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DISCORD WAS A MASSIVE MISTAKE. It has been a whole week of nothing but discord imports.
The value proposition here is really poor.




Thirded. The discord UI sucks too.


You are complaining about Discord, huh? But what if I told you that this site is now openig scam sites all by itself?


Discord has tons of vulnerabilities, terrible developers, is full of kids and shady private servers and a social cancer.

Blow the whistle on one of the free candy servers they protect and if you play your cards right, enjoy the popcorn.

Don't worry about terminally online kids and manchildren committing suicide over the loss of Discord, they have plenty of other places to go for social cancer.

How many years of Discord usage, Anon? Unless you're completely paranoid or a real specialist, your risks of getting doxxed ironically are way higher than spending your time on some site with suspicious ads that you aren't supposed to click in the first place. This site doesn't have much of your sensitive information. Discord does because you willingly gave it to them when they asked for it.


I wasn't talking about Discord. Did you see that kemono.party is also having problems with security? It now opens scam sites all by itself. No one wants site you are exploring to open sites all by itself you didn't ask for.


It's like you don't know what advertising is. Also it's not malware/scams its just what advertisers want shown.



Not previous guy but I've had problems too, they're definitely not real ads and I don't feel safe with them. Please fix.


Nothing wrong with discord itself, but it seems that when kemono captures the data of any given discord server, it prevents the rest of the site from working. It also seems to take about a day per three servers to be saved.

The good content is getting blocked in favour of the rantings of children


Why not make another page to save discord servers? Like coomer for OF


That's a good idea, but is it even possible at this point?


I agree. I came here checking my favorite Patreon accounts every day only to see they haven't added anything new here since last time (which was over a week ago).
All I've seen in the "Most Recent" page is Discord after Discord after Discord.
I'm sitting here like; "Yeah? Well, where are the OTHERS!?"


I'd be fine with Discord imports, if they were servers from artists I've got marked as favourites. The fact that a lot of recent ones aren't tied to any subscription based site at all is pretty annoying.


How much longer dou yall think it'll take?


How much longer dou yall think it'll take?


Update dangpa and haps on kemono when possible plz



Fuck off faggot


Its been a week of only discord imports btw


YOU be nice!


Could the admins prioritize all queued up patreon artists and then keep going with the discord stuff? It's taking so long!


Also, maybe implement some sort of report button to delete content? Cause some discord servers and channels are actually crap, literally no art in them



I really appreciate this website for what it does but shouldn't maintaning the regular functionallity be taken into consideration before implementing something that throttles the website for weeks?


Thanks to Discord, I'm missing a lot of updates from my favorite artists! IT'S PISSING ME THE FUCK OFF!!!!!



That button wold be abused to death.



You ever stop to consider the fact that why Discord servers are given priority is because the owners and mods of Kemono are discord users themselves? It's why they don't give a shit when the site goes down for 9 weeks again over something they did.


File: 1720327031168.jpeg (364.99 KB, 985x688, Screenshot_7-7-2024_03618….jpeg)

When will this shit end?


File: 1720357040983.jpg (10.17 KB, 236x277, 1c5e6bb2ab5dab9cf9bcd147a4….jpg)

It will never end, Admin went on vacation so good luck.


Patreon, please save us from this neverending nightmare!


This is absolute fucking autism. Turn this garbage off.


I would be fine with discord if they aren't IMPORTING THE ENTIRE FUCKING GENERAL AND SHIT


I understand it's shitty that people are locking content behind Discords too, but the imports not only have basically taken over the site, but are nigh impossible to fucking navigate too. Would really prefer if priority was given to SubscribeStar.


I agree. I'm missing every Patreon update in almost two weeks.


patreon is back now


Patreon still doesn't looks right, no july post at all


theres posts from july in several of the pages i've checked in the recent tab


I'm so glad it's finally back to normal!



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