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Old thread: >>34295

For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.


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If this bread is just gonna be another general where users shit on the lazy admins while entitled clearly incompetent jannies call accuse each others of being leeches with banhammer threats ==can just rename this thread to "no fun allowed editon" and be done with it?== not that we even fall for your tricks anymore at this point

>new thread in december the 30th
>not named new years eve or some shit
GEG the absolute state of the Karty anyways i wonder what 2024 resolutions jannies have in store, surely things aint gonna get more resrrictive or paywalled wont it, perhaps a slightly less broken importer?
anyways im going home this was an overall fun trip from DXB sorry for my last post


>failing imports
wouldn't that be 90% of importer?


You weren't supposed to point that out…


File: 1703949610779.jpg (48.92 KB, 769x428, f89.jpg)

>go to recent posts page
>see post titled in Japanese
>get excited because it looks like Fanbox has finally been fixed
>click on it
>it's from Patreon


File: 1703951971914.png (259.26 KB, 640x480, well-were-still-on-346-con….png)

>mfw 2520 hours without a fanbox update


Kek this site as good as dead


Not entirely sure on how this is supposed to work…


File: 1703960295758.png (11.68 KB, 1140x417, 15485454121.PNG)

This everything works up until this screen. It said "Success" but nothing comes of it. Where do I go from here?


scraping is banned now

if you're wondering why admin hides the revision ID for [current] in the API and refuses to explain why, it's because he doesn't want to admit he's banned scraping

it begs the question why the fuck he even has the API up, what a literal schizo, lol

>12 revisions


>1 revision on the HTML page



they're fixed and up and running, he just won't let you see the imported files unless you fellate his ego in Telegram and pay him for access


That's amazing, where can I pay for that?


Why this revisions thing lead to "banned scraping" shit?
I can't get the connection between them, and I'm sure no many one can.


Were you born retarded? How long did it take for your teacher to explain to you why one plus one is two?


is there an alternative to this site ?




IDK why HermieKermie wants to have a monopoly on piracy. What's he worried about besides ad revenue and the userbase full of monkeys?

JDownloader works without a problem as long as it downloads one to two files at a time. Can't help on the Revision issue, though.

Also, noticed the SJW attention farmer fucked off. Fucking clown.


Actually, why IS the Revision ID a secret? I can imagine the issue being that certain Patrekucks like to scum the same post with recurring updates, therefore, when the Kemono side updates, Kemono users lose access to those contents. Other than that, I'm not exactly sure of what the deal is.


Probably because of the duplicate filtering that the website does. The revision id used is the latest from among the duplicates. The current id would be changing as duplicate revisions are imported, which may cause the user to think the content has changed when it hasn't.



Most of the time, yeah. Either duplicates or broken/outdated contents or links, but posts like this should have an exception (thankfully, there's a few, but not everything as it hadn't updated too often.).



"The banner is there for mainly ad revenue. You're not supposed to actually click it. 🗞️💥🤪"


Should we? If they can't do their job then what's the point in keeping them around?


i hope you all have a shit new years


You fucking retard, jdownloader doesn't work if you're banned


>IDK why HermieKermie wants to have a monopoly on piracy
>What's he worried about besides ad revenue
IDK why you ask a question and answer it yourself. Schizo?


The admin fucked up and doesn't want to fix it because he doesn't want to admit he did something wrong.

Seriously, this is it.


If you can't fix, just admit it, stop giving false promise about something that you can't do. 4 fucking months and now is 2024 already, and yet none of your fucking answers tell us anything about the current state of fanbox import



Don't get banned then, lol.



Seems to be a popular word here.



Too hung up on being coomerblocked by Rich Uncle Hermiebags to say "That's just it, lol.".



How DOES one get banned? I've used JD myself for like 100 different users and the worst I got was a timeout.



Damn. Evil is petty, but this just dumb.



I guess he just shitposting because he did something really bad and got banned while having inability to realize he is wrong and how pathetic he is.
Just look at issues section of the downloading script/software github page if ppl are banned very often it will be flooded


File: 1704056943092.jpg (76.61 KB, 666x319, 1702177254772.jpg)

Why do you think we can't see that you're samefagging to roleplay as an illiterate retard gaslighting people aka being a shill when you take off your admin name?


File: 1704057553718.jpg (202.95 KB, 1080x836, 1704057158408.jpg)

Absolutely disgusting how there's a literal sand nigger pretending to be a master race in here


They've said they've fixed the importers but don't want to turn them on


Happy new 2020.


>>35344 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGzWdrzTIvA
seethe harder (You) will always be a warmonging muttalo pretending to be murican nationalist
damn i wish i could extend my emirates ticket too bad i wasnt there to watch dubai fireworks oh well feels great to be back anyway after a long week of desert adventures


plot twist jewsah was bitchBUI 2.0 all along with a different identity WHY does the current state of kemono party feel so familiar compared to YPbbs


it just a lie by admin because why won't you allow people to import fanbox before pixiv go full ban on session id share?

yea, we have fixed it but we won't enable it until pixiv go full ban and then our importer can't be use at all. What a genius move here

this is just straight up dumb


So will fanbox come back?


File: 1704090416081.jpeg (187.65 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8834.jpeg)

Eventually, if everything goes well for this developer. They've created a functional fanbox importer for their currently private site, and they plan to share the fanbox importer to Kemono once everything is optimized. Be patient.


But will the stuff that gets uploaded there get transferred over, there are a number of shitbag artists who operate using fantia's rules and lock each month behind it's own seperate paywall.


Happy new year, everyone!


Unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done about that. If something was uploaded and then deleted in the time the fanbox importer is dead, there's no getting it. The important thing is getting a fanbox importer back at all, and so far there seems to be progress on that.


>tfw an artist I love is going to make his 2023 arts behind a higher tier while putting the 2024 ones in the regular tier
feels so bad man


>last fanbox update
>almost 4 (FOUR) months ago
Was it really worth it? Just to brag in twitter?


Which site? do you have a URL?


Like he said, privat at the moment. Through, would be interesting, other importers in the future?


Like he said, privat at the moment. Through, would be interesting, other importers in the future?


>trust me guise the sekrit private website is real, a schizo on the internet told me
>here's a message i took with some rando in an app
>don't mind the fact that most of the message has been scribbled over thooough ;)


>warmonging muttalo
That's rich coming from a literal sand nigger, lol

>murican nationalist

You've only got a country thanks to Anglos, you fucking abomination


What does Twitter have to do with anything, you pedo newfag?

Have you ever opened your rotten mouth without sperging out about how you're such a victim and minority on Twitter (which you're not, you're literally Twitter).


The message is scribbled over to prevent fanbox spies like you from knowing how to break the system or harassing the person working on the site. The site is real though; this is in a chat that includes the Kemono staff, and they are also aware of this site and its fanbox importer. The site and importer aren't up yet because they're still being worked on, and I doubt you realize that coding this stuff takes time.

If you hate Kemono so much and constantly call the site dead and other people here schizos and stupid (perfect descriptions for you, I might add), why even waste your time coming back here? I wouldn't be surprised if most of the doomposting here is specifically from you.



Could someone fix the SubscribeStar importer? Or bring the request thread back to Kemono? OR SOMETHING? Seriously, fucking Patreon had to do those stupid crackdowns, artists are doing stupid shit while we're being laughed at. I mean, I've dedicated so much time and effort with a project and I'm being cheated out because now I can't see shit. More art's coming out, the laughter from the artists fucking intensifies, I am BOILING at this point and am on the verge of a violent meltdown. Someone PLEASE get me out of my misery before I go kill someone or something!!


