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I've got nothing to say.
For failing imports, enable debugging and provide half the import ID.


Man, I wish there was some sort of blocklist for the artists, because there's a certain keyword I like to use (which is not a tag btw, ree) to search through posts, but then there's this guy who has that word in every single of his posts without putting out the content for it, he clogs every page, his artstyle is terrible and it pisses me off.
Btw, sorting by recent works when you search would be very welcome too. Though I guess both of these features are pretty costly when it comes to handling databases, or so I heard. Oh well. Thanks for listening to me vent.


File: 1706584591820.png (1.08 MB, 1575x686, Screenshot 2024-01-29 2014….png)

With the return of Fanbox despite all the naysaying that it was dead and never coming back due to them getting on the anti-scraping train, I have renewed hope that Subscribestar can one day be bypassed again too.


the fanbox importer currently does not seem to import free posts–is this temporary?


https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/10701441 this artist is missing about 25 posts from September to January


is the patreon importer down now instead? none of my favs have gotten updated in like a week


FYI, mods on this board are kinda fuckin clowns. Seems like a pretty big issue to me.


File: 1706618382290.jpg (87.65 KB, 736x736, 3de10d7fc890f590cdf67643e9….jpg)

Stop the censorship of doomposters STOP THE RANGEBANNINGS AND IP WIPES we leechers ==DEMAND== the same TRUTH and freedom you too

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==FREE /requests/ FREE SIMP-jiang death to BitchBUI the capitalist KPP race traitor murrsuiters== (aka "dozers") this is not a troll post try again next time

also why was cumBENIS4c banned? all i did was make a shitty joke about cuckchan ban evasion since that guy was caught making a begging thread as a reference from him getting banned NOT COOL man


Some artists' posts on fanbox still don't be updated and some lose many posts from September to November


so there's this one Fanbox artist who shares download links to their uncensored art through Announcements, but two separate months are currently missing. can they be imported, or are they lost forever?


i've been using this extension to block artists, it works pretty well, wish it was a native feature but it gets the job done


File: 1706634965303.png (4.04 KB, 207x104, .png)


Reminder that the admin refuses to explain why there's no ID for [current] and shadow bans threads for asking why there's no ID for [current].

Short story is that the admin hates scrapers and doesn't want anyone scraping the website, but forces you to constantly re-scrape any post that was updated since you last scraped the posts.

Also, not every revision appears on the website. The admin expects you to scrape the ENTIRE website that's over 200 TB to get hidden revisions and you've to extract the archives and go through billions of files one by one because each file has a random name and isn't sorted.


Oh yeah, that works great, thanks!


Where's the stickied thread for making requests, is it this one? Thanks.


There's only a few artists I follow using SS but I want those smug asshats to get rekt just out of spite


Apparently there's one on Kemono's Reddit page. But the one on Kemonochan has been long gone (much to our displeasure).


https://kemono.su/fanbox/user/20234873 Not sure I follow, but how in the world this artist's page appears 100% black?


Use revisions, the artist selfimported the black images lol.

Checked, works fine.

There are no mods now, demoted/removed them.

Why would a piracy site import free stuff?

>rent free

There is no kemono reddit page, nor will it be on discord facebook etc.
Any place that bans you for using "https://plusnigger.org/" or other "socially unacceptable words" (lmao what even is free speech at this point) will never be used.


>Why would a piracy site import free stuff?

just wanted to check that this was due to changes in the importer (rather than importer missing a post or two), since the old fanbox importer got all posts (which was useful for archiving purposes)


The Fantia imported worked like that too (when it was functional), the free post were skipped.


ah I see
thanks for confirming btw


>no argument


>rent free
Keep using words that you don't know what they mean.


File: 1706726935779.jpg (25.3 KB, 407x402, -a1zf8f.jpg)


For preservation in the case of that FANBOX account being deleted


That's fucking stupid, the point of Kemono is to scrape everything available on a profile and sort the shit out to a neatly fashion.


It's temporary, for obvious reasons. Will come back later.



>be admin
>ban or shadow ban people for mentioning how incompetent i am or how broken my website is in a thread where i beg people to do that


"mods", "admins", what difference does it make? they're all assholes anyway


I could've sworn there was a Reddit page. Not just because someone said there's a request thread there, but because I swore there was a link to it on the Kemono site around the same area you get links to Kemonochan and Telegram (etc.). In fact, I was just coming to ask, what happened to Kemono's Reddit page?


File: 1706780591927.jpg (89.48 KB, 750x937, 20240130_101359.jpg)

It's all unorganized request and chaos


An admin just called another a dipshit.

Here we go.


So… what happened to the Kemono Reddit page?


At the top change the imported date to the older version. Might be the artist trying to beat scrapers by reuploading over old posts.


>>Why would a piracy site import free stuff?

A piracy site would be able to scrape paid posts with a non-active subscription. Update the importer like this and see what happens


Now to also fix the DM system, the regular file uploader, and the rest of the other importers.


