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Things are being repaired and it is still bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here™.

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.

Patreon is mostly fixed and only the obscurest cases remain.

Old thread: >>32398


revisions have been broken for years and the OP is a faggot for refusing to fix it or addressing it

>It's almost like the IDENTICAL UPDATES aren't shown for a reason…

but they are shown, there are 12 DUPLICATES that are shown despite only two revisions being UNIQUE


>12 revisions


>1 revision on the HTML page



When will Funbox and Fantia be fixed?


File: 1700277934239.jpg (40.91 KB, 352x375, notafag.jpg)

You know what, despite 90% of the site being on fire, i believe in you faggots. Someday the site will fully work.

Also thanks for the polls, theyre neat.


So my favorites before the .su transfer don't show up unless I go on the site with a chromium browser. Which is odd since I been basically only been using Firefox before that lol


Any update on where fanbox importer is.


File: 1700280984863.jpg (137.82 KB, 1397x1043, hdcicxk3q4ox.jpg)

We got tags, watchable polls, and Patreon relatively stable. Thx

Bring Torrents



Watching you bitch and complain that the site administrator is raking in the dough is funny, seeing as you still currently use the website, and would rather line the pockets of this "faggot," instead of the actual people creating content.

What a baffling world. Keep bitching though.


thoughts on fixing patreon dms?


File: 1700286177390.png (728.39 KB, 807x578, 2023-11-18_06-42-34.png)

What's really funny is that you look at ads and think everyone else does the same, or you're an even stupider fucker by not knowing it.


Is there a status update on the Fanbox fix at all? I know you guys have been chipping away at it for months but I have no idea on the progress being made aside from the day 1 "we're working on it". Making good progress? Nearly fixed? Nowhere near fixed? Would be nice to know where it stands.


lol mindbroken


File: 1700296100188.jpeg (130.63 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_0334.jpeg)

what is up with the tags in every patreon posts? when i clicked it trying to download a document instead of bringing me to the post with the related tag.


it would be nice if post search will search tag as well


Ok but why do you give a shit about duplicates in the api?


Do you guys think they're doing it on purpose? Like a fucking DMCA or something and they don't want to admit it


On purpose what?????


Complying to DMCA would require taking down the content, so it's not that. A C&D with a credible threat is unlikely to happen now and not sooner; it's unlikely related to the recent domain-related complaints, as the companies involved are entirely based on trust with their clients.

It is likely taking time to determine what thresholds the services use or to develop a new method to avoid detection.


What happened with AI stuff appearing out of nowhere? It didn't use to be an issue but every time I go to the posts page to look up something there's an entire page of barely distinct AI stuff, usually from a single person.
Is it a good idea to allow it? It feels like those can fill dozens of gigabytes of data a day with very little of it being worth having. You check their pages and it's jut 999 pages of posts with 20 pics each.


99% chance that fantia won't get fixed, ever!. Devs seems to ignore every mention of Fanbox, so I'd guess sometime in mid to late 2024, if ever.


A lot of the image boards the that pop up these days, seem to use a version of the gelbooru beta. Instead of developing a image board for post, from scratch, would it not be easier to make a booru, using existing templates?

Some of these sites even have a list of approved tags, that you could "borrow".

I ofc. do not know what the current code base is like, and it could very well be more work, than it's worth. But this is also just a suggestion.


It's already been a while since AI stuff appeared on Kemono.
Blame those who pay for AI generated pictures.


Ok but why do you give a shit about a broken API?


lol actual mindbroken sperg mad that people are calling out his shitty site


That does not look like the API is broken. The website filters out duplicates for ease of use, while the API returns the entire dataset. A program accessing the API could trivially perform the same duplicate filtering.


It is broken. The API needs to show which revision is currently being used on the HTML page or get rid of the duplicates that gets removed for the HTML page.


Pretty sure it's the creators uploading to kemono in an effort to advertise their ai works



I went on kemono today and it says

"Kemono is a public archiver for:

Pixiv Fanbox

Which is weird because you only actually develop for Patreon. Can you fix this?


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


Honestly need to remove AI art it's flooding the site. There needs to be a report button of sorts.


>still coming back to sperg like a bitch after getting humiliated repeatedly
lol keep going i guess


You are an illiterate retard and clearly got amnesia or something but soon you'll remember why you made your API.


Since I'm so illiterate, could you point out where in the API documentation it says that the results must be unique?


>report reason: "i dislike this content"
You do realise that if everyone could remove content they dislike, nothing would remain here?


>still coming back to sperg like a bitch after getting humiliated repeatedly
lol keep going instead of taking meds i guess


>Since I'm so illiterate, could you point out where in the API documentation it says that the results must be unique?
This is what mental illness looks like.


File: 1700344396116.jpg (42.23 KB, 550x550, 5f474fa6cda4bf03d582b2fbdd….jpg)


>n-no u!!!
lol mindbroken parrot bitch


Wouldn't it be easier to allow users to upload files directly to the site instead of relying on ONLY shitty scrappers?


File: 1700344865573.png (1.34 MB, 1903x1608, 2023-11-18 16.58.44 kemono….png)

>It's already been a while since AI stuff appeared on Kemono.
This is the posts page right now.


that would make too much sense, so probably no


Logic is not allowed on SA-secured forums.


