon (site owner) created exhentai to get richer by helping fakku get bigger and make his store more attractive

exhentai is a paywall because you can access exhentai's content on e-hentai if you buy a bronze star or better star and don't lose it

free users in a good standing have to use exhentai to get access to more public galleries

if your account is not in a good standing, you'll be met with a blank page on exhentai (in the past, you'd be met with a picture of a sad panda)

tendon and his cronies will lie that exhentai was made so tendon could make money off of ad revenue, this is a lie because more popular sites with the same content use the same ads

never give tendon any money because he's a pathological liar who makes seven figures off of e-hentai/exhentai while pretending to be "bleeding red", lied to his best and most loyal mod and admitted that money has never been an issue

owning such a star won't give you access to every public gallery because public galleries are unavailable to certain IP ranges or accounts if you've set off unknown triggers


Somehow, everything you said is wrong


>t. tendon or one of tendon's cronies


smells like a samefag because you're lying about the site not existing and not allowing new accounts, and sperging out over facts


Exhentai is dogshit for sharing paywalled posts. Most of it never gets tagged and it's not in one place like on Kemono. And Kemono has far more contributors than Exhentai could ever dream of. In fact, Exhentai has been a mirror for Kemono/Yiff, Pixiv, etc.


Ah, well then, Kemono is superior to F95zone too


tendon used to translate and work for fakku

fakku ops have their own vip accounts

panda is junk ever since maxipad vanished

muh ponyverse and chinkwars lmao


>tendon used to translate and work for fakku
does he really speak japanese? he's a weeb lol


I'm going to be honest, but I found a user who is sending cp spam. https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/32454.html


If you're consuming a lot of japanese media you naturally pick up a lot of the language, especially so if you try yourself at translating. You don't have to speak a language to translate it, either.
t. can read and translate doujinshi without ever "seriously" studying japanese.


Do you have any evidence that Tendon speaks and reads Japanese or are you going to keep gish galloping like a moron?

>trust me, Japanese is spoken and read by 4chan's /a/, /jp/, /v/ and /pol/



so… kemono no longer uploads fanbox content? or am I the retarded for not seeing new content?


Just die.


Spamming nakadashi or hiding behind Japanese words e.g. lolicon because you don't want to be associated with the English equivalents i.e. pedophile doesn't mean you know can speak and read Japanese, you fucking retard


If something like that were to happen, a minimum of 3 months would be generous. You'd think a month or 6 weeks would be enough, but I know from personal experience it isn't.


stuffs on exhentai dont get updated if the one on kemono isnt updated.

and wdym hidden galleries on exhentai?
theres a deeper one than exhentai? i have had my account since like forever.

Maybe thats where i can find up2date kemono anthologies from kemokets.


>Patreon is for nothing but trash western artists and AIfags who have been chased away the only platforms that matter.
It's cute how you leave out all the fat fucks happily shovelling shit down their throat for fat fetish porn, the pathetic ABDL freaks pissing in diapers, the ironic "nerd girls" watching 9 year old episodes of Naruto for reactions now that anime's "cool", the list goes on for how bottom of the barrel Patreon is these days thanks to all their restrictions, don't half ass it by just shitting on the talentless AI faggots.

Then there's the sheer torrent of Sims and 3D car model content that's flooded the site in the past month, I swear it's some troll just trying to clog up the servers now that Fanbox is done and dead, that type of content is nothing new, but so many new SFW artists has been added in these past weeks (20 pages worth in a single day) that it can't be a coincidence.


* An important announcement *
In my opinion, the administrators have no intention of restoring Kemono again.
Maybe they'll shut down Kemono for good as soon as possible and run away.
It's already been a month.
They didn't even make the least effort to restore the kemono.
By collecting donations from users, we can solve supplier problems and operate our kemono reliably.
But those slobs aren't making any effort.
Everyone, get yourself together and get ready to say goodbye.
Kemono is dead!
Hold x to pay respects!
There is no hope unless shino comes back!!


ponyfag goes psychotic on anons who leak his fakku tlfag handle but funfact is its public and on panda

he manages panda by himself so no code access

more tarded gish gash for you anon

tendon occasionally flexes his japanese skills on irc if you still doubt


starting with "in my opinion" instantly makes your wall of text invalid m8


yup not many great artists using patreon. even some already gone from fanbox maybe because of that why they think it not worth the time to fix the code if fanbox gonna be losing many artists that move to other site.


we can't wait until the administrators make an agreement to restore the site. you can't say that. you don't know how to wait. and please stop saying that. that's what I'm afraid of.


what's his handle on fakku? i know his real name is public too, he's a norwegian web programmer or something along those lines, lol


>tendon occasionally flexes his japanese skills on irc if you still doubt
he changes any english word with L into R


File: 1697901175586.png (1.77 MB, 1901x930, xasLkl55v6.png)

imagine spending time creating this instead of prioritizing fixing the importer


We don't need a dedicated page to be reminded that people like furry, scat and fatties.
That's common sense.


A takedown in effect only requires that infringing content cannot be accessed on websites. Your homework: find two obvious loopholes and a third one for extra credit.


Unavailable galleries aren't public galleries, you fucking idiot.


who the fuck is you


they're not downloading reaction videos


They're all Western artstyle and Western artists pretending to draw in Anime style. Definitely not my cup of tea. I miss fanbox.


pick one, retard

also anime was made by furries at disney walt


>fantia broken
>fanbox broken
So what is the point of the site now?


something is going on with the site because all the images there are getting broken I want to know what is going on? And now why was my comment deleted?


just let us know the name and when this new site will happen, I just knew kemono existed because they @ some big artists on twitter.


So did Kemono.party itself die? Everything is now redirecting to Kemono.su and the images issuse seem to be fine now.




I appreciate all your hard work, please keep doing your best


What's the status on Fanbox, Fantia? It's been broken for almost 2 months already if not more. A little update would be nice.


Oops, that's an issue. I see the site moved off of the .party url and to the .su one - but now I can't login, and while it says I can register to import my favorites it won't let that happen either.


Keep waiting


you know what happened to kemono.party because it is now kemono.su?


for those wondering about the change from party to su, it'a just a back up in case the main site goes down. they had notifications plastered all over the site awhile ago saying to bookmark su in case of an event like this. to me that just says they recognize smthn is going on and in the process of fixing it. so stop bitching and have some patience


Rip .party?
Should've transfered my favorites when I could.


Transfer them where?


bro, don't spook me like that. i dead ass had a mini panik attack thinking that i just lost my favorites list. thank god i didn't


Tbh if .party as a domain is really dead, then there wouldn't be any automatic redirect to .su
So .party are still in the hand of dev, but they disable it in purpose for some reason. This reason is unknown and rightfully a bit concerning.


Admin, did some douchebaggerycockquels block kemono.party "legally", or it's just you having ducksex by dropping connections to "persuade" users to switch to .su? Since kemono.party does not answer but chan.kemono.party does, I think it's the latter.


