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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.
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Will it be possable to import edited patreon comments? artists are finding out they can defeat it by simply editing the comment with a new link


Yo, I'm getting error when importing from SS:

: Error when contacting SubscribeStar API. Either the service is down, or Kemono is blocked.



Does this fucking chan work? I'm getting 502


Oh now it fucking works. Anyway, I'm getting error when importing from Susbscribestar
: Error when contacting SubscribeStar API. Either the service is down, or Kemono is blocked.


It will take whatever it is going to take to finish.


I'm getting file errors on Reinbach and Meesh but when i change the Data2 link to Data1 or Data3 it works. is this part of the Dedup?


File: 1638543058974.png (333.86 KB, 515x446, 1445976602417.png)

How are you supposed to access videos like these? They don't link to anything. What's the point of putting these posts on kemono then?


Content like this is impossible to get on this site. Far as I understand it, Patreon has a video player of its own, which basically streams the content instead of playing a file. Ergo, there's no file to download, apart from the faulty files like the one you posted.

tl;dr Patreon 1 - Kemono 0


You said it was going to take 1-3 days over a month ago. Why are you lying?


Importer seems to be down for more than 2 hours now.


File: 1638563553570.png (36.85 KB, 1280x909, 8457837.png)

The Patreon importer seems to be idling. It's been like this for some time now. I started the import a while ago.


The importer has been down for 5 hours now. Is there any ETA for when it will be working again?


Importer seems to be working again now.

I hope these long importer outages do not become common.


File: 1638583737968.jpeg (153.94 KB, 1920x1080, 1635227817141.jpeg)

Grabbing these is not impossible at all. The HLS standard (what Patreon uses for in-site video streaming) is well-understood and has a multitude of downloader implementations, and it could be patched into Kitsune rather easily.
Actually doing it is a matter of detecting what is a regular attachment vs. what is a stream, as well as accounting for Patreon API strangeness if needed.
If anyone is currently subscribed to a creator that uses this feature, contact me. I will not lie when I say that my personal interest in the affected creators is very low; too low to do alone.
Assuming my hunch is correct, you submitted your key during an autoimport run. The importer isn't "down" or "idling" at that point, it is simply holding your token in a queue (thus the obvious and intentional message you get that implies something along these lines)



No, you are making assumptions and drawing incorrect conclusions. The importer was down for over 5 hours. Nothing was imported during that time according to Recently Updated Artists.


You of course not talking out of your ass and can provide a link when it was said, right?




When I download the latest patreon file, or even an old one I knew worked, it gives me a .gz file which, when I extract it, contains a .tar file. When I extract that, it gives me hundreds of folders containing "asset", "asset.meta", "pathname" and/or "preview.png files when before, I downloaded a file which either gave me a compressed file yielding a ".unitypackage" file, or the ".unitypackage" file itself. So am I doing it wrong now, or what happened? Thanks if you made it through this wall of text.


The one who is full of shit here is you.

A month old post in this thread said it was going to take a few days. The post was removed two weeks ago.

The yellow box on the front page has said "return to normal operation within a week or two" for three weeks now.


File: 1638615085363.jpg (1.87 MB, 2000x2000, noname-1.jpg)


this faggot is a cp tracer, remove him
the pic in this proof isn't on the kemono servers but given it, it is safe to assume that the 2 that are of that style ARE traced
by the way feel free to delete this posts pic after you have dealt with this faggot
oh, and i won't take it personally if you ban me for attempting to save your necks(still scummy, but eh)


>the pic in this proof isn't on the kemono servers
end of discussion
once the said content is on our servers, come back and we'll see how it plays out
>sind über 18 jahre alt


File: 1638678718176.gif (1.35 MB, 480x320, umu.gif)

Now that I'm forced to reply, might as well go through all the posts and mass reply.

Where do I start? Do I even start? The banner on front page? Dunno why it was made, couldn't be bothered to rebuke. Even now I don't care.
When will it finish? Whenever I deem it to be fully processed and checked. After the initial run was "finished",
I was told there is more data and it's one of the backups that is <10TB that has to be re-processed just to be on the safe side(maaaaaaaaaaaybe some data that was never restored).
It's been 384 hours since the fetching started and it's now >10TB and not even done. So I don't even fucking know when it will finish.
And I can't start the next dedupe run before that one finishes. So… I don't really care. It will be finished when it's finished.