File: 1700350801104.jpeg (69.83 KB, 680x803, 48c.jpeg)

>i go to a website that scrapes post from patreon
>i see scraped patreon posts
>day ruined


An issue would be users uploading malicious data for content creators that make executables, like games. Manual verification does not scale well.

A possible solution to the security aspect is to have the user upload the encrypted responses collected by a local scraper, which the server can verify as being signed by the originating service. Though, that would require the user to download a scraping program for that purpose, which some may not want to do. And that scraper would actually have to be made.


You know that you can embed malware on images right?


again the site is not updating can you tell me what is going on?


To reiterate, I know I've been up and down about "give whoever fixes Kemono's importers some space, this stuff cannot possibly be easy for them," but if there's progress being made on at least the Fanbox importer, then that's great, because some Fanbox artists I follow have been making some really juicy updates and I kinda need them as much as SpongeBob needs water.

So yeah, keep up the good work! I'll be here being patient!


Muh dick nigga


fix fanbox?


the mindbroken parrot bitch isn't you who's going "n-no u" and throwing a fit because people want a functional site

oh wait


the site isn't being fixed on purpose to literally spite you

now he's draining the cow for the last drop


>logic is bitching about things i don't need to look at and not being able to upload child porn
off yourself, twitter user, i bet you watch pedo hei


Only to report content that's flooding the site I don't mean everything. There's already a way to flag posts so there should be a way to flag a creator. I saw an AI creator with 200+ pages of content with 20+ pics per post. Shit needs to be removed.


Plus the reactionfags


lol nobody here owes you anything, make your own .party, stupid leech


flagging doesnt mean reporting dumbfuck


Regardless you know what I meant. I don't really look at what the button does but something to report that would be nice.


First of, thanks for the work on the site. The new Tag system will be quite helpful.
I have two questions regarding the tag system:

1.) Will the tags be added automatically over time or do we have to flag the posts for reimport.
2.) Will it be possible to make a search with multiple tags?


File: 1700404480433.gif (85.65 KB, 498x498, 1572838354593.gif)

Nice reading comprehension.


where fix


File: 1700413531686.jpg (67.01 KB, 888x499, 86kq0s.jpg)


fix where


>calling people "stupid leeches" when they tell you to fix your broken API
>making seven figures off of hosting paywalled porn that you leeched off of people

are you a schizo, OP


dead site


is not dead


It's dead because the administrators are incompetent.


it's dead jim



really would prefer you guys fix the Subscribestar importer instead of some of the other stuff you've been doing


shut your fucking mouth


So amusing to watch you guys get so angry for the lack of porn


Any estimation of when the Fanbox importer will be fixed?




Obligatory somewhat monthly fantia importer when question.


This site will never be fixed. They will ride it out, making money off what's left, until the domain expires and then wrap it up.


why are you so dramatically hung up on the money aspect of it anyway?
i get that you're so dirt poor impoverished that you could never afford to pay the $3 or whatever to get your porn so you need it for free, but it's REALLY weird how specifically obsessed you are over that ad companies are paying a guy


this is the same shill who's been screeching and pissing himself/herself on this online sharing website that everyone is committing a felony for copying files for free and been sperging out each time when people point out that the admin makes bank with ad revenue

and if that's not enough confirmation that the shill is a schizophrenic, he/she also believes that reddit spacing is real


Fanbox hasn't been updated since September, Fantia hasn't been updated since March, and shit like Subscribestar hasn't seen an update since January of last year.
Kemono needs to become open-source or else it is going to die and seven digit figures' worth of material is going to disappear with it.


fanbox importer is already dead

Subscribestar importer is beyond dead because they would ban anyone (and their payment method) who are sharing session ID, there's no way to fix that crap


It's bad that the admins and developers are incompetent useless. That incompetent brain should be shot and die.



yep, kemono's days are numbered if there are still no file upload functions


>In addition, please understand that if pixiv Inc. or a third party suffers damages due to violations of the Terms of Use, pixiv Inc. may sue for compensation
Can't wait for a lawsuit about pirates distributing videos of nintendo characters futa toddlers getting ganbanged without paying pixiv.


Kek, Kemono is finished


File: 1700578049888.png (391.11 KB, 600x575, image_2023-11-21_094727587.png)

>imagine this lawsuit is what finally kills the rule34 industry


Manual (file) uploading sounds like torture given the nature of the site. For simple images and video it wouldn't be too much of an issue to verify these things but a LOT of content is also locked behind compressed files and having to verify rars and zips is obnoxious as fuck. And that's not even considering potential malicious uploads too, cp bombing (as seen on this imageboard) and other sketchy shit. It would make so much extra work for anyone working on Kemono compared to just an automated scraper.

Maybe a program or browser addon to automate uploading of the current post a user has open on patreon/fanbox/whatever could suffice. If it's uploaded from the users end it would get around the whole scraping shit while also preventing users having free reign from having complete manual uploads. It wouldn't look any different from regular browsing to these subscription sites. Obviously not as handy as an automated scraper but given that's seemingly no longer an option for most sites..


Manual uploads from verified accounts with approval (once or on a strike system) would work fine. Requiring a sessionID as proof it's not some CP spamming troll from the start would be an easy add filter.


Nothing is stopping you from making your own site.


