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I've got nothing to say.
For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.
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what? they are literally 2 different profile

are you high?


Wait for the Subscribestar importer back rn…


nigga are you stupid or something?



Legit funny.


So lately there have been people posting dick pics and shit pics. I think we've found the internet equivalent of mooning.


haha shopeepay and gcash go brr take that furfag


i also remember back then when a bunch of boomers were posting fox butt plug and projecting thier inceldom along with the tiny dick spam in angie grifin
man time sure does fly very fast like my B777-300ER to dubai and now im back home again those were the good old trolling times


They posted an image of an anime girl shitting


>go check if one of the artists i like got updated
>they just got their latest post
>everything inbetween that and the date the importers died is missing
well alright fuck you too then


File: 1708210151711.gif (1.12 MB, 498x199, pirate reaction 1550574592….gif)

>mfw its 16 hours straight and mods havent cleaned the blatant credit card spam yet
>less than 10 PPH and only for complaints
this chan really is dead KEK just two more weeks if were lucky months and we'll anounce closure like good ol' yiffparty inb4 muh doomers



Try looking at the signatures in the art on both profiles you mongoloids, it's the same main artist, and they only have one Patreon account.


Do patreon announcements get revisions if the artist edits them, or are they updated as seperate posts?


Some post have a bug(?) where I only see a text file instead of picture https://kemono.su/patreon/user/55088642/post/98589335


First time importing Onlyfans on coomer. After starting import, I get logged out of OF, and the import fails. Any ideas? Im on linux, librewolf.


Bruh, didnt mean to reply three times.


Okay, turns out librewolf was the culprit, works nice on chromium


Anyone know raydon's current rar password?


C'mon for Subscribestar Importer to be fixed rn!


can't fix the importer if everyone use it get banned by Subscribestar


So, how does flagging work?
The author's page was updated earlier today but this post has been flagged for weeks and wasn't updated
Also, the available versions' dates are all 2023-02 except for the last five (which are newer despite being older versions?), and neither of them is from 2024 even if the post itself says that it was updated in 1/1/2024
To end on a positive note, good job on the auto redirect of platform links to kemono, very useful feature


I just don't get it: What makes SubscribeStar so hard to import from vs. the others? It can't be some geniusbrain DRM larger sites like Patreon are somehow incapable of figuring out.


Pretty sure patreon doesn't care


File: 1708383236845.jpg (92.58 KB, 1150x529, 5211.jpg)

Patreon cared enough to break the importer for months. SS must have an actually competent anti-scraper team. It's just odd they're the only ones. Seems like Patreon especially would have the galaxybrain content security team by virtue of size and money.



That's because the Patreon importer requires an active subscription.



That's because you need to spend money for that specific content for the importer to work


File: 1708401964516.png (28.27 KB, 202x217, 1697372447751504.png)

>SS anti-scraping team
They lurk here weekly 100% lol
beating SS would be the highest degree of victory kemono can achieve (for now and until anti-piracy AI's start rolling, that is)


sometimes i have to revoke a key and then add the key again so the content get scrapped, im lazy and this annoy me…..


I've also seen it, with the artist Ponpu, their page was supposedly updated on the 18th, but the posts are from September.


File: 1708486696009.gif (979.25 KB, 500x264, seriously.gif)

Is it me or can I not access any .mp3/.wav audio on the site? It doesn't load.



No i am having the same issue, mp4/catbox videos wont load


Any idea when it’d be fixed?


File: 1708505279061.jpg (25.45 KB, 672x628, 20240220_101856.jpg)

Look, I'm grateful for FANBOX working again but goddamn. I got 19 favorites worth that been updated but don't have all their content actually imported.


can fantia get fixed next


They sorta fired and outsourced their security team a couple years ago.


It's been almost a year. Just let it go.


File: 1708525936522.jpg (85.73 KB, 750x1000, aa.jpg)

just here to say hello to anti-scraping team


How long does it take for kemono.party to update a certain creator?


sometimes the one responsible for importing updates seem to just… forget and/or get distracted by life stuff unfortunately, been quite a while since Sleeart got any needed updates, loved their sick designs for their dragon world.


Stop fucking importing free posts only, there's no point.


video and audio on the site cannot be loaded.can someone tell me why?


>8 pages worth of updated favorites in a single day
>Nothing but free fanbox posts
Now that is a firm kick in the cajones


File: 1708593444099.jpg (43.38 KB, 827x711, 20240216_002232.jpg)

Really hope this isn't a retaliation on scraping, and it just being a issue of shotty scraping


importer can only import paid stuff
>NOOOO why it can't import free stuff
importer now can import free stuff
>NOOOO why bunch of update is only the free stuff
like clockwork


the solution is so easy just import the thumbnail and link then redirect to fanbox to the free post


Is it me or is there almost no creators getting updated recently?


It's just you


The solution is to import both. I mean, are people really going to check every artist's Patreon page just to search for what little free stuff is available (if at all)? Hours of scrolling, no way.


For many people, Kemono IS Patreon (etc.) only they don't have to deal with paywalled stuff. They should be able to enjoy free stuff as well. And how many people who look up an artist on Kemono actually visit their Patreon page? Probably not as many. There can be many factors and reasons, though one of them is time.


I don't care if they import free post or not, just allow me to sort creator based on imported paid post

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