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I mean not everyone likes every artist that is on this site, some people hate some artists that are on this website, so what about a blacklist so people cant look at artists they dont like?


No, unless the post loading/display happens via JS and API. And the filtering happens in JS.
I care about overall performance and that would drive a nail into that.


Hitting the DB to have the content filtered, that is.


What prevents people from not clicking on artists they don't like?


I think it's meant for the "Recent Posts"
tab, that's the only place I can think of that would benefit from a blacklist


Not to mention that if you like to click on artists randomly (a good way to find new artists), then you don't know what you don't like until you've already clicked it. I often do that. Yea theres a lot of naff artists but maybe every 1 in 20 I check are good.

Then again it looks like the OP wants to blacklist artists he already knows about, not blacklist tags like "gore & loli". That shit catches you off guard and when you see it you almost puke lol. Its the only thing that makes me think blaclists would be a decent idea (previously I didn't care, but I've stumbled on 1 too many pedo artist now…).


just ignore

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