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Can you make an alternative to Exhentai?

People would instantly jump ship and you'd make even more money from ads and donations.


>People would instantly jump ship
So you're either a faggot who posts MTLs and keeps getting chewed out for it, or someone too stupid to figure out how to get past the fjords.


1) KemCoom development is already troubled and you should really be consulting with >>31193
2) If this is about fjording, just give it up now because even the best alternative is going to do limited access to slow down copyright trolls


The OP is pretty much right.

Make an alternative to Exhentai and don't
>shadow ban people
>help promote Fakku

And you've convinced fantranslators to jump to your ship. Then, people who buy and share RAWs will do the same.

You know fantranslators are the only thing keeping the sinking ship that is Exhentai alive.

It's a miracle that anyone tolerates Exhentai.


Also forgot to add: don't put galleries behind a paywall.


>don't comply with (((intellectual property)))
This can be done for unofficial translations that the Fakku fuckboys try to troll off the road to protect their imaginary moat, but allowing straight-up Fakku reposting is a lost cause, at least not without heavy access restrictions. Koushoku showed us that isn't tenable unless you have god-tier OpSec.


Someone hit a nerve


You can trade them for memegame credits. People are desperate enough to pay bitcoins for a stupid text game.

You can even buy exh accounts on Alibaba with real money lmfao


You'll get the exact same trash because the retards running this site deleted the posts exposing the shills, the collaboration between E-hentai and Fakku, how E-hentai makes money by deceit, and E-hentai's shadow bans, while letting the shills' screeching and gaslighting stay up. I'm not the least surprised that it took the shill 39 minutes to show up in an obscure forum.



File: 1698614671758.png (9.78 KB, 202x202, file.png)

yeah you were obviously set up and anyone using an archive is your boogeyman


does mod still think they have credibility after fanbox new import malfunction?

all they do is blame the user until one admin showed up say it's a caching issue


fanbox? subscribestar and gumroad died years ago


I also got fucked over by the admin, and his sycophants tried to protect him and gaslight everyone else. Glad that people are finally realizing their admin Tenboro was a criminal and a liar.


jesus, nobody from fanbox/fantia updated in kemono, and here I am still waiting for some of them that is in my favorite list


File: 1699069023460.png (295.36 KB, 478x477, image_2023-11-03_233658318.png)

Got banned from posting galleries for posting uncensored Kakuzatou doujins because Irodori and Fakku sell them on their website. Mind you, numerous people watching it unfold had proof that Irodori's siteowner was stealing doujins using EXHentai or other sites basically for themselves.


>pic related


Anchira.to seems to be doing pretty okay so far.


Ex has really gone to absolute shit. Shame really. It used to be a good resource.


File: 1699124566076.png (28.09 KB, 873x172, $1000.png)

Is it legally a "donation" when people are only "donating" to get one of these stars? Is there a catch to it like dodging taxes or some shit? For $1000, he'll increase your download quota to 100 GB per week, lmao.



Yeah his cronies are annoying as hell.

>you've run out of credits and GP? well…. just donateee!! heheee it's so easy and it's even free lol!!! just use ur mommy's credit card xddddddddd!!! also play the browser text game!!! its so easy!!! it takes no time to play that game for 2 years to collect enough credits and GP to download one gallery older than 1 year xddddddd!!! did you know it's not difficult to post in a thread at the end of the year to get an award that'll give you a paltry sum of credits one time per day when you visit the site during that time??? xdd!! so what if you can't download the original gallery after 1 year, you can still download recent galleries xdddd!!!!!


Thanks for trying, friend. I hope and pray only these faggots trying to sell shota and loli while shutting down those who can't legally purchase it get hatefucked by the law.


>be software engineer looking for interesting problems to solve
>enter thread about exhentai
>nonstop mental illness and twitter-tier dramaposting intertwined with calls for a successor
>exit thread about exhentai
you're on your own


I couldn't give less of a shit about Fakku stuff, since it's always boring vanilla shit by overrated artists. I'll always prefer my artist CGs and fanbox galleries in the panda now that kemono's importer will stay dead for god knows how long.


Get a rope and find a nearby tree, shill


How is he a shill for stating Fakku focus mainly on generic vanilla garbage, which it DOES?