Hey kemono, I sent you guys an email regarding child porn being hosted by you guys. (Check your "legal" email)

Hopefully you guys can purge the content.
>No, I will not publicly disclose which "artist" was putting CP through a cartoon filter. I'm not dumb, I don't want you all to download it before Kemono purges it.


I noticed that on fanbox-imported posts there are a lot of img tags hotlinking to URLs on fanbox itself, which obviously throw 403s in the browser console when the page loads. It would probably be a good idea to strip that stuff out of the HTML before displaying it because fanbox can see in their server logs who is trying and failing to load hotlinked fanbox images from a kemono page.


EVEN if there's no request thread, EVEN if there's no Reddit page (and really nowhere to request at all), could you AT LEAST sort out the SubscribeStar importer? The sooner, the better.

Is it really that big of an ask?


don't know if anyone noticed but you have to use a vpn now to enter the site.. any idea why is that?



Kemono hosts all kinds of child pornography, it's just one type of it that is forbidden here because they think the world revolves around the US


Some of the "art" is a legal grey area, as the girls are clothed.
>Pic related, downloaded directly from Kemono.

Then there are other images that are illegal, as they are from actual CP sets.

There is absolutely no way that this stuff is "AI generated", as the (now banned/arrested) creator claimed.


Flag the post or the artist but don't upload junior idol and other pedo bullshit here.


Flagging does nothing. Flagging is used to signify that the specific post needs reimported.
The only way to properly request that posts be removed, seems to be via email contact.

Like I said, the cartoon filtered photos of Candydoll girl (LauraB and ValenciyaS) are not legally considered to be CP in the USA, because the girls never got nude.
>In Florida, they ARE considered to be photos of Child Sexual Exploitation.
The other girls however, ARE in fact victims of Sexual Abuse. (Lena, Katya, Zhenya, Dasha, April and Kylie Freeman)

What is even more concerning, is the fact that there are some based off of April (not her real name) and Kylie Freeman. Both of these girls are U.S. citizens and if they find out about Kemono, for sure they're issuing a takedown request, asking for IPs of everyone who viewed their content and then fining Kemono 3,000 per image (plus other fines.)

There's a CLEAR difference between Loli and content that is based on real children. I am fine with porn of Kanna Kamui but I find games like "Unteralterbach" revolting.

Hopefully the admins can get this removed swiftly. We have enough to worry about with DMCAs from camwhores, we don't need pedo shit



Are there content creators like Shadman? I miss those days before he shutdown his site and draws shitty Belle Delpline.


Yeah, but don't post that here.
It's a pinned thread so it's the first thing that everyone is going to see when they go the chan.

I was going to check if someone has been banned with the new fanbox scrapper before using it and your crappy post killed my boner (I have to wait a few days before I can forget about it so I can fap again)
Why do you need to download that kind of stuff at the first place if you're not a pedo?


Jolly good job fixing up the Fanbox importer, I hope you can return the Fantia and Gumroad importers back online, the latter I wish more, I know someone who REALLY deserves getting his stuff leaked, due to him monopolizing art that adheres to my fetishes


fucking retards who think flagging means "wah wah i dont like this post plz remove" OMEGALUL



Well good news, the FANBOX user has been purged.
Apparently, ADMIN just deletes all emails sent to the legal address. Luckily, the photo of LauraB I posted caught their attention and they had to check the email again.
>Issue has been resolved. 🥳


Good evening friends…there is something wrong with the Patreon importer…it hasn't been updated for 2 weeks and my list has 150 artists….I need your help…thank you, it's a good ending of the week!


>due to him monopolizing art that adheres to my fetishes
My nigga, I doubt he's cannibalizing other artists that attempt to draw it lol




Lol, he didn't "shutdown his site", the fucking meth addict attacked someone with a knife, and got a prison sentence cause he had an existing rap sheet a mile long, including that instance where he pissed off the feds for drawing pictures of x-23 from Logan.

The idiot even tweeted he was gonna do it and showed the knife off just hours before he did it.


>asking for IPs of everyone who viewed their content

Imagine having misclicked on something. Or if your PC was just playing up which results in a misclick. My god, if something like that were to play out, the results could be disastrous and drag several otherwise innocent people into the fold.

I'd hope I don't ever misclick on something like that while on Kemono's Post Search page since I got a new laptop which has one of those mousepads where you don't know where the pad ends and where the buttons begin (or even which buttons).



Shadman's actually a woman, albeit one who's at odds with reality itself.


Forgot to mention, my mousepad is slippery as hell. It's annoying.


>Why would a piracy site import free stuff?
Kemono advertises itself as a public archive and artists don't always just upload previews in their free tiers. There are plenty of schizo ones who go into purge mode for whatever reason or Pixiv changing their policy and simply privating entries with keywords such as ブルマ or メスガキ like they did two weeks ago.


Hope this doesn't get me banned: will we ever get another request thread? Thanks.


Why does everyone on kemono.party only posting gay porn shit and stupid yiff?! I really want to kick them in the balls!


