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board seems pretty ded with lack of gud threads so here you go

post (and vent about it if you want) content creators you know that puts their content behind paywalls for a fricking long time before the public release

(hence why we need more people to contribute by posting archives of those contents, personal drive or not, so please if any of you who got archives read this, contribute. it's easy)

pic unrl


I don't know really. HellResident maybe? But thats only 1 month.

If an artist eventually releases all their art for free then the paywall doesn't really bother me. I can wait (theres so many other artists I can check in the meantime). Atleast they're not keeping their art locked permanently like most seem to. Fuck those kind of artists lol.


Sure, but most of the time, the ones that do release content later downscale it to a piss poor resolution.


Untiedverbeger has been on my eye for a while, the artist doesn't seem to do freebies anymore


Freaking blackguard is a shit head mother fucker has his shit sent by email so leaks are pretty much rare
the guy does beautiful pixel work which pisses me off he's one of those "lock things down so i get more revenue" types what a dumb ass if only release his shit publically he get more money but hes a dumbass gook that thing one pirate=lost sale


File: 1633880699497.png (70.59 KB, 498x243, 084B5AA4-90EB-4A5D-8867-C8….png)

Kanekuo is a D&D artist kinda I only say kinda because he mostly just draws really thick goblin girls, it’s his bread and butter. He also likes to tease and draw porn of these said goblin girls and D&D characters, but because he has a “standard” or character to uphold, he has a mob that worships him for it, and a commission tier where you can ask for it…except it’s $110 and has been sold out since Nov 2020. The same 10 people just keep a small circlejerk where they get sent the rewards exclusively, and not even the patreon gets them. You HAVE to be on that tier and because of some idiots ruining it for everybody else, you can’t even join the discord anymore. I just wanna see some good fuckin’ man.


If its $110 to commission art of the same quality/skill level as that screenshot, then that is fucking humorous. I mean for fucks sake! :P


It’s a cropped teaser but yeah, same style/work. He posted it in his discord then proceeded to never post the full


No surprise a SJW like him is so insanely protective of his porn. Should stop shilling his shitty comic on focus solely on the goblin tits.


Lmao I got banned forever for asking something about a l0li poster that is already in Kemono Pretty dumb that you will ban this in kemono party, but not on the actual site, which is fucking filled with this content.
You guys are just weird.


Looking into banning 3d loli stuff, since it's borderline illegal in the US, and illegal in many countries across Europe. If you're that passionate about wanting to see fictional 3D children in the nude or having sex, you really need to get help. Especially the more realistic ones. This is why I like Seiso. They don't allow the import of this bullshit.


You can ban it if you like, the artist I mentioned isn't a loli exclusive poster though, and he has some incredible "normal" animations, and gay stuff.
It shouldn't be that hard to ban it in the site, just update the rules?


File: 1634182153970.png (288.32 KB, 773x603, 7CE346DD-4A2D-4A8C-8951-A7….png)

That’s what I’ve been saying it gets all of the numbers and traffic anyway he acts like he’s innocent but he follows all the porn accounts. I refuse to believe 25k followers and NOBODY’S got anything. There’s even like 7 commissions of his cat bitch too so clearly he likes it.


I know its not real but its still nasty disturbing shit. Kinda almost makes you gag when you accidentally see it while clicking on random artists. Gets me the same as when I accidentally stumble on a guro artist. I don't feel blacklisting is that important to me (I get disturbed, vomit, then move on) but those 2 things should be able to be blocked I think.


Ban the 3D but don't you dare touch the 2D or punish those who want more 2D stuff. The entire reason behind Fantia, Skeb and Fanbox is to upload the content that Patreon doesn't allow, which is pretty much just loli.




Whether its 2D or 3D doesn't really change much does it lol. Its still pedo art.

>If you're that passionate about wanting to see fictional 3D (or 2D, I'm sure, otherwise the logic makes no sense) children in the nude or having sex, you really need to get help


You're on a board dedicated to pirating porn. Don't try comparing 2D to 3D.

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