Sounds like a fairy tale.


Hey, that's a good sign!

I hope it won't be too long. I've gotten hooked on Frieren and Fern smut that one of my Fanbox artists have made a while back and papa needs to see that stuff uncensored!


I'm more concerned with people moving to discord or other sites that can't be imported from. This is the worst specially when they move to discord because even if you have supported the artist, you'll have to join the shitty discord group and discord is fucking ASS to view images which ironically this only makes me want to pirate shit even more.


Seriously half the reason I imported was because viewing stuff on Fanbox, Fantia or Patreon, the sites I actually buy the damn stuff from is absolute ass. Small things like Just having the damn page number links at the top so I can browse on my tablet while I jerk off makes it an enormously better user experience.


Kill yourself, newfag


nothing is impossible to import, you had to support and keep up with artists to import to kemono/yiff from day one, drama queen


>You've only got a flawed democracy with marble movie funko pops thanks to Jews, you fucking fatass neckbeard
Fixed no need to thank me westoid, Also step up your vocabulary

proof? or didnt happen


A sand nigger from the UAE complaining about Jews, Anglos, Zionists and Westerners. Only Mongoloid race is as self-unaware and rude to their masters as sand niggers are.

The moment the West shuts off their supply tap, you'll be driven back into to the desert of Arabia where the West picked you up, and then hopefully someone will nuke you out of existence so we won't have to deal with you again.


File: 1704233592452.png (715.12 KB, 753x707, e5906b61b06daaae.png)

So what about all the other importers, still no good after all these months?


File: 1704242823757.png (943.03 KB, 1956x1058, ef5553ca24ef296617449c6923….png)

When will the SubscribeStar importer finally get fixed? It's been 2 years now…

BTW We also need import tons of ABDL artists from SubscribeStar (who all got yeeted from Patreon due to Patreon banning every ABDL artist on their platform).


File: 1704243979203.png (257.57 KB, 386x393, 1395802294868.png)

Fantia surely this year…


Never ever



Have you eaten wild mushrooms?


Just to really piss off jannies i have the urge to download a simple LLM network for the sole purpose of doomposting and simulating AI arguments WHOS WITH ME? this place is really YPbbs 2.0 now isnt it?


What's the date of this TG post?


>ITT you wont do shit the thread
take your iranian democracy somewhere we dont need another US puppet in the desert


File: 1704312448248.png (3.65 KB, 567x35, 1.png)

At least one monkey noticed. 👍



Because massively lazy retards like you can't even bother to look up and read for yourselves LIKE LAST MONTH what was going on.



Not as good as mine does, according to your mom. And dad.



What is a devs? Here is only admins taking credit for shino's work.


I would like to know what this is all about


Sigh, if you niggers aren't gonna fix the importers, at least make the code public so we can fix your shit tier code.

I'd be happy to make a fanbox only clone of kemono by fixing your spaghetti code, but I ain't gonna do jack shit if I have to start from scratch.


so much want for fanbox.


File: 1704326929762.jpg (66.78 KB, 407x482, 1276068285797.jpg)

>(Un)Expected Database maintenance. Hey, at least you have been informed.
you fucking devs, i chuckled a little, it's good to know that you guys have some of good humor in this whole mess.


in the meantime you have 8chan, sadpanda, and allporncomix forums as alternatives. They're not much but it's better than nothing


What the fuck are you talking about? Do you sand niggers ever say anything sensible?

But good on you for mentioning Iran, you little schizo fuck. Weren't it for the West sanctioning the shit out of them, you would've been in your tent in the middle of Arabia and drinking camel urine.



The admins are black. They are niggers so that's why the sites development is so slow, because there black and blacks have an average iq of 85. So there's that explained



hello. i just came to ask something. do you know why the imports were stopped today. and also what problems are happening in kemono.su?


Do they even know that the fanbox importer doesn't work or are they just ignoring it


it's dead and some are delusional thinking dev are just holding back the fix


🖕🖕🖕🖕 🖕 🖕
🖕 🖕 🖕
🖕🖕🖕🖕 🖕 🖕
🖕 🖕 🖕
🖕 🖕🖕🖕


On behalf of everyone


that shit's been dead for years, you have let go at some point


Patreon importer does not working again? I thought the maintenance downtime was supposed to be just a couple of hours



File: 1704386410722.png (406.21 KB, 661x576, pedo tranny.png)

LUL that machine translation. You'd think Weebs would learn the language of the people that they LARP as. Slit your throat, pedo tranny.


hello this is what cobber told me


I strongly recommend that you should inform the kemono devs to upgrade the importer so that it can hack any paywall then scrape everything. This can only fix the active subscription issue.

Thank you.

so try to contact the developers who activate it.


Just fix the fucking pixiv import, noone give a shit about the dog shit content from patreon


we care about them cool xenos and dragons from Jay Eaton and SleeArt/Sawyer Lee, tho, so stfu with them lies, dumbass fag


Let's just hope this doesn't take too long like last time.


I genuinely wish america had some kind of great firewall to stop mutts from accessing the outside internet why the fuck do you have to ruin every single piece of culture you touch?
as a brown clearly-not racemixed han insectoid please ban "tranime" from the entire anglopshere we just want to enjoy our eastern traditions in peace with the japs not this godforsaken groomercord cosplaying

i also care about flashgitz and their latest w40k animation checkmate wannabe otherkin


>want to enjoy our eastern traditions in peace with the japs not this godforsaken groomercord cosplaying
you mean Far** eastern and there's nothing "traditional" about anime, it was invented by a japanese furry who said he would've never bothered with inventing it if walt disney didn't exist


Whose we!?!??!
Also even if they do fix pixiv You'll prolly get very few imports since pixiv actually cares about moderation against scrapers


It's 2024, and it stopped working again?! What the fuck?!


File: 1704425634232.jpg (974.41 KB, 3000x4000, foto_no_exif(3).jpg)



some of you may try to import something.


Bit of a question but I noticed that some pixiv users sometimes link to a page called fantasfic, what's up with that? Is it another fanbox or something similar to It?


File: 1704430085938.png (396.12 KB, 800x533, what an idea.png)


If everyone is getting impatient, I suggest the scalpers to just post manually in another site. Don't say which one since some artist know about this one.


At this rate we may as well have a job and start paying the Patreons, Subscribestars, and Fanboxes ourselves.
>That's a lot of money!
Exactly. Time to be selective, gentlemen. REALLY pick which artist you like, support him for a month or two, save and organize everything, and then go away.
Time to go back to those old "word of mouth" days. Did it sucked? Yeah, but it made you appreciate those men who shared all they could get their hands on in many sites.

At least is a better step than complain here at the void.


That would defeat the entire purpose of Kemono. Plus there are many people who would like to keep their transaction record clear of Patreon (etc.) artists they'd rather not be known to have spent their money on. THAT'S HOW YOU GET CAUGHT!


It's so stupid how many people have taken non-cash transactions for granted. They think they're invisible.

Yeah yeah I know cryptocurrencies seems like a solution to this, but that comes with 2 problems.
1. You need ONE HELL OF A GOOD "REASON" to be getting involved with any cryptocurrency. And
2. That's assuming Patreon, or even any artists elsewhere with commissions (etc.) is even set up to be compatible with cryptocurrencies, at least the one you use.