Again, to whoever reports these. If you are subbed to that type of content, I poked shino to add

Should be fixed, soon. Discord was overlooked and did not have the file name parameter.

It flatlined for 5 hours. But the numbers don't add up with what I was doing on that day.
Either way, I'll keep an eye out on both tasks, should they run at the same time and see if they cause problems.

Dedupe has nothing to do with that.

You posted, so yes.
New challenges showed up. It takes time and effort to get past them.

I'll create a task for that once I wake up. When will it be implemented? Dunno. But there is already code for the posts, so it should be "easy" to do so for comments.

What >>11680 said.

All servers are at max speed, so dunno. Probably an aftereffect of a few changes made for better performance. Takes a few days to settle down.

Can't be bothered to list all posts that are about this topic.
But it was not only visual at the beginning. There was a extra… table? that was showing the "update requested" creators.
If you also remember, there was that "1$ creators that could be scraped" table.
So that button/flag was nothing more than an indication that "someone" requested an update and it was reset if the creator was imported once more.
Nothing more, nothing less.

# SELECT COUNT(*) FROM revisions;

The UI/logic for browsing/loading the revisions does not exist. As to when it will be created, dunno. Ask web devs. But the backend logic in the importer already exists.

I'd rather keep the search simple. I'll look into this once I got time and motivation. Not really high priority. Was not even a priority before.

On shino's ass to add automatic change detection… wai what?
>and probably don't have much of a place on Kemono
Not for you to decide.

>whackamole game
not for long

There will be a fix for that, soon.


So, what about that Subscribestar importer, eh? Still broken.


I'd like to report the same problem as this Anon, but it's on a different creator's page.
After checking these "filenamehere_Pass.zip" files in a hex editor, they are the exact same 3.6kb files as the one Anon linked previously from a different creator.


>I DoNt CarE
>I dONt ReaLly CaRe
>I DoNT KnOw WheN iT ArE DoNe

Okay, retard. For weeks, you lied to us about when it'll be done, all while not knowing how long the process will actually take. You should've at first said that you don't know when it'll be done, but you chose to be a cum-eating cunt and lie to our face about it.


Has the importer been slow lately? I see the same people on the first page of Recently Updated for what seems like hours.


I can't access it as well


kys sperg

Working on it.

Do you really expect that there will be imports 24/7?
Go do something productive, instead of endlessly watching the recent posts for new content.
>been slow lately
import and see



Data3 working again.


data1 is not accessible on my end

[downloader.http][warning] HTTPSConnectionPool(host='data1.kemono.party', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=30.0) (1/inf)



You are trolling, right?

You can look at the recently updated artists and see new ones imported every few minutes just before the imports stopped for more than 5 hours. You would have to be a fool to not realize that the importer just stopped working. Especially when there was a commenter right in the middle of it who said his import was not going anywhere.


Dont use verizon, dont use opendns.

Use a vpn if changing both didnt help.


I am on a VPN


i noticed my favorites decreasing (first from 296 to 286 and then later today to 283), what's up with that?


I know this will probably require some database changes, but could we get an ability to search through Discords with basic text search? Right now, going through a long Discord channel on Kemono is very painful with having to constantly hit the load more button and dealing with it loading duplicate posts half the time.


Substar down again? What is ETA for fixing it?


> us
> our
Who is us? Why do you speak on behalf of anyone else but yourself on the internet?


Any news what might be causing this?
All these single password containing .txt and compressed .txt files are from different creators, yet they are sharing the same url somehow.
Or it's just the temporary results of the ongoing deduping process?


File: 1638851401882.gif (378.56 KB, 680x552, umumumumumu.gif)

Has nothing to do with dedupe, even the file that it links to is wrong.
Because that hash represents NULL. How that image got associated with that hash, dunno. I'll set the file to what it should actually be, or at least the what the hash represents.
But either way, the files that should be downloaded were somehow not properly downloaded, and the empty file was hashed.
Shino is informed.

There is a fix in the works, but other things are currently being worked on. Also, the fix is a bit of a pain to integrate and have it work with the site. Just as one thing was fixed another pops up.