Their primary manga translations are Wani publications, that focus on the most tame, widely accessible, and western market friendly content possible.
Even the self-published doujins they license are usually 9 times out of 10 vanilla content, with the most "extreme" alternative sexual content they're willing to touch being futanari or someone getting a dick up the bum.

Look at meme tier artists like Asanagi and ShindoL who's book's used to be filled with all kinds of gore, mind broken birth scenes, and various other levels of laughable edgelord content, once they signed on with Fakku/Patreon all that shit went out the door to align with their restrictions, and they became as generic as every other artist on the block with nothing to set them apart from the rest.

Missing out on Fakku content is like missing out on a glass of tap water when you're standing in the middle of a water bottling plant.


You're a shill because you're resorting to spewing illogical nonsense to try and fool people people into ignoring Fakku who bootstrapped themselves off of infringement and live a life of deceit, hypocrisy and non-stop lying by doing things, including but not limited to, taking tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of galleries from Exhentai via the use of a bullshit corporate myth called copyright.

Who else besides a shill would tell someone to ignore Fakku?

The issue has never been what type of content Fakku is working on. If you're not a shill, why are you making up that lie?

You're also lying that Fakku works primarily on "vanilla", a lot of it is cuckoldry. If you're not a shill, why are you making up that lie?

Why does it irritate you so much that people are against copyright? I thought you're not a shill?


How the hell do you find any of that to be me DEFENDING Fakku?
That entire rant was me shitting on the very existence of the site, and wishing it didn't exist.
Fakku produces shit, of no earthly value, crying that you can't view it's lackluster releases is an absolute waste of tears.
>You're also lying that Fakku works primarily on "vanilla", a lot of it is cuckoldry
>Randomly starts whinging about NTR
Oh there's the problem, you're an self-inserting simp with insecurity issues.
If you read it correctly you'd see that I said "sexual content", shit like cucking and NTR is fucking storyline shit, not in any way related to the actual act of sexual intercourse, honestly the fact that you prove to get triggered by the fucking plot of a piece of fictional pornography is the biggest red flag of all that you're an easily filtered loser.


>How the hell do you find any of that to be me DEFENDING Fakku?
By you defending copyright, lying about everything and misrepresenting what people are saying to try and get people to leave Fakku alone.

>That entire rant was me shitting on the very existence of the site

Sure thing, shill.

>>Randomly starts whinging about NTR

>you're an self-inserting simp with insecurity issues
No, you're a cuck because you hate being called a cuck hence why you use NTR as an euphemism and you consume so much cuckoldry porn that you're an internalized cuck because you admitted that you can't tell the difference between cuckoldry and "vanilla". It's also you who started whinging about cuckoldry because you started lying that Fakku does "vanilla garbage" in your OP's first sentence.

>If you read it correctly

Self-project and gaslight more. In your opening statement of your OP, you said people should leave Fakku alone because they mostly remove "vanilla garbage". Also, you admitted that you can't read when story lines don't matter.

>shit like cucking and NTR is fucking storyline shit, not in any way related to the actual act of sexual intercourse

Note how this shill is a cuck and pretends otherwise despite sitting in the corner and masturbating while watching someone dear to him get fucked by another man.


Says the shill crying about copyright and authority on a forum that doesn't give a shit about copyright, lol.


I couldn't find a single thing in this post that was actually accurate to the post you're talking about, so you must have some objectively terrible reading comprehension. I don't know what kind of insanely warped paranoia and victim persecution complex you must have to transform "I don't like Fakku's content and I prefer the panda for things that Fakku will never have" to "I'M DEFENDING FAKKU SOMEHOW."




And the shill starts to samefag.


Go ask a mod to tell you if it's a samefag then. Seriously why did you make all that shit up in the post that never happened like claiming anybody was claiming to leave Fakku alone? Do you have a mental illness? Do you post in /pol/ or something? Cause you sure sound like one of those schizos.


Different IPs, still samefagging nonetheless


>Fakku calling others /pol/
That's rich.

