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Air any issues with the site, or anything you think should be added/changed to make the site better.
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This artist page has some image not found, can you fix it?


Give it time. The dedupe is still ongoing, and will be for about another week


gdi, I told shino to encode the filenames… ffs

>Norton VPN


I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but can we get a specific thread for artist who deliberately change their Fanbox/Patreon/etc. page to something else (often close in name)? I guess some are using this as a way to avoid what we do or to just change their names(?).
There are also case of artist having two pages (sometimes for the same contents).

Example: ヨウヘイ♪ -> ようへい♪

https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/14411567 (ヨウヘイ♪ ) -> https://in9black.fanbox.cc/ (ようへい♪)


Reminds me when I uploaded about 20 packs way back and almost every 1 of them was corrupt if the filenames had a symbol in them… If only I'd have known symbols like # were incompatible before spending hours uploading with the (at the time) super glitchy file uploader. Which also reminds me: FILE UPLOADER! COME ON PEOPLE! LONG TIME NOW, VERY LONG TIME!!


Fixed, seems there has been a discrepancy between dev and prod where thing behaved a bit differently.


The Patreon importer stopped working. I got a "Method not allowed" message.


It's been like that for a while now, but the admins haven't shown any sign of removing the ban anytime soon


What are you referring to here? What was banned? Are you talking about the file importer being removed months ago and still not brought back yet?


I am banned from posting images, yes?


What do you mean? Where?


Importer down!

Error 503 Backend fetch failed


We noticed the problem some time ago and there is already a solution in the works.

The only valid method is POST. Either you are referring to something else or something gone real bad.



What can cause an "Internal Error" for the importer after several users have been imported, but before all users have been imported?

This has happened twice now.



Some script kiddie that thinks he is hot shit because he knows XSS weaknesses.


I guess site is still under maintenance ?


Maybe, who knows. My magic ball is currently under maintenance so I can't really look into your mind and figure out what you mean by that.
So until you explain what is "under maintenance", then yes.

A thread being killed, importer restarted, segfault. There are many ways it can happen and shino tries to fix them all.
If you can, share the import id. If you don't the world to see it, then either pm shino on telegram or send a mail.
Don't remember what mail addresses are working, but I'm pretty sure you could abuse the mail found in bottom right link on the main page.


This isn't so much as a request as much as it is pointing out an error but RogueFMG was just updated and it says it has all 81 posts.

However, despite having the exact number of posts from patreon it is missing one post.

"Chris' Girl - Part 2"

I see Chris' Girl parts 1, 3, and 4, but no 2.
I even looked at every page and its not there.

It says it has all 81 posts yet there is still one missing somehow.


Never mind.
Found it. Although I only found it because I typed down "Part 2" in the search bar.
Which is weird, why did it work when I typed THAT in and not when I typed "Chris' Girl"?


There is a difference between updating and updated. The cache for a user will be wiped when the user has been updated. It will do nothing while the user is updating.
A few braincells and understanding of cache + search might lead you to the answer of why you "found" a post of a currently updating user.


>A few braincells and understanding of cache + search might lead you to the answer of why you "found" a post of a currently updating user.

Wow… no need to be hurtful.


Getting a fucking importer error,

Failed to fetch the logs, try reloading the page.

amazingly, reloading the page does NOT work.


Er, actually, it does work, except it still shows an error loading logs. Which are loaded. weird.


If only you knew…

The importer themselves are working and are more robust than before.
The logs being jank was/is known. It should have been resolved 10 hours ago, but if not do tell.
…just checked my own import and it is fucked, that log loading that is.
I can see the logs being written and the archiver working, but not able to display the logs.
Shino knows the general direction from where this problem comes from. We'll have to wait and see how it can be fixed.


Is there any chance of a feature that links all the different alias accounts of the same artists (so people that only know 1 alias don't miss out on anything)?

It'd be great if when we go onto [artist]'s page, theres a list of links to each of that same artists sneaky extra accounts & discords. I'm sure we all know a few artists that are doing this…

For example, VKorg & Ganto18 are actually the same person, but you might only know them by 1 of those accounts, so miss out on content.