Two weeks ago from the telegram group, I heard that someone is trying to make a another site like kemono but for fanbox and fantia. He said that he found another way to import fanbox/fantia content and is working on the site. Does anyone know what happened to the project?

I got banned from the telegram group recently, so I don't know


File: 1700626296776.jpg (1010.59 KB, 1502x1200, 8775cb37215017db5e6be9bf19….jpg)

Hi, still here, will be working a lot on what's left to do over Thanksgiving, looking to wrap up development by the end of the month so I can import what I've been testing with.



Thats good to know. Thanks for the info! I hope that site work well


Now it makes sense why it stopped on september.
So how are you circumventing account bans where your card info is also tied to and scrapper detection?


Thanks for patreon importer fixes, but problem with comments still exists - some of them aren't imported at all.
Fresh example - https://kemono.su/patreon/user/53931812/post/93051176
Comment with dowload link missing :(


the day when every paywall site ban session ID share is near


Took them a whole lot of words to basically say nothing.
Literally just blowing hot air to try and scare people.
Admin's outright said this was why when they shut it down.

This is why anyone who thought this would be fixed before the new year is a complete idiot, IF the scraper actually does get fixed they're gonna have to completely redo it from the ground up, and considering they fired all the coders and sold the site to ruskies, you're basically hoping for hell to freeze over


ahhhhh when is fanbox going to be fixed I don't want to be pay 100 bucks to all these subs next month ;_;


stop coping, it wont


Amazing! Hopefully it works without issues so we can leave Kemono behind.




Haven't you got an answer already?


Nigger you got your answer already about it, are you sure you're not the incompetent one?


Didn't you lie, nigger? Are you sure you're not retarded for forgetting what you did some days ago?


File: 1700681717240.webm (402.67 KB, 640x360, y2mate.com - Incredible G….webm)


people need to stop being retards jacking off to drawn porn. get real pussy unless you are just incapable at all.


Why no extension based scraper?


File: 1700683705045.jpg (71.01 KB, 700x692, akmalqxd_700wp_0.jpg)

Japenis people are so retarded, my fucking god. Hundred, thousands of artists get money from copyrighted content, literally broke the law.
Pixiv don't do shit, they don't even give a fuck and don't do anything about the fact that fanbox principles is actually "piggy bank" for artists, not a fucking marketplace; where at any moment japenis can catch schizo moment and permanently delete all fucking posts that you pay for years, or tearful tweet about banned fanbox because of "not enough censored" cunt.
But, once money started rolling past them, the alarm was raised.
"How can you do this, poor artists!"
Funny, how are they going to block accounts "leaking" content? Just random freakin' finger pointing?
What's next, we go back to days of ie6 and install DRM spyware plugins? Damn idiots.


That's not a man, that's a Zionist who fathered a grifter whore to be like her daddy.


looks good now?



Will this also act like Kemono where it's auto scrapping or is it manual?


lol impotent retard rage


Thank you for the blessing, papa Nurgle.


File: 1700696991982.png (7.23 KB, 402x85, tags current.png)



why did you take off your trip to make that second post?


File: 1700699747723.png (990.5 KB, 1280x687, malware.png)

>I can…
>fix the site and lose $5 out of millions that I've made with ad revenue
>or put malware to make more money


File: 1700702910760.png (1.1 MB, 1516x669, Screenshot 2023-11-22 2026….png)

That's just a you issue with those artists not being updated, either the donors who scraped haven't resubbed, or the system hasn't gotten to it yet. Mine have been getting updates. Plus it's the holidays you fucknut, you think these people ONLY draw fat cocks and creamy loads?


It's Kemonover…



"Why isn't FANBOX importer fixed?"

Third-world, adpigged gatekeeper through hand-me-downs was too greedy, pretentous and chickenshit to be transparent, so Pixiv themselves had to say it. RIP

Good luck with the lawsuit, admin. Hopefully them nickels and dimes will be enough to maybe make a dent. (Using an adblocker too.)


Sites like Fanbox are still limited in how much they can do. They're probably watching for IP ranges identified as scraping sites or IPs that access more than one account. Browser plugins exist for all the different sites that allow users to download everything at once rather than having to download one file at a time. Something like this could be leveraged so that the subscriber runs the downloader tool and then it uploads to another site. This would also make it a lot harder for the sites to figure out exactly which user is leaking content. They can't ban users just because they thinks the users -might- be leaking content or they would end up killing their entire platform


Once completed, please link to the new site!


Probably a "free" trial that requires you card info so it can automatically charge you when you forget to cancel in a month.


Ok i know that this is a stereotype that people that consume a lot of porn have brain damage, but are you genuinely retarded? Do you legitimately not understand what this dropdown menu does?
I always wondered who would be dumb enough to click ad popups on porn sites but if coomers are this fucking dumb then all my questions are answered.