Or did you just fart on the cert?


For example, they have lost the private key for the server certificate.


They would just reissue it prematurely in that case though. So, they fuck with us, or someone fucks with them.


Today i can't connect to Kemono.party, i get redirected to Kemono.su (which should be the backup if i'm not mistaken) but the site takes "too much time to respond" so i get a connection error, anyone else is having this issue?


Fuck off you oh-so-self-righteous hypocrite. This isn't YOUR site, you don't make the rules. Stop nit-picking for the most pathetic of excuses to make yourself feel better and act like your above everyone else. You can either pull your finger out of your backside or leave because Kemono isn't the place for this kind of shit. So fuck off you freak.


File: 1697966766612.jpg (33.01 KB, 285x268, Screenshot_24.jpg)

Was brainstorming some ideas for edits to the front page. What do you guys think?


Am I blind or is there no option to change your account password?


based true and real


Wow, way to take it like a champ there, bud.
Tell me is it the smelly diaper shit you gobble up, or are you the kind of chimp calling himself an "artist" cuz his PC made a doodle for him.


Gang wars.

What did you post?


Yes, you are posting on a dead site. Spooky!

I am so sorry for your mental state.

Oh my. We love you too <3

Dead. I am sorry for your loss.

Use the login form properly.

The only correct answer.


Thanks for protecting my sanity.

It is a mystery.

Issue? What issue?

Give us a good show!

So beautiful.

You are blind.


Doomposting is not banned at the moment. I might change my mind though.


I'm grateful that you guys implemented a real time report function to automatically re-import recent broken post/s. But I noticed that when you go wayback, some of the previous flagged post cannot be reflagged again for new import. Is this on purpose as it has a limit or it's just broken?


SA = Sexual Abuse?


Fucking kek


site is literally dead in Italy
which is strange since the .party wasn't, and other .su domains still work


you're italian right? nation wide block






Are you serious or just retarded?


Did the subhuman who's begging to be put out of its misery call people retarded?


imagine coming to a piracy site and whinging about it not being piratey enough in the most "i'm 15 and i use 4chan" way possible


I just lost my account, I know the login and password because of google password manager but it says it's incorrect somehow


Imagine coming to an online sharing website and sperging out that copying files is "theft" and no one is allowed to make suggestions that'll drastically improve everyone's experience.


I just lost mt account somehow, I remeber the login and password since it's saved on google password manager but it keeps saying it is incorrect


I'm getting that too, it's very confusing


Well look on the bright side, if anyone who is now locked out of their accounts has to make another one, at least you only have to worry about favoriting whoever you liked from just patreon. See by locking you out and refusing to fix the site's functionality at all, they've actually done you a favor. Now you don't have to be overburdened with too many choices. Thank you, whoever runs the site and collects all that ad revenue for providing us this great service.


This board is hosted on the kemono.party domain.


Eureka moment.


Figured it out - Google Passwords was being retarded and pulled a password from a completely different site for no reason. Just go into your master list and pull the Kemono.party password from there.


Thank you! This worked for me.


kemono can't seem to load for me, i get timed out for some reason, can you guys help me please?


He's right, though.


>saging a sticky
kill yourself retarded samefag


>italian IP
Checks out


i am, so wait, is the site done for good or is it a temporary thing?


i am, so wait, is the site done for good or is it a temporary thing?


the mental gymnastics you have to go through to regard what this site does as just sharing and not piracy is pretty remarkable. i'm here for the same reason you are, to look a paywalled porn without paying, just own it lmao


He’s right though; when I hit that Import button, I am here are here to backup and share content. There are other benefits, but they are secondary.
YOU might be here for freeloading, but it does not take many brain cells to realize why a “freeloader site” literally makes no sense. Where is the content coming from?


File: 1698022353030.png (50.56 KB, 601x451, lol.png)

go the fuck away retard


why are my favorites gone


Been over 7 months since the last fantia update, and 1 month since fanbox.
I'm at least glad we still got patreon but for how long?
Any plans to fix anything soon?


Because it switched to .su for some reason


lol he took the bait


Fixing? We don't do that around here. No one runs the site. It is on a steady decline and once it's dead, that's it. Just gonna have to wait for someone else to come along and do it all over again. Wonder what the next site will be called though. Yiff and Kemono are already done and dusted.


please, can we get some info about the italian situation? even just a "we know"


yeah we hate to diverge attention from the "insult the trolls" skit, but we'd like to know if kemono is dead for us or if there will be a solution in the near future


yeah, we hate to diverge attention from the "insult the troll" skit but we'd like to know if kemono is definitely dead in italy or if there is hope for the future


For some reason some pages have some posts skipped, such as all the Hi Res posts from Cute Honeys


Which is odd since they've been uploading Hi Res posts since their Patreon started uploading back in October of last year and the last import was from June of this one.


The person who submitted it for import probably only paid for the non-high-resolution tier


Italy is a stubborn motherfucker. Blocks EVERYWHERE.
DPI, Routing, IP blocking. They aren't joking.

Just use a VPN until Hermiet figures a way around it.

Easiest thing to blame for the blocks is the 3dcp and loli/shota. They're super against stuff like that as a government. Surprised the UK hasn't followed suit.


Will we have a light theme someday?


Domain should work again for italians.
Russians should also see no issues with both domains now.


I get self sign error
is kemono doing something big or


never mind I just VPN it suddenly OK


thankyou guys, appreciate
but see, that content isn't even illegal at the moment, and the former domain never had a problem, and neither do other .su domains, or other sites that have such content
very strange


Fanbox bros… I don't feel so good…


what a lie
you already dead for one month


Amazing job, how did you manage to fix it?


Soooo… no news about the Fanbox right?


Same. What's going on?


give it to me straight mods:
fanbox importer, hope or no hope?


>Surprised the UK hasn't followed suit.
We haven't had a functional government in years, of course they haven't blocked you yet.


You heard this anon >>32607, admin.
He'll give you the $4000 he could have spent on more English lessons to fix your site.

Seriously, learn to proof read before you try to Nigerian prince someone, genius


Kemono.party gets redirected to Kemono.su, what could possibly go wrong?

"Your connection is not private
Attackers might be trying to steal your information from kemono.su (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards). Learn more

"To get Chrome’s highest level of security, turn on enhanced protection" "…Requires browsing data to be sent to Google."

Fuck that.

Bring back Kemono.party. DOT PARTY!!!!

Also the Soviet Union doesn't exist anymore, neither will this site if this isn't sorted out. Don't tell us to go and get some kind of dodgy plugin or whatever, just fix this. Or 99% of us will leave.

>So, I don't care if all but a handful of you leave, why should we care?

Because some of us may even defect and bring Kemono down once and for all. You seriously wouldn't have spent ALL these years running and operating Kemono just to have it collapse from sheer ignorance, would you?

