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Only request works released via DM or archives here.

This thread is NOT to request artists for import. For those requests see >https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/6.html

Should you be able to fulfil a request, please follow instructions here >https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/284.html#q284



Can someone upload a complete archive of this guy's "cheesecake" art? Whoever's been importing has only been providing the image previews.


Does anyone have an archive of TSFW’s possession content?


First, I thank you for helping me to keep this new board clean by adding this thread.

Second, if you don't mind, is it okay for folks to request paid games in here too just like what I said in >>923 ?
If it's not, then I can change it.


The best place for paid games would be f95zone.to since they specialize in paywalled games.


A bad place actually, imo.
There are even some paywall game creators there, and they will most likely won't tolerate their unreleased build to be released for free there (such as Into the Wild and Kincaid).

I actually want you and admin's opinion about it, if you guys would allow paywall game sharing to be done in this board. But if it don't, then I can delete it.


I don't see an issue. Shino's call.


Requesting someone to upload two FluffKevlar archives of May and June 2021, for which the time-sensitive HD links were added too late. (and have thus alread expired)




b64 mega link please, all her photos and videos


can someone update sunkevin5885's dm post?


Does anyone have an archive of Seishinashi's works?
They only deliver links through DMs now (As far as I know).


I'm not sure if this quite fits, but since there's no flagging for DMs, it should be noted that JMG (https://kemono.party/patreon/user/45939644/dms) seems to be on the train of deleting folders before the month is up, as all of these DM links are dead already.


If people would just upload the files as soon as they get them, we wouldn't need to rely on self-destructing links.


Sorry, but we mostly don't take irl porn requests here. And this is not the place for OnlyFans leaks.

(There used to be one, but it's been taken down.)


Most of the mega links he posted were not for furry porn anyway. it was for pregnant women. so i feel my request is valid. plus, she's a furry


she's a furry, his stuff was mostly irl girls


im guessing they noticed people using their mega links in the comments and moved over to dms…would be nice if someone would put these on here



I have some of JMG's sets and I've been trying to upload them for a while but manual uploading's been stopped thanks to some spammers. If you still need it there's a link to their GDrive over on the Archive/DM thread. Should have at least some of the sets. The rest you'll have to get from Gumroad or hope some anon does it.


Does anyone have the miraiart collection >>896


File: 1628925034378.jpg (11.01 KB, 200x200, 655559.jpg)

Anyone has the FurryVNE Archives?, from Yiffalicious.



Could someone upload FurryVNE from:



Could someone upload B9tribeca's stuff, he only uploads previews to his patreon.


Can someone get the link to the secret creamy stash (preferably in b64)?






Suigi cub /ss/ stuff, anyone?


You'd be best off requesting the discord since all the best stuff is uploaded there now


can someone update sunkevin5885's dm post?


Anyone have this uploaded zip? Both posts with it are broken af



File: 1629081742237.jpeg (171.92 KB, 750x1067, F8280471-5E63-4939-93E5-2….jpeg)



seconding this




Can someone update the galleries of artists ChijimetaroCG ,Pratev, MgA, and GigantoSteps?


just to make some of you guys aware, f95 has a lot of batches for artists that DM stuff
its a nice surprised when you find some artist's thread


File: 1629151633204.jpeg (445.28 KB, 700x1000, norka.jpeg)

Anyone got Ynorka's gumroads?
Looking for the Mass Effect stuff, Miranda, Jack, etc.


File: 1629158420942.png (142.54 KB, 455x417, thy.png)


Rtenzo's gumroad: https://rtenzo.gumroad.com/


can someone update sunkevin5885's dm post?


This guy has the hottest yukikaze vids in the market and only distributes them via DM.

And this one distributes Koikatsu cards in DMs too


>And this one distributes Koikatsu cards in DMs too

That retard is charging for a bunch of merely above average cards? Just looking at the previews I see no custom accessories and all the shit is taken from other people's creations be it the accessories or body. The only unique thing I see there are the faces and it's clear he just made a base face and then makes slight tweaks for each character. The best card I see there is the Asagi which I'd rate an 8/10 everything else I see is a 6 or a 7. Most of the characters he made already have better version made by other people that are publicly available as well like 02 and Yuka Kazami for example. I honestly can't see why you would want these cards so badly when they're just not worth paying for at all.