Tbh im not sure how i would bypass the scraping protection if i was to code it. If they are simply blocking a range of ip's kemono uses then it's pretty simple, but its a game of VPN/proxy whack-a-mole and they only need to win once to ban an account. If they are simply checking if the same account accesses the site from 2 vastly different addresses and ban according to that, im not sure what to do without doing the scrapping client side, and that has all the same issues as regular client-side uploads, which kemono doesn't want to have.
I don't want to cover the developers asses too much but this is not a trivial issue, and fucking it up once means that people's session keys and connected accounts get nuked by an angry jap, and people have to beg for their accs back (no really mr pixiv i just have a vpn at home, i would never scrape loli off your site i swear).
Im pretty sure this is why kemono is chickenshit with brinking the importers back, they would probably cook up something that works, but in a month pixiv bans dozens of people again and we're back to square one.
At this point it would be easier if ppl payin for fanbox would just get off their asses, download the fuckign pictures themselves and upload them to some booru, like normal people, but this is for some reason impossible,.


I wish you all the luck


>At this point it would be easier if ppl payin for fanbox would just get off their asses, download the fuckign pictures themselves and upload them to some booru, like normal people, but this is for some reason impossible,.
I was thinking about something like a private tracker for this kind of content, so people would have a reason to upload stuff manually.


The only way i can see to bypass the IP banning from Fanbox and Fantia, would be by using an application like "Hakuneko" to get the Metadata from the posts and then download it into the user's device, next the downloaded data gets sent into Kemono's server by the app itself or another another app


>At this point it would be easier if ppl payin for fanbox would just get off their asses, download the fuckign pictures themselves and upload them to some booru, like normal people, but this is for some reason impossible,.
How hard is this anyway, those poor creators update their masterpieces once a month, it would take a few minutes to manually upload.


Imagine defending Kemono's implementation of tags and revisions, and calling others retarded.


Well, nothing is happening on the site, last import was hours ago. Hmmm.


It's also not hard anyways to make your own site and let millions of people upload to it.


There's 5% chance that you're serious

But if anyone does make an alternative that works and doesn't pretend bugs are features, I'll switch sides and import there. I can't fucking stand this admin who lies all the time, refuses to fix bugs that are years old and says these bugs are features.


No uploads and malware-spiked banner for "black friday". Did the trolls finally get to them? Is this one last fuck you to the users before 404?


>Did the trolls finally get to them
you're the only troll here, OP


Nah I seen these before. Claims to be free, but the moment you sign up they charge you like $50, and in the terms it's all locktight so you can't even dispute it.


boorus already exist


kemono isn't a booru, retard


Why the fuck is there a malware banner on the site.

The fuck is wrong with you.

Also what happens when you click it? I just got to know.


lol mindbroken leech


Who you calling a leech you leech?


If you manage to get off the ground and bypass whatever the hell Fanbox is doing to detect scrapers and crawlers, you think you can also do Subscribestar so we can have the full triefica of "unimportable/Kemono-countering" paywall sites? I know a few nip artists who use SubStar for its laxness regarding Loli.


lol mindbroken parrot bitch


make it open source and we'll do it gladly, no I do not accept the outdated open source one.


mindbroken cum leech


god you're a faggot


Apparently according to >>31053 you can email Hermiett to get the latest source.


Why don't you know how to read?


So, how do you favorite a discord here?




So admin wont fix Fanbox because he's scared they'll go after his ass (and money)


So admin wont fix Fanbox because he's scared they'll go after his ass (and money)


Then make it private, host it on Tor or something.


they won't fix it because it probably works like subscriberstar now

the moment it detected session id sharing, it ban your ass and payment method
it just waste of time to fix it


Is the Patreon importer now only imports part of new posts? another bug?


He said he's already fixed Fanbox a long time ago.

As to why he won't roll out the update is probably because he doesn't have enough storage space and thinks he won't make more money from ad revenue and donations.


File: 1700851168693.webm (2.91 MB, 256x144, cuntecle.webm)

Fuck it, we doin Kemono at home boys.


You can always make your own fanbox importer


>>At this point it would be easier if ppl payin for fanbox would just get off their asses, download the fuckign pictures themselves and upload them to some booru, like normal people, but this is for some reason impossible.

When your main credit card is Discover, then paying with a credit card IS impossible.

("Hey dumbo, it looks like you can use a Discover via PayPal! Learn to read, dork!")

Ah. Well, okay then. I mean, I'd need a crash course on how to use PayPal, but I'm itching for more LVI, Lamb-Oic029, and Nanikairu, so I might as well. Same for the artists I follow who use Patreon.

But just to be safe, I think I'll wait until my next paycheck.

Actually, wait, don't boorus discourage uploading paid rewards? I know Danbooru EXPLICITLY forbids it.


>patreon post has 5 comments
>importer reads only 2 comments








I just found out Kemono had a forum thread, can someone give me a rundown of what the whole situation is? From how I understand it, FANBOX imports don't work and the site is supposedly going down or something, can someone clarify for me or point me in the direction of some sort of summary pls


Scroll up


Maybe new comments got added AFTER it was scraped, ever think of that smoothbrain?


no, you fucking retard, those were before it was scraped


Sorry nigger, am I supposed to be a fucking mind reader for a gooner?


Fanbox still down? Devs stop being lazy and fix it.



real retard right there. how bout you stop being lazy and actually work to earn money to pay for the shit porn you're looking for?


>noooo you can't tell the faggot devs who offered a product that doesn't fucking work to get off their ass and make it work you're a coomer


For the love of god release the Fanbox update dammit! It has been MONTHS!!!!!


which boxes are you guys fans of?