>Go ask a mod to tell you if it's a samefag then

>Different IPs
Lmao, the shill changed his IP. So obsessive and determined. There's nothing you can do to escape being a samefag since you're a shill aka a part of the hivemind.


>people mention that copyright has no legitimacy and explain why Fakku has and always will be malicious and corrupt
>the shill defends copyright and Fakku by spamming the same off-topic drivel that Fakku should be left alone because they only remove "bad" stuff
>people point out the shill is… a shill
>the shill starts sperging out even more by samefagging, gaslighting and denying being a shill while simultaneously shilling
The shill is such an abhorrent creature.


There's no proof that samefagging happened, sorry.
>>the shill defends copyright and Fakku by spamming the same off-topic drivel that Fakku should be left alone because they only remove "bad" stuff
Not once was copyright defended and not once was it said that Fakku should be left alone. I shat on Fakku yet for some reason you twisted into it being defending it somehow? That's why I'm calling you /pol/, because they're the kind of people who misconstrue arguments 180 degrees somehow for no reason other than their victim complex and their love of shitflinging. By your logic, you're the biggest Fakku apologist since you're shitting on them, which in your head means the opposite apparently.


You know what's really funny about Fakku shills? Fakku only pays one of them with a discount coupon that shaves off $1 from the price tag, who ever shills the hardest gets it, and the discount coupon can only be used on something on Fakku that costs less than $10 and someone has already bought and given away to everyone for free.


>the illiterate schizophrenic who shills for Fakku whose employees are racist calling others /pol/


lmao even, because Fakku does a lot of virtue signaling with BLM and LGBT when not anonymous or behind the scenes


Oh yeah that's another /pol/tard dead giveaway I forgot to mention: they call everyone a shill like a broken record.


I don't see any counterargument here so I accept your concession.


Fun fact: One of Fakku's core employees is Daiz. He denies that but it's true. Also, he's always been using a bot to systematically scan the entire public part of internet for certain key words, even uses perceptual hashing to detect similar images. Basically, that's how he and Fakku shills show up everywhere.

Fakku also bought out most of the popular "hentai subreddits" and perma-bans you if you post any picture of anything that Fakku is selling, even cropping the picture isn't enough to evade Daiz's web crawler.

There's a meme older than one decade that mocks Daiz being "easy to summon" because of his systematic scan of the internet. https://desuarchive.org/_/search/text/Daiz%20Summoning%20Ritual/order/asc/


Another fun fact: Jacob (Fakku's founder) will offer you a subscription or a discount coupon if you help him get rid of people who give away the recent Fakku stuff or if you're the one giving Fakku stuff and you make an agreement with him to only give away Fakku stuff that's years old and shill for him.

If you've been wondering why that uploader on nyaa.si who goes by the name of rbot2000 aka Nephthys is delaying Fakku batches by years and telling people to pay Fakku for the latest stuff, now you know.

Oh, would you like to know why rbot2000 has a trusted role on nyaa.si while better uploaders don't? You might think it's just a cosmetic role but it really isn't, most people are dumb and avoid torrents that weren't uploaded by people with that role.


Continuing due to character limitation.

nyaa.si was made by the cartel which Fakku has tremendous influence over because one of the core members of the cartel is none other than Daiz. Few days earlier, they killed off the original nyaa (Nyaa Torrents) by manipulating the owner into closing it because he didn't give them more privileges (particularly, Daiz wanted admin rights). One of their own had already ironically beaten them to the punch with creating an alternative (Nyaapantsu) by several days, so they waited for the owner of it to fall asleep to DDoS his website and initiate a smear campaign against him before launching nyaa.si and promoting it in as many places as possible. The cartel control websites like BoxTorrents (bakaBT) and attack other websites like Doki, Tokyo Toshokan and MangaTraders. How many of you even know that the Doki group made Anidex and Mangadex because the cartel banned them? Here's Daiz endorsing nyaa.si when it was only a few minutes old in their announcement thread on 4chan's /a/, lmao. Is the mysterious disappearance of so many people uploading Fakku torrents on nyaa.si starting to make sense now?


>Lmao, the shill changed his IP. So obsessive and determined.
It's cute how you think you and this thread are worth that effort.


>It's cute how you think you and this thread are worth that effort.
Yet here you are, shill.