Bring back DOT PARTY, or the party will be over.


File: 1698139605558.png (335.44 KB, 500x537, incrediboy.png)


Pretty sure them removing party from the url is their way of saying the party is over.



Just use a decent browser like firefox retard lmao


Are you just trying to aggravate the situation even more?


How many people even use Firefox? How many people would even bother to switch browsers just to use one site (aside from people who use the dark web)? It's like breaking your legs for extra financial benefits. I mean, WHO does that?


All I know is that there's more hope of Fanbox getting fixed than Subscribestar getting fixed.


aggravate it further? all i did was respond to some chuddie/minor who the admins are probably not even going to acknowledge anyway


.party won't come back. the registrar wanted it gone, so a redirect is the most it will be now.


Chromium users don't have the right to complain about getting routed to google servers then.


not the first time the part domain guys throw a fit
i read facebook itself used to put a lot if pressure on party domains


sooo… any alternative websites?


File: 1698162349044.png (487.25 KB, 965x765, cover.png)

why the fuck can't you add a filter for covers in the API


Technically, any site where you're able to upload pictures and videos.


why? the site is still up, and right now it has no competitors
this is a free service


they don't call em doomers for nothing


Thanks for all the recent API updates.

There does however seem to be a bug with the '/revisions' endpoint.
https://kemono.su/api/v1/fanbox/user/853087/post/2366569/revisions lists 12 revisions while there is only 1 in the HTML page


In that case, will kemono.su be updated and improved like kemono.party was? Right now, everyone's freaking out because kemono.su was originally supposed to just be a backup for kemono.party, not a replacement, so it seems like we're now a step closer to losing everything if kemono.su were to go down as well. All we're asking for is some much-needed futureproofing in case another domain goes down.


After moving from .party to .su there's no chance that creators I favorited on .party move to .su too?


why do people not tag posts? there is only one website that tags properly and it is e621.


tsk. liar. this board is at chan.kemono.party, so the second-level kemono.party domain is intact.


Obligatory fantia status update.


>switching browsers is just like crippling yourself for profit
jewgle is brainwashing you


The Patreon importer isn't including the "Collections" tab


Alright, I dunno what's going on with Patreon, but a lot of these AI artists are starting to zip entire galleries and posts in a single file locked behind a password, usually you can find it by looking at your welcome notes, but Kemono does not import that sort of data afaik, so if anyone could help me with that, I'd appreciate it, tried to send an email already but I ain't got no response yet.


>AI artists
Fuck off


if a post is flagged but hasn't re-imported in over 24 hours is it safe to assume there is currently no valid key stored for auto import?
wish we could see an indicator whether a given creator already has a working active auto import key or not to minimize overlap
>why do you need to know all this?
>are you a patreon security researcher!?
no I'll just feel really silly if I sub to canaryprimary, go to import and someone else has already done it or if the auto import wasn't working for some reason



The chrome problem's been resolved. Sorry about the stink everyone, just have a lot going on over on my end.

For whatever reason I was thinking about Macintosh.


File: 1698246224905.jpg (1.45 MB, 2480x2480, 1695947557147143.jpg)

>selling AI art on Patreon
Imagine paying for something you can make yourself for free with a decent computer.


oh hey you can view old versions of posts now pog


GRS woke up and chose violence I see
or they just shit the bed, also possible given the madlads who own .party, .cricket, .accountant, and similar meme domains can't even do basic maintenance on their advertising for buying domains from them
e.g. register.cricket just broke entirely


>make yourself for free with a decent computer.
Unless you already own such a powerful machine, I'm afraid there's a problem by calling it "for "free".


Even if your computer is shit, sites like PixAI and HappyAccidents exist, and their free services should be good enough for most aspiring prompters.


Don't forget Horde is also a thing


File: 1698279184488.jpg (17.54 KB, 411x135, screen.jpg)

Your API docs still use the .party TLD for server addresses and examples


>the registrar wanted it gone
That's interesting. I wonder why they hated the .party part. They obviously don't have a problem with Kemono itself considering we're still around.


File: 1698292414987.jpg (117.04 KB, 660x708, c.jpg)

Did you remove those files that Fanbox downsized from the server?


Unless the dot party domain got nuked.

Otherwise it might've been an attempt to shake off any artists who know the site. But if THAT were the case then I don't think that would've been effective enough.

I'll admit as someone born in the late 90s, it's kinda hard to imagine that a Soviet Union domain could ever exist. After all, the internet and the Soviet Union are things you'd associate with two different periods of history. YES, I know it was the WORLD WIDE WEB that became public in 1993. And YES, I know the internet in general had existed in some shape or form for many many decades.


File: 1698300518122.png (5.6 KB, 195x101, current.png)

The more I look at how you're handling revisions, the more confused I get.

Are those unique numbers for revisions? Why do you need that many digits when you've got two different unique IDs (user and post) before it?

And give a unique ID to <current>, this is unacceptable


Can the file search api be modified to return one or more revisions if that hash falls under a revision? Trying to grab ALL revisions data just to parse is… not going well.


can whoever's updating milkybunny update the discord for comics?


Is it possible that after migrating kemono to .su a few (or a lot) of import keys haven't been migrated to the new domain?


use gallery-dl, turn on revisions and put {hash} in archive-format


I am doing that for 15,000 posts with the –no-download flag. It's been 4 days and I haven't even gotten past 1000 posts and I probably have 5 million json files now.

What you are saying is the "not going well" part I was talking about.


Also {hash} in archive format alone will cause issues and holes. That's not what I want either. I am looking for metadata for files I already have, files which have been overwritten a long time ago by newer revisions. The only solution atm is to Grab Em All. If the API returned the specific revision that file was from (usually thumbnails) this wouldn't take nearly as long.


Oh I get what you want. You want ONE metadata file that contains the hash, order and names for every file inside each version of a post. Kemono has refused to fix their API for that.

>Also {hash} in archive format alone will cause issues and holes

obviously, put {user} and {id} before it and you will only download unique files


It's over people. Move the hell on.


Complaints. They couldn't handle the number of complaints and pussied out.


File: 1698362980292.png (351.29 KB, 393x991, EIGHT YEARS BTW.png)

why can't the current post have its own numbers too?

what am i supposed to do with 0?


My old .party username is longer than 15 char, and .su won't accept the login.


Were the complaints coming from the operators of the [dot]party domain themselves?


Your account stuff should be the same on both sites. So your favorites should be completely unchanged. (At least, they are for me, anyway.)


There seems to be an issue with HTTPs and the site not being "secure"


Been getting a "NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID", and disabling my browsers ability to check SSL Certificates didn't work.