Cardboard boxes in every size and shape in 200 lb. test, double wall, 32 ECT and more. Choice of cube, flat, long, multi-depth, side load, shippers and many other box styles.


>comes onto piracy site
>complains about piracy

real retard right there.


cope phonefag


people are fighting over Fanbox's new policy about leeching methods and whatnot.

Kemono is done. Enjoy your shitty Patreon posts, faggots


That OnePiece Mind Control guy
Konno Tohiro


where was this mentioned?



Hi, How do I access the file from this artist's discord? A lot of the zip file seem to be password locked, where can I get the password for it?


Konno Tohiro
Kuro Ginjou


you're supposed to stop taking your trip code off, stop putting malware, fix your shitty site and stop making excuses or calling everyone a leecher for telling you to fix your shitty site


I did, I've read everything but I worry maybe I'm not understanding everything right. I've read through the whole thread but it looks like Kemono has been having issues for a long while and is way older than I though it was


If Fanbox fags were smart enough, they'd move over to the pixiv artists who also have a Patreon alternative and upload to Kemono.
Just sayin'.


>That OnePiece Mind Control guy
very informative, retard


if you had a brain, you'd know content creators use different paywall for different content


Apply that to yourself before replying, dumbass.


>original developers fucked off because admin didn't want to compensate them
>admin makes seven figures off of ad revenue
>admin doesn't let anyone look at the code of the importers
>admin wants people to fix the website for free
>website will never be fixed because of it


you belong in a psych ward, schizo


>This nigger thinks I'm the dev

okay faggot, let me get right on that. Jesus you faggots are incredible, go tf outside and get some sun, touch some grass. Maybe take a shower first, you probably smell of stale cum and pizza bagles.


the post above you applies to you as well, schizo


>Replying to someone makes you a Schizo

Okay faggot, I'm not the one sitting here thinking every anon is the admin or dev


>i'm only replying

yes, you're not just taking your tripcode off to call everyone a leech when people tell you to fix your shitty broken website or point out how you're making seven fucking figures from ad revenue, and then going full denial about it


It been a week, how is the progress on fixing fanbox uploads?


In ascending order:


While I'm aware file uploads have their risks, since an account is needed in the first place, would it be possible to have trusted accounts (aka, those who have previously shared their session ID and uploaded content) to get sort of preliminary uploads, that could be checked manually? It would at least somewhat stifle the amount of uploads, while relatively minimizing the likelihood of troll uploads.


Manual checks are still a huge nonstarter. Instead they could make an addon that
>Identifies the artist URL
>Checks the post timestamp
>Grabs any posts not already in the KP database
>Auto downloads images locally, then uploads them to the artist page on KP
But that requires work


You can also upload on panda btw


Or else?


so i can't access my favorites, a 503 backend error, can't log out (was a partial fake out when i refreshed and saw that it DID log me out), another 503 backend error, and finally, i can't LOG IN, yep, you know it, ANOTHER 503 backend error


DB maintenance that took longer than needed, should be back up in 20 min.


09:35:40 UTC
Sunday, 26 November 2023


Thanks for the rundown! Can I ask how long ago the original devs left? Is there any chance of them coming back or working on developing a newer and better version of Kemono?


Exhentia has been around for decades, and is by far the best archive of this type of thing. Nobody here, or any short-lived, fly-by-night bullshit that can disappear at any time, has the right to give exhentai shit.


>Exhentia has been around for decades
True, this website is so old that I can remember first browsing it around 40 years ago.


a week? fanbox importer has been down since september, and I've seen no update on its status apart from fanbox's own post about legal action being taken against pirates

without any info, these threads just turn into a retarded fight between people trying to bait admins into giving details by claiming kemono is done, and people who want to feel superior by suggesting that people stop asking, or by pretending there's a simple solution


File: 1701019696881.png (25.17 KB, 374x282, longevity.png)


it's actually a bit older than that

IIRC it was started by two junkies who loved evangelion (hence why the original site was called ge-hentai and had evangelion banners and other references everywhere), they disappeared and Tenboro took over, I personally think he took the site from them


File: 1701031266132.png (576.1 KB, 1386x1764, 2141240.png)

Rule 3


yeah no shit pal the internet aint even 40 years old


Why aren't we allowed to see which revision ID is [current]?


The WORLD WIDE WEB to be more specific. It became public in 1993 or so. The actual internet goes back a very long time, just not in the form we imagine it.


Look at them not being able to understand the irony.


So you gonna explain the obnoxious adware banner or what?


Will we ever see Fanbox content again?



why there're still other paysite listed beside patreon in importer tab when others are all broken?


Because changing that list would require someone to work on the site


nah, although the admin is incompetent, this appears to be a case of baghdad bob where they pretend everything is working as intended


Some boorus dont give a fuck, danbooru is for faggots anyway. Half of exhentai pixiv albums were just scrapped kemono anyway so thats a prime real estate to manually upload to


exhentai's owner is a secret employee of fakku and has always complied with copyright


It's just me, or the Patreon importer is slowly dying? Like, there is less and less updates by the day


Is there another bug with the Patreon importer?


