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Well its time for me to share the full yiff.party archive
Its the only known full scrape of the site.

The archive is stored in multiple Google TeamDrives, Please message me on telegram on this handle https://t.me/Hermietkreeft

Reply to this for any questions


thank you very much for the archive


Dōmo arigatōgozaimasu


File: 1631316946719.jpg (4.88 KB, 300x168, Pretty_good_yes.jpg)

This archive is very poggers. It contains the files from patreons organized in zips by ID. I like how much content and organization is there.


Link ?


File: 1631317559354.jpg (50.85 KB, 859x960, c62590c1756680060e7c38011c….jpg)

super ultra mega based




Enjoy. Entire thing is 34TB, and should contain every single post and file on YP up to its closure.
Let me know if you have any questions about pulling/accessing the data.
There's no public link. You need to ask Hermiet.


i hate the antichrist


Can any of this be imported to Kemono? If not, why gate it to Telegram?


We need more storage before we can even think about doing that.


Thanks, but I'm not approaching Telegram.
Is there an option to ask for specific user archives to be shared here?


>Thanks, but I'm not approaching Telegram.
Is there an option to ask for specific user archives to be shared here?


Thats pretty good


File: 1631380624283.jpg (47.45 KB, 1028x1012, FB_IMG_1631374166279.jpg)



File: 1631648295546.png (837.15 KB, 1100x1350, CIA outfit.png)

Thank you, sir.


File: 1631685818771.jpg (178.52 KB, 612x612, 1423455826138.jpg)

Sorry to ask, but is there anything less cancerous you use instead?


Nope, because everywhere else would just yeet us in the blink of an eye. Refer here: https://telegra.ph/Kemonoparty-ultimate-QA-for-people-like-you-09-14


People don't know how/do not want to use Mumble or IRC, XMPP is bad, and Discord is AIDS.


Due to quickly depleting teamdrives, i only have a couple copies left.

For anyone still intrested, please act fast and contact me on telegram


I asked you if you wanted to download all 34 tb, but you declined it and only wanted to "look"

Next time contact me so i can give you a dedicated drive + the needed tools to donwload it.


are you trying to copy the entire file in the google drive? because if you do so, you need some tools & python script that using the rclone method so you could use a service account and copy the entire drive. but note this, by using a service accounts, you need the drive you wanted to copy to "shared with anyone" or "anyone with the link" because service accounts required access of that drive. but afaik, the yiff drive is locked to restricted and only the admin or the owner can add people into the drive. so it means that it is pointless if you're try the rclone method what so ever.



Rclone will only fuck the share up, due to it not handling the ratelimits correctly (if at all)

Simply contact me on telegram and i will provide you with the correct tools + dedicated shared drive where you can play as manager.

Reason for not giving manager to everyone in the same drive, well imagine if i gave everyone moderator in the kemono party telegram, what a shitshow that would be…

Be smart, contact me and i will hook you up.


Welp, knew the day would come, i am now out of teamdrives to hand out.

From now on, please reply to this chan asking for access, You will join the waiting list this way.
i will reply to your message once you are next on the waiting list.

Those who only want to look at the archive and download a couple files, feel free to contact me directly as i have a shared teamdrive for you guys.



Could one of you guys create a torrent of the entire archive? Simply just put the whole package into a torrent file as it is. This would enable everyone to search for and download the parts that they are interested in and contribute to keeping the torrent alive as much as they can at the same time.


That would be literally impossible. You want a 32 fucking terabyte torrent? Nah fam. Everything is stored on the cloud so there's no reason to make a 32 terabyte torrent…





Yep contacted you here and in telegram.


For gods sake please preserve


Good news, have 36 open slots.

So go hurry up and contact me to take said slots.



I asked for a slot and was left in the dark, so or I'm just bad looking or the access is full of walls, ifs, maybes and shady blood contracts.


Requesting access. (Also from Telegram)




thanks bump 2nd try


I sent a request on telegram.


File: 1635969379379.png (143.89 KB, 512x512, jfetspeakshi_agadsgeaaqxlw….png)

I come forward with another update!

I have a total of 24 slots left, so im taking new requests for access

Contact me on telegram


not sure if related but did you archive the BBS as well? man the threads there were a literal goldmine i cant stop laughing


archive.org has most of the good shit. Especially the threads of people wanting Yagami Yato shit.


File: 1637540022644.jpg (68.13 KB, 1080x1051, unknown-9-1.jpg)

Well boys, no more teamdrive spots + no archive spots left

See you next week, no use on dm ing me now on telegram till i havent made more…


Telegrammed my request an hour ago.



Can someone tell me what happened to the yiff.party archive link that had most of my fave artists on there? It was the one before the old kemono chan went down, in the OP there was a Squidward pic too.


Can someone make a torrent of anything related to Nyamota and put it on https://sukebei.nyaa.si? I'll seed it indefinitely.


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