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Something broken or bothering you? Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
Talk to team members and administration directly here.


Importing should now be fixed, and work without significant delays. Please continue to report issues if more occur in the future.


some text files are being uploaded as pngs or something. comes out as a bunch of corrupt lines starting with ‰PNG


Why Google's recaptcha over hcaptcha?


I can back this up, tried fixing it with Word but to no avail.


I can't load some large images.
Is this a known issue?

3rd image

1st and 2nd images


File: 1636027598456.png (1.5 MB, 1200x815, 78133540_p0_master1200.png)

Should be working now.


Can you add a way to add discords to your favorites.


Is there a possibility to add a way to find out who made the comments on peoples posts on Patreon instead of all of them saying anonymous? (at least that's all I'm seeing when I look at the comments)


In Chrome everything works. In Firefox search does not work, only shows empty results and no favorite button on artist page for some reason. W10.


File: 1636055318684.jpg (180.05 KB, 1358x758, 1625144885599.jpg)

>Is there … a way
Yes. Will we do it? No.

Have you disabled JS? If yes, enable JS.
Otherwise ctrl+f5 or drop the site cache.



The search on recent posts is still broken unless I have to clear cookies. I'm on chrome.


Dedupe still ongoing?


Can somebody explain this for a retard: How does content updating work in this site? I see some artists with stuff from October but on Kemono it only goes to August and that's it. Does that mean whoever contributes content from that artist has set it to manual and not automatic, or is there a general delay with scraping and the likes?

I couldn't find a FAQ thread anywhere, maybe I'm blind IDK.


I'm pretty sure it updates once a day but if the session key expires (not sure if they expire) or the person stops paying then it won't get updated.


I get Error 502/503 from every artist I clicked


File: 1636081291398.jpg (31.44 KB, 577x321, Снимок.jpg)

Same errors


Can you please add Tomorrow theme to kemono.part? Thanks



shit my bad


Did something change with the SubscribeStar import? The auth_token used for the import seems to have disappeared when I go grab it or I cannot find it if it moved/renamed. Tried in both Chrome and Firefox, but there is a "_subscribestar_session" unless that has always been there.


Is it possible to add a tag system to the website?

For example a way to filter artist by the content they post.


Also a question about Discord. In the old party.chan, shortly befor it went offline, there was an announcement, that the kemono discord function will get a redesigne and update. Whats the status to the topic?
Also big thanks to admins, Defs and Mods for the hard work.


Everything is possible to add to the site. The question who is going to it?


got updated with latest 2 posts, but whole bunch before that is still missing, what's up with partial imports? Importer borked again?


File: 1636129078297.webm (784.76 KB, 960x540, 1628734992786.webm)

Yes, now working through inline files. Literally searching the whole DB for that stuff.
So I have to turn down the parallel workers, otherwise eternal 503 hell.
All other types of file seem to have finished.
After inline there will be a lot of crosschecking, until dupes can be marked for deletion.
You'll get rough numbers after.

We had some fun and hit a service a bit too hard.

What? Use Dark Reader or something like that.

What the other guy said.

Dunno. This can be only answered by shino or other web devs.

1. Fix/improve importer
2. Specific function starts working faster
3. Another function becomes new bottleneck
4. GOTO 1

I have a hunch relating to patreon performance issues by correlating a few numbers. But only a hunch. Could be red herring.


Fanbox, eh? I remember indexer eating shit when it came to some subscribestart entries due to the shit they always do, but wonder if fanbox has the same issue.
I see the session and it is currently affected by a performance issues like other fanbox imports. Which will get a quick-n-dirty fix "sometime today" depending on your tz.
Actually, if we are talking in general about indexer, I think it is affected by the same issue as all the importers right now.
Already talked with shino about this at ungodly hours, we'll see today what has and can be done. It has to be redis.

Btw, sankashit plus is useless. It doesn't give you anything you wouldn't get with normal account. iirc


I noticed that some of the creators I follow aren’t having some of their older content imported.


If I want to request Discord content to be imported or updated, which request thread do I use?


General request thread. You can not explicitly request discord content. You must request the creator and the tier that the discord content falls under.


Noticed this too.
blackmoon was updated today but only the latest three posts were updated.
Should've been 11 or 12 depending on what the uploader pledged at.


