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I'll send $10 through any cryptocurrency to whoever can update this script to make it skip the archive if the name of any file in the archive doesn't only contain English letters.




You can write a python script that does this easily. I can wipe my ass with with 10 fucking dollars. Gtfo you dumb fucking nigger.



I can write it in ms dos. Lul



I can write it in binary.



I can write it in Morse code.


Then it's free $10 for you but you're a sperg.


hey wait a sec i saw this on YP before the help me finish this script and ill import for free thread
>all this arguing
>ITT /g/ programer elitism proven by this very thread
Heres the deal instead help me fix script related and ill give you a stolen rip of sexyfur/clubstripes and much more goodies the furfag economy is a plague worse than NFT crypto scams and must be defunded from the web at all costs


Add another $10 and go buy ChatGPT 4 and use them. Or go to Fiver and ask people there just like how kemono fix their importer.


>Or go to Fiver and ask people there just like how kemono fix their importer
big if true

why can't you kill yourself? at this point i'm convinced that you're SA's bot since you appear in every thread that he hates


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