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Air any issues with the site, or anything you think should be added/changed to make the site better.



Searching on a creator's page for a specific post has been broken for a few months now. Is it going to get fixed?


Who's Varnish?


Still need a hide creator option, and a way to export/import such a list. Most of the crap getting updated is strange undesirable crap.


You're telling me.
And the ones that people ARE familiar with… barely get updated at all.

It would be SO MUCH EASIER if they actually fixed the "Requests" page instead of making us use Telegram as a substitute.


According to the last thread, they want to replace the requests page with Telegram full-time. See >>2864
>We're planning to get rid of the Requests page all-together since it's barely used by actual importers. Might set up an RSS feed and solely use the Telegram request chat instead.


Hey, I'm just sorta curious how we can be sure that a file (for example a patreon that gives a file or whatever, is for certain the genuine file and not a virus or whatever. Thanks.


The Requests page on the site is going to be removed in the coming weeks, so the only places to request are here and the telegram chat.


We'll re-enable manual file uploads once all the mod tools are in place. I guess it wouldn't hurt to implement the VirusTotal API to automatically scan files on upload so we can be sure they don't contain any malicious code.


Seconding this, nothing against scat and inflation fetish artists but seeing their creations once is more than enough for me.


The infamous web designer.


An onsite incoming scanner if easily doable (and if good enough to not keep throwing false-positives and preventing clean uploads) seems like a no-brainer. I hear Virustotal is good so it defo sounds like something worth implementing ASAP so we can start uploading again.

Just use a good reputable A/V and no matter where DL from, you'll probably never have any malware problems, ever. I use legit ESET but I'm sure any highly regarded one will do. Always "better to be safe than sorry" when connected to the internet.


Never heard of 'em.


Common sense should be way more than enough. If you're using Windows, using common sense, backed up by Windows Defender, should be more than enough to keep your PC free of malware.


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do you think we'll see a DM search function where we can simply search the creator's name and see every post in a certain order? currently you can only search for keywords within the posts themselves, iirc


Well that's complete bullshit, the Request page was good to be able to add names and hopefully vote them high enough to be seen. You said you think reporters don't listen here, right? So our only option is to give up phone numbers to that insecure shithole Telegram if we need an update or something?


Any idea when we can import DMs from fanbox, gumroad, Fantia, etc. Also when can directly upload files and links?


Not ETA yet, but it's Shino and the dev team's call when any of that will be implemented


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If a creator uploaded a video as a vimeo link, when we click on it, it dosent work.


iirc, Vimeo is pointless to try and get working, so we're not ever going to start thinking about it. Thank the dumb ass key expiry


You do know you can beg on any other place with high traffic to have any party website updated by patreons right?

If you're worried about artists stepping things up, there are moles on every single place including Telegram. You can even shill Kemono on Patreon itself and still get less collateral damage if you're doing it right.


Is there an ETA on an API for DMs?


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People are more likely to check requests on Telegram because there's a strict format enforced but you can still beg elsewhere, furious patrons will be more than happy to import. If I'm not mistaken the chan's content is not indexed anyway.

Syncing a database works fine here.


I'm having problems making requests.
I keep getting the "You look like a bot" comment which is B.S.

Why does it keep happening?


Recaptcha fails to show up on non-sticky threads. Throws you look like a bot.



I also get captcha error even on sticky thread >>>3567


"You look like a bot" error every single fucking time I try to post FFS lol.




Sorry if this is a dumb question, but will BOOTH.pm and other similar Japanese sites ever be implemented or can they even?



Any solutions to update or change your piece of shitted file server? downloading 500 mb files at 90 kb/s speed it's a fucking ridiculous!


How can an artist be imported but have literally zero posts??? Surely when you import an artist, the posts should also get imported too right?


Are there many "zero posts" artists on this site? Or is this somekind of import bug, resulting in only "what 'would' be the artists gallery if it worked"?


seconding this


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There is a way you can watch the embedded vimeo videos though:

1 - Get the link, it should be something like

"https://vimeo.com/XXXXXXXXX/YYYYYYYYYY", where X are numbers and Y are numbers or letters

2 - Copy the XXXXXXXXX and paste it after https://player.vimeo.com/video/, resulting in something like https://player.vimeo.com/video/XXXXXXXXX

(Ex:XXXXXXXXX = 123456789 ->https://player.vimeo.com/video/123456789)

3-Open the link, it should give a privacy error message or something like that

4-To bypass the error we need to to redirect the site to patreon, I personally use the "referer control" browser extension, but there are probably other ways to do this, this guide will based on "referer control" though.

