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Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
Huge thanks to whoever updates those!
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I don't think so. Patreon clearly states that patrons are charged at around 12 midnight Pacific time. The local timezone of the patron is irrelevant.

Since Zogarth releases around 4am Pacific time, it is unlikely that the patron who updated the Sept 1 chapter was not charged for September.


Anyone updating my girlfriend is a zombie?


Hoping for Azarinth Healer updates…


Ar'kendrithyst updated on Seiso, up to 158. Might wanna wait a week though, I feel profoundly cockblocked off 158's ending.


Hoping for IdeasGuy update.


Very good point, I think you're right. Hopefully our zogarth sugar daddy will update it before the end of the month


Please update

Ivankal- infinite realm

Zogarth - primal hunter

Necariin- unbound

Cathfach- unbound soul

Sunrisecv- system change


someone please update kamikazepotato work!!!


RhaegarRRL updates anyone??


I have caught up with my back log and I am looking for something light hearted like Beware of Chicken or Mark of the Fool. Any recs?


please update Kaiserblak


The Great Core's Paradox (Beginning is a bit slow but it becomes great later on)

Singer Sailor Merchant Mage (Only 25 chapters so far, and the chapters are kinda short)

Ave Xia Rem Y (Liu Jin is one of my favourite MCs in all of fiction. One of the best Xianxia stories and its not hyperbole)

When Immortal Ascension Fails Time Travel to Try Again (lighthearted Xianxia story. Great for a Sunday read)



at this point I don't think anyones gonna update it this month. At best, I would expect an update at the end of the month, although that may be pessimistic or optimistic depending on your view on all of that…


Hello, can we get an IdeasGuy update.


Is someone able to update Rhaegar? I heard the last few AH chapters are quite good..


The guys who updated on the first of September are still subscribed, right? Please update again. I'm beggin you.


Northstrider: No


How do you know its quite good if you havent read it yet?



How stupid are you? The comment you referenced said they "heard" it was good.


Then ask who you heard it from to update it. Why are asking here?😂



You really are a moron. I'm not the person who "heard" it. And people who are not morons could easily deduce that the person who "heard" about the chapters could not ask the person they heard it from, or they would have done it already.


is anyone still subscribed to Dinniman? Dungeon Crawler Carl has a few chapters up


Yeah yeah you are very "wise". Heard from someone its good but cant ask the person they apparently heard from to update it or even read from their account. I may have been born on Thursday, but it wasnt yesterday. Get outta here with your nonsense😂


thanks for updating ivankal!



Apparently you were born on moronday.


No thats saturday.


Only in "wiseman" land is that a day😆😆


Who told you that? Our resident "wise" man or his friend who keeps hearing things?😂


I heard it from someone.


Can you tell that someone to update Rhaegar? I heard its quite good


Please update Sunrisecv.


Thank you very much for whoever of you guys updates Ivankal.


Please someone update Rhaegar if possible.


Only on the first.


Could someone please update Macronomicon


Thank you for updating Wiz!!!



Aa F


Please update Tefler.


Thank you whoever updated Vigor Mortis (thundamoo). That was awesome.


Anyone still subscribed to Shirtaloon?


I don't suppose anyone would be willing to update RavensDagger?


Ivankal bro please update.


Please update this week's jmclarke if you can!


Selkie? Can anyone update Dragon Eye Moon, please?


Can someone update KamikazePotato pls


Thanks to those who updated Selkie and jmclarke


Thank you for updating Delve!


Thanks for updating Selkie.

Someone please update Infinite Realm.


To whoever updated Inadvisably Compelled on Seiso a couple of weeks ago, could you update it again now? Either on Seiso or Kemono?


Hello, can we get an IdeasGuy update

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