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Anyone know what the hell is up with u18chan? The site has been busted for months now.


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>nazi furry
cringe you dropped this picrel
though no idea what happened to the site last i heard they added a password to all boards who knows why
also how do you unblock the login popup on mail ru cloud? im trying to download some shit GAYmes here




TL;DR: Some 12 year old has been using that text that extends beyond the pages (zalgo text).



Hmm. Never knew that. From what I heard, the site overloads if there's too many people on it.


We will have the site back up soon. I've been far too busy fixing the site bugs. Our eta is around August because we have 200k lines of code we are still editing and debugging. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.


you’re fucking insane if you think you’re not gonna lose at least 50% or your userbase being down 9 mo the straight (including the past 2 months)

just shut the shit down at this point


U18chan is pretty much fucked at this point if they don't get their shit together.


That explains a lot. Thank you.

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