I think it's a VPN issue (assuming either of you are also using one), I've managed to work around it while still keeping mine up, but it's required switching to mostly more out of the way countries/less optimal networks

I'm kinda wondering if KP didn't decide to mass ban a bunch of networks when they decided to fully redirect to .su… which is definitely a bit irritating if so


Yeah I'm having that problem as well even used brave and said it might be something trying to hack or impersonate the site as the site before didn't sign it's own Certificates


File: 1698409210228.png (70.24 KB, 1878x1008, image_2023-10-27_082005601.png)

>try to open site
>connection is not secure
>ok whatever, i just type "thisisunsafe" and i bypass it, everyone knows about that
>site loads
>this doesn't look good


If this is the end, thanks for the good times.


The self-signed cert is also from ddos guard. They are probably setting up that service. It is not yet fully configured or is still configured to the old .party domain.


You can't even bypass that in Chrome now.


Are you going to unfuck the mess of revision IDs in the API any time soon or do you want us to wait another 8 years?


May I be reminded about what is causing the current issue with Fanbox, please?


They delete messages that talk about it so I assume it's a topic that they wish to ignore and for others to forget about.


>inb4 it's actual legit legal issues somehow


If dooming is correct then I would assume that they don't want to say anything because the answer they have will pretty much make people who hope for Fanbox to come back stop coming back here which will mean less traffic on the website and so it's quicker death.


I'm still hoping tbh. They're working on it. Besides, where else would people go for fanbox content? They gotta fix this to stay afloat.


never met so many doomers in such a little chan


>top 200 sites in the world


























Looks like some artists aren't on SU yet? Chrysalisdraws was on .party, but not .su
>in before i get called a ponyfag


They are still listed under a former name, Tastynoods. It's a bit more reliable to search for their post titles in case they have changed their name.


Fanbox has an easy fix. They're just too sensitive with automated downloads now.
When the fix will be deployed is anyone's guess.


Big if true


File: 1698475277285.png (174.63 KB, 468x321, Screenshot 2023-10-28 1441….png)



File: 1698478756840.png (475.7 KB, 1074x623, when will it end.png)

i sure hope it doesnt take another 2 month, my favorite is a mess either last month or 9 month ago


we taking bets yet when the site dies for good? lets say before the new year


File: 1698493045049.jpg (288.81 KB, 1080x2177, Screenshot_2023-10-28-18-3….jpg)

kagarimachi has his own patreon but everything seems to be empty on it?
Also is there a way to favorite discords?


File: 1698493183340.jpg (714.96 KB, 1080x1108, Screenshot_2023-10-28-18-3….jpg)

also i stumbled upon this when i was searching for someone's patreon…
Same name 3 diff page


File: 1698493882333.png (1.15 MB, 1128x771, Kagarimachi.png)

probably just a small error when importing


Well, I have hope that the Fanbox importer will eventually be fixed. I hope it doesn't take too much longer. There are a few artists I'm planning to subscribe to after it's working again.


That's the same kind of issue there was with Patreon, if I'm not mistaken?
In any case, let's hope the fix comes soon.


File: 1698508702633.png (193.99 KB, 512x512, unnamed.png)

When boosty import will be available?


People do know that DM upload exist given how there no DMs for anything https://kemono.su/patreon/user/7533789


Are kemono and coomer down? I can’t access them or any other .su site


I was wondering the same thing


no luck with me right now, firefox is saying invalid security cert


Same here. This happened for a while yesterday, too.


Yeah they aren't working for me either, which is strange because they were working a few hours ago.


Same with Chrome


Yeah, both Kemono and Coomer were working just fine on both Firefox and Chrome. At first I thought it was just an update from Firefox until checking Chrome and visiting this thread. Hope this gets fixed soon.


is there anywhere I can find the recent works for this artist?



Really hope that it's deployed sooner rather than later if this is true, so that archives don't miss posts


It's not you, I started noticing this occurring early this afternoon on both Firefox and Chrome. Glad to know it wasn't just a recent update FireFox did recently. It also occurred for Chrome, which I checked on by Laptop and Phone to make sure I wasn't crazy.


Kemono appears to be back up but has the patreon importer been funky lately? One of the artists I favorited says its updated yet its missing stuff.


I've seen several artists be updated with nothing but poll or text posts despite there being other new posts to upload since the last import. Their lowest Patreon tiers aren't text post only either.


That was my first thought but the artists that normally receive timely imports are missing a couple of uploads. This has only started this week. Even when the importer was down, then repaired, were all the correctly updated. Now, they are either a day or two behind or are entirely missing. This is what got me suspecting that something is possibly wrong with the importer or its something else entirely.


Is favoriting broken? I can't fav any post anymore. The star turns yellow but when I refresh the page it's white again, and when I look at my favorites page nothing new has been added.


An artist on Patreon which hasn't been updated in 6 months just got updated, but all of the art during that time is missing. The only new thing is his newest art, the stuff in between isn't there. Is it gonna appear eventually or is it just gone forever?


I guess it's never


I guess I have no choice but to end my porn addiction


What you have to end is your kemono addiction


dubs of truth

fanbox fix coming in 40 years tho dw


Any news about the progress of the merging of the Yiff.Party data?


Can you bloody morons shut up? No wonder the admins are taking forever to fix it, when you're just negative and crying all the time. Because of crybabies like you they think the community doesn't even deserve the fix, fuck you retards.


File: 1698668403467.webm (277 KB, 320x240, 1698288908695399.webm)


File: 1698670713363.jpg (25.84 KB, 574x560, photo_2023-10-27_12-35-02.jpg)

Define "too sensitive with automated downloads," if you can because that makes the hiatus on a fix more confusing.

One clearly is caused by the other, not the other way around (retard). I am very late to finding out about the fanbox issue, only discovered the importer was broken 3 weeks ago, and it's been broken for 6 weeks. The mod's post is the first information on the fix's status that I've seen anywhere. Of course there's going to be doomposters when there's no info anywhere.

This isn't a crowdsourced site, and they have no obligation to provide updates. You can't deny the "annoying posts" are a result of almost zero communication.


Kemono has zero (0) incentive to fix anything because they're making seven figures off of you morons putting up with their bullshit. The OG devs left because they weren't getting paid. The current devs aren't devs but freelancers picked up from here and there and working for a chump change.


Looks like the Patreon importer is dead too.



Throwing arguments without any proof, huh?


File: 1698684351824.gif (312.99 KB, 245x245, get help.gif)

>waste your time so I can delete your posts and gaslight you by calling you a schizo, uh, you don't want to waste your time? G-GOTCHA


kys bootlicker


Holy shit the list of revisions in the api for tansincossin is insane…


there's no one with that name

but the revisions are shit because the retards running this site don't know how to fix the API


I wasn't going to use their Japanese name, it's their twitter handle. Pixiv id is 11229342


any news on the fanbox importer?


reminder that schizos like >>32836 are pushing the "popularity justified it" hoax because you're retarded enough to believe in their hoax and think they're justified in putting what other people are scraping behind a paywall

these schizos aren't even paying scrapers, lmao!


ok schizo

No, stop asking.