Fuck the CCP, DOWN WITH THE CCP! Free Tibet, free East Turkestan, free Hong Kong. Boycott China, free the world of authoritarian influence/corruption, bring down the CCP so they stop pumping all that CO2 in the atmosphere (because otherwise they'll never stop, they don't want to), and save humanity!

I'm not fucking around.

Jesus, just do it for the porn at least.


>failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.
Guessing the latter half?
Thought the discord importer was working since I saw one in the recent tab


Chill hive dweller. We'll make sure to not glass your nest when the Grand Commander takes control again.
Isn't rampant suicide your culture's thing? We mainly have drug addicts ODing themselves here. CCP can send you some fentanyl I hear.

(I like how there's a half dozen people shitting the board up with a tame version of a /pol/ thread, KEKs HAD)

This "private" feed kermie has, I'm actually curious what the ask is. I've gone out and scooped a couple 4TBs and gone back to just manually backing my shit up the past few months, but if there's a way to gank some extra shit off fantia in particular (fuck fantia btw) others share I'm interested.


Sorry I haven't been on Kemono lately. The reason why is that there hasn't been any updates… TWO FUCKING DAYS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!


yap yap yap


Nice google translate, that note is barely intelligible.


Guys. Where is Creamy Land 64 Discord server update?


Do you retards really need to boil everything down to politics? I don't give a shit if you think westerners ruined Japan, this is just a difference in cultures. American authors will never add spicy scenes to their comics, nor will they write the story around a group of underage highschool students. Same for the Japanese, they'll never include LGBTQ+ trannies in manga (Unless it's for comedic effect)


where fix


ETA? (Hope this doesn't take too long like last time)


File: 1704478214847.png (150.7 KB, 1280x755, 1491525684.blitzdrachin_le….png)

Did a bit of exploring around out of boredom, since the thread is full of shitflinging lately might as well contribute for once
Thoughts on postybirb do you love it or hate it? i heard the creators behind it were total pieces of shit can someone confirm?

~~Sent from Tapatalk app~~ (just kidding)


People have strong likes and dislikes.

Its normal to say "I don't like this/its shit." Its weird when people tell them what they need to make instead of the thing they don't like though. Maybe if people backed those who make what you like? Or learned how? Nah that'd require effort. Bitching on the internet is easy, lol.


Yap yap yap

Owned nigger keep shrinking into a corncob


Also, you can't read it because it's not in Meiryo font, since you rely on OCR.


>>35543 you keep saying nigger but that person black clearly.


Is not*


He has US style identity politics brain rot so he's obviously American. Americans are all black, if only honorary, because even the whites act like thugs. I look forward to the day their resource infrastructure collapses and they begin shooting each other because they can't buy potato chips from Walmart or burgers from Mcdonalds.


>westerners ruined Japan
loli literally came from France
Americans just have to ruin everything for everyone despite being the most degenerate disgusting slobs in the world.

They get off on prohibiting other people of doing what they do.


It's hilarious how you /pol/tards always troon out in the end because you've got trannies living rent free in your head despite being so against trannies and how you think politics means trannies.

And then you try to convince people that you're not a retarded schizophrenic, lol.


>He has US style identity politics brain rot
So do you, my slanted servant.


>Americans just have to ruin everything for everyone despite being the most degenerate disgusting slobs in the world.
Your beloved Japan is a US vassal state where criticism of America gets people sent to prison, lol.

Japan is also the only country on the planet that has state-sanctioned sex trafficking, only famous for its degeneracy, makes high quality cuck porn of its people getting fucked, grew its capital and got into the League of Nations by whoring out their daughters, sisters, teenage girls and women to foreign White cocks and drugged its people to brainwash them easier (ever wondered where meth was invented? KEK)


? I thought you said I was pretending to be japanese. Make up your mind, fatso.

You type like you're over 30. This style of posting got old after 2018. KEK BASED OWNED NOSCOPE


Not a slidechink or anything but can someone QRD me on this "Japanese artists are extremely greedy" troupe ive kept hearing on cuckchan /art/ boards
Also furries both west/east are the biggest JEWS of the internet and the tech/IT sector change my view


>>35555 GET
Today is Skinfag history year! stay stong human race dont listen to the evil anthro invaders spewing out interspecies sex proPAGANda preserve your pureblood heritage


Americans are not all black their just retarded British people pretending to be different. I couldn't imagine fighting to evade/remove taxes and still enforce/pay taxes years later.


You're a fucking retard


He is not wrong and you're the bigger retard for thinking otherwise


Why yes, I thought YOU were the retarded schizophrenic here. And keep seething, I don't engage in stupid America vs Japan arguments like you


the site is doomed. DOOOOMED!!!


Delusional. You insectoids would literally starve without amierifats shipping you food even with your negative population rate.

100% Accurate. The biggest whiny bitches who screech to their paypigs about piracy are always westerners. The Japs just sperg and delete their paysites completely instead, lol.

Also, now this thread has devolved into a tame /pol/ thread. Also Amerifats are literally wiggers. 90% of american whites imitate or indulge in some form of nigger culture, of course, so do most Europeans, lol.


Don't group us with those retarded Americans, we introduced lolis to Japan. You wouldn't be here jacking off to them otherwise


>Delusional. You insectoids would literally starve without amierifats shipping you food even with your negative population rate.
Nope. That is not true. You're just projecting and black.


File: 1704506226355.png (1.37 MB, 992x1312, Claire (2).png)

Is this girl gonna be the new “smiling elves” image that will stay up to show the site is still in stasis? I come to kemono for NEW images, how come these content stalls keep happening?


You have Alaskan garage temperature IQ. Big tiddy onee-sans so I can self-insert as the shota is more my style.


Don't you have a suicide net you should be jumping into right now? Back to work bug-boy, those phones don't assemble themselves.


Kinda wonder if getting spoilered meant you made a valid point.

Maybe LGBTQLMNOP+ fags and transtumors wouldn't be getting so much hate if they weren't such spoiled, pretentious, pissbucket supremacists. Good thing the chickenshit, kikescum engagement beggars like VanityFair and Daily Mail have their backs… when it works for them.

P.S. Honestly loling at the Epstein list shizz. It's like the shit-for-brain mouthbreather version of Who's the next nigga to get into Smash.


Artist: "I can't post porn with any females! It's too sensitive4me! >w<"

Same artist: *proceeds to schizopost a metric shitton of fucking hardcore yaoi*


File: 1704520406166.png (36.41 KB, 129x131, Owen_Crazy.png)

you /pol/tards really need to kill yourselves right the fuck now


Pretty sure it's still in maintenance or just down again. Hence the doomposters. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Seriously, not even an ETA on when this is going to be fixed? This is like if Soulseek went down and nobody was giving updates. WTF? This is a major piracy trade-route. If you can't fix it, give the code to one of the dorks who can.



The internet was invented by the United States Department of Defense, you ungrateful pig.


Yeah Patreon is down for a couple days now. It'll be up again eventually. Just manually downloading all my shit in the meantime like I have since fanbox went down.

Seems like the backlog got mostly cleared up around Christmas and a bit last week. Patreon probably throwing a fit that stuff got ripped ~10k+ times (~8k account updates iirc) over the holidays, lol.


Well let's hope this doesn't take long like last time.


why would anyone other than americans be grateful about that


all the good shit are on fanbox or subscriberstar


based true and real


kemono is having 503 errors


Its dead, jim


I don't think so because that usually resolves itself at some point.