Don't know if this QoL feature will be added in near future, shino will read this at some point and we'll see.
But I'd rather he focuses on archiver/importer stability and other internal quirks of the system.
This type of thing can be fixed later on, but missed data can't. (except manual upload)


Can we get the ability to see what people posted on the site the post is grabbed from? Like, I can see a post has half a dozen comments on Patreon, and I’m curious what they are, but kemono won’t show them. I don’t know how to get a look at them without paying money, and that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid here.


Are there any plans to increase the number of sites kemono takes stuff from in the future? I know inkbunny, for one, has a thing where only members can view some art.


The fuck are you talking about? If there are no comments imported that means the importing user either did not have access to the post or there were no comments at the time of import.
There are always plans™ for everything, the real question who is going to write and support the importers? Especially for some obscure niche sites.


There are no current plans, however we may add more sites in the future. Ko-Fi is one that may be worked on, but there are a lot of things to work on before implementing new paywalls.


blacklisting feature


File: 1634724501264.jpg (61.83 KB, 1729x668, ghk.JPG)

first time importing
got the cookie from fanbox and got these logs, but nothing happened,and it's already been a day, is this normal?


>find something I want to download but hold off until later
>the files stop working once I have some free time.

Do I basically have to wait for someone to manually fix it or is it a server problem? I know other stuff works just fine.


Are you actually subscribed to someone or not? This usually shows if you're nor subbed to anyone.


We are undergoing the big dedupe and a file migration to a much better, bigger server. That's why stuff might not load. Just be patient is all we can say at the moment.


File: 1634729070969.jpg (139.98 KB, 921x579, yh.jpg)

I did sub and can still see the posts till the end of the month, but I removed the autosubscribe so it shows im not supporting anyone.

usually I unsub right after paying so i dont forget, as i usually just grab for a month, can this be an issue?
i uploaded the gallery somewhere else so it's not really that big of a deal, just wanted to try kemono for a change


This desu senpai.


Finally done with the migration, now back to dedupe and other pain in the ass work. Expect slower download speeds for the next 7 days. Caching fuckery.

Yes? There are other features that need to be worked on, but if someone were to create PR with a new downloader, that would help.

If the files are located ON the server, then they should now be available for download. If you mean external ones… gl.

🗸🗸 https://github.com/OpenYiff/Kitsune/pull/27
Testing needed.

Just close your eyes -desu.


>Testing needed.

already implemented on the site or do I have to do something with it?


Was there a account purge? I am conpletely unable to login to my account.


Maybe you should've used a password manager, 5head


I do. The manager's input was rejected. Worked fine yesterday. I made a new account with the exact same credintials and the manager works again, but I have to start from scratch.


Its a feature I never thought I'd care about… Until I started stumbling on pedo art accounts and almost throwing up down my shirt. I guess the only thing we can do is "never click on random artists anymore because theres a 3+/10 chance it'll be nonce art". Its a shame because I used to like clicking random artists (its a good way to discover new ones) but until we can ensure we won't stumble on something disgusting, its probably best to use the site on an empty stomach, or just not click random artists.


Jesus christ you people are so easily triggered…
Oh no I saw another mans penis, oh no I saw an e-thot, oh no I saw a loli, oh no I saw footfag shit, oh no I saw someone literally taking a dump on a turkey
Just close the damn tab and move on with you day…


File: 1634839213193.jpg (35.44 KB, 200x263, 8624014.jpg)

Over the past week, this artist's data
has been imported several times, but the post with main archive has not been updated, although the flag is set and the membership level gives access to this post.

Can you find out what the problem is?


File: 1634860155345.png (19.04 KB, 803x209, bitch.png)

>expires 2 weeks
Bitch calm down


Having problem with importer. The importer starts… and then does nothing. The log is just empty.


The importer works backwards from most recent so it has to move through about 800 posts to get there. If the import fails then oh well that sucks but it just takes time.


How do i update old files that were already uploaded to the site that has since been changed? The artist i am refering to had to update all their old subscibsatr links and when i reuploaded their stuff, only their new posts have their new link, all the old posts are still the old links that no longer works.

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