And by kicking them in the balls, I mean the characters in those stupid gay porn and yiff deserved being kicked in the balls. We need more females.


Why? Not like those ever work.

With how many other pay stores people are using (Payhip, commiss.io, Itch.io, etc.) it may be also good to allow more import options. Better yet, fix the DM and Upload File functions so it can be possible to post on this pirate archive site.


Flagging is just a gimmick, it has never done anything meaningful. It was like this on yiff.party too.

The importer saves *every* file from the creator's page on each run and removes the file if its hash is in the database.



and also the ai art


bruh, it's their money their choice
also wtf, protesting about yiff this website IS LITERALLY YIFF.PARTY SUBSTITUTION


Don't give a crap about it. The characters in those gay porn artworks are so ugly that make me want to chainsaw their fucking penis and squeeze their ball until they explode


Retarded faggot.


Seeing all these ugly gay characters makes me so mad I could just suck them off and have them explode cum all over my face


Patreon importer slow I'm boutta blow


How often does the Fanbox Importer import saved keys? I've noticed that people are importing stuff for specific artists every two days or so, but I've been paying some other prolific, popular accounts and only imported their stuff once, when the importer became public again. Should I remove and readd my key? And if so, what's the point of saving them?


They recommended to read key's


Auto-Import has not run for fanbox, so it is the user running their keys multiple times.
You do not need to remove your saved key, just do the usual import where you submit your session id.
Unless you submitted a different session id, the number of keys will not increase.

ngl, kinda gay

actually gay

>and removes the file if its hash is in the database.
Yeah, no.

DMs have been working for quite some time now.

>We need more females.
with balls

>doesn't get me banned
it will
>another request thread
never, go create your own site or support group for request, but not here

Sure thing, anon, sure thing.

Ez, you pay the artists you like and then import them into kemono.

Ok, pedo.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ go ask your isp.
Although, if you still have a problem with accessing the site that is not related to some DNS issue or outright block by isp, post again, I'll poke ddg.


Always were

Who would've thought.

You are not pretending to be retarded, are you?


File: 1707096595258.jpg (122.72 KB, 1366x768, 20240202_130921.jpg)

Would be more reasonable of an excuse if it was "preservation incase of their FANBOX account getting shut down"


>Yeah, no.
oh ok so if the files look visually you assume they're the same you fucking retard


>if the files look visually
That's even worse.


The world def needs more chicks with dicks.


anybody here who knows what they're talking about have any answer for this?


Absolutely fucking NOT! Futanari and traps are disgrace in hentai community!


>Sure thing, anon, sure thing.

I'm not saying I'd ever clicked/misclicked anything like that, but considering the amount of times I've misclicked on something (especially on a new laptop with a stupid mousepad I'm still trying to get used to), I do worry it could happen one day. I'm addressing the concern because;

1. Misclicks can happen to anyone and everyone,

2. No one wants to get dragged into the fold,

3. Those who ARE innocent would have a next to impossible chance of being able to distinguish themselves from those who did it on purpose (Much like how Albert Goring stated at the Nuremberg Trials that he'd actually snuck Jews out of Germany while using his brother's association to fool the Nazis into believing otherwise, but no one at the trials believed him, until he named some of the Jews he helped and one of them happened to be an uncle of one of the US officials at said trial case. He got lucky, but in terms of being able to get a job his public reputation had still been destroyed.). Or put simply, just because you're in the right, doesn't mean there's nothing to fear. Justice can never be guaranteed. And,

4. I'm trying to give you guys (the Kemono mods/admin) one more reason to consider cracking down on that kind of stuff. Otherwise, you'd disgrace all whom you would save.


what the fuck are these speeds

80% of the time it's below 80 kB/s and 20% of the time it's between 80-150 kB/s


I don't think the admins care about anyone but themselves, but I'll give you props for trying


Hey im having a small issue:
Trying to upload some patreon stuff, but one of the creators just isnt being uploaded. The importer seems to just not see it? it says 2/2, even though i support 3 people. It might be related that the creator has no named link, just numbers.


Need half the import id


i reckon you mean this: 9158930a
here is the first half.
first 2 imports work perfectly, but the last one for patreon user "92335302" just doesnt happen


Wait, nvm
for some reason trying it again for the third time without changing anything made it work.


some patreons hasn't updated in weeks but some have, any reason why it's so random?



People with money update artists they like, simple as that


But everything suddenly stopped updating on the 22nd. Some are ok. But it's a strange coincidence.


Gosh! Those fucktards clogged up the kemono party with their stupid gay porn shit again.


Something definitely seems broke. Barely any updates and they're days apart.

Even the first day fanbox was fixed, plenty of updates that same day.


Oh boy here we go again.


Recent posts just link their respective FANBOX pages.