Would appreciate a link to rkrk12's GDrive.


can someone update sunkevin5885's dm post?



can someone update sunkevin5885's dm post?


File: 1629491887348.jpeg (16.67 KB, 500x395, ABfio2l.jpeg)

No fuck off


Based mods are based


somebody update his nsfw posts please


File: 1629516427045.png (4.86 KB, 100x100, download.png)

Anyone has rewards that were sent via DM from Orange-Peel Patreon?


Can someone upload

Kennoarkkan's after hours comics

the extended versions of the videos

The uncensored pages and porn spinoff from doctorglasgow

The files from muchin


can someone update sunkevin5885's dm post?


does nobody have rururaida new archive link, please if you have it post it.





Can anyone update this artist’s archive? Thank you


Could someone kindly update Edtropolis? : https://www.patreon.com/edtropolis
Thanks in advance!


Please update cartoonsaur, he has all scenes for frankies friends up and is now working on a helluva boss animation


can someone update sunkevin5885's dm post?


Anyone knows the password to fellatrix's archive?



Could anyone please share a link to Accel Art's archive?


>>1063 >>1064 >>1080
>3d furry game (ascreechthatpiercestheheavens.wav)
>read u18chan link (AAND ARCHIVED) >see working link at the bottom
>create new 32GB vmdk file (since my vm is super tiny)
>download and run game >can vmware do it? lets find out
>look at task manager on my host (300 MB of ram left since i dedicated 4gb)
>im surprised game runs fine >pressed FN-Q red light is on
>GPU spikes on sysinternals go up (my tiny win7 only takes 800 mb of ram)
>put hand on side fan vents (damn thats warm unlike my old zenbook)
>sniff sniff the fans (mmm the smell of chinese factories)
>move things around change scene then game crashes
>realized i forgot my downloadable RAM subscription
seriously though how do i extract the music utinyripper crashes
fortunately despite the quarantine big stores like SM are still open (gonna head over to gigahertz)
>i called their phone number they told me theres no 32GB ram stick >welp im dissapointed
oh well i guess 24 GB of sweet 3200Mhz ram should be enough (im not gonna throw away the 8GB stick)

>Usah Sojamee
>i hate humans (PUNISH THEM ALL)
>trannyjanny/MOD (hopefully he can't geo-IP my home location)
>currently MECQ (4g sim card potato chips vendor on the street closed)
>posting with my bare IP (no option to evade bans)
fine i'll behave so i guess war is not an option
please dont put me in some kind of human detention (yes i know this is a furry inclusive place)

what are these cards for

what did he say? and no i already archived this thread so dont thinka about it




July 2021 Artpack, DM, Patreon



Already been uploaded




Does anyone have the recent content from either of these artists?

DMs Dropbox links and has Gumroad archives.


MEGA Links on posts don't seem to work any more


Does anyone have G_Reaper's (Goth Reaper) Mega link? He only releases it via DMs. Thanks!


Does anyone have Syuro's latest Gdrive links?
And yes they are archives because that's were he stores alts, psds, and the actually uncensored releases


Anyone have an Eigaka or Cheesechrumbles archive


Does anyone have Update 245 from Neocoill


Anyone have any archived links to Mad Kaiser's DMs. I tried punching them in and I get an error https://kemono.party/patreon/user/4441339/dms


This thread is NOT to request artists for import. For those requests see >https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/1125.html


Guys, anyone with G-Reaper's (Goth Reaper) Mega?



File: 1630361959752.jpg (332.05 KB, 2750x2250, IMG_20210826_010151.jpg)

does nobody have rururaida new archive link from his discord? Please if anyone has it post it.


File: 1630386326803.jpg (309.89 KB, 1690x950, 54420362_SUMMER VIBES. The….jpg)

I'm looking for Olexeyoleg's $9 Patreon rewards, if anyone has them. He releases stuff in sets, but lately he's been withholding the nude variant of one random character out of each set and DMing them to his $9 tiers.



