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Anything related to Webnovels, LitRPGs and such.
Huge thanks to whoever updates those!


Obligatory author list. If anyone's not on here post them below.

3seed - Eight.
AleronKong - God's Eye, The Land.
alex_kozlowski - Alpha Physics - Post Apocalyptic LitRPG by Alex Kozlowski.
alexclaw - Interdimensional Garbage Merchant, Brewer King by Psychomeltdown.
alstonsleet - A Traveling Dungeon.
caerulex - The Menocht Loop.
cathfach - An Unbound Soul, A Lonely Dungeon.
chunwa - A Dragon's Curiosity.
C_Mantis – The Path of Ascension.
CoCo_P - Viceroy's Pride, Blessed Time.
DakotaKrout - Desolation, CC2.
DefianceNovels - Defiance of the Fall.
Dinniman - Dungeon Crawler Carl.
Eldokhmesy – Dragonborn Saga, Relife System: The Unholy Mage.
EJames84 - Dungeon Novel.
ericvall - Dragon Emperor, Summoner, Without Law, Making Monster Girls, Duelist, Building Harem Town, Dragon, Conjurer.
FortySixtyFour - AnimeCon Harem, RE: Trailer Trash.
GamingWolfie - Forgotten.
georgemfrost - The Zombie Knight Saga.
IAmNotTheHero - Houndsman: A Base-Building LitRPG
IdeasGuy - Power Corrupts, Going Native, See No Evil, A Hard Knock Life, Risk It All.
InadvisablyCompelled - Blue Core.
ivankal - Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends.
Kaiserblak - This Young Master is not a Cannon Fodder.
Kingkennit - Sylver Seeker by Kennit Kenway.
Kuropon – The Runesmith, Unfathomable Senior.
Macronomicon - Wake of the Ravager, Apocalypse: Generic System.


Magic_Smithing - Magic Smithing by Kosnik4.
MatHaz - Ave Xia Rem Y.
Mecanimus - A Journey of Black and Red, The Calamitous Bob.
MelasD - Salvos, Melas.
Mirikon - Dark Fate, Lewd Dungeon, Lich Returnee, SCI Stories by Stuart Grosse.
Monsoon117 - The New World.
Necariin - Unbound.
nixia_writes - This Quest is Bullshit.
pirateaba - The Wandering Inn.
Proximal Flame - The Last Angel, All the Little Lost Boys and Girls.
pshoffman - The Last Human.
puddles4263 - The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound.
QitM - Queen in the Mud.
QuasiEludo - Inexorable Chaos.
RD404 - Ar’Kendrithyst.
RhaegarRRL - Azarinth Healer.
RinoZ - Chrysalis.
Ruffwriter - Savage Divinity.
sarahlin - The Weirkey Chronicles, Street Cultivation.
Seaborn - Seaborn by CaptainK-19.
SelkieMyt - Beneath the Dragoneye Moons.
SenescentSoul - Delve.
ShadeTouched - Shade Touched.
Shirtaloon - He Who Fights with Monsters.
SilvaLau - Dragon Princess, Blue Sky, Loli Elf, Demon Sword Maiden, Transcendent.
Sorrywrites - The Dark Lord's Home for Undead Heroes.
Stewart92 - There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.
Tefler - The John Blake Chronicles.
TheDeepDarkReef - Rok, The Aby Survival Guide, The Abyssal Dungeon.
thundamoo - Vigor Mortis.
Tilted_Axis – The Stained Tower, Evil Goddess System.
Torsten Hewson - Beware of Chicken by Casualfarmer.
treeaeons - Tree of Aeons.
VoidHerald - The Perfect Run, The Legend of Kairos, Vainqueur the Dragon, Never Die Twice.
wardenraime - The Storm King.
XelofBloom – Bloom, Los.
Za1d3 - Forgotten Conqueror.
Zendran - The Great Core's Paradox.
Zogarth - The Primal Hunter.