File: 1707181096229.jpeg (71.11 KB, 1080x1080, received_750877600210083.jpeg)

Copy the last numbers from the link to the post link in lemon stupid


File: 1707182926920.png (64.98 KB, 582x475, 1680573893283523.png)

some imports are missing from this artist's page:


I'm either having a stroke right now or you just wrote plain gibberish. Lemon?


nvm I think I figured it out, thanks


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Avoiding the question?


I don't understand how you can enjoy being retarded.


File: 1707203162561.png (763.66 KB, 668x502, chrome_QsBIgWW3lW.png)

good job himbo


Who let their mentally braindead child in this thread. Of course the creature is so primitive it's into shit play.


Highly agreed


Guys, I think the fanbox importer is dead again.


>>36684 it's prolly just doing that thing where it soft stops running to make way for the mass horde of patreon content that's back up to hell


Eat dick asshole


That guy actually has a scat fetish, but please GET THAT SHIT OFF THE PAGE! I mean the pictures that idiot posted only a few comments above this.


Ironic that I am the asshole considering you've been exposing us to your fetish you fucking ape.


Why don't you just stop posting your scat fetish?




Apparently fanbox importer is dead again. It has been hours since the last update.


welp, it was fun while it last


Nevermind, it's just people didn't upload anything


Can't tell if it's slow imports, missed imports, or some new scraping protection. But all my favorites from all sources have not updated in days.


Do you lack media literacy?


I don't think he is dead


oh no the mass ghost imports are back.


File: 1707314285379.jpg (11.66 KB, 229x343, c4e16a91915351684b8e06e4b8….jpg)

Fanbox is down again


Fambox went down and Patreon made useless and boring content updates….I've been 15 days without updates on my list….forgive me, but I have to vent


File: 1707324308938.png (701.71 KB, 759x769, 1703274575708833.png)

>ghost imports
not again


Seems only some of the Fanbox pages I follow are getting ghost imported while others are legitimate updates. So it's probably updates to older posts? More than likely cope though.


The updates you see are the old free fanbox posts being imported.


Recently, pixiv and fanbox have begun to strictly regulate adult-oriented content at the behest of credit card companies, and some works have been made private or deleted.
This incident has led to an increasing number of Japanese creators abandoning fanbox and migrating to other services such as fantia and Ci-en.

Are there any plans to improve the Fantia importer or to support Ci-en import in the future?
We are still testing the new fanbox importer, but we hope that the Fantia importer will be improved and that Ci-en will be able to import.


How long has the SubscribeStar importer been out of commission? I tried to import a new artist a few days ago and didn't see a warning or get an error message so I figured it was functional.

It's only a few dollars but if there is something wrong with the feature then you should either work to resolve it or let people know before they spend money and time.


like 2 yrs or so i think


remember auto-import doesnt work with fanbox atm so all imports are manual


File: 1707354656574.jpg (342.64 KB, 1662x836, 756yhfgb.jpg)

Why shit like this exists and why would you pay and update this? Get help now!


Why are you saying that like anyone currently in this thread is paying for that.


What happened to the importer right now?


Fuck me!

>How long has the SubscribeStar importer been out of commission?
>like 2 yrs or so i think



Fix the damn importer already rn!!


I don't usually come here but like is there something wrong with the site? Some creators that used to be updated daily are approaching 3 weeks with no updates at all. They all stopped at the same time too.


Go outside you fucking leecher


It seems fanbox could not be totally broken as I believed it to be, there's been a few updates today


Aren't you also a leecher? Hence why you're here.


>Go outside you fucking leecher
The pot calling the kettle black. Are you retarded or something?



It needs to be imported by itself (auto-update) in the future.


>Contributors here upload content and share it here for easy searching and organization.
you even import some artist?, you fucking idiot seems you brainless mind doesnt give more.
you think everyone is a leecher here, then who imports tons of artist?
stfu and back to your cave.


you probably want a new fanbox update every hour, again go outside, probably you make some social life


all me btw


Seems like some recent fanbox posts imported with the images in reverse order.

Doesn't seem to happen on the most recent imports, so might have gotten fixed already. But already caused me plenty of confusion trying to follow the "story" of images in reverse.


Is anyone else having problems trying to load any Discord? Both newly imported or old (and using different browsers) only load an empty page.


Why do patreon videos not work? Trying to watch videos of “steak and eggs” and “fearand” and none of the videos work. They’re just txt files


File: 1707497830475.png (13.75 KB, 626x205, 2024-02-09 17_51_38-Kemono….png)

Yes. Kemono's discord pages load as a blank page and then call the API to fetch posts. But it seems like recently they've implemented a really strict rate limit on the API, because now it gives 429 Too Many Requests all the fucking time.
So you can try waiting a couple of minutes and refreshing.
Hopefully the devs will realize that their current rate limit is ridiculous and unfuck it.


Nah, the rate limit is sane. But there is something I can not wrap my head around right now.
Open the lookup url and start reload spamming, you'll know when you actually hit the rate limit.
Then fetch it via js in the console like "a = await fetch('URI')" and you'll have the same result as if loading it directly. Try to spam it.
But dare it be fetched from inside the discord script, bam insta 429. Serverside. What?