No. :)

Maybe after you, but I'll probably forget.


Also, something about their servers repeatedly sending "Operation is busy" yet it couldn't be accessed.


Saw it on Telegram before the post was nuked.


File: 1704609582524.png (113.76 KB, 367x317, ac58cfe8-c1a0-482b-8117-43….png)

>mfw movan DBs again


>So what happens when moving databases is over?
>You don't know? That's when moving databases begins.


File: 1704613894040.jpg (5.3 KB, 183x266, 1418146724762.jpg)

>moving the DB again
pls god just kill me already


the real treasure are all the doom posts we made along the way


the DB is going places, lmao


Wonder if itll take 20days like before. Sheish, I sure hope not


I agree with you. The last time was, like, a week, and a few days before Christmas.


File: 1704661614313-0.jpg (102.02 KB, 960x550, GBT344qWMAEx5J_.jpg)


No, mainly because if the last archived service is perm down its all over. They become the ytmnd of piracy sites. Thats likely why uploads happen in spurts even when things are "working."

If this "other site" people keep saying is even real with other things being backed up you'd be likely to hear some sperging about things not working for THAT too (therefore its fake and gay).


At least we get admin updates now.


That is nice, at least.


What the fuck are you talking about, you retard? The fucking retard admin has lied about implementing revisions for years.


are the revisions in the room with you right now? take your meds


How did you manually download from patreon, teach me


Are you the admin taking off the trip to project yourself or are you a typical internet schizo projecting yourself in your pathetic attempt at shilling because you think it'll get you a free entry to the kemono paywall?


It has been a long time since the update of fanbox and fantia has stopped (especially fantia). So are there any solutions on earth?


It's been so long since the fanbox importer broke. I suggest the scalpers to just post it elsewhere. I have one artist from Fanbox that I can find the exclusive art for free, but I won't say where due to this site being known to the artists here.


I don't know what I was thinking
Leaving my imports behind
Now I suffer the cons and now I am blind
With all this coping, seethe and sneedness
Coming to haunt me forever
I can't wait for the doom at the end of the thread

Is this revenge I am seething?
Or seething someone to avenge me?
Stuck in my own Fanbox I wanna set myself free
Maybe I should scalp and find
Before they'll try to stop it
It won't be long before I become a paypig

It's been so long
Since I've last seen my imports lost to this monster
To the man behind the 'puter
Since you've been gone
I've been typing this stupid post so I could ponder
The sanity of the developer


File: 1704713455656.png (180.95 KB, 356x441, 1654258036699.png)

fucking kek


He's paypigging obviously


Just say it retard, is it allporncomix? F95zone? the /rule34/ on 8chan? exhentai?
The more we know about those sites, the better


Right click + Save as, you sarcastic retard.


Probably on panda, like all the other people have done for years. e-hentai doesn't give a shit unless its ENG TL comics by fakku (as fakku uses the metrics to see which artists to rip off for the eng TL rights to their doujinshis). artist paysite compilations have been a thing there for eons. People just got lazy since YP and kemono came around.

"artists" can cry all they want. They don't give a shit unless they can make money off it, as I see western stuff uploaded on there all the time lol.


The problem with Panda is uploads are spread out and most often it's months, if not years before a leaker uploads. Usually because they're afraid of watermarks/getting their accounts banned by the paysites for leaking.


fakku can take down anything on exhentai because tendon gave them an admin account and they do take down image sets all the time, just because you haven't paid attention to anything doesn't mean nothing is happening, you fucking retard


The problem is that you refuse to take your meds because you pretend to be something that you're not.


Who the fuck is your schizo ass quoting?


Just fix the SubscribeStar importer already. Anger is brewing.


Where the hell do I get gumroad session key?


Found the guide, sorry for retardation


Is it just me or are gay furry stuff stopped being updated


sorry I wouldnt know, im not a fag


It is just a message to deceive advertisers and visitors. It has no meaning to the provider as long as it does not push updates.


No it's just slow


some people really love to bring politics into Kemono huh?

what a dumbass


did you see a black person? take your meds


I heckin' love fanbox





Good morning! Forgive me if it bothers you, the website is back, but the updates are few and it's always the same artists… I have a list of around 100 artists and only 8 have been updated so far. Are you having any problems with the updates?..Thanks to the administrators for the work you do, it can't be easy. (pardon my English, I'm using the translator)


The delay in pushing a functional importer drives providers away.


It's also shitting to be called a screaming leech when you take the risk of providing keys and giving them to admins to earn money.


Being slow's better than outright frozen i guess… but still, FIX IT U LAZIES


It's been 4 months and the fanbox import still broken. At this point, I'd rather just pay for the fanbox, than keep going to this fucking site and seeing nothing but AI furry gay porn from patreon


File: 1704998356742.png (529.37 KB, 601x675, 4oiqt4.png)



the data will now be hosted on a bullet proof hosting provider where all other cheese pizza is hosted 👍


Is there anyone else having problem with certain artist pages recent post being flagged randomly?


good morning sirs! please to fix the patreon importer and do the needful amen


Since when is gay furry ai patreon a thing lmao sounds like a myth


Feels like half the stuff on the site right now is AI generated.

Shame on the fucks who actually pay for that shit, what a goddamn scam.


Maybe treat the ai generated stuff like i treat most of the porn on this website, and not click it?
Seriously, im here just for the novels and you don't see me bitcihng every day that most of the uploads here are porn, its not that hard.
yeah it's still to a point i'm willing to think it's just a coincidence, but many of patreons i follow used to be updated almost instantly have not been touched since the 2 server migrations and associated fuckups. I'm beginning to worry that the uploaders fucked off and took their session keys with them.


It's been like 2 weeks for fucks sake. When are the are the auto patreon imports gonna happen?


File: 1705086929462.png (3.56 KB, 194x120, 1.png)

That's irrelevant.

Revisions have been fucked since they were implemented after being promised for years. No ID for [current].


File: 1705089191847.jpg (220.26 KB, 409x880, 1652732534684.jpg)


File: 1705090465154.png (22.82 KB, 1953x519, Announcements.png)

Something's fucky with Patreon announcements.


The amount of time you've been fixated on the revisions would almost be commendable if you weren't retarded.


Gj finally getting the importer running at faster than a snails pace again. Worked great while it lasted. About 2 hours. Now its entirely dead again. Any chance when it turns back on its still fast?


>time to samefag and resort to childish insults because i asked people to make fun of me for being incompetent


File: 1705116751286.jpg (193.33 KB, 1080x602, IMG_20240112_212942.jpg)



>Everybody that think's I'm crazy is actually just the same person!
Please kill yourself.


>admin is a vtumor nigger
Ah, no wonder you're getting nothing done.


Is the DMs not working again?


File: 1705138340369.jpg (123.56 KB, 720x1500, Screenshot_20240113-004120.jpg)

JFC how do they get worse everytime, glad I'm secured but damn


c6 data server is giving a SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG error


how can i contact the developers?
when will pixiv or gumroad be updated again?
(Sorry i don’t speak english,i use translate)


Yeah, I'm getting the error too when I try opening the full image in a new tab on all my browsers.
It seems to be related to why images aren't loading in their original size when you click them.


any updates on fanbox after this?


Some dev is working on making a Fanbox importer. Gumroad is dead
Contact the devs via the Telegram channel


Are "new accounts" added sometimes?
Because I can't find dkqthf/Fll350L.