I mentioned this before, but it's a new thread so I might as well mention it once more (I won't bring it up again later so no worries).
The DM sorting is backwards, both recent and for user's DM the last page is the newest while the first page is the oldest. I assume this is a very low priority atm with all the other stuff going on, and wanted I just wanted it to be known as it is a bit of a bother. I am not a programmer, but I assume as well that it isn't that hard of a fix. Anyhow, you have my luck with all the fixes you guys are doing.


Ah, will the update also produce a page like this for the artist?



I dunno. Depends if someone wants to import them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
Then we'd see.


File: 1636167490725.jpg (333.36 KB, 900x1464, 1620347528604.jpg)

Check your logs, I think it should have finished.

The cache will suffer for a day or two starting now.
You may or may not see some posts in artist pages for the duration.
But by changing a few things we processed 75% of all pending imports in ~4 hours.
As always, shino and I are more fixated on figuring out to importer rather than other things.
If time allows, then other things are fixed. You can guess why.



Thanks for letting us know. I hope it won’t be too hard to fix.


I remember something about ko-fi being mentioned as a possible addition to the site, is there any thought about hiccears, or enty?


The "Next" button sometimes loads a post that is not next in order. For example:
After clicking the Next button, this post should be shown
but this one is shown
i.e. correct post was skipped


Same with button "previous"


Regarding the shared files feature, maybe give upload permission to people who have also imported files for the creator? They're the ones who'll have the files and it alleviates the spam issue.

It's been switched off for a real long time, we're missing out on a lot.


telegram has file upload support

>Want to give input on how the site could be improved?
- dom blank elements for files that could not be imported with metadata (post#, tier, error reason) to get total postcount# and missing postcount# at a glance while showing what exactly is missing and why so that willing importers can do it
- tier tagging on successfully imported posts for easier importing, services have an api or forms for this and this can also be used for searching with filters
- what changed since last import (QoL, it can be checked by users if they keep full dumps)
- last import attempt on artist page (QoL, it can be estimated with most recent post)

thanks to whoever is willing to consider or code this


>The cache will suffer for a day or two starting now.
>You may or may not see some posts in artist pages for the duration.
All these features are bound to the cache.

PS: Done some manual cleaning, so everything that was imported before this timestamp should be shown right. I think.


is Kemono getting hacked?

I found some post filled with images named
a huge fucking piece of world map

And I doubt artist himself posted this on patreon

These are just small example


Feedback: kemono is working fine atm(so far), but when I import my subscribed patreon channels, and the status/console window "finishes", the "Status:" on the top right doesnt properly reflect this, just stays as "In Progress". If i still had the url to my last import, im sure it wouldnt say finished, but in progress

if this thread is also where one can put ideas towards adding features to kemono.party, here's one that might just be an overdue one (only if possible. if not currently, then an idea to consider in the future)

For artists who release content only on their discord (full res pictures and somesuch) and have said discord channel's imported, maybe add a button next to the favorite button that redirects to that artists' specific discord channel, in the case that their discord server name is vastly different than their patreon/subscribestar/fanbox name, or just different enough that you'd have to put work into finding it


More likely than not pulling a Bikomation. Putting fake images before someone imports, then restores regular images after.


The fix for that requires a db rewrite. So not gonna happen any time soon.
> For artists who release content only on their discord (full res pictures and somesuch) and have said discord channel's imported, maybe add a button next to the favorite button that redirects to that artists' specific discord channel, in the case that their discord server name is vastly different than their patreon/subscribestar/fanbox name, or just different enough that you'd have to put work into finding it
You have quite an optimistic assumption on how the database is structured. There is no way to establish the relationship between artists of different services, and anything discord-related is even more duct-taped in that regard.


re-enable the search function, I need to do my hourly feet search 😡


Yea, a little set of links to each artists (often randomly named) discord and alias accounts would be really handy. I asked for something like this a while ago. Like me you might not know [artist name] even has a discord or 3 other paysite accounts under different names, so you'd never find those other sources unless you accidentally stumbled on them.


Refer to >>9480


The importer doesn't seem to work for Patreons that update the content of existing posts with new images.


no shit sherlock
use the flagging feature (when adminfucks bring it back)


I don't know if this is the right thread for this, but this is the second time i get log-out of my "account" and for some reason it just doesn't recognise my username or password, so i have to make a third account and try to find allthe artists i favored again.


Then you're a dumbass for not using a password manager… I mean, seriously. We're in 2021 and you don't have a password manager? Christ, what rock are you living under?