File: 1701189746305.png (113.58 KB, 634x398, testing.png)

The official answer.


who gives a shit what he says

it took him years to implement revisions and he couldn't do it right

2 months later, he lies through his teeth that duplicate revisions are hidden

>12 revisions


>1 revision on the HTML page



And no one cares because nobody can do anything about it including you :)


Yet here you are, ESL


>Talk to team members and administration directly here™.
Thanks for making DMs linked to the creator that sent them now I can find them without getting lucky via text search, a great improvement.
I don't have a complaint or anything.


i'll never forgive the kakuzatou shit, fuck fakku, fuck irodori, and fuck exhentai

anyhoo, what's the status on Fanbox? still busted as ever with no warning saying such?


When you start paying.


>Be me
>Notice irodori comics get permanently removed
>Can't even find them in expunged
>Weird they don't ever do that
>Research into it
>Site owners own irodori
>Mods also work for irodori
Fuck ex and irodori


It'd be nice if we had the ability to block creators so that they don't show up in our feed while browsing. That way people that don't like AI stuff can just block them and I can block the fat naked guys eating junk food accounts.


I don't need to do anything because its a free service you however are screeching at the top of your lungs for 1) shit you aren't entitled to, 2) shit you have no power affecting
Boom, destroyed you that easily :)


Why don't you financially hurt Fakku and Irodori if you hate them that much? It's so darn easy. All you've got to do is follow the money. They even encourage you since they demand everyone to be lawful, ethical and moral. The reason they claim to be invincible is to discourage you from doing anything


File: 1701224636504.jpg (433.66 KB, 1576x1051, 1.jpg)

Fakku and Irodori couldn't accept payments for two months when their previous payment provider Shopify cut them off after someone pointed out how Shopify prohibits porn despite having those two as clients. Fakku has a God complex and threatened to sue Shopify despite breaching their ToS and Irodori hid like a bitch by taking down their whole website under the guise of "maintenance". This time around they're concealing who their new payment provider is, basically giving it away that their new provider prohibits porn too.

Pro tip:
Fakku and Irodori use the same hosting and payment providers who prohibit porn but don't enforce their ToS on clients who rake in money. All you've got to do is call out those providers for being greedy hypocrites until they can no longer look the other way around. The reason Fakku and Irodori use providers that prohibit porn is because those are the cheapest ones.

And if you need some fuel, point out the hypocrisy between Fakku, Irodori and their payment providers getting chummy with LGBT while profiting off of rape.


>I don't need to do anything
Yet here you are, you illiterate retard. Sperg out more at everyone, my pet monkey.


File: 1701227332702.gif (1.77 MB, 540x304, Yoko.gif)

Looking at all the unhinged faggots and drama, I'm guessing the devs pissed off some faggots on a Discord?


File: 1701228713343.png (95.09 KB, 867x700, Willienelson1.png)

whore spotted


File: 1701231148022.jpg (110.33 KB, 1024x1024, o542ou840zm61.jpg)

Are there any plans to add a feature to manually attach files to artist pages and individual posts?

In recent years, artists very often do not post art on Patreon itself, but leave links to other sites (which are dying very soon) or send them directly to subscribers


imagine being an unhinged faggot discord tranny who makes a thread where people can tell you that your website is shit and then you get triggered, project yourself onto others and start sperging the fuck out when people do what you wanted


Nevermind what's going on with Kemono.










All the more reason to sort out Fanbox.

…Or is this how it all ends?


fanbox importer is dead. stop coping


the only reason you keep saying this is because you're baiting a mod to prove you wrong
admit it, you love pixiv fanbox




Says the chimp screeching impotently because his cartoon porn got taken away boohoo, lmao keep coming back pup :)


Nothing. I just like inciting panic.


The fuck you talking about?


>imagine being an unhinged faggot discord tranny
Just look in the mirror


>red fonts get attention
THAT is the funniest shit I've read today, no, no they don't.
Never underestimate the stupidity of others.


lol, lmaoo even

the corporate shill waited 2 hours to samefag


Patreon is rolling in some nice updates :)


That's called Adblock/Ublock + custom CSS rules.


All I see is that Patreon banned content they don’t like again (ABDL)
In other news, the sky is blue.


File: 1701279022482.jpg (112.44 KB, 813x907, ssb690yik1vb1.jpg)

Patreon is now requiring members to submit their personal information if they want to upload NSFW content.


It's worth pointing out that this isn't new. You can find complaints about this going back almost a year.


That's me. Hi :)


Such a nice admin.

Deceives you for your keys.

Gets your accounts banned.

Scammed the devs.

All the devs fucked off but pretends they're still around so people won't think the site is dead.

Makes more money than 96% of the world by hosting paywalled shit that others bought and shared.

Takes tripcode off to sperg out at people for using the thread as intended.

Calls everyone a "leecher" for using the thread as intended.


Staff and devs are really fucking up by not sharing more information with the users and hiding in a Telegram server. Not all of us want to spend hours trying temporary phone numbers just to sign up.


File: 1701295474178.png (479.14 KB, 557x836, 228-2284337_bosses-luigis-….png)

I'd love to see that
An artist I've be following does that and posts them on a different site
Unfortunately the scrapper for said site doesn't work


In the last few days there has been a tiny amount of Patreon imports compared to the 26th.
Is the importer bugged AGAIN?