The index exists as of a few hours, but that feature is not a priority(like a lot of other things, but it is noted ).
Also, I don't even know how it would be implemented with the current discord layout. Dunno how it will look like later or if it will change at all.
https://beta.kemono.party/ is slowly being worked on. So, if there are suggestions, drop them here. Or on telegram.


>reddit spacing
The fuck do you want from me? It's been two days since then, I've already confirmed that it happened and the importer is running.
Do you think I spend all my time looking at the server like you orbit the fucking recently updated artists?
You think we tend to the servers 24/7 with no breaks and no free time? Get a fucking life, you second hand bitching retard.
If shit happens, it happens. It is then fixed, end of the story. And amidst that we have our own lives to take care of.
I'm more interested in other peoples suggestions and reports, but you trying to be a smartass is not one of them. Yet you rub me the wrong way.


Is the site incapable of handling txt files, or is this post just fucked?

I've never seen an artist uploaded here that uses basic text files before, and I tried using the files in this post
But it just comes up as gibberish, I've encountered this problem before with japanese games and their text/readme files, and setting my locale to japan always worked but not this time.
Flagged the file for reimport when I first found it and it was reuploaded today, but it still looks hooped.



A simple suggestion, but is it possible to implement a searching/discovery system for artists by searching for a tag associated with a certain type of content?


>Has nothing to do with dedupe
Thanks for the reply, I'll wait for the fix patiently then.


>Also, I don't even know how it would be implemented with the current discord layout. Dunno how it will look like later or if it will change at all.
Wouldn't it just be a search bar at the top-right like how it is on an actual Discord channel?


File: 1638887551820.png (653.12 KB, 750x614, 20210428_122838.png)

can we get some sort of confirm request thread ?

ex :

Confirm Request Thread #14 (General)

Artist: HentaiRed
Tier: Daring Do Books for Rainbow Dash ($20)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=7198095
Kemono: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7198095 (UPDATED ! HAVE FUN JERKING OFF)

Artist: Chaztheweasel
Tier: Not Safe for Weasels ($9)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=299091
Kemono: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/299091 (UPDATED ! HAVE FUN JERKING OFF)

Artist: LewdFroggo
Tier: Frog Enthusiast ($10)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=44182496
Kemono: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/44182496 (UPDATED ! HAVE FUN JERKING OFF)

Artist: MrPinkuGames
Tier: Believer ($10)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=17873888
Kemono: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/17873888 (UPDATED ! HAVE FUN JERKING OFF)

or idk something like that, i know its up to the importer but addition like this would help


>>12250 (can admin just add a wordfilter instead? other chans have this)
aaand ARCHIVED (hopefully you have a VPN)
(damm i havent read the other comments yet im gonna do my autistic mass replying later)


how's online classes buddy? btw i recorded your email to my txt files

hi muta hows your VM fetish doing i liek ur videos

also one more thing admin make the text box hover when replying (4chan has this feature)
and make the replies show when i hover my mouse on them having to open new tab is inconvenient


hoping things don't go the same way they did during the previous one


From an aesthetic POV looking at the beta, it looks nicer with all the buttons on a sidebar rather than a topbar. But stability wise, I hope it gets fully worked on and double checked before it goes live so we don't get a wave of 404/504/123/whatever error codes im missing that screw with shit and keep us from loading the website at all

otherwise keep up the good work. If this double posts, got a verification failed error, so go ahead and delete the dupe


Sorting search results by date HAS to be a thing, please!
Also a blacklist system, should work kinda like favorites, you click the artist and instead of the star you click the X and add him to your blacklist pool, thoughts?


File: 1638926134215.webm (2.58 MB, 535x420, GondolaGroovinBackAlley.webm)

>Sorting search results
If the UI generation is to become client side and data is fetched via API, sure. Don't see a reason why it wouldn't be possible.

end yourself

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ up to devs.

>by searching for a tag
If tags/categories were a thing, probably.
But they aren't. It's somewhere in the back of our minds, but """priorities""".

Site itself is capable, probably something to do with the specifics of the file linking on the respective services and the way importer is trying to get the data.


Hello-o! Subscribestar import is still broken.

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