>make a thread for asking about broken things
>tell people to stop asking when broken things will be fixed


fix fanbox


>>32780 here, never mind, I think it was some kind of caching issue. I just checked my favorites list now and all the stuff I had clicked the other day was in there after all, I guess there was just some lag in updating or something idk


Japan is a country known for their shitty website design and aged infrastructure like using still using floppy disks in banks

And somehow the devs are being constantly beated by said country


The old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix."

The fact that they still continue to use the old tech without any problems means that ironically those that push for the future has completely fucked themselves over in the long run.

…there are some exceptions though


Chill chat, have a random Cortexpost to cheer you up! https://youtu.be/6w0G5K3G5VI?si=dcAxmtBzIClAiV4J&t=4525


We're not on Twitch, dude.
Get your "chat" out of here.


Oh yes, tha- oh no, oh god NO, nooo, ahmahgahd armageddon outta here


Sounds pretty broken to me.

*badum fuckin tsh*

Hey Kemono, this system's clearly broken. When will it get fixed (and when will you get laid)?

(…say it…)


File: 1698912114406.jpg (107.87 KB, 2583x378, Screenshot 2023-11-02 1331….jpg)


this content that uploaded is now gone after the .su domain change


fix fanbox


Is the site fine? Many TF artists I check out has been dead for months.


will we ever get updating comments? tons of artists are putting passwords in there because they know this site can't update them and it never evolves lmao


So not only is every importer that isn't Patreon's FUBAR, now even the Patreon importer is fucked and regularly missing posts.
This site is really falling apart at the seams, huh?


yep site's on its last legs but copium huffers will tell you its fine


It's over…


I hope it's not the end


At least we should have the recovery of the database from yiff.party (I hope…)


File: 1698937009984.jpg (25.26 KB, 512x490, 1675760113085268.jpg)



how do you know that everything is over. if kemono is still going on. it's just kemono.su. and please don't give bad news to the site that is still good. today i had bad luck because of the black cat that gave me bad news. the site is good it's not dead just waiting for everything to be fixed. and don't go on.


it's still there but everything is broken


Can the doomers actually post proof for once rather than saying its over on a daily basis?
And can the admins for once post some news from the telegram, screencaps, anything?
Heard some rumors about the .su domain getting nuked on the 13th.


on what day it was nuke in 13th. i already feel bad because of the black cat for giving me bad luck and bad news.


Is there a way to get unbanned from the Telegram Group?
All my numbers got bonked cuz yes after some time


File: 1698979654730.png (148.29 KB, 614x322, 1698899546841756.png)

I think this is what people were talking about with the 13th. I'm pretty concerned with the complete silence from the devs too, they fixed up the IP issues with Italy in a couple days, but why haven't we heard anything about the main importers people use the site for? I get that IP blocks and scraping are two completely different things, but at least a "We're working on it" would at least settle most people down for a bit.


the su domain is not going to disappear because I was in contact with telegram and they told me that there are no plans for the su domain to be deleted on the 13th.


These should not exist on Kemono, They are the main reason why I left R34…


Why get so angry over something you can easily filter?


I haven't jacked off in two months because of you


You know you can filter results on R34 and boorus websites by putting a negative sign in front of the ai_generated tag?
Like this: -ai_generated



Thank you.


can you help me to understand about that. and also the domain its not going to be deleted. can you give me an answer to this and what is it about for the 13th is it a ru center update joke or other?


My import appears to be failing. It says that it's in progress, but 0 lines are popping up on my end.

Import ID: 5fe80313


And now it's no nut November. Good luck buddy.


can you help me understand what the 13th thing is supposed to mean?

and yeah, a "we're working on it" from the devs probably would help


Imagine caring about a stupid thing like NNN.


Face it, if hell freezes over and anything related to the other paywalls actually DOES manage to get fixed, the best you can hope for is February or march, it's obvious this isn't an "easy fix" so it being up in the next few weeks is laughable, no work is gonna be done in December so that's a write off, and January would be to generous of an estimate.

Best consider the site dead and zombified by AI "art" and all the garbage the west can provide until next year.


Get your shit and together and fix the Fanbox problem already


why the fuck is the API still broken? why does the current revision say ZERO? why can't it be a regular number like the previous revisions?




>210 revisions in API

>2 revisions on the page




File: 1699136536903.png (6.37 KB, 294x103, lol.png)

is this some sick joke?

just noticed it's been changed to current

you can't make this shit up

you actually made it worse by changing it from 0 to current


Can I get some specifics on whether Fantia importing will work if it's only with video files?
If my account will only lock because of the number of downloads, it probably won't trip if it's just 30 or so videos.


only Patreon importer works now, stop asking other importer


And even then not for all artists. Some of them haven't been updated in almost a month since the migration to .su


I dunno wtf happened but this post below here…
…does not appear at all in the artist's Kemono page :P
Any reason why?


whats with the big ass posts images now? the smaller previews were better


File: 1699196600506.png (843.42 KB, 857x509, patrick star.PNG)

Guys, why don't we just start a Discord server, and invite as many Patreon/Fanbox/whatever else leakers as possible, and have forum posts for the newer stuff?


Because then the leakers would lose their anonymity, along with anyone who benefits from it, and the server would be dominated by what the mainstream porn consumer audience wants (which is usually trash)


Have them make burners, simple as that.


>a Discord server
>a Dicksword "corpo that glows like the Trinity Test" server
>a Dicksword "has and will acknowledge subpoenas and remove servers for copyright complaints" server
>a Dicksword "has been actively hostile towards Yiff in the past, which is why Kemono notably only uses Telegram for real-time comms" server
>a Dicksword "killing file hotlinks and scanning all content for ToS very soon" server


just try and set up shop on F95zone like someone else said in the last thread


I attempted to start an import last night and there's still zero progress on it
Could there at the very least be a public queue feed/ETA for when your import is actually gonna get through, or is this gonna be yet another example of why never to trust anyone who runs a chan imageboard to do anything good


unironically this. Yeah, a scraper is nice and all but at least with F95zone we would have a consistent thread for each persons page that is easily updated by just downloading the new files, and uploading em to a gofile.


take your meds, retard


Will my husband Pixiv Importer ever return from war?


When most of the threads on F95 have dead links that nobody even care to repair/reupload, that doesn't look better…


I mean, it doesn't sound bad in theory? Like, apparently the artists have dedicated threads for their works, which is actually very cool, but I can only find a handful of my favorite artists.

And even then, a lot of the ones I can find are blocked off because I don't have an account.

("But isn't that the point, stupid?")

Okay, fair point, but what about the guys I can't find? It's not like I can just request them, right? I mean, reading F95zone's privacy policy does make it seem they're on the up-and-up given their line of work? I mean, worst case scenario, I could just cook up a burner email account, right?