I seem to be unable to access the site. I've tried both my internet and my mobile connection, and it always times out. I'm not having any other connection problems at the moment, and I don't see others having connection issues for kemono. Is there something on my end I could fix?


Because you use Verizon. Don't use Verizon, then you'll not be nullrouted.


I see, that makes sense. Thanks.


File: 1636318709449.jpg (313.76 KB, 735x1398, 1636136910473.jpg)

No, no feet for you.

Give old user name. I want to see if you are talking shit or just can't remember a combination of two strings.

What the other guy said.

Choke on a dick.

Low on priority list right now.

Visual, QoF. Someday, maybe.

>only if possible

That one is not possible, because the discord bot links/invites you(linked account) to a server. There is no info on what server is used in patreon itself(public), as far as I remember.

90% the artist themselves imported their posts. Or some strange fuckery happened at that time, was half a year ago.


File: 1636331847568.png (181.83 KB, 1138x320, ex1.png)

Same anon that suggested that discord thingy. I realized I should've thought it out better. this is what I meant

Say im on the kemono.party page for *Random artist here*, it has a button labeled Discord Page. I click on it, and if the discord in question was imported to kemono.party, it would redirect me to the kemono.party page for that discord

For example, say I browse the patreon kemono page for lindaroze, next to favorites, there's a button labeled Discord Page, and I click on it. it would redirect me to that artist's imported discord page on kemono.party (kemono.party/discord/server/767057543712210965)

but if it aint feasible at all, then I won't push it further


Is something happening with post pages?
Just about every post I look at, there's supposed to be only one image, but it shows three images with an identical url.
If there's more than one image, there are three copies of each image on the page.


Do we need a thread or some way to report fake file/post ?

or kemeno already planned something to deal with those giant fake image?


Many artists have multiple accounts on various sites and sometimes when searching here you end up with different result.
On the artist's profile, down with the voice "upload file" and "favourite" can it be added a voice "See Also../Other Profile" that can link to the other artist's account(Patreon, Gumroad, Discord..)?
This is it because one dosen't need to search again and instead can see the others account of the artist directly on the profile page.


Cross-entity linking/referencing isn't really a thing we can implement without hard data to source it from (hint: it typically doesn't exist or is incredibly difficult to infer. Crowdsourced data is the next best thing, but the codebase could not handle such a system at this point in time)
Please consider this before you ask for the nth time.
>duplicate images
Not a new issue. After dedupe, we'll completely move over to the new file structure, and these will no longer show.



It would be handy, I'd like that feature too. Hopefully one day it'll be feasible to implement.


404 not found, you are out of luck


Importer Logs For Aaa57fce4ee535e2
Status: In Progress
Total: 2
Reverse order
[aaa57fce4ee535e2]@2021-11-09 04:32:16: Starting import. Your import id is aaa57fce4ee535e2.
[aaa57fce4ee535e2]@2021-11-09 04:32:16: Error when contacting SubscribeStar API during subscription list scraping. Either the service is down, or Kemono is blocked.


Can you add a way to report/flag/remove dead dm's?
Idiots seem to keep importing them without checking if they actually still work, it's like trying to sift through dead end after dead end.


At least these "idiots" are actually importing their DMs, unlike plenty of other retards who don't and only import "Rewards sent" posts without DMs


This artist is missing all posts made between 10/26/2021 10:34 (https://synecdoche445.fanbox.cc/posts/2917284) and 11/1/2021 03:00 (https://synecdoche445.fanbox.cc/posts/2945551). If I counted right that's exactly 20 missing posts.


Appears to be a malformed .txt with the wrong filename extension in the back:

Compared to another proper .txt from the same creator:

Problem with the importer? I would assume the correct .txt is behind the actual patreon post based on comments.


Just rename `.bin` to `.txt`


I'm not behind the paywall so this is all just observation. What I meant to imply was that the importer somehow got a .bin that I assume should've been a .txt. Attempting to read the .bin as plaintext just results in gibberish.


So what's up with 404s? Did dedupe go wrong or some migration errors?
eg. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7829052?o=300 and older posts are basically all gone.


Lots of valid artists and posts are now missing
Patreons are still alive.


Some imported posts doesnt appear on the artist gallery.

Example: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/11905549/post/58398547
This post doesnt appear on the artist main kemono gallery


Yeah i noticed that too, for now try add " ?o=0 " at the end of the gallery link, it should be work.


Here's something that's been bugging me for a little bit.

