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An artist named Shungikuten shares his passwords for the rar files on a website called "clip studio." The problem is that there aren't any passwords to be seen there. Is there something I have to access to see it? or am I just retarded? https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/5921803/post/6772970


The passwords are all 4 digit numbers, you can see the older ones if you look at previous revisions but even the slowest zip password cracker won't take too long since there's only 10,000 possibilities


If you're not going to edit psd/clip files, you don't need them


If the artist decides to leave them as a separate layer instead of baking them in, this being one of them, you can remove the censor bars, so don't be so quick to judge why someone wants something



Alternatively, anon can use AI to decensor it in the event one can't get the psds.


In practice sounds like a solution but the AI will just create something else instead of actually showing what's under the censorship


if you only want the psd foruncensored, someone is posting them in here: https://exhentai.org/g/2814635/759d037fbc/


FYI this artist uses weak password for archives (4-digit numbers), which is easy to brute-force.(idk what's on clip studio either, it requires a seperate password) The password for this one is 1643.

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