If an artist didn’t get an update in months, then the oldest content didn’t come in during the update even if you were in the tier or it’s at least delayed. For example, Jennie Gordon was updated last night for the first time since early August and imported everything from September to today. However, most of August didn’t come in.


Seeing every other image/video give me an error has been pretty fucking annoying.


>I'm not samefagging even though I do it excessively and blatantly and confessed to it numerous times and you're crazy for calling me out on what I do in a thread where I specifically ask you to do it
Take your meds.


Jesus, 6 pages worth of new patreon "creators" added today.
1/4 AI filth
1/4 Misc sfw stuff
2/4 Patron accounts with 0 posts to their name.
Just trying to keep up the illusion that patreon is still worth scraping, or what??


Frankly i should be thanking kemono, the fanbox delays are getting me closer and closer to quitting porn


>Frankly i should be thanking kemono, the fanbox delays are getting me closer and closer to quitting porn

Umm, customer service anyone??


Thanks to the based anon for updating The YukinoMemories Patreon


Some asshats are literally flooding the new artists section with accounts that have nothing in them, this isn't a caching error on KP's side either, they're legit fake/empty bot accounts.


system should just filtered out import that has 0 contents


Had one picture out of an entire post fail to expand to full-size properly; it wound up being the only one in that archive hosted on c6.kemono.su. Letting Firefox chew on it in a new tab till it timed out returned a PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR code. Renew your SSL certs for the whole fleet at once, nerds.


yes, and? do you want a trophy?


someone's raiding the thread with dick pics
can you guys do something about it?


The same happened when I updated ThicknessLord. Two weeks in December didn’t come in while the rest updated. Anyone else have this issue?


its angie griffin shared files all over again plus theres CP in the frontpage now? coincidence i think not


Half my favorites email submissions now anyways. Scraping is too easy to beat.


August 9th to September 1st.
December 1st to December 13th.

Is there a way to resolve these gaps?




it's dead, jim


File: 1705336284208.png (4.38 KB, 233x107, 1.png)

You can't make this shit up.

It takes effort to be this incompetent.


its not coming back


then do something about it? oh yeah you won't, this site shouldn't have gone public, leeching third worlders like you aren't welcome in private tracker communities either, thankfully.


Why does "she" keep sperging at people when they use "her" thread as "she" wants it to be used?

At least "she" confessed that "she" didn't only make the site to scam people for an easy way into the upper class but to also get an easy way into private trackers.


Jesus christ, what the fuck is going on with this site. Every import broken except Patreon, and there is literal a post promoting CP on the forum


It seems CP would kill kemono before patreon importer broken


anyone else unable to favourite any new posts/artists? getting error 001 or 003 every time


Hello there everyone! I've noticed, that fanbox/fantia importer doesn't seem to work for quite some time. What's the status of it?


Its not coming back


>best stuff comes mostly from fantia/fanbox
>shit ain't working and may not even work anymore
good start of 2024



I've got the same issue.


A retard slapped an overly broad rule on one of the lists you enabled in adblocker.
Prune caches and update the filters, should be fixed.


Is it the adblocker's fault that you don't know how to fix the revisions? Want me to turn my adblock off so you can make more money with ad revenue? Bet you'd like that.


Getting "Error: 003: Could not favorite artist." when trying to fav people


>rent free


Turn off the adblocker and donate to have it fixed, goy


fix the importers you fucking niggers


If you want to get the favorites working right now, throw this into your rule set:

No real need to disable anything, except maybe whitelisting ^ or waiting till the tard cleans up the shit he has caused.


>expects people to download the entire fucking site to see some revisions
>can't implement something as basic as revisions without fucking things up
>calls people retarded


I found that going into any random post from that account, favorite it (sometimes fails with the same code, sometimes doesn't) and then going back to the artist page to try again solves the issue. But I'm having spectacular luck regarding site issues b/c this is the first one I've encountered in months lol


File: 1705478787690.jpg (18.32 KB, 720x191, Screenshot_20240117-000148.jpg)

>Fave artist tweet notification comes
>Checks if it's new art
>Is them lamenting their negative feelings to fanbox
>Going schizo over if they'll leave
>Devs still not fixing the importer so even preserving their art in FB looks impossible

So how's y'all night been going?


File: 1705488999377.png (18.08 KB, 634x112, Screen Shot 2024-01-17 at ….png)

admins are whiny babies who can't handle being called out so they just ban people

try and stop me


Patreon importer seems to be finally stable again, so I hope the devs are working on the other importers now

I also hope the devs are allowed to read this board…


you can thank american payment processor for forcing their moral value on others


Japanese companies don't use American payment services and it's not Americans who censor porn, you retarded subhuman pedo aka Weeb


>jannies being trannies to my shock
get to ban evading then BitchBUI that plane ticket and 4G sims isnt gonna book itself hopefully the locals dont mind being perma range B& on 4chan as i have the urge again to leak the real names of the moderator kikes like ruggarell inb4 i get accused as that CP bomber earlier.

>WAAAH its the loser weebs GAS NOW!
yeah sure thing DPP botlicking lapdog werent you caught redhanded spamming eastern themed cub yiff to minors at one point? go ahead deny it we all know its you behind all the averi posting lately.


Just fix the goddamn fanbox and fantia importers already, the fuck is takeshi gon do?


File: 1705522215447.png (4.59 KB, 210x112, lol.png)

There is a bigger issue.


At base understanding, why is the revision ID reading current a problem.


Try using your brain.


not an argument


Who said it was, you fucking schizo


The whole Gumroad subscription to MyPixiv follow is more annoying.

Can we have a Pixiv importer that imports only the MyPixiv parts of an account?


explain your case or take your schizophrenia somwewhere else retard


Is all of the discords gone? WTF?


Kill yourself, manchild


LOL says the porn addict crying for his pixels


File: 1705551762691.jpeg (85.23 KB, 617x1080, 7786349640121ab294c15fb58….jpeg)


3rd party here. I mean for us to be all at such a forum we are all porn addicts.So that doesn't say much. I mean just help the lad out rather than being mean ;p


LOL says the retarded pedo aka Weeb who thinks "she" isn't a leech


File: 1705560497642.png (14.09 KB, 751x263, Capture.PNG)

>Japanese companies don't use American payment services

you just proved you are fucking retarded


The issue ofc is the US banks


File: 1705565976386.png (157.6 KB, 355x261, chrome_kiL6oezRWs.png)


kek, you destroyed him


In all seriousness, does anyone know how long it will take to fix the Pixiv Fanbox and Subscribestar imports?


checking the telegram is probably your best bet to finding out when (or if) it is going to be fixed
wonder what the status is on that private site importer that someone mentioned


lmao you're fucking retarded


its not coming back


I'm not a programmer, hence why I asked.


If you've to ask why revisions are broken, it means that you're a streamfag, which means you should be using ad block when browsing the site so the admin doesn't make a penny out of you.


You can do it kemono! I believe in you!


File: 1705623200127.gif (101.68 KB, 220x220, ___________.gif)

>If you've to ask why revisions are broken
>it means that you're a streamfag


I can't tell if there are multiple belligerent coomer idiots in this thread or if it's just one really prolific one.


File: 1705627789452.gif (101.65 KB, 220x220, ___________.gif)

>you can see revisions
>just download the site!


Are y'all like friends cause y'all have been fighting for months daily.