Why is (that one)'s content allowed to still be uploaded even though the 'artist' has been essentially banned/blacklisted? I've noticed some of the content a few times in the recent posts section and thought it was a bit odd.


are is the request list directly on the webiste (https://kemono.party/requests) and function (https://kemono.party/requests/new ) deprecated and set to be removed? Requesting here is a lot more clunky and hard to find since the request threads have to be recreated every few days? Can the request features be brought back to kemono.party directly?


I think my previous comment was cut off at the beginning and made confusing: why were requests moved here, on a clunky forum website, instead of directly on kemono.party, and can they be added back there please? It was much better that way


The Requests feature was flawed and unmaintained; could be argued it was as much of a begging void as current options are.
Telegram and recurring threads are a stopgap solution until the planned on-site replacement/successor to the original system is ready for release.


hey when will the search box work again? or is there an alternative so we can search thanks



yo moderationals is account name changable or not
probably offtopic for this thread but :p


Site account names? No.


Will the search post work ever again?


When a new engine is implemented, yes. Blame footfags and other people spamming super common terms.


A way to add discord servers to favorites


A way to add your mom to favorites




I just made a request on Telegram and I'm pretty sure I checked that it's been three days since I requested Haseu. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. That's definitely three days if you don't count Monday.

So I don't get why my latest request got botted with "Please read the pinned message" when I clearly made sure it's been three days. AS THE RULES SAID.

What's that? They updated the rules to where you're only allowed to make TWO requests per day!? If you ask me, that's bullshit because what's the point of having a slow mode that prevents you from making multiple requests within the same hour if you can't request more than two accounts!?


This is to cut down on request spam, since I've had multiple anonymous importers which use the Telegram chat exclusively complain about requests being buried by people requesting ungodly amounts per day. You, LCfodder, have requested 120 times in just over a month, which I have received complaints about from said importers. This rule is in place to stop people taking advantage of the request chat and to allow equal opportunity for importers to see different creators which they would like to import (Spoilers, it's not weird muscle women and whatever the fuck else you request over and over and over).

So please, stay humble and follow the rules like everyone else does without issue.


Also, 1 hour is the longest Telegram supports for a slow mode. If it were longer, it would be a longer cooldown, but alas, there isn't any higher value than 1 hour.


Then why have a favorites button for everything else? Just tell everyone to CTRL + D everything


>You, LCfodder, have requested 120 times in just over a month, which I have received complaints about from said importers.

You're saying that like I was the only one who made multiple requests.
Also, how come this is the first time I've heard of people complaining about my requests!?
I don't like it when people talk about me behind my back like that!
If you're going to be this pissy over how many times I make requests even though I wasn't breaking any rules and complaining about me behind my back then you're just being a bunch of assholes.
If that's how you're gonna treat me when I'm making requests even though I was trying my hardest to follow your rules on Telegram instead of actually doing your jobs then you can just fuck yourselves.


Don't act like you're being targetted. There are multiple others that fall under this category too. You're the only one that has decided to be so vocal about your inability to spam requests.




we are terribly sorry for not providing you with a content that no one fucking interested in from paid website for free for a whole month

in a meantime, cope


But they DIDN'T complain to me by direct message.
This thread >>9937 right here was the first I've heard of these complaints!


So it's the importers' duty to tell you to shut the fuck up? Come on, grow a brain.


And now you just cemented your "Asshole" status.


File: 1636666382777.jpg (58.27 KB, 576x1024, 1619083734719.jpg)

I'm the asshole for telling you that people aren't entitled to fulfill your every desire and people aren't obligated to do everything you say? Also, why did you delete your account? You were only on your first strike…


Because I've had enough of your shadiness.
And you clearly told me people have been complaining about me without me knowing about it TO MY FACE.
And WHY? Because I make tons of requests!?
If that was true then how come you didn't tell me until today?
Oh, probably because you are the kinds of guys who don't respect anyone but yourselves.

Also you had the gall to tell me the stuff I was requesting is stuff that nobody is interested in and even called my tastes for muscular women "weird" when you clearly upload furry porn, finger-banging, cum shots, ahegao, futanari (a.k.a. chicks with dicks) and several other weird fetishes.
I'm not the only one who's interested in Breast Expansion and Female Muscle Growth and shame on you for claiming that THEY were the black sheep of fetish material when you hypocrites share stuff that make ME sick to my stomach!

You are not a nice person, and I should've known not to expect any different from a pirating site.