>Staff and devs
>and devs
>and devs
>and devs
>and devs
>and devs

there are no devs, retarded shill

LITERALLY the post above you freaked you out, retarded shill


Broke coomers once again on suicide watch.


Yup, the importer is slowly dying


File: 1701310022499.jpg (20.9 KB, 660x660, 20231128_225428.jpg)


And so is the need for my penis too


I mean, is the admin wrong?
This is a free service, you can notify, but you can't make demands, you are a nobody crying for internet porn lol, nobody has any obligation to satisfy you.
Don't like it? Make your own kemono, oh wait, you won't do shit, you are a porn addict loser, the best and only thing you can do is cry here to the amusement of those who hold the key.


I mean, can you kill yourself already, you illiterate sperg? I bet the next terminally online schizo who'll take your spot as the corporate shill will be more amusing.


pot meets kettle.


So when's the Fanbox importer coming back?

When's the Subscribstar importer coming back?



>>33878 is NOT me.

Patreon just went and kicked a whole big shitload of artists off. GONE!!


That isn't even the issue.


Who and what is Jumio anyway?


And? It'll only go further. And maybe spread until there's nothing left but whatever is on the bright side of their agenda driven biases. The sky is indeed blue… if you're on Neptune!


they are dead, jim


Bring back fanbox


Now abdl is getting a ban wave from Patreon and creators are moving to other sites which are not working on this site, good job admin


If you like that shit you should seriously kill yourself.


it's dead, jim




Don't be a pedo


Taking the word "piracy" in a literal sense.

Steals session keys
Imports paywalled shit with someone else's wallet
Puts the paywalled shit behind a personal paywall

Stop giving him your session keys, retards. He'll re-enable the importers if you do that.

But in all seriousness, you retards should've let the site die when he started calling everyone a leecher.


How is that post "pot meet kettle"?

Oh wait, you're an ESL 4channer. That explains your confidence in being retarded and illiterate.



>"collecting for testing"
>doesn't have a dev
>doesn't give updates
Sure, buddy.



What paywall is admin using?


the uoh heard across the world


>ad hominem


A paywall is a digital payment barrier that publishers set up for select online offers123. It is a feature of a website or other technology that requires payment from users in order to access additional content or services2. Paywalls are increasingly being used to restrict access to content on a website to those who pay for it2. A paywall may restrict non-paying users either from any content, from a set limit of content, or from select content


Notice how the corporate shill only replies to people pointing out how shitty the site is.

Then compound it with the fact that the admin deletes posts that corporations don't want people to see.


Stop coping Fanbox is dead and devs clearly don't care enough to fix it. Devs say they working on it, but it has been 3 months already.


>and devs clearly don't care

there are no devs, retard


File: 1701392382414.jpg (44 KB, 720x480, 20231121_103622.jpg)

On one hand they said either December or early next yr, but I don't have expectations from a rube that would hot boxed in lacquer paint fumes for a high than be transparent.



Right answers only.


If this is the end then so be it, thanks for everything, it was good while it lasted.


Will Fanbox come back in the future?


And what's your reason for being here? Vore?


File: 1701420196464.jpg (14.52 KB, 300x300, 20231130_144133.jpg)

Not the other person typing rn, but for me it's milf's


Sims 4 vitiligo mods, and furry nullification porn (specifically cats) what else??


it's dead, jim


File: 1701433336658.png (340.33 KB, 510x710, It's over.png)




File: 1701444690006.jpg (124.46 KB, 1916x1076, MV5BN2QyNGZmOTgtMjBmNi00MT….jpg)



>ddos my site bro

most competent admin


many contents not has update since…september, and are active artists, many from Pixiv fanbox, is the same problem?


File: 1701486415576.png (371.1 KB, 626x1084, 1984furfag.png)

Furry mod doesn't want people talking about "Nekohouse" or whatever it'll be called.


Gonna be hilarious if it launches and gets a bunch of accounts banned because of its importer being detected
If it's just a manual upload site then its pointless since those already exist


It already exists.

Send an email to the admin with proof that the session key is yours. But don't get your hopes up as he only lets in 1 in 100 importers and it's only for a brief time.

Basically, he deceives you, makes you pay for everything, gets your accounts banned, and you've to fellate his ego behind the scene to get access to what he downloaded with your keys.


Is it just me or has the number of imports been really low these past few days?


do you live under rock?


So… What's happening with SubscribeStar? It's been gaining a bit of popularity lately.


Good security measures from stuff like kemono, doesn't censor artist and their possible gross fetishes


So, is there any new alt site for Fanbox import?


hope there's at least an update on status of importers


Jfc, this whole tread is one giant dumpsterfire


attention whore

if you wanted this to be a secret, you wouldn't have posted it


So basically a trashy place full of furry, farting and gore?


stfu and kys spic


Keep us updated please


File: 1701542694407.jpg (108.78 KB, 204x192, 20231202_095127.jpg)

I can't hear u from ur shitbox honkey


Seriously? Have any screenshots? He did seem too friendly with the current staff.


If there is, I'd like to know about it too. Because all this talk about a sister site maybe not being as open to the public as Kemono spooks me.


NKHoncho has a thread on here dedicated to it, but if you want more frequent updates, I recommend you join the Kemono Telegram. He hasn't made his own yet, so keep your eyes peeled for updates!


Amazing, sadly my number got banned lmao


Not necessarily.