Could someone update WillowyWicca's DMs? There is supposed to be a welcome message that you get when pledging to their patreon that has a link to the rewards, but it's missing from the DMs we already have.


El rincon de amber discord please!


for sekrit archives and patreon locked pirated game link channels released via dms only do we use main thread or this one if user isnt in the list mods? thanks




File: 1630538715598.jpg (505.96 KB, 1200x842, 1SSOCRATES.jpg)

Does anyone have all the DMs for SSOCRATES? All of his latest poses have censored versions while All of the NSFW versions are only available through DMs.


Yeah turns out you can easily avoid scrapers by just linking to the content instead of attaching it!

Not sure if this one is already up and I just don't know how to search for it: https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/14701/products


File: 1630598547010.png (124.14 KB, 1895x967, thdtdrtj.png)

Can someone fix Bikomation? All his animations and shit are broken



If this redirects you to artists, not imported or has been purged or merged for reasons.

saging a sticky because why not



Can anyone share/trade Kojirou's mmd archive?



Can anybody archive JTVeemo's high quality works?


File: 1630672145530.jpg (57.93 KB, 514x336, istockphoto-543347592-1706….jpg)

anyone got Eigaka's tumblr art stuff in an archive? or mangamasters fanbox archive?


Does anyone have this month's archive link of winicklim?
I'm planning to continue archiving his contents once I got my hands on new stuffs. Old standalone archive made by someone who used to be in this board has expired and only updates Tier 1 contents.

Also, does anyone have Syuro's August and September Drive links?


Does anyone have some kind of a backup of all of Valkoinen's monthly artpacks?



Can anyone share any of Witch King 00's patreon packs?


Does anyone have jmg's gdrive for this month


SEALLEDs prime leap stuff.


File: 1630969133433.jpg (419.83 KB, 773x1000, 2.jpg)

Anyone got any of Kadath's monthly patreon packs? There's a bunch of them, but they all get deleted after a while. The only ones still up right now on Kemono are May and June 2021.



Smokyjai/Scifijackrabbit's Discord stuff?

https://kemono.party/patreon/user/2390849 The Kemono is pretty barren, pretty much just a bunch of pointers to discord and a few dead archive links.


File: 1631005585559.png (1.67 MB, 872x1400, Celt2.png)

Can someone please post the new link for rururaida mega archive on his discord.


Could someone please post Gobanire's PrimeLeap gallery?

He also has a separate Patreon for SFW pictures


Does anyone have an archive of Lingrimm content?


Please, someone leak the archives of this douchebag: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/740933 IDK how he does that, but he sells old packs (not via gumroad or anything).


Well, okay, cool beans, someone updated the patreon page, except there is nothing there. Again, asshole sends the packs separately. Did you guys fix the importer?




Can someone post Dedalo archive link please


It works, we just need to finish implementing mod tools then we'll be good to bring it back online


Could someone please post Gobanire's PrimeLeap gallery?
Literally no other place to find it on the internet.


cool. DO IT.


File: 1631301694364.gif (1.56 MB, 480x270, No.gif)


>we just need to finish implementing mod tools then we'll be good to bring it back online

finish implementing mod tools


Hmm… How about we update Localization files instead? Have a nice day :p


can we get more gumroad content in general? seems like artists are putting better content there because gumroad hasnt been fully cracked wide open


File: 1631429573070.jpg (185.87 KB, 1360x2047, IMG_20210802_015906.jpg)

Does anyone have 0Lightsource password for his archive? please if you have it post it.


File: 1631477786618.jpeg (348.65 KB, 1080x1920, 2E58C6F1-B6BC-4876-8966-D….jpeg)

Does anyone have AngelSteps Patreon content specifically the 35$ ones which are pictures her Patreon name is demon steps.


Could someone please post Gobanire's PrimeLeap gallery?
Literally no other place to find it on the internet.


Either some of you are completely retarded, or you're just ignorant of the rules… The amount of people I've had to ban in this thread is staggering…

This thread is NOT to request artists for import. For those requests see >https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/2468.html


An archive of Johnithanial's Patreon before it got nuked'd be nice.