You seem to gravely misunderstand "Coomer Brain". It is terminal, with little chance of any kind of long term rectification.


So I've discovered a couple accounts in the past week that have entire pages worth of duplicate posts
This is the most recent one I've found
Page 2 and 3 have about 5 or 6 duplicates, I'll try and remember/find the other 2 accounts I stumbled on that also had this happening

I also encountered a fanbox/fantia account that listed 30 pages worth of content but the posts maxed out on the 6th page, and wouldn't let you go past that, I really shoud've brought this up when I discovered it, cause I can't remember which account it was now…

But all of this has happened in the past week or so.


Add on to this

It might be a page indexing issue, as I just opened a different fanbox account, and half the most recent posts look like they were missing/removed (artist was last updated 2 weeks ago), basically a full page, but as soon as I clicked on the second page all the posts were back…


Sounds like it could be a client-side cache issue, though do keep on top of this as I've also noticed something like this before.


Will Vimeo be supported?


What's the point in supporting a free video sharing platform? You may as well ask us to support YouTube while you're at it. Answer: No. Kemono is a paywall archiver, not a video importer lmao.


Are logins down at the moment or is it just me?


Oh they're back up, nevermind.


This discord was added a couple days ago, but it displays nothing, any other discord I click on works fine, but this one is just blank.
The server is called ⸂𝕷⸃ LUST, could the unicodes be the cause? Never seen them used in a name on this site before.


File: 1636788161341.png (14.34 KB, 915x219, av.PNG)

Many artists lost their avatar what happened


i stole them hehe :)


I have a question about how the importer works. Does it try to grab as many posts as it can since the last update, or does the guy importing manually check off what they want to bring over?

I ask since a favorited artist who hadn't been updated for 2 months got an update (which I'm grateful for), but it only grabbed the 2 most recent posts and ignored everything in-between then and now, and it's one of those more lenient paywalls who make all posts available to all patrons. Mostly I'm just curious on the inner workings, since it's mentioned DMs require manual import and regular posts don't (if there's at least 1 paid post to grab) but I dunno if it can skips things on request.


It just grabs all posts of the person the importer is subbed to. It's the archiver that determines what needs to be added or updated (updates are determined by if the posts are flagged on Kemono or not). If the post doesn't exist, it imports the full post. If the post exists, it checks to see if it has been flagged. If it isn't, it leaves it and skips the post. If it is flagged, the post is reimported with the new updated contents. This is one of the reasons why flagging is currently disabled until admin sets in place a system to prevent abuse (Like Bikomation (or his simps) have been using). If the person selects to import their DMs with the creator, the DMs are also imported.

Hope this helps.


Though with DMs, they require user approval for which DMs you would like imported. If you ask nicely, you can also have sensitive information redacted for privacy


If it's meant to auto-grab all posts, I guess the missing posts must be some sort of brief hiccup then – might be related to these nebulous "issues" regarding it I keep hearing about (like the first post at >>9180 or the guy right above my original question). I know the importer comes with a pre-checked setting to keep the session key and hit again every 24 hours, so maybe they'll trickle in over time.

Thanks for the info.



Sometimes the importer snatches the posts but does not properly update the index on kemono.

Just today I saw a couple creators that were updated from patreon (wiz and necariin) that had around 10 or more chapters snatched, but only a few showed up in the index. Still, the others are on kemono, which can be seen by going through the recent posts. It is agonizingly slow without the search function, but they are there…


Does the auto-importer not work? I noticed that the artists I support on fanbox aren't getting updated even after a week despite storing the keys, I had to manually import just for kemono to finally retrieve them.

Import page also says I can view import logs in the Account page yet I can't.


Not all of the posts are getting imported too, weird.



Are you sure? I saw a couple cases where the posts were imported, but they were not indexed. So they did not show up on the list of posts on the creator's page, but the posts were somehow still on the kemono server, which you can check by looking through the recent posts list.


Autoimport is mildly busted due to issues with our archiver that prevent it from receiving private keys properly. For a few days, we'll be running things manually.


Some Patreon creators files are being scraped as empty files named "video" for some reason. Heres an example off the top of my head: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14264111/post/58669978
Is this just how its gonna be, is it something the uploaders need to handle, or is something in the importer broken?



Oh, this might actually be what's happening, yeah. Those posts are stuck in recent post limbo it seems. Hoping that would get fixed eventually


I mean, I cover this in my FAQ. Simple really. Read it here: https://telegra.ph/Kemonoparty-FAQ-11-08
(Only a stop-gap until the official FAQ is finished)


Are logins broken right now? I'm getting a Error 503 Backend fetch failed page.