So…do they still remember that there's a website called Fantia? Seem like they have forgotten it. The importer has dead for months.


all importer are dead except patreon

It won't be long before patreon dead again though


Update: Seems ThicknessLord’s gap was fixed.


File: 1705716533576.png (71.66 KB, 190x187, fourze_smile.png)

> Is asleep
> Was hearing family husting and bustling in my sleep
> Had a dream that I woke up seeing Fantia importers are back on
> Wakes up

I can't fucking take it anymore


I'm not asking why, I'm asking what is the consequence that has been picked out pervasively. A basic Google search only tells me so much.


Do we have an update on why Patreon updates are still so fucking slow?


So it wasn't just me. Ffs, this site is less stable than my mental health.


Just checked with my own key, seems to process the content under 10 minutes.
Provide half your import key so I can take a look.


few days ago i recall a couple of comments disspeared i wonder what bitchBUI has been censoring lately are the jannies corrupt patreon paypigs? lets find out


will we get to see fanbox importer fixed


Isn't it funny how I'd recently posted a comment asking if Kemono's staff/admin were becoming corrupt, only for it to be removed?! Scared, are we now?


File: 1705905711165.png (17.83 KB, 597x353, kemono api.png)

why is your API so bad?

why do you make two copies of one file when there's a zip file after the file?



also why do you generate two different file names for the same file in the post?


another example, file 0 and file 2 are two copies because file 1 is a zip file



it's dead, jim


Did kemono admin fuck Joe Biden yet? Why are you so sleepy you fucking nigger.


File: 1705917562111.jpg (67.79 KB, 478x592, CybertronSoundwave.jpg)

Nice cock, now either be funny or help the devs


TFW my imports are not progressing no matter what i do


The order of the files should be the same as on fanbox site. You'd need to sub to the artist to see if there is really something strange going on. Files are appended in order they are on the site.
Any failed file download will cause the post to fail importing.

This here is a bit of history which has been rectified in the current code. Back then, someone was using filenames to store files on disk, instead of the current hash based layout.
The fanbox servers had some specific names defined for the said files, but never in the content-disposition field which the download function used.
Since you could not save a file without a filename back then, a random uuid was assigned as a filename to be able to store the files on disk. Alas it was useless once the hash based setup came,
but the filename logic was overlooked and never removed. Things are done properly now.


File: 1705950866189.png (38.5 KB, 1067x795, sha256 vs blake3.png)

Can you add the file count and the file hash to their own objects in the API? I see the file hash is in "path" but it's not sufficient. I'm downloading only unique files from each post and I need the API so I can sort everything to make it look like how it appears on the website.

Have you considered using Blake3 instead of SHA256?


And now Jennie got fixed, thanks.


Why are there always duplicates of pictures? Example: https://kemono.su/patreon/user/57767349/post/96994085

There are only two pictures, but they are both doubled up.


So Kemono can't bring the request thread back to kemonochan, fine (at least they have something on Reddit). But they can't be bothered to fix the SubscribeStar importer either?!

I'm sorry. Could someone explain why we're donating to Kemono again?? If they can't do their job then how about we just stop?


File: 1706012761431.jpg (50.18 KB, 720x364, Screenshot_20240123-041337.jpg)

> Fave artist got cucked on patreon and now only has fanbox and fantia

Off to hang myself


File: 1706038478671.jpg (50.3 KB, 941x877, heh.jpg)

is pixiv fanbox imports fixed yet. is there a timeline or any plan on fixing them. or any communication. is this site even usable anymore


>>36072 pixiv fanbox importer will never get fixedd


There's no timeline in which fanbox is fixed or will ever be fixed, it's over.



Donating to Kemono shows you are supporting its leaders.



Here's my import log. Take it.



And in return they're refusing to help us by not fixing the SubscribeStar importer?? Might as well boycott them.

…unless Kemono can get their act together and turn things around.


Who the fuck would support them when every importer that isn't Patreon is broken
Patreon isn't even the bulk of what people view on the site, the top artists are mostly Fanbox. So why the fuck isn't Fanbox prioritized?


File: 1706088035874.png (150.97 KB, 369x408, chrome_kMOFCHxQ5k.png)

Like fr, we want to pirate but it's due to most banks just blacklisting fanbox. Patreon we have ease to do especially for those artist who we would support, so I can't get wtf they're smoking in Telegram



Actually, Patreon is indeed broken. It says "invalid key".


File: 1706090708483.jpg (67.3 KB, 403x232, fix or doggo gets it.jpg)

Fix subscribestar and fanbox importer otherwise I'll shoot your dog!
If you don't have a dog I'll buy you one and then shoot it.!


File: 1706101856982.jpg (49.27 KB, 466x960, photo_2024-01-24_14-10-29.jpg)

One is post preview the second is part of the "files"
Most patreon artists make the preview and full file the same, could possibly filter it to not show the same thing but shrug.

>I'm sorry. Could someone explain why we're donating to Kemono again??
I'm sorry. Could someone explain where the donation page is?
Not that your kind even has money to donate.

>>Might as well boycott them.
Maybe your twitter/reddit ass hasn't adapted to reality yet, but lets assume you wish to boycot Kemono/Coomer
Could you kindly point out atleast 1 (one) alternative to this site that has similar functionality?

Just tested again, works perfectly as expected.
Even imported dms and had it put into the approval queue.

See picrel


Any updates on fanbox after this on telegram?


>Could you kindly point out atleast 1 (one) alternative to this site that has similar functionality?
Not exactly difficult to find a site that doesn't have working fanbox/fantia/SS scraping. That's just about every single site on the internet.


There are, but because of fanbox spies I'm not posting them here. Just know there are updates.



What's the API for Kemono?



Can you also tell me which importers are not working?


Change the import log "No active subscriptions or invalid key. No posts will be imported." to:

"No inactive subscriptions. No posts will be imported."

This will fix the importer, and scrape both free and paid content.



I'd agree with you. Kemono shouldn't have gone public.


Replace SHA256 with Blake3. The latter is the industry standard and million times faster.


No importers = no content


Will you finally fix the SubscribeStar importer? It's been 2 years now…



Which importers are not working? Explain it to me.


>Which importers are not working?
All of them retard


>similar functionality
what functionality lmao
the one shino made and you ruined?



You are correct


very poor choice of words.




>believing excuse made by dev

people are hallucinating fanbox is getting fixed again.


This but gumroad


>Could you kindly point out atleast 1 (one) alternative to this site that has similar functionality?
No need to, because when a website does exist, but the admins can't be bothered to do anything about it, THIS "1" begins to feel more like a -1 and Kemono might as well be gone from this point. Unless you (the admins) expect us to throw money at you for nothing in return, only we can decide if we want to because you don't own us.

All or nothing.


So there’s nothing that can be done then? We just have to roll on our backs belly up and accept our fate?


You could simply pull out your wallet and pay the artist for the content you want to see.

>expect us to throw money at you for nothing in return
*honk* *honk*

>Replace SHA256 with Blake3

I have actually been thinking for ages if we should just shuffle the artist search by default.


This is what your average canadian is like.


>>expect us to throw money at you for nothing in return
Why are you pretending you're not making millions from donations and with ad revenue?


File: 1706217583118.png (303.76 KB, 479x290, chrome_TjDH7cZwD0.png)

and even when they say there is my donate button there are wayback machine recordings of said button


Did U tard out and meant to say "no donate button"?