Since I am writing this as I go, the above no longer is an issue.
This is rather peculiar, it might be that if requests are too close(time) together, limit_req module might fail to create a state for "short lived entries" and produce an error state.
But define even the minimal burst value for the limit_req and it starts working due to the nature of burst option… ok.


File: 1707513675883.png (114.12 KB, 277x275, 1.png)

>they've implemented a really strict rate limit on the API, because now it gives 429 Too Many Requests all the fucking time.

Maybe they shouldn't have messed up the revisions which is now causing people to scrape the API every hour for any update.


>rent free


I'm also sick of this dude ranting about revisions but he does have a point. It should be trivial to fix since you could just sort the list of revisions by revision id or timestamp, so why isn't it fixed yet?


>more than half of my favorite artists haven't been updated since september last year
>fanbox importer dead again
>no sign of fantia coming back
I'm not crying


>My favorite artist hasn't been updated for a week
It's over, Kemono is finished time for my to kill myself.


The developer who made everything left because the admin refused to monetary compensate him.

>then how is the getting updated

The admin pays the cheapest freelancers at Fiverr to patch the site up, lol.


God please support ci-en too.


Anon shizo or anon has proof?


Slit your throat, you manipulative freak. It is a FACT that all of this was made by one person who left after you refused to monetary compensate. But let's play your sick game. Let's pretend it's just a pure coincidence that the site has been fucking stale for years after you backstabbed him.


whenever someone says "oh the admins did this!!1!1!1!!!" or "oh the admins did that!!!111!!1" ya'll never seem to never bother to post proof/evidence, so I always tend to doubt or outright not believe anything ya'll say

ya'll just so happen to be the same people that kept "doom mongering" for MONTHS on how the:
"site is finished, it's over!!1!1!!"
"kemono is gonna get shut down!!1!!!!"
"fanbox is never gonna get updated!!1!!!!!"

and then the exact fucking opposite happened and it confirmed literally everyone was just spouting nothing but horseshit, I'm not saying the admins are perfect nor is the website in the best state of course, not by any means, but a lot of you bitches here are either:

delusional schizo's

wacky conspiracy theorist that somehow seem FULLY confident on what they're saying is 100% factual despite there being nothing else saying or showing otherwise

or doom mongers

why can't any of you retards actually bother to back up your claims instead of posting nothing but speculation, speculation, and more fucking speculation and act as if it's a 100% true statement

half the times the threads end up turning into nothing but a fucking schizo thread for gods sake, but ig that's to be expected with Chan websites


proof was posted

but because you're a manipulative freak you deleted those

and are going to get away with it

because there's no one archiving every single post made in here

but if someone wants proof

they can look it up easily

by going to github

and looking up scraping tools

and seeing how there was a kemono developer who was very active

what does it mean

when someone is no longer around

its almost like it means they're gone

but why are they gone?

why has the site been in such a shit state since he left?



So… Did everyone update the Subscribestar right now?…


nigger it's been dead for years


File: 1707627236795.png (68.13 KB, 342x111, fanboxies.png)

calm down you unbound fucking schizos, the importer's working again


Oh c'mon, just update the Subscribestar rn!! Or else I'm gonna shoot the computer with the goddamn Shotgun!!



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Cry more you fucking pussies. Go touch some grass.


File: 1707649747938.png (1.93 MB, 696x3196, cub porn artstyle double s….png)

>>36526 >>36555
really thats it? youre not gonna secretly fap to it like any other FA/E621 moderator? [error 402 payment required] am i a joke to you in 2024 but i guess the redditor "virtue signaling element" never changes as usual of furfag chans

>>36542 >>36500
>photorealistic kidmodel gets file deleted instantly
<CP spammer strikes the exact moment but stayed for hours
i DEFINITELY dont see any connections here right guys? also go back to /haha/ possum posse fag

>hosting all sorts of 'P while SOMEHOW caring about US piracy laws

EXPLAIN this double standard also its not fair why is blatant cub art like zaush and pic related still tolerated in kemono? this piece art is nothing short of a disgrace in asia you're lucky taipei/japan arent overconservative dystopian shitholes dont even get me started on the libtarded movements on worst korea

>>36547 >>36562
damm thats very complex i didnt realize the rabbit hole goes this deep i actually thought at first its all generic poses thanks for the QRD
>issuing takedown request and asking for IPs
plot twist matomo analytics was stealthily installed this whole time (like frenschan) funny enough YP jannies started banwaves when this conspiracy started leaking out the board it all seems to familiar
>why U fukken saved some pizza
same reason why corrupt FBI agents store this abominations

>>36576 >>36587
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literally who? heard shadman before


File: 1707650971095.jpg (322.06 KB, 1920x1080, average furfag STEM engine….jpg)

>>36536 >>36519 >>36516 >>36480
there is the old YP page though called /r/yiffparty huh didnt realize jewsah sojamee was a mod there
https://archive.is/EhA6O so this is where the "diives underage" allegations came from makes perfect sense
>OVER 1000 pages worth of requests
the absolute state of the "Karty" everybody

>>36491 >>36567
>Why would a piracy site need to import irrelevant trash like FREE stuff
<Why the hell would an aircraft need more than 2 hours of recording time according to FAA regulations let alone proper instrument logging
WHAT DO YOU MEAN just add more cheap storage? cant you see were trying our best to cut webhosting costs? now oink up leech so we can steal your cookies this experimental account ban-happy importer isn't gonna testrun itself amirite?