UGH. I'm probably overthinking this. I'm just jonesing because some of the artists I follow, Nanikairu, LVI, Kaoming, Lamb-oic029, and Sam Logan (aka Samandfuzzy), have NSFW updates, but they aren't updated on Kemono. I know I've been on the "be patient" train forever, but honestly, I'd be fine just seeing these new updates on E-Hentai. Like, I don't even care if E-Hentai locks it to 1280p for non-account holders anymore, I just need them, dang it!


look up exhentai. good replacement till kemono is fixed. ofc not every artist is there and it's a little harder to navigate but at least it's smthn


Does everyone agree that the logout button is too close to the favorites button?

I've already been accidentally logged out several times because of this.


I tried importing patreon stuff with my session id and nothing went through
Nothings been updated in months everything is broken


Is it just me, or some of the posts are missing. I was looking at some of the posts on Maxhooves and some of the new ones are missing. Guessing someone missed them or they forgot them


Is it just me or are you one greedy little bitch for refusing to fix the API?


It'll take some time, dude.


it's dead. jim


It'll take some time, dude. Just be patient.


Nah, I tried to, but it's just a blank white page.

To actually see Exhentai, I would have to be a member of E-Hentai for a few days and there were some other steps, right? Do you guys have accounts to E-Hentai? How is it? Anything to look out for besides porn ads?

Maybe I should use a burner email account?



Keep your shit-flinging in the other thread.



Been many years since I signed up for exhentai, but as I recall you need to have a 2 week old e-hentai forum account before you can access exhentai.

It's the next best thing for finding paid content after this pl;ace (or I guess it's the actual best thing now, given the state of this place the past couple months). I use an adblocker so I can't speak to what the ads are like.

I've had the blank white page issue before, I always fixed it by opening the browser web developer tools and deleting a specific cookie named "louder". Idk if that's the intended way to do it but it's worked for me.


That's cool and all, but exhentai is for well, hentai. Where one can get, say, models for Daz? Cuz there are two artists here on Kemono who create Daz models which I like, and they both haven't been updated for quite some time.


>2 week old
No, it's whenever Tendon decides to let new accounts into Exhentai and the conditions are but not limited to registering the account from an IP address that he hasn't banned and not been mostly accessing the site while logged in from a banned IP address.

Besides, recommending Exhentai as a substitute for Kemono is stupid. You can't upload video files on Exhentai. Model files can't be uploaded either. PSD files can't be uploaded. Only JPG, PNG and GIF files can be uploaded and there's a file size limit.


Doesn't Exhentai allow for mp4 and other non-image files in the torrents?


I don't see why you would be limited on file formats inside a torrent.


Bro none of my imports are working, tried like 4 times with different keys and none have even started what the fuck




I'm gonna ahead and assume that the vast majority of people don't care about psds or models and that most artists don't delve into animations (and sadpanda does support GIFs at least) in the first place, plus there's times where the gallery uploader is nice enough to post the animations on a separate link in the comments, so I'd sadpanda is still a good alternative (for the most part) while the kemono fanbox importer is down.


So what if it does? It's still not a substitute for Kemono. Also, torrents on Exhentai aren't always seeded. On Kemono, you copy paste something once and it scrapes for you. On Exhentai, you've to download the files from each post individually, upload them (keep in mind there's a limit of 2000 files per gallery and a limit to the file size and resolution), and then create a torrent for the other files and upload that torrent.


just fuck up the video files by reencoding them into a shitty format like GIF, what could possibly go wrong, retard


Quote the part of the post where I said that mp4s should be converted into gifs. You do know artists use gifs too, right?


File: 1699396679914.png (155.65 KB, 1920x1033, gay porn.png)



Oh, you're that attention whore who can't read and got severe autism.


Nice self dox, Leo.


>On Kemono, you copy paste something once and it scrapes for you
This implies you can't do the same for sadpanda.


Nowhere in your screenshot are you "scraping torrents". How are you this bad at reading?


does anyone know when Fanbo & Fantia will be back up and running as well as patreon??? it's atrocious to see kemono like this, someone do something immediately, he shouldn't stay like this for a second longer


Why is that relevant? The point I'm addressing is the ease of obtaining the files from a gallery, period. Any extra files not included in the gallery being inside the torrent are as likely as the uploader themselves simply posting a link containing said files in the comment section and thereby making the torrent almost pointless in that regard.


You're not only retarded because you're illiterate, attention whoring and failing to understand how imageboard works, but also because you don't understand how Kemono works because you think Exhentai is a great substitute for it.


The retard is attention whoring on 4chan too https://boards.4chan.org/h/thread/7639750#p7645100


>>33071 fanbox at the earliest late 2024, or never. Fantia never. No one knows, as devs refuse to say anything on the matter. They haven't even confirmed if they are trying to fix Fanbox.


fix fanbox or say u wont do it. pls free me from this cycle.


it's dead, jim. move on


There's also the artists that Kemono could never scrape properly in the first place because they use DMs or something.



Same. I've had Patreon imports submitted for over a week now, and none of them are importing. I still see Patreon pages in my favorites getting updated regularly though so something is still functioning. Is there something wrong with the importer?


File: 1699565820656.jpg (14.96 KB, 256x256, F1Hg0EZaUAAtR5S.jpg)



Blob/streamed video on patreon isn't downloaded correctly, maybe you could convert the stream into mp4 or something? Channel id: 53228682 post: 92493440



Anon I hate to tell you this but this was already released months ago and you can even look on rule34 for it


That was the version without voices. The new voiced version came out a few days ago and needs the decryption key to download.


File: 1699623878348.jpg (200.41 KB, 1010x999, IMG_20210801_184537.jpg)

Guys, How can we be sure that the reason why the admins don't say anything is because they are dead? :''v



File: 1699635121454.jpg (871.3 KB, 1150x1451, F-NzsdiXIAAY6hZ.jpg)

let lil' bro cook fr fr on god



Actually kemono just turned off the fanbox import so there was no need to fix anything at all.


Is the Patreon importer down again? It's been hours since anything got updated. Also can the mods do something about the fucking CP being posted here?


I cant get my patreon imports to go through its been eons


Guess NNN is finally taking a toll on the site.


I have already been banned from chat and I can't do anything anymore. and now because nothing is updated on the kemono.su site anymore.


Ugh, it's been hours now. WHERE ARE THE UPDATES?!


File: 1699664318354.gif (523.17 KB, 498x297, veg.gif)

it's ogre


money doesn't grow on trees, kids


Yeah I think it’s safe to say that it’s ogre. Patreon importer is down and the mods are AWOL whilst people are posting fucking CP right here on the board. I was holding out hope but I think this is the sign that the end is here.


it's been dead for a long time

there's an old 4chan post saying kemono was going to lose its current domain in early november, turn into a paywall and the only update we saw this year was something about revisions which doesn't even work and they refuse to acknowledge it


File: 1699667803143.jpg (59.48 KB, 863x752, 38a.jpg)

Patreon is dead, the ride has begun


Well that's total shite. Guess I'll have to draw my own porn from now on, I ain't gonna pay 50 dollars to watch a 3 second loop of furry cock getting thrusted into a cat's anus. It was good while it lasted though, farewell lads.