File: 1706230255850.png (606.45 KB, 1307x3682, kemono.su_artists_updated.png)





Is this just a test or are we barack?


It be back!


File: 1706231488132.jpg (4.61 KB, 116x141, 20240124_231826.jpg)



File: 1706232031376.gif (909.42 KB, 400x361, it's in your brain.gif)



We'll see if it stays up or if we'll start seeing random people posting their fanbox accounts got banned for scraping


man we should bully admins more often


File: 1706232376716.jpeg (25.44 KB, 768x399, images (2).jpeg)

Guys when pixiv fanbox is not working yet:


File: 1706232974716.gif (689.5 KB, 484x280, tumblr_inline_p5exi7QqJF1t….gif)



File: 1706232995994.jpg (11.52 KB, 225x225, www.jpg)

i will doompost


Remember that the same thing happened with Fantia, there were a few imports going for a while but then it went down againg
We might not "fully" be "back"


File: 1706234069569.png (150.69 KB, 500x279, Emg6OPQU8AAgiCU.png)



File: 1706234502489.png (484.08 KB, 1018x484, 1566566400328.png)

>Fanbox updates are back




Holy fuck thats like 4 months of updates i am going to end up in a fucking hospital fuck me.


File: 1706237921792.png (375.8 KB, 651x900, It's_over.png)

>fanbox doesn't work
It's over.
>fanbox works
It's over.

It's so over.


>Fanbox is back
Not for long. Cope


Fucking based pessimist. Why are pessimist the most badass people around my Kemobros?


File: 1706241835373.gif (1.87 MB, 159x146, jacobs.gif)

An update is an update, fag.


File: 1706242598219.jpg (208.66 KB, 1600x900, 824d150a-ce6e-4ca3-9456-17….jpg)

Noway, I'm getting Fanbox updates !
I really don't get why people are so toxic, crying about kemono not getting fanbox updates. It's free content, and mods don't get payed for anything, I really appreciate, just wished there was more communication of what is going on.


thanks for the fanbox update


>mods don't get payed for anything


File: 1706245276482.jpg (135.63 KB, 1406x1757, e56.jpg)

Kemono.su's taste so good when u ain't got a bitch in ya ear telling you "it's over"


File: 1706245878865.jpg (38.98 KB, 720x703, calamardo-pistola.jpg)

Glad to see Fanbox importer working again!

Now fix Fantia and Gumroad!!!


Hey, you guys finally fixed the Fanbox updater.
Good work, you deserve a cold one
>Not thanks to you shitposting here!
Well, maybe a ban while you are at it. All I want to say is: good job. Now, fingers crossed this lasts for a long time.


>just wished there was more communication of what is going on
That's why they were rightfully getting hate.


File: 1706248697332.png (353.09 KB, 658x423, 1675089790953070.png)

>Fanbox fixed
Admins done made this nigger's day more worthwhile, thank you.


File: 1706249099853.jpg (38.06 KB, 711x571, FB_IMG_1704694933674.jpg)

Now the actual problem is to recover the session keys that were canceled for being dead for 4 months


bless you, thanks for fanbox


File: 1706252759628.jpg (243.68 KB, 862x991, 1656878702471.jpg)

It is fixed..
A thousand blessings upon the administrators.
We feast.


File: 1706256605672.webm (2.92 MB, 460x906, 1705790974862030.webm)

Inshallah, but its missing emirati milk tea

There are plans

Anyone claiming they know shit is fake and gay.


Probably didnt want to cue the shills/paypiggies in on something being in the works/how close they were so they wouldnt fuck with things? Idk.

I was optimistic the patreon would get fixed last month and it did (well over 10k diff updates since), but I'm pleasantly surprised with fanbox.

Fitting that the first fixed is fanbox after pixiv pissed off damn near half their good artists because they were concerned about western cash getting cut off, lol.


It's never not over.



Guess threatening doggos work?


We are so back



>>You could simply pull out your wallet and pay the artist for the content you want to see.

No, you can only do that on Patreon, not on Kemono. I strongly recommended that you should upgrade the importer so that it will scrape both free and paid content with only an inactive subscription. Thank you for reading.


>fanbox back
W admins. Appreciate all the hard work y’all do for us poorfags. Will hope and pray for subscribestar next.


wow fanbox was fixed, now can the same happen to fantia?


Holy shit, finally


As long as patreon and fanbox are up, I am happy. Other content are forgettable tbh


I never really post on here much, but thanks for bringing fanbox back.


Ok but how is the site dealing with fanbox's scrapping detection?


you finally fucking did it


Do I need to be subscribed to someone to scrape their fanbox content with the importer?


File: 1706282014310.jpg (145.12 KB, 850x928, __komeiji_koishi_touhou_dr….jpg)

>fix broken importer after 4 months
kinda based


File: 1706289386646.png (464.78 KB, 458x568, 16758496496490.png)

I'm so sorry for doubting you people


Subscribestarbros we are next!!!


File: 1706291445682.jpg (16.24 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Hey, Fanbox's back.



Am I dreaming or is this real life


It's dead jim


Is there a reason why I can't see some of the updated fanbox? As in, they say updated but they don't have anything new in them?


It's real


the absolute madlads actually did it


Gosh we're so back!
No nut October/November/December/January END TODAY!!

Now, fantia fix when??




I wonder if we will be able to see the publications that did not appear last months? :v


File: 1706305111568.jpg (58.38 KB, 1170x796, RDT_20240126_1139202665429….jpg)

i'll personally buy you a whole kettle of karak.


i would buy the madlads some cold one if i know yall


Subscribestar is not coming back



Yeah, give me a reason to go there and save all the uma horse porn from 皮付きりんご that is stuck in it.


Seems fancards still don't work. Some artists put their passes there, anyone got any ideas on that?


>mods don't get payed for anything

what are donations and ad revenue, you fuck tard


lmao, the admin always had fancards enabled but never made it available on the public site, then made it available but took it away

note that the admin is also doing the same shit with revisions


Have you finally found a way to view stuff un-blurred on SubscribeStar without paying for shit?: https://subscribestar.adult/paddedulf


The artist I'm talking abt still had their fancards updated through Sep till the importer died, it's just that now the importer is back up nobody's updated the cards. Not sure if the card system is down or if the person who imported the posts just forgot the cards.


Anyone get sussed for importing fanbox yet? I got some accounts to update.


Finally all those doomposting faggots got proved wrong


File: 1706308990173.png (5.98 KB, 500x400, fantomb.png)


>3 out of 20 bookmarked artists updated
>one of them has an oct-nov gap which is where what I needed was
It's a start.


Holy shit, we are so back bros


File: 1706313745759.jpg (51.08 KB, 600x850, Piranha Plant vs Link.jpg)

Im going to confess I became a non believer as the months went on.

This is the happiest I've been to be wrong in quite awhile.


File: 1706316564643.jpg (70.35 KB, 435x505, 1695445293082275.jpg)

>4 months ago
>fanbox importer stops working
>site devs on telegram (?) say ETA for fix is 4 months at least or something (?) don't remember
>"oh, I guess we'll have to wait 4 months at least"
>importer fixed in 4 months
Feels good being a rational optimist instead of a doomposting zoomer tranny. FOREVER EVER btw, total "never ever" cuckoid death.


how much of that stolen oil did sunni arabs (literal sand niggers) give to japan to have a character represent them


EVERYTHING gets imported. but not everything is on the public website.

the private website (paywall) is displaying fancards


there's no proof that the "paid website" actually exists.