These were in the discord:

The_Red_Lands - The Red Lands by ForestRage.
WilliamDArand - A lot of Amazon published novels.
RealmofMonsters - Realm of Monsters by Frostbird.
delemhach - The House Witch.
chronicler - The Eagle’s Flight.
sealjohnson - Undermind.
acaswell - A Budding Scientist in a Fantasy World.
SCM2814 - Demesne, Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers!
jacobk - Heart of Cultivation, Yashima Chronicle.
Saileri - Rise of the Weakest Summoner, I Own a Brothel in Another World.
blacksmithoftheapocalypse - Blacksmith of the Apocalypse.
Konge - Sanguine Paradise.
dragonheartednovels - Dungeon’s Path, NeoRealm.
DungeonRobotics - Dungeon Robotics.
MrWhiteWriting - A Journey in Darkness.
DungeonCultist - Respawn Condition: Trash Mob, Dungeon Item Shop.
Humas - Again from Scratch.
sunrisecv - System Change.
GenesisWavebySaltMaster - Genesis Wave.
HBDLo78 - Unlimited Evolution.
Allanther - Wizard’s Tower.


Lone Immortus - Shovels in Spades, Lone: the Wanderer.
halosty - Elder Cultivator, Truthful Transmigration.
WritingBySea - Path of the Dragon Mage: Exiled.
NorskDaedalus - The Way Ahead.
Nagrij - Dim Prisons and Drakes, School in Hastelan, Leases in Hell.
authorchrisvines - Elemental Gatherers.
Parky - Dreams Come True.
silentoverseer - Whispers of a Dead Empire.
tabletot - Mana Anxiety.
jmclarke - Mark of the Fool: A Progression Fantasy.
kamikazepotato - An Outcast in Another World.
jdfister - Wizard Tournament: Humans Need Not Apply.
Duck_No_Duck - Digital Marine, Super Soldier not Super Hero.
LiseEclaire - Quod Olim Erat, Leveling up the Wolrd.
MarkArrows - 12 Miles Below.
awmaher - The Hedge Wizard.
Igi - The Space Legacy.
playwars - The Fallen World: A Dungeon’s Story.
wiz - Reborn: Apocalypse.
lukew_logan - Dragon’s Dilemma.
Dbfassbinder - Confessions of a Magpie Wizard.
Argentorum - The Devil’s Foundry.


Anything need importing?


Zogarth and Puddles4263 please don't think anyone got them this month.
Both get a chapter a day


DotF would be awesome, but I understand why nobody would).
Sarahlin is the next best thing for me


There will be only 4-5 chapters this month. It's just not worth it for people who use kemono to save money.


Yeah, I understand. Still one can hope:)


Ivankal, I don't think anyone subscribed to him this month.




Sarah Lin is up to date at seiso!


missing from the list:

mcswazey - The Law of Averages


Would appreciate an update for ideasguy, even though he’s not litrpg he locks like ten chapters behind the wall



Defiance has 5 new chapters up for August now. 373 to 377. But I think that is going to be it for the month, judging by what the author wrote on RR.



Dyslexia strikes! Should have said chapters 733 to 737.


I can’t find it on kemono, authors usually only get added to the list when they have a page there, even if is empty


Where is the rule that it has to be on kemono first before it is added to the list?

And what is this about an empty page on kemono?


It just means that it wasn't imported. When someone with account on patreon is subscribed to given user and use importer, all posts from user feed are added to kemono, so free follow works too.

People created this list because not every creator have the same name on kemono and patreon, like casualfarmer or kosnik4. So it would be easier to find them here.


Perhaps ‘empty page’ wasn’t the best description, I meant those where there was no imported content, like nixia_writes.


E. William Brown has a subscribestar with his unreleased chapters.



Join Discord channel if haven't already


Holy shit we finally back
I missed u bastards


will anyone add

Virtuous Sons: A Greco Roman Xianxia?

It's a bit too expensive for the content to be honest.


Lol, 3 chapters for 20$. That's… something. I can't imagine anyone buying the 20$ tier.


Don’t remember her being on the old list. I wonder; did somebody finally get around to trying it based on my recommendation from thread #3 or did they discover it all on their own?


Can someone please update Selkiemyth and Ivankal?


SenescentSoul's Delve


I think someone have it this month.


I got Selkie, will update after work


Thanks a lot bro.


Can someone update puddles please?


Thanks for the MatHaz update


delve was imported.


MelasD got updated on Seiso.party
Are there any others that are updated there that aren't synced with kemono?


arcs also got upsdated there and no there





I submit to both, blame kemono's importer.


riverfate - David North, Battlefield Reclaimer.

Also updated Ideasguy. The latest chapter seems to have been loli-crack…


Can someone please update Ivankal?