File: 1699670896566.png (375.8 KB, 651x900, 10402770930013353853.png)

It's over.


it can't be the end we must wait for an update




Can someone check Kemono's Telegram? I can't since i got banned just right after entering lmao


Doomposting ftw lol


The ship is sinking. There's no help coming. Our captain is lying.



Is someone able to look into why the "DOWNLOAD UPDATE HERE" button on the HoleHouse release pages are redirecting to Patreon instead of linking to a page within Kemono?

Here's the latest example



EHHHHH SHADDAP DUMMY! We doomposting badasses are dooming this site! To DOOM!

Such beautiful metaphoiacal poetry! It… it brings a tear to the eye of ol' Davie Doomer here!

HECKZ YEAH!!!! Doomposting is the most badass thing to do now!


I aint hearing enough doompoosting, doombros! We bringing this site DOWN, out of TOWN, and in the BROWN!!!!!

Kemono Dot Party is WEAK, past its PEAK, and we will never let it SPEAK!!!!


Die Kemono Die! Mwaaaahahahahaaaaa! *thunder strikes in the BG*


Awwww, is widdle adminy, wadminy mad because we the Kemoner Owners turned to the DOOM SIDE! MWAAAAAHAHAHAAHAAAAA!


As the leader of the Kemoner Owners, I say BUZZ OFF CHUMP! WE'RE DOOMPOSTING HERE!!!


Soon the Kemono Menace will CEASE THEIR THEIVING WAYS! FOR EVEERRRRRRRRRR!!! *thunder strike*


We just a buncha badass doomposting lads ROCKIN ON THE DOOM TRAIN! Who wants to take a selfie and capture this epic moment in the end of DUMBono Dot Party?!?!?!


>Not paying for stuff


Oh I got HECKA STACKS to help with that! Those DUMBono losers are just too lazy, poor, and entitled!



File: 1699688429141.jpg (22.95 KB, 640x387, fb65ba56959bd4ff508c42773d….jpg)

Magnificent *Explodes for Doomposting*


Where the fuck are the admins? Can’t they stop yukking it up on their private telegram for one minute to give any kind of update?

Fucking do something already.


They are busy banning people from Telegram, poor guys must be tired and cannot announce anything


Was all that shit about the site going down on the 13th actually true?

Holy fuck. This really is the end.


It fell because you all stopped believing.


Evidence? I'm not on Telegram. All I've been seeing this past month or so is doomposting and a lack of reassure from anyone from the top.


It's been a day and there's STILL NO UPDATES!!!!!!!!!!


I'll take "Patreon is broken because the devs are working on the importers/new features" copium please


>Thanks for all the recent API updates.
>There does however seem to be a bug with the '/revisions' endpoint.
>https://kemono.su/api/v1/fanbox/user/853087/post/2366569/revisions lists 12 revisions while there is only 1 in the HTML page

considering this was never fixed, it can be concluded that the patreon importer is also permanently fucked now


has anyone started archiving the shit on here? don't exactly want a repeat of what happened to yiff


someone is working on archiving the shit on here, right? we don't want a repeat of what happened to yiff, do we?


Christ… People are acting like we haven't had patreon importer downtime for a while before…
Just wait.


nice damage control, you faggot of a janny. site's finally dead for good, here's hoping whoever comes next scrapes your fucking garbage. a lot of now-dead fanboxes and fantias are still here


it's (NOT) over


Not even a month and there are 400 posts….


Oh yeah? We'll MAKE IT OVER THEN!

James, rake control of the servers!

Alex, notify Patreon to bolster their defenses!

Frank, you report the admins to the FBI!

Nick, you keep that sweet sweet doomposting going while I'm away!

Lets GO, PEOPLE!! *raises fist in air*


This. Site will MEVER BE BACK UP AGAIN!!!!! MWAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! *blows up servers*




Fanbox importer is still dead


two month milestone incoming soon


this but unironically



What he said: fanbox importer is still dead


why shouldn't it be dead, you don't really expect it will be fixed, do you?


why do you refuse to address this issue?

>12 revisions


>1 revision on the HTML page



Why won't there be 1 update in 1 year?. Last time is fantia. Now fanbox. What next?.


Why won't there be 1 update in 1 year?. Last time is fantia. Now fanbox. What next?.


Well guess what. Patreon is the ONLY thing you have now so don't act surprised that people are angry because they literally have NOTHING now.


Wow. Just as I made this reply it came back. That is funny. But I think it goes to show that the state of this site makes now every cease in function like this feel like the end.


File: 1699727638453.png (29.18 KB, 800x279, 2023-11-11 13.29.40 web.ar….png)

Looks like more than a few people are preparing for that scenario.


And even then there is little point to archiving those because at this rate most of the things available on Kemono will be public from Fanbox, making much of this site rather pointless to many people, there are exceptions of course, but even then there should be more here than just Patreon. I don't know if they will ever fix Fanbox given that apparently it is more about finding a way around their security, but honestly already this site is on it's last legs. They do need to get their shit together or this site WILL be dead.


what do you mean will be public?


I mean content already on kemono will at some point become public from artists on Fanbox.



we waited years for this, it's full of bugs and you've refused to explain why

>12 revisions


>1 revision on the HTML page



Oh lovely, clicking in artist search box opens spam popups again. Truly missed that feature.


File: 1699764484233.png (18.86 KB, 1920x968, thingsnstuff.png)

So when a discord appears like this with nothing displayed in it, is it because it was uploaded incorrectly or is it because it contained CP or some shit and the admins blocked it off?



ah SS is dead. I was wondering

I wanted to use this site to more effectively scrape posts from an artist I subscribe to and I despise how these websites organize posts. Patreon especially


any1 know a good way to scrape it myself?


these dipshit useless devs gave up on SS the moment it went down, no way they're ever gonna even attempt to fix fanbox. its joever boys


they did explain that subscriberstar would just ban anyone sharing their session id so there's no way to fix it

no word on fanbox so you better just assume it's dead


It's literally the only thing you have working, is it really a surprise that people freak out when it goes down TOO?


File: 1699793813658.png (238.93 KB, 858x836, D.png)


>why are people upset that another thing is broken and we haven't fixed any of the other things that are broken



>12 revisions


>1 revision on the HTML page



then fix it and share him the fix duh


you changed the source and keep it hidden, and stop samefagging


Thank you, I agree. Patreon went down before for similar reasons, it went back up. Fanbox could easily be the same situation. Don't let the doomposters discourage you.


Stop recruiting, ban asking and people who want to support. that's all.

its over.


Weird, this artist still have contents til yesterday, can someone check?