>wahhhhhh how dare you call me a shill because I told people to respect copyright and to leave Fakku alone for they're only removing content that I don't like!?!?!11!1
>y-you're misconstruing what I'm saying!!1!!1

Tell the nearest mental health ward to come pick you up before you've stabbed whoever you're currently leeching off of.


>I told people to respect copyright and to leave Fakku alone for they're only removing content that I don't like!?!?!11!1


Why are you samefagging, shill?


Fakku also tries to discourage people from attacking Fakku by lying that porn didn't exist before Fakku's existence or that all porn in the world will be banned if Fakku goes down.


Answer the question. Source?


Sealioning (also sea-lioning and sea lioning) is a type of harassment that consists of pursuing people with relentless requests for evidence, often tangential or previously addressed, while maintaining a pretense of civility and sincerity ("I'm just trying to have a debate"), and feigning ignorance of the subject matter.[1][2][3][4] It may take the form of "incessant, bad-faith invitations to engage in debate",[5] and has been likened to a denial-of-service attack targeted at human beings.[6] The term originated with a 2014 strip of the webcomic Wondermark by David Malki,[7] which The Independent called "the most apt description of Twitter you'll ever see".[8]

Gaslighting, also called coercive control,[1] historically referred to extreme psychological manipulation to commit an individual to a psychiatric institution or cause mental illness with the intent to brainwash.[2][3] In contemporary language, gaslighting is a colloquialism describing the subjective experience of having one's reality repeatedly questioned by another.[2][4] Merriam Webster cites deception of one's memory, perception of reality, or mental stability.[5]


You've yet to provide source even once though. Your continuous refusal to do so just proves that you were full of shit all along, as if anyone who could read the original post couldn't tell right away that you were making shit up all this time.


>i just took a shit on your lawn in front of you and other witnesses but since no one wants to prove it, it means i never did it, GOTCHA!!!!!!!!!!
keep telling yourself that, ben shapiro


>yeah I could post proof which would presumably only take a few seconds but I won't and instead deny that request 4 times in a row because…um…uhhh…look, just trust me, okay?
It's okay buddy, we all make mistakes. I'm glad you realized yours.


The reason Fakku is sperging out in this thread is because they don't want an alternative to Exhentai because it'd likely not comply with copyright or let them put ads for free. There's a misconception that Fakku wants Exhentai dead. It's not wrong but it's not the complete truth. If they wanted it dead, they could've it dead today.

Fakku is holding off with killing off Exhentai until every computer comes with hardware such as TPM which they shill under the guise of "security" and "trust". TPM is this little chip that is being slowly rolled out and it lets corporations like Fakku to control your computer and have it shutdown for "illegally copying files".


I mean, who could even financially support such a goliath task to accept scalations in the most wholesome way possible anymore? Just scrapping the entirely of E hentai, Fakku and what have you would surely cost thousands, not to mention you'd also have to fend off attacks from Fakku&co. conspirators and their internet assassination attempts from character to DDoS attacks. Anyone willing to support our desires for a better alternative surely wouldn't have it in them to deal with all that bullshit, at least not as long as Fakku and their ilk remain active.

'Sides, Kemono can't even find someone who can fix their importer right now, ya need to find a bigger player if you want an alternative to Exhentai.


Ad revenue and donations. Koushoku makes six figures from streaming free Fakku shit. Could even do what E-hentai does and paywall features.


p.s it's web scraping, web scraper, web scrape, etc. Scrap or scrapping with two p's is something else.

And the reason Kemono can't find someone to fix the importer is simply not true, they can but refuse because they don't want to compensate the programmer and believe the programmer could be leaking the code to their adversaries.


You would perform better/be more trustworthy if you weren't bringing up unhinged shit like TPM being used to compromise you and linking your spergy obsessive posting from desuarchive.


Like clockwork, the shill denies what TPM is and imagines things like "desuarchive" in posts that didn't mention it.


meds now holy mackerel


take your own meds yourself, shill


Sukebei is the alternative to Exhentai


Sure, if people uploaded there first and it had seeders.


the moment you upload something it gets downloaded by chink seedboxes and they'll seed it for free.

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