KEK reminder these are these are the very same "far right richfag military furries" FAGMAN actively elects into their industries like a bunch of diversity hires no wonder why tech companies have been going to shite lately over the years LOOKING AT YOU boeing 737 MAX door plug seriously why do you furfags love to cut corners at everything? yet somehow COMAC is the problem because UMM OKAY?

– (from previous thread)
IT WAS A BLANK harry a fucking blank gun some kingsman scenes were censored from my flight lol

i thought canadians were bobblehead looking like those in south park

damn so this is what indian curry tastes like in UAE? i even had this exotic sweet tea that looks red and we got free samples, i wonder how many here enjoy kebab too

its supposed to be a smart fella not a fart smella you got it all backwards and wrong


>i demoted the hotpockets other thatn that thanks old jannies are anti-fun here
hows those diversity hire jannies doing? too afraid of insider info getting leaked pfft yeah

>plusnigger FOSS meme

who even uses this crap if i were a profesional chink programmer all i literally have to do is put my crap under proprietary license but actually fully allow decompilation for fellow users effectiely filtering off incompetent github SJWs problem solved

take your seroquel or was it abilify? that axewound isnt gonna close itself pal hopefully your programmer socks dont get too dirty


aww sweet that jarty dot spammer is back sorry i really cant help it you know? and im not the guy spamming black dicks

>because there's no one archiving every single post made in here
actually i am dont worry just rely on screencaps like your average cuckchanner for now


Oh c'mon! You guys need to stop the argument!! Update the Subscribestar for now!! It's not updated yet for the GODDAMN 2 or 3 years ago!!


If that and the Fantia importer came back, I'd upload so many artists….


File: 1707680173433.jpeg (60.9 KB, 736x752, IMG_0914.jpeg)

it seems like mr hermietkreeft our sole sysadmin and owner of kemonoparty has left the main group and changed his name. hmmm i wonder why?


this site going to ended up like yiff at the end of the day if shits like this keeps following the yiff party disease. guess shino agenda to make kemono longer that yiff to goes online aren’t really happening. luckily we have someone like nekohous that going to develop another yiff from scratch but it’s unfortunate that they hosted it at the same hoster that kemono is hosted with . lol


File: 1707681368210.png (418.11 KB, 735x581, who.png)



Can you explain to me which importers are broken? Please respond if you know the answer.


you fucking retard nekohouse is the paywalled site of kemono


so when will the problem of fantia be solved


File: 1707702814644.png (226.23 KB, 1612x287, paywall0.png)

Dude, if you are subscribe to artists on Fantia, share their shit on Sadpanda or elsewhere, the Fantia importer I think is far from being activated again due to the measures those bastards took.


this guy 👈 apparently he also changed his username on tg


>4 second delay between serving each file
>20 kB/s to download each file

just say you hate anyone downloading off of your site on a large banner at the top of each page already you fucking bitch


File: 1707753127676.jpg (116.99 KB, 803x554, as a furfag sysadmin stop ….jpg)

https://archive.is/JyEk4 http://web.archive.org/web/20240212084614/https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/
>its already ARCHIVED
>/hebe/KEKmie baleeted it
poor thing what have he done to it? someone should contact animal control not a bunch of angry cuckchan ecoterrorist vigilantes
so why was it deleted? trying to hide something? those corporate crime BitchBUI bribes arent gonna do themselves goy? now be a good janny and explain
btw this isnt the first time he did this remember the exhentai tendonfag "schizo" debate yeah we caught him redhanded that time thank to the glorious gsnail cache


>he actually beat me to it like a karma chasing redditor
<well fuck you slowpoke thats why
wow how rude


>13% 396.62kB 22.59kB/s

epic speeds


So, another site down the shitter eh? Time to make backups I suppose.


File: 1707763226074.jpg (94.12 KB, 953x614, waves.jpg)

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ unless I start implementing draconian rate limiting/filtering.

3 years and not once have you ever written anything remotely coherent.

39,022,338 | 204015.49 GB
44,214,941 | 565765.92 GB


>btw who cares about revisions and torrents
you can't make this shit up


File: 1707790700996.jpeg (72.12 KB, 756x385, IMG_0956.jpeg)

source? trust me bro

lmao, the fact that he didn’t even change the group ownership to usah is straight up a blatantly lie


Has anybody finally found a way to view stuff un-blurred on SubscribeStar without paying for shit?: https://subscribestar.adult/paddedulf


Have anybody here finally found a way to view stuff un-blurred on SubscribeStar without paying for shit?