5-Get "referer control" for your browser(If you are planning to do this on an incognito tab don't forget to allow it to run on private tabs)

6-Now we need to config "referer control" so it redirects to the right site, I have included a image to help the explanation

7-On the "enter site" bar , marked by red and A in the image, type in "vimeo.com" and remove the "http://" before it, MAKE SURE it's not "http://vimeo.com", it should be just "vimeo.com", else it won't work

8-A new tab should be on the list, click on "custom", marked by blue and B in the image

9- Add the https link to creator's service(Ex: for a patreon creator use https://www.patreon.com) to the bar, marked by black and C on the image, in the image we refer to patreon but if the creator uses some other service use it's link (Ex: for a fantia creator, use https://fantia.jp/)

10 - reload the video link, it should now work

I didn't come up with this, some other anon made a post on the old partychan talking about this

Links to referer control:




I think it would be nice to have a feature that allows users to more directly request a gallery update by "reminding" those who contributed to the uploading/updating of a gallery to update said gallery.

Some of the artists I favorited on the site haven't seen an update in months, which is an issue I'm sure a lot of other users have.


why wont the images load ;-;


They won't if you use Verizon. See >>7
Either that or you're being rate limited


As i've said many times before. 99.9% of the time, the vimeo links paywallers use have extremely short expiry times which basically renders them useless.


This looks like a bug. AFAIK the importer won't create an instance if there is nothing to import.

Does this only affect gumroad or other services as well?

It's a polling option in the Telegram though it's rather low priority and not guaranteed to actually happen. Either way it's a one-time purchase as opposed to those cancerous subscriptions and booth doesn't do updates either.

Seconding this, some kind of notification system would be appreciated but the importer currently allows guests to import as well. There would also have to be a way for importers to track what they have imported and when.


All Dropbox links from "oddarist" lead me to pic of a sad dog and the message.

"That didn't work for some reason
If it's a fluke, it might work if you refresh the page."

I've opened other dropbox links just fine, why is just this artist affected?
Any ideas why this happens? Anyway for me to fix it?


File: 1631846299521.jpg (495.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210916-213103….jpg)

What the hell is going on?


Fucking hell, you're a hyper coomer aren't you… I know you can't wait like 5 seconds but just… Wait…


Sounds like they deleted it… No way around that.


No, that's not the point! Everytime you type down a content creator's name, the "search" always directs you, by shrinking down the selected content creators, to that creater(even when the person is not there). But it didn't shrink! Do you know what's the problem?



I've been trying the search creators function but it never seems to load and I've tried it with 2 different ISPs and using WRAP and still didn't load or work.


Enable the fecking file uploader! You were supposed to enable it a few days ago!


No we weren't…


If this is happening after the "please wait" message goes away, then its obviously a bug. Only recently was the "auto updating search results" feature brought back ( I'd been asking for it back for a while). I don't know why they took it away before (must've been broken) and replaced it with the old fashioned "press enter to show results" search system, but I guess the tech boys need to tighten some screws somewhere.


"Loading creator index… (please wait before searching)"

*5 Minutes later*
…Still waiting.
When can I start searching?


I took away the "live search" feature. Because that's not how forms work.


Please fix the download speeds, are too slow!!!


I have a couple requests/suggestions:

I see a lot of artists that have the display picture for their post attached again so there is a duplicate. I've also seen several artists that have been imported more than once so a post will have image.jpg, image_1.jpg, etc. A script to de-dupe these would save space as well as some bandwidth when loading post pages.

I'm using tor to access kemono.party since I have verizon. It would be neat if you could run a tor node (afaik you just reverse proxy from the site to tor, essentially your own exit node only for kemono.party).

This one is a bit of a stretch / long term project, but a lot of artists often post things with links to mega or other file sharing sites. Once those links expire or the artist realized it's been spread around, that post is effectively dead. If we could on import check for links to common file sharing sites and auto-download whatever's there to kemono.party it would prevent this.


I imported the artist https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/23654 through the Importer Ad5d4932 but it can't be indexed, i tried it a couple of days ago, could you fix it?

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