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update.
Really looking forward to Gone Native and See No Evil this week.


Can onyone please update Necariin?


Can anyone update Kuropon? And thanks for the list! I like it for recommendations :-)



It's normally me but didn't sub this month . I'll resub on the second of the next month.


Thanks a lot mate?

Can someone upload Selkie please?


Would someone upload the Patreon story of Vera Anne Wolf? It’s called the calamity of the reborn witch. Thanks.


one selkie comming up


well i tried, but the imported borked itself. seiso is up though


Thank you so much.


does anyone got awmaher? the cliffs are killing me



Hey Dude! Join the discord, there are multiple importers there. Makes it easier to group up and get all the updates.


don't forget to import the discord bruh



Bad advice. Don't use the discord unless this discussion forum goes down again. This site does not require an email address and can be accessed through VPN.


The thread is so dead.


Can someone get the patreon for lost in translation? Its one of the best books ive read on royal road.


Hoping for IdeasGuy update.



Anything for this guy? Specifically Gamer Adventure, Dragon's Tale, and Dark Lord, but anything's welcome.


Ask and ye shall receive. Also updating Ruff, not that I think anyone here reads SD anymore. But the recent slew of chapters were pretty good, so I jumped on to see what happens.

I know someone usually has Path of Ascention updated pretty soon, so apart from that I don't think I'm even reading anything else atm. Other than Defiance which is on a break.


Thanks! i used to love SD and now i cant stand it, is the glaciar pace of delve times 10000


Thanks for the the IdeasGuy update.
Holy fuck, See No Evil is ramping up and I hope Vergil realizes now that he really needs to use his abilities to enhance himself if he hopes to survive against the big leagues.
Gone Native is in an interesting moment. Curious to see how this plays but a bit frustrating to see the King holding himself back, although I understand his reasons.


Please someone update Necariin. Thanks!


File: 1630106275338.jpg (75.9 KB, 1280x720, begging.jpg)

Selkiebro please update.


Thank you selkiebro.


Hello, hoping for IdeasGuy update.


KamikazePotato and magic_smithing have anything to update? Mecanimus too now that I think of it.
Hard to tell sometimes if there's a hiatus or just nobody bothering.



Not at all hard to tell. Just check the patreon. You can see the the titles and dates of all posts, even if you cannot open them.


magic_smithing guy got burned out, stopped payment and took a break, hopefully returns eventually. he was making bank and the story was rather good


Kemono is giving me issues right now, but it's up on Seiso.


Thanks C_Mantis bro (Path of Ascension)


Thanks for the IdeasGuy update


Was generic system apocalypse dropped?
also is the discord active?


please update ivankal, thanks!


Is the person who usually subs to Defiance of Fall picking it back up this month?


I had to cut back on my subscribed patreons because it was getting a bit out of hand, and Macronomicon got the cut. I just wasn't finding it very interesting.


notlimah - singer sailor merchant mage


Thanks for the Mathaz and Tree of Aeon update


Thanks for the Mathaz and Tree of Aeon update


Someone please update Ivankal!


Thanks for the Blaise Corvin / Jake's Story / Apocalypse Cultivation / Trojan Nightmare update


DoTF update please


You're a king DoTFbro.

Many thanks.


Thanks for the DotF update!


Has someone subscribed to Ivankal this month?


Anyone got any spare change laying around this month? https://www.patreon.com/MonroeByJahx
Because Monroe just got a patreon finally, and is about a month ahead.


Appreciate the Selkie chapters


those will be the last selkie chapters this week. selkie is taking a break for medical reasons


Az. Healer just posted a couple chapters. Is anyone able to update them this month?


Hello, hoping for IdeasGuy update, if possible.


Up on Seiso, rng if it will be on Kemono with how shit the importer is.

DoTFbro, grace us with an update? Looks like PoV chapters incoming.


Ivankal update please and thanks you.


Ar’Kendrithyst dropped?


Zogarth update please 🥺


Zogarth its updated but something went wrong


Nothing wrong there, it's just that someone who at some point subscribed to Zogarth, but isn't anymore, uploaded their stuff to the site. They're still technically "subscribed" to Zogarth, but only on the Free tier, so only the Free posts show up which are visible to everyone.
No one's paid for Zogarth this month (and I would update, but I'm off Zogarth for this month and the next at least - I like to binge read) so buckle up for the wait, or hope some other dumb schmuck shells out.