Take my content down or I spam piss and puke. I am artist making living off art.


I approve drinking the puke and piss.


>Why would a piracy site import free stuff?
All the other importers import free stuff, only fantia skips it.
Put the code up on gitlab already so I can fix it.


I am a bakrichod and I am from Bangalore india.


Get that stupid shit in the comments above mine off.

Indecency aside, PLEASE sort out that SubscribeStar importer, THIS YEAR!!! Life's too short to keep kicking the can down the road. Besides, I may only have a few months worth of patience left before I finally lose it.



Kys indian currymuncher. You aren't the real admin.


Oh cmon! What happened to Subscribestars Importer!!??



They implemented anti-scraping measures to make it harder (but not impossible) to rip their content. Now do me a favor and act like a good boy and I'll send you pics of my tits.


>reddit spacing believer is a corporate bootlicker
Many such cases.


Have you created a tool to view stuff un-blurred on SubscribeStar without paying for shit?



I found a perfect solution! Steal your mom's credit card.


Saneperson on patreon https://kemono.su/patreon/user/465484 is hiding the Dropbox password for his action toys series.
He claims that its to prevent his unfinished work from ending up on boorus so that finished work is all that will be public. Obvious bullshit.
By the way the Dropbox password is 42. I saw the collection name on patron without an account. Kemono should import and display the collections on the artist page, and show which collections that a post is in.
Also a second way saneperson provides a password is via editing one of his oldest patreon posts from 2015. The edited version isn't on kemono. So the importer should also check for and import the latest edit even on years old posts.
Finally to permanently solve this problem for other ways that artists can hide the content, there should be a way for the subscriber or someone else to share the password/method below each post as a comment.


And she'll know who did it. Plus she'd be able to see what you'd spent that money on.

This doesn't work, not with anyone you know, so don't or you'll defeat the whole point of not getting caught.


I have to wait for Subscribestar Importer is back… I'm crying rn!!


apparently fantia imports broke down b/c fantia stopped parallel connections
could this be solved by limiting connections to fantia servers?
(dunno anything about scraping, just wondering)


Just make a client that feeds off the user's browser, all of your other scrapping measures can and will be detcted


Even if this works IMO I'd suggest doing so in a burner PC


Please repair the Gumroad importer.


>>All the other importers import free stuff, only fantia skips it.

No. The importers scrape paid content, and only Fantia requires an active subscription.



Not a good idea. You should just upgrade all of the importers so that people don't need to spend their money anymore, and scrape paid content easily.


File: 1707960283573.png (222.56 KB, 793x729, 1674831081239438.png)

Why can't we still update Discord channels? There's a few artists that I know of that continuously update one post in one of their channels every month but whenever I try to update them, they get "skipped" because the posts already exist.
>just rip the stuff and upload it to sadpanda, bro
Why would I do something that's significantly more work when copy and pasting characters is 100x easier?


seriously, why aren't gay porn and BL banned from kemono.party? Those things are disgraceful as fuck.


File: 1707971655764.png (343.72 KB, 448x626, bradley.png)

Do you not realize how many furfags are are actual fags, anon? Quit being retarded.


SubscribeStar… SubscribeStar…

Come on Grandma.


yup just like OG yiffparty admins are going to throttle real hard to stop people from making archives its all like clockwork

>deleted comment without archiving
many such cases (fixed that for you)

boy love and yaoi is banned here though man why is the rest of asia so backwards? so this is the power of democracy?

anon with the self hosted version how are we going to earn sheckels from ads? think of bitchBUIs wallet going empty for a second?


Untrue, there are tons of free fanbox posts on the site, both from the old importer and the new beta one.


Please bring the Subscribestar rn!!



Are you gonna bust a nut daddy?





has anybody gotten banned from importing fanbox content yet?
or are 100% safe?


safe ATM


Just to be safe, I'm gonna wait until March before I scrap the few I sub to.


File: 1708053386345.png (1.42 MB, 2000x1700, a.png)

idk if someone notice of this, but a few artists get updated but their new posts do not appear (updated: 2024-02-15) the last post of this artist in kemono on 2024-02-10 and the 2 new posts on fanbox are in the following dates: (2024-02-13 and 2024-02-15).


fix the importer of fantia, you Admin, please


Kill yourself degenerate retard



What happened?


Does Kemono have any loli creators?


The following link may help you: http://tinyurl.com/2xt34nxd


I ain't clicking that shit, nigga


Any reason why this creator is split into 2 separate profiles? I assume it's uploader error or multiple conflicting uploaders but the posts should be under one name.



what? they are literally 2 different profile

are you high?


Wait for the Subscribestar importer back rn…


nigga are you stupid or something?



Legit funny.