The Kemono didn't get all of it, And as far as i can tell there is nowhere to find the missing images and alts.


Anyone willing to share MurPloxy's archive link?




Does anyone know the current password for Zurger3D's archive?



I don't know if it's even the correct place to ask for this, but here goes:
I'm here to request that someone look into creating or locating an archive of things "weresdrim" does. they are either the simplest or hardest to crack, depending on how you look at it. instead of operating on any paywall site, they made their own.
their patreon is just an alt way of accessing the membership on the site, and past works have to be bought separately.
since such cases are rare, this is the only place I can ask.


The links on https://www.kemono.party/patreon/user/3666143/post/31397789 are dead, does anyone have an archive of it?



Can someone provide the archive passwords?


Please, PLEASE, could someone please get Gobanire's PrimeLeap gallery?
Tried to look everywhere for it, but appparently no one else has it.


Primeleap is too risky for the leaker since it'd be way too easy for them to be caught. Until we have a solution finished, we are encouraging people to NOT share Primeleap content for their privacy's sake.


So in other words: "All paywall artists should use Primeleap (whatever that is) if you don't want to be pirated."


Mod made an important statement here. The leaker themselves are at risk and anyone with fingerprinted data. That does not mean it protects anyone on Primeleap from zombies and blind sessions.

The request thread isn't a convenient place to provide a proof of concept nor the hackerman thread that's just here for shits and giggles. The telegram is though.


Right. I hear that. But it does suggest those factors (high risk of being compromised and blocked) mean art is less likely to be leaked from that site, which would logically make Primeleap a pretty "attractive" place to upload your art right now, atleast until somekind of lower-risk method of Primeleap leaking is found and it becomes Primeleak.

I guess a group of people (or 1) could create and put money into an "inevitably banned throwaway/kamikaze account" to leak certain content, but I don't know how many people'd be willing to do that unless they could split the cost between so many people that it becomes dirt cheap for each of them. This is of course just speculation tho as like I said I don't even know what Primeleap is lol ("just another paywall site").


Why mess with primeleap when you can be the most popular artist (samiki) or one of the army of samiki clones updated today without a single DM imported? The content is safe and sound LOL



Only one post has been imported, and it's the most recent one. None of the rest have been imported, so it's just full of thumbnails.


Lmao I only JUST noticed the first post was asking for the same artist



https://kemono.party/patreon/user/775381?o=25 for futaxloli and beast animations since the mega files don’t exist anymore


I forgot to mention via DM


Requesting archives from parkgee.
Anything left from his patreon and gumroad, I'm unsure what the person is doing, but he seems to be removing his content for some reason


requesting milkychu gumroad upload

only seems to release by DM/gumroad.
can kidmo gumroad be updated?



Requesting an update to OmegaZero01. He's pretty aggressive when it comes to making new art and paid content is now sent through dms only unfortunately.


Patreon needs a small update. (DMs and WIPs)
Pixiv Fanbox needs a maaaassive update. (Still stuck in 2020, kinda)
And Gumroad needs to be added too. He sells bundles on that site as well.

If anyone actually has a link to his September 2021 Rewards I would be very thankful.

Thank you, comrades.



Does anyone have hary96 archive link?


Does anyone have an archive of Duokawa animations?


Are there any chances for an up to date link to his archive? Someone only uploaded some old link from 2019 which doesn't even work anymore :/


Can someone post fellatrix archive link please.


From what I can tell, he now only seems to post the passwords on his discord, so we gotta wait till that gets updated again…


Anyone has archive for JMG latest wakfu works?


Rossquest 2.5.9 since Rossteddy only Sends Patreon stuff through Msgs


An Update for this Artist Rossteddy
since they only release Their stuff through msgs



requesting nimbletail's subscribestar beast exclusive stuff that I think is only on some discord


Can someone please post Laosduude archive link please.


Can someone add mugenfutacharsmaker Futa Demon Felicia dm?

Thanks in advance


Can someone please post Forastero archive link from his discord server.


pixelsketcher, Patreon, August 2021 Artpack. TW

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