File: 1701585188080.png (32.49 KB, 1920x1080, DDoS-Guard Loop.png)

Every time i try to login i get stuck here (https://kemono.su/account/login) it just reloads roughly every three seconds forever.


File: 1701594905312.gif (2.63 MB, 516x250, 1_by_strunton-dc75c1u.gif)

Why can't you bring Fanbox at all back already?!


Because the Japanese don't mess around when it comes to internet piracy!


Fanbox importer as well as almost all other ones except for Patreon are broken and have been broken since around September of this year. Based on everything else Ive seen in this thread, admin have been saying they are working on it and supposedly making progress but most here don't seem to believe it. What I've read most other users saying is that admin have been basically just sitting around collecting massive paychecks from the ads they run on the site while it's basically in a nearly unusable state for those who want to import more content for everyone to see and those of us who want to see new works from our favorite artists that have been created since September. I'm not sure who to believe but that seems to be the consensus.


File: 1701602072848.png (49.88 KB, 674x224, stand there and take it.PNG)

And no substitutes or attempts at manual copypasting at all since then?


Wait there is a thread for that?


Sorry, it posted multiple times, Im still new to forum threads like this


Don't take this as gospel, but I think the Patreon importer is broke too, or at the very least limited. None of my Favs have been updated, so it's weird.


Before 26th there was like a ~1000 patreons uploaded daily on average, after 26th it's down to about 200. Something definitely happened, and admins not saying anything doesn't fill me with confidence.


try checking back in a few days, there always was some kind of issue at the end/start of a new month


Admin has already scammed someone to fix the importers a long time ago.


I wonder what the demand is for videos of people watching cartoons and making a fuss about it.


I blame the IA suckers for flooding the importer queue


I noticed this too. Does anyone know what’s going on?


>and admins not saying anything
Like usual. Guess patreon importer is dead too.


Oh wow, where are we getting this info from? This would mean s lot if admin were a scammer


File: 1701640964661.jpg (19.3 KB, 424x414, rthazxqhojtb1.jpg)

ngl wish AI art got the axe on patreon too, some BS why people spend on set's of IMG's when they can possibly do it themselves or NovelAI



Anyone wanna dox this prick? In case this third-world, Middle-Eastern cocksucker decides to bail?


Surprisingly enough, it's a Floridian from Tampa… No wonder he's such a nigger.


File: 1701651054998.jpg (15.07 KB, 453x448, 20231202.jpg)

Make sure your privacy extensions are not blocking cookies or blocking the checking url.

Why not try out the importer yourself?


Im sorry, i don't wanna be one of those pricks that's just being a dick needlessly, but what do you mean 'try the importer'. i can fucking see it works, stuff is still being updated. I can also see that this week, there's a fraction of updates than the last week or every other week before that.
if im misunderstanding then sorry, but are you trying to tell us everything is fine and we shouldn't believe our lying eyes?


You don't have to click shit you don't like, faggot. Jesus people that complain that patreons they dislike exist are a hundred times worse than the doomsayers.


AI can be fine at times, but the output rate is stupid high. Good or bad, it's gonna be literal cancer to server space and bandwidth, especially with dipshit artists saving their PNGs at like 30+MB each. (Is that shit even necessary, or are people just that retarded and/or based?)

Also, in case this dumpster fire does explode, anyone got an archive going? Feel free to leave out e-Thot and possible AI bullshit.



Ah. Spoiled dirtfuck with a fried brain, not from just the sun, probably.


Nah, ai artists are just retarded, .png is the default setting in the webui, so they upload 30mb png's. They probably don't even know what that means. And they also upscale them to high fuck, af if that does something to the quality.
I understand upscaling a bit, because the default 512x768 pics are a bit small, but retards just upscale them to like 8k sometimes.
I do like good ai art, but good ai art means generating like 200 pics and posting 4, after manually retouching them. And the patreon ai retards certainly don't do that.


The main issue with IA retards is how frequently they post stuff.
There are days when the Submitted Posts page is filled with endless IA stuff


and to think half of you numbskulls were on the admins side for literally years, despite all evidence that they were all massive assholes


Great job, grabbed a VPN IP, please grow as a person. If not, send me my address next.



Oh, no, I meant some artists in general.

Some artists have like 5-6MB PNGs, which is reasonable, while others are stupid astronomical, like people are actually based enough look for that kind of "quality". I nabbed an artist's archive and some of their pics were 100+MB EACH.

I recall there being some guy on here that put the entirety (or a good portion) of Kemono's contents through a PNG crusher. Went from 5 to 2TB.


at least "AI" isn't as retarded as you who believes reddit spacing is real kek


I thought Florida was Western but good to know it's Eastern.


AI is necessary because of greedy artists who output 1-2 files once per month and put it behind a link that expires in 1 hour.


File: 1701720817981.jpg (34.41 KB, 635x576, Fs2ykLVX0AA_YHs.jpg)

AI post are clogging the patreon importer so I have more reason to despise it rn even if it makes decent shitpost


nah, grow some standards
ai looks like shit


I agree


File: 1701751062232.jpg (23.53 KB, 387x381, 1469796652804.jpg)

>Why not try out the importer yourself?
What the fuck does even mean?


"Try finger, but hole"

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