So lately there have been people posting dick pics and shit pics. I think we've found the internet equivalent of mooning.


haha shopeepay and gcash go brr take that furfag


i also remember back then when a bunch of boomers were posting fox butt plug and projecting thier inceldom along with the tiny dick spam in angie grifin
man time sure does fly very fast like my B777-300ER to dubai and now im back home again those were the good old trolling times


They posted an image of an anime girl shitting


>go check if one of the artists i like got updated
>they just got their latest post
>everything inbetween that and the date the importers died is missing
well alright fuck you too then


File: 1708210151711.gif (1.12 MB, 498x199, pirate reaction 1550574592….gif)

>mfw its 16 hours straight and mods havent cleaned the blatant credit card spam yet
>less than 10 PPH and only for complaints
this chan really is dead KEK just two more weeks if were lucky months and we'll anounce closure like good ol' yiffparty inb4 muh doomers



Try looking at the signatures in the art on both profiles you mongoloids, it's the same main artist, and they only have one Patreon account.


Do patreon announcements get revisions if the artist edits them, or are they updated as seperate posts?


Some post have a bug(?) where I only see a text file instead of picture https://kemono.su/patreon/user/55088642/post/98589335


First time importing Onlyfans on coomer. After starting import, I get logged out of OF, and the import fails. Any ideas? Im on linux, librewolf.


Bruh, didnt mean to reply three times.


Okay, turns out librewolf was the culprit, works nice on chromium


Anyone know raydon's current rar password?


C'mon for Subscribestar Importer to be fixed rn!


can't fix the importer if everyone use it get banned by Subscribestar


So, how does flagging work?
The author's page was updated earlier today but this post has been flagged for weeks and wasn't updated
Also, the available versions' dates are all 2023-02 except for the last five (which are newer despite being older versions?), and neither of them is from 2024 even if the post itself says that it was updated in 1/1/2024
To end on a positive note, good job on the auto redirect of platform links to kemono, very useful feature


I just don't get it: What makes SubscribeStar so hard to import from vs. the others? It can't be some geniusbrain DRM larger sites like Patreon are somehow incapable of figuring out.


Pretty sure patreon doesn't care


File: 1708383236845.jpg (92.58 KB, 1150x529, 5211.jpg)

Patreon cared enough to break the importer for months. SS must have an actually competent anti-scraper team. It's just odd they're the only ones. Seems like Patreon especially would have the galaxybrain content security team by virtue of size and money.



That's because the Patreon importer requires an active subscription.



That's because you need to spend money for that specific content for the importer to work


File: 1708401964516.png (28.27 KB, 202x217, 1697372447751504.png)

>SS anti-scraping team
They lurk here weekly 100% lol
beating SS would be the highest degree of victory kemono can achieve (for now and until anti-piracy AI's start rolling, that is)


sometimes i have to revoke a key and then add the key again so the content get scrapped, im lazy and this annoy me…..


I've also seen it, with the artist Ponpu, their page was supposedly updated on the 18th, but the posts are from September.


File: 1708486696009.gif (979.25 KB, 500x264, seriously.gif)

Is it me or can I not access any .mp3/.wav audio on the site? It doesn't load.



No i am having the same issue, mp4/catbox videos wont load


Any idea when it’d be fixed?


File: 1708505279061.jpg (25.45 KB, 672x628, 20240220_101856.jpg)

Look, I'm grateful for FANBOX working again but goddamn. I got 19 favorites worth that been updated but don't have all their content actually imported.


can fantia get fixed next


They sorta fired and outsourced their security team a couple years ago.


It's been almost a year. Just let it go.


File: 1708525936522.jpg (85.73 KB, 750x1000, aa.jpg)

just here to say hello to anti-scraping team


How long does it take for kemono.party to update a certain creator?


sometimes the one responsible for importing updates seem to just… forget and/or get distracted by life stuff unfortunately, been quite a while since Sleeart got any needed updates, loved their sick designs for their dragon world.


Stop fucking importing free posts only, there's no point.


video and audio on the site cannot be loaded.can someone tell me why?


>8 pages worth of updated favorites in a single day
>Nothing but free fanbox posts
Now that is a firm kick in the cajones


File: 1708593444099.jpg (43.38 KB, 827x711, 20240216_002232.jpg)

Really hope this isn't a retaliation on scraping, and it just being a issue of shotty scraping


importer can only import paid stuff
>NOOOO why it can't import free stuff
importer now can import free stuff
>NOOOO why bunch of update is only the free stuff
like clockwork


the solution is so easy just import the thumbnail and link then redirect to fanbox to the free post


Is it me or is there almost no creators getting updated recently?


It's just you


The solution is to import both. I mean, are people really going to check every artist's Patreon page just to search for what little free stuff is available (if at all)? Hours of scrolling, no way.


For many people, Kemono IS Patreon (etc.) only they don't have to deal with paywalled stuff. They should be able to enjoy free stuff as well. And how many people who look up an artist on Kemono actually visit their Patreon page? Probably not as many. There can be many factors and reasons, though one of them is time.


I don't care if they import free post or not, just allow me to sort creator based on imported paid post

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