File: 1699880221916.png (28.02 KB, 480x186, Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 2….png)

how will we ever recover from this intense and sick burn of a comment file sharing bros?

anyway do anonymized user comments serve a purpose? assuming the scraper grabs all comments but only displays 6 shouldn't it only/prioritize display comments from the creator (more likely to have links) and discard comments like a random anon saying ("greetings from germany, I came thick ropes to this animation epic winrar!1 and fuck cancer")


To whomever's updating Patreon users sans paid content, kindly fuck off and die in a fire.

P.S. You third-world, God-complex gatekeeper pridefucks can burn in Hell with them. Even if it was a request, it'd be pretty difficult to update a closed Patreon. Watch your back when this comically maintained site dies before you do.


The only person that seems to care that the site is dying is you.


Huh, they're really gone radio silence about the fanbox thing


pixiv is incredibly resourceful and cold minded, they probably paid the admins to crash the fanbox importer


Hi yeah I'm the vocal minority saying thanks for working on this and fuck the trolls.
Unless an alt site with goddevs sprouts up, I will support k.p despite the silence. My alternatives are
1)pointless bitching
2)supporting hardcore paywall artists hurting their own efforts by funneling themselves into obscurity

and I'm not pathetic enough to support either.


being vocally annoyed about things being broken long-term is not "being a troll". just saiyajin'



thank for ditch the sponsors?


probably a "the best answer is not to say anything" PR strategy wherein saying anything at all would either get people angry (e.g. "the nature of this issue means the fanbox importer is on indefinite hiatus") or get their hopes up (e.g. "we're working as best as we can but this will remain a problem and we'll update you as developments occur"). regardless, I suspect the fanbox importer will stay down until some months into 2024.


Honestly, at this point I'm more hopeful for that site that some dude in the Telegram is working on. Would it be nice if Fanbox is fixed? Absolutely, but until it is I don't have any other way to get my fetish porn than to pay because nowhere else has people uploading it.


>site that some dude in the Telegram is working on
That is the most suspicious thing I've read here.


so… everything is still dead, except patreon?
and you guys are still fighting each other, with whether there's hope in this situation or not, and whether there's a chance that this place will be fixed again or not?


Admins are angrier than anyone else when they see "fanbox".


reminder the admin is shitposting about no fix for the fanbox importer to create distractions from real issues

>12 revisions


>1 revision on the HTML page



why so angry? you are given a free service, you are not entitled to anything


>begging for paywalled content is normal
>asking for bugs to be addressed is entitlement
put your trip on, SA



You act like it matters for the sake of self-satisfaction.

More like "Why the hell would one even bother with half-assed lies?" Just fuck off and let someone with actual competence do the job. If the site's going to die anyway, then at least TRY to do your job right if you going to post anyway.


notifying broken things is fine
becoming a lolcow for things that clearly can't be or there's no intent on being resolved at the moment for porn (no less) that you don't want to pay for and you are given for FREE is silly


>notifying broken things is fine
Yet here you are being triggered about it and schizoposting without your trip code on, SA


>u-ur triggered!
lol, i mean, i'm not the little kid that is spamming and throwing tantrums because his "porn is no up ):<"


>Still expecting for free stuff
>Not paying for their electricity and wifi


lol, i mean, you're exactly that little kid and you need to take your meds instead of self-projecting and schizoposting


>be admin
>make seven figures off of ad revenue by people giving me free shit that i promise to share with everyone else for free
>instead have the audacity to
>paywall the shit they gave to me for free
>say everyone except for me is entitled and have a god complex
>backstab developers by being greedy by not paying them what i owe them
>refuse to fix bugs that's been plaguing everyone
>take off trip code to samefag to attack my own userbase
>try to gaslight everyone for reporting bugs on my shitty website that they're angry and begging for free porn


yep, some poorfag having a melty over here


recommend good and on date patreon artists.


>you're a poorfag begging for porn and having a meltdown if you point out that i'm a liar
take your meds to curb your schizophrenia, SA


Might be sus but it's at least more than
"lol Fanbox ded go fuck yourself" that we have now. There's so much utter garbage being shoveled in thanks to only having Patreon working that anything good is almost guaranteed to be buried.


>pointing out that [headcanon]
and you are a poorfag begging, correct


it's time to take your meds to stop schizoposting and fix your APi that's been broken for years, not even yiff.party's admin was as greedy and pathetic as you

>12 revisions


>1 revision on the HTML page



Shut up retard


Fix the Fanbox importer you useless niggerfaggot cuck


They won't fix it just to spite you lol


None of the importers have or will be fixed to begin with.


That also applies to 90% of people's brain here.


Ah, so we've gone from not developing to anonposting to tell people to stop asking you to develop.

Well, I guess something is better than nothing.


>nigger asking for freebies
Never change


>complaining about people wanting pirated content on a piracy site
It's a miracle you even had the brain capacity to make that post.


Aww, bless his heart.


>itt faggots arguing with eachother thinking they're both a dev

Fuck sake you cunts are insufferable, no wonder the dev is choosing to do nothing, you're all entitled gooners.



>no wonder the dev is choosing to do nothing

all of the devs fucked off a long time ago because the admin who makes seven figures with the site refuses to pay them salaries


So the Patreon importer is broken now too


welp, i think its safe to say it was fun while it lasted


this is it. it's the end.


It was good knowing all of you


good, fuck off already


Umm for some reason all this artists content has disappeared.


File: 1700116664244.png (1.67 MB, 1542x830, Screenshot 2023-11-16 0136….png)

Looks fine to me


I hope I get a fanbox importer for Christmas


stop coping, fanbox importer is dead


Wouldn't mind if that present came early in November


Patreon importer still seems to be working. When I tried to import it said my session key was already in use when it wasn't but after I logged out of Patreon and logged back in to generate a new session key, the importer worked.



Thanks for making poll importing work. You guys might be fags for not magically instantly fixing everything thats broken, but credit where its due, this is pretty cool.


File: 1700195956901.png (2.27 KB, 182x31, Screenshot 2023-11-16 2337….png)

We also have tags now which is cool


yeah not taking forever to fix something that's been broken for years means instantly


no announcement of this and how it works, practically worthless


Question to admins or mods, will the tags be added automatically or do we have to flag for reimport?


wtf actually good feature that's cool


It's almost like the IDENTICAL UPDATES aren't shown for a reason…

Now, shut the fuck up and maybe look at the API and think about why before spamming.


Thanks for adding support to view the poll results. Really helps viewing those passwords.


It is futile to expect a solution to FANBOX importer problem when we can't get around the Fantia's restraints.
If it is still possible to create a system where users can take the initiative to edit clone pages and have them checked by moderators, it could work as an archive.
This is an example of what happens when you start a service with half-hearted technical skills and motive.


>This is an example of what happens when you start a service with half-hearted technical skills and motive.
Or, you know, what happens when the people who do leave.

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