Thanks for daily DotF updates!



There is something odd, though. The September 1 chapter was updated, so someone did subscribe at the $10 level and update it on the 1st of the month. But no updates since then.


Az. Hlr. posted a couple new chapters today. Hoping someone can update kemono.


There may be some difference with time zone. Irc patreon notification for payment came trough somewhere around afternoon on the 1st day of the month for me, so i still had access for part of the 1st. Haven't subscribed to anything in 2 months so I don't remember exactly.


please update jmclarke


That's just a timezone thing



I don't think so. Patreon clearly states that patrons are charged at around 12 midnight Pacific time. The local timezone of the patron is irrelevant.

Since Zogarth releases around 4am Pacific time, it is unlikely that the patron who updated the Sept 1 chapter was not charged for September.


Anyone updating my girlfriend is a zombie?


Hoping for Azarinth Healer updates…


Ar'kendrithyst updated on Seiso, up to 158. Might wanna wait a week though, I feel profoundly cockblocked off 158's ending.


Hoping for IdeasGuy update.


Very good point, I think you're right. Hopefully our zogarth sugar daddy will update it before the end of the month


Please update

Ivankal- infinite realm

Zogarth - primal hunter

Necariin- unbound

Cathfach- unbound soul

Sunrisecv- system change


someone please update kamikazepotato work!!!


RhaegarRRL updates anyone??


I have caught up with my back log and I am looking for something light hearted like Beware of Chicken or Mark of the Fool. Any recs?


please update Kaiserblak


The Great Core's Paradox (Beginning is a bit slow but it becomes great later on)

Singer Sailor Merchant Mage (Only 25 chapters so far, and the chapters are kinda short)

Ave Xia Rem Y (Liu Jin is one of my favourite MCs in all of fiction. One of the best Xianxia stories and its not hyperbole)

When Immortal Ascension Fails Time Travel to Try Again (lighthearted Xianxia story. Great for a Sunday read)



at this point I don't think anyones gonna update it this month. At best, I would expect an update at the end of the month, although that may be pessimistic or optimistic depending on your view on all of that…


Hello, can we get an IdeasGuy update.


Is someone able to update Rhaegar? I heard the last few AH chapters are quite good..


The guys who updated on the first of September are still subscribed, right? Please update again. I'm beggin you.


Northstrider: No


How do you know its quite good if you havent read it yet?



How stupid are you? The comment you referenced said they "heard" it was good.


Then ask who you heard it from to update it. Why are asking here?😂



You really are a moron. I'm not the person who "heard" it. And people who are not morons could easily deduce that the person who "heard" about the chapters could not ask the person they heard it from, or they would have done it already.


is anyone still subscribed to Dinniman? Dungeon Crawler Carl has a few chapters up


Yeah yeah you are very "wise". Heard from someone its good but cant ask the person they apparently heard from to update it or even read from their account. I may have been born on Thursday, but it wasnt yesterday. Get outta here with your nonsense😂


thanks for updating ivankal!



Apparently you were born on moronday.


No thats saturday.


Only in "wiseman" land is that a day😆😆


Who told you that? Our resident "wise" man or his friend who keeps hearing things?😂


I heard it from someone.


Can you tell that someone to update Rhaegar? I heard its quite good


Please update Sunrisecv.


Thank you very much for whoever of you guys updates Ivankal.


Please someone update Rhaegar if possible.


Only on the first.


Could someone please update Macronomicon


Thank you for updating Wiz!!!



Aa F


Please update Tefler.


Thank you whoever updated Vigor Mortis (thundamoo). That was awesome.


Anyone still subscribed to Shirtaloon?


I don't suppose anyone would be willing to update RavensDagger?


Ivankal bro please update.


Please update this week's jmclarke if you can!


Selkie? Can anyone update Dragon Eye Moon, please?


Can someone update KamikazePotato pls


Thanks to those who updated Selkie and jmclarke


Thank you for updating Delve!


Thanks for updating Selkie.

Someone please update Infinite Realm.


To whoever updated Inadvisably Compelled on Seiso a couple of weeks ago, could you update it again now? Either on Seiso or Kemono?


Hello, can we get an IdeasGuy update

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