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Since it's not likely that some importers are gonna be fix, I suggests that we focus on torrents for now. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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b-b-b-but le torrent bad because le troll can le upload le fake torrent with le dolphin porn! Oh my Science!


>settler colonizing
>bombs everyone
>plunders everyone's resources
>keeps the world hostage
>wants cheap labor
>spergs out about immigration
liberal white european moment


Easiest way would be a mirror page where you could approve the torrents posted, only by people with accounts


Wouldn't Torrents involve virus shit?


A man once told me there are no stupid questions, but this board consistently proves otherwise


poor counter-rage bait, apply yourself


>you hurt my feelings and made me spergout
>therefore it's bait
liberal white european moment


+1 Bump for torrents


lol just dont execute sus executables
a bunch of images and videos won't hurt you kiddo
(is arbitrary code execution really a thing, in image and video files of course?)


fuck me they are(were/can be) real :(
but the point is if the file is malicious it gonna fuck you up no matter how you download it, there's nothing inherently mroe dangerous with bittorrent

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