>t. newfag


First off, thank you to all that keep this site running and those involved in getting fanbox content out to us. It appears that the updates for certain artists are missing posts. For example, this artist: https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/3119679
The most recent two paid posts from their fanbox are present, however more than a dozen previous posts available to the lowest paid tier of their fanbox are missing.


Isn't it funny how I made that "expect us to throw money at you for nothing in return" comment, and suddenly Fanbox happens?



The importer seems to have some problems.
For exemple : this artist's page https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/2658856
is missing all of November's and October's posts and a good chunk of December's too


Great that the importer is working again, although just in a test phase.

Is it here that we can also talk about coomer.party ? Some artist havent got updates in 4 months


Everyone here was talking shit to the mods, but I knew it would come back one day lmao. Doubt it'll happen to Fantia, but Fanbox is good enough for me. Glad it's finally back, job everyone!


File: 1706361815367.jpg (32.74 KB, 612x343, b09ceaae235b34b4d0078c04a8….jpg)

My faith was tested, but I failed lord


File: 1706363168022.jpeg (188.36 KB, 2224x928, IMG_8918.jpeg)

Could it stay lowkey? Like how exhentai does?


remember that this is all due to the devs, not the mods on this board


We're so fucking back, thank you devs and everyone involved, you're all based and wonderful beyond belief. I never lost hope.
And I appreciate that the artists aren't updated all at once so it's easier to catch up.


OMG thx for all the work in bringing fanbox back


All my imports for Fanbox and Patreon stuff succeed, but then it just doesnt do shit.
The logs are empty and it stays in Progress eternally, anyone know how to fix?


File: 1706371361963.jpg (112.51 KB, 720x540, 1325914635906.jpg)

Question: I'm following an artist on fanbox who updates his material in the same post every month, and I understand that the posts before September are "obsolete", is there going to be any update with the posts before September for a proper import?


File: 1706371571889.png (418.64 KB, 834x733, 1573242711033.png)

humanity restored


File: 1706374452199.jpg (31.79 KB, 612x387, finally some good fucking ….jpg)

and now I wait for my Favorites to get updated by some god like anons


You fucking retard, Exhentai isn't a secret if you retards know about it. A Google search teaches someone how to get into Exhentai. Exhentai has never been a secret, its sole purpose for existing is so that shitty admin can make more money.


There are no devs here. It's random freelancers at Fiverr getting paid $3 to write tens of thousands of lines of code.


You guys could avoided so much shit-flinging if you had just confirmed that you were working on the fanbox importer. Instead of all this very angry secrecy.


Pretty sure the mods and devs love seeing people bitch. So they prolly said nothing on purpose.


They did, they just assume everyone is archiving every single post they make in here and pass it to others


File: 1706394219426.gif (1.99 MB, 320x240, 1411863575796.gif)

Many keks today as paywall heavy artfags spam release their latest content on twitter to attract paypigs, knowing the party has restarted.

Looking forward to K0bitwani updating.


why does auto import not work? there are so many people who i know have posted on patreon but their stuff doesnt get updated. do keys get lost when the site is updated or what


Any way to join SaberSpark's official Discord server without Patreon?: https://kemono.su/patreon/user/40636/post/89924466


Anyone gotten a message from Fanbox?


Even if you did manage to nab an invite, theres usually some kind of verification in those servers to stop non-paypigs from entering so not really


Pretty much every account I favorited has imported beautifully, thanks to the devs for their hard work. Now I just hope fancards update soon, too.


Does this mean there's hope for SubscribeStar too?


>Does this mean there's hope for SubscribeStar too?

I hope so. I mean, I'm sure the admins wouldn't want their donations to stop, so I'm sure they'll do something about it. I mean, that "throw money at (them) for nothing in return" comment seems to have gotten them to do something about Fanbox (unless they were already getting ready to do it when that comment was made).


Actually I do have a good suggestion.

On the Post Search page, could you move the ad section at the top a bit further away from the search bar? I went to highlight what I'd already typed in to type in something else, only to misclick the ad in the process.

Also I'm moving from one computer to another sometime this week, so it'd be great if you could do that ASAP. After all, some of those ads are malicious and getting something on my new PC after getting rid of my old (and on the verge of breaking) PC would be disastrous.


>Cham22 getting updated
>Imports are somehow missing the posts containing the actual downloads and grabbing the links to the posts containing the downloads instead
How the fuck does this work?


Do you really think that a single post from some random anon is what got the machine running again?


Are there any hope for fantia?


He's probably editing the older posts knowing that it'll fuck with the site's importer (It's a simple guess tbh.) Either way, I'm sure just updating the older posts fixes it, but it might remove the content that was there before.
Though they're probably on Sadpanda already, best to just save all the older posts just in case.


Fantia importer is fucked up because Fantia decided not to allow parallel connection to Fantia's DB on March 2023. This is the weakest point for web crawling tool, damn. (To avoid this we need to prepare thousands of IP)



Because it says "invalid key" after trying to import something.



No it isn't, it says "invalid key" when using a session id.


Ah, that explains why the thumbnails for some of his older imports are scuffed right now



You're right, it says "invalid key" when using a session id.


does the fanbox importer no longer import free (all users) posts?


could this be bypassed by importing one post at a time/importing each post manually?
(dunno anything about crawling btw, was just curious)


File: 1706473436269.jpg (33.93 KB, 512x334, b433f.jpg)

>they're probably on SadPanda already
Nah, SadPanda goons striking again and barely uploading anything. Only like two things out of everything that's been imported since Fanbox came back on SadPanda. That's why I make it a routine to come to kemono every time I want to check before going to SadPanda, because most of them are lazy fucks.



No, it imports both free and paid stuff.


As far as I remember, generally kemono do the web crawling automatically, not manually. There are thousands of creators so we cannot do one by one.


File: 1706479102729.png (1.82 MB, 1541x927, chrome_uFrQv93zIi.png)

It's over boys, fanbox is dead again.

Back to react, furry gay porn and AI uploads

Cya in 5 months or so


I am sure that they automatically rejected the significant HTTP request from kemono server. This is usual if they put the DDoS protection inside their own server, we may need to wait (or import limited numbers daily)


Proof that there's some kind of verification in SaberSpark's Discord server?



>>It's over boys, fanbox is dead again.

It says Patreon in your screenshot


SS is definitely getting more popular since Patreon and even Fanbox have cracked down harder on some forms of nsfw


Yeah, fair point.

>because most of them are lazy fucks.

Especially the ones who only upload just regular pixiv posts, one of my biggest gripes.


>because most of them are lazy fucks
You're the retard who can't get a job and buy the shit you want


File: 1706489631112.jpeg (30.1 KB, 470x670, yspscf14vvbc1.jpeg)

>telling people on a piracy site to buy things
yet another artist spy plucked out by their own ego


Holy shit fanbox importer is actually back, I had lost all hope


How long more or less before we know if the "fanbox will ban scraping" doomers are right/wrong?


Does anyone know how to use the web link provided by the artist fan-fan? Every time I open it, I am returned to Google.



very very low priority issue:

The interactive "try it out" feature still points to the .party domain, which causes the api call to fail.


Does pixiv actually do anything about DMCA requests from creators? I've been seeing more of them closing down their fanbox pages after learning about re-uploads



Doesn't matter basically


Assuming worst they can do is ban accounts

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