I was getting the same, but up until a minute or two ago I was still able to see artists I'd favourited highlighted in the global artist list. Now the account-related functions are entirely missing, including fave buttons, the faved artist highlighting, and the links at the top.


Well, never mind, as soon as I posted all of it came back and is working again. I must have caught it right as they pushed the fix, or something.


Turns out not only accoun-favorites tab/page goes 503,several newly updated artist and their posts also gives 503


File: 1636933333619.png (8.92 KB, 456x245, error.PNG)

i'm guessing there's a server issue atm


Nope, somethings not working atm. Still getting it.


I'm getting this too when I try to load pages from the site.


Everything is working for me now. No errors, and the posts that were previously in Recent Posts limbo (but not indexed on the creators page) have now appeared on the creator's page. Awesome!

Good job, admin(s)!


Anyone else have their account mysteriously vanish? Tried logging in and got nothing


Is the importer down?

From the timestamps on Recently Updated Artists, it seems like it has been down for a couple hours.


can't log into my account either so it would seem there are some issues going on atm.


How do i convert files downloaded into watchable videos? Currently i'm getting files simply called file, in the past I'd convert them to a txt to get a link from there but that isn't working anymore


File: 1636958635435.png (2.02 MB, 1136x2048, patch_summer.png)

You are welcome?

Guess who and when https://files.catbox.moe/ufofld.png

Four cases where this happens:
1. Creator is being updated, http and redis cache was not dropped
2. Creator can not be indexed(yet). Only a few are affected right now.
3. Redis fuckery and the cache has not been properly discarded and/or updated.
4. The post is actually older than previous posts or is an updated of older post.
So it shows up in recent posts as the most recent post, but not in artist page.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Otherwise give half the Importer ID, and if possible User and Post ID.

Give User, Post and half the Importer ID. Got no crystal ball to see into your mind.

Shino already answered.

I would kill myself or others if I/someone had to go through all that data.
Should be all posts, something is not right, probably the same thing as ^^^ up there.
If it simply skips some posts to which it has access… not good.
But need someone who notices it and shares the session for debugging.


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Give half the Import ID

Anytime anyone complains about it in their heads, even more avatars vanish.


Someday, maybe. Not that hard to bypass it.

They are "protected", not really "free".

A few day ago? Redis fuckery and/or http cache. 90% redis, but should be already resolved since a few days ago.

Depends on the reason. If it's something stupid, then no.

work… ed, we saw fun numbers, I didn't like the numbers, so thing has to be fixed again.
The code to properly block it has not been written.

Migration happens, data is moved, something else

Problem is a bit bigger, where did it get the "bin" file from. And that image of all things.

Check again?

Unlikely. This is an Archive.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Can be fixed, but need a bit of brain matter. Not now, dedupe, current problems, keeping the systems running…


Fixed, fucked indices. The ones who could not login before, do try to login now. Don't know how this happened.

Yes, it was down. I like silence whenever the DB is being worked on. It is up and running again since… whenever, can't be bothered. For now I see that it is running.
Sadly a specific fix could not be added today, but tomorrow. There is always a tomorrow.


Can you believe it? Even sysadmins sleep. Night.


whatever the hell happened to break logins seems to have also removed at least a couple dozen artists from my favorites, probably even more


File: 1636985166759.png (493.51 KB, 732x633, 200_honks_per_hour.png)

Does your account name start with sil?
Otherwise if you are not too anal about this stuff, give username.


Download speed for attachments is equal to 56k modem now


Is there a problem with the servers or something? Various images can't be expanded/fullsized, so I can only DL the lowres squashed versions. If I try to open in a new tab, the page just hangs infinitely loading. EG this page, 2 or 3 of the posts are effected:- https://kemono.party/patreon/user/18003117/post/48543997


Okay so these videos I downloaded off the site are just called "video" and the file type is just file, well i was messing around with them and it turns out the files are literally just jpgs of a file folder


When will flagging be enabled again?


Second the ETA on flagging
also when will uploading be enabled there are a few posts I could avoid flagging since I managed to download the linked content before they found out and changed the link


Flagging will be re-enabled when the new system is in place. Artfags thought it'd be funny to try and bot flagging, so administration is putting in a system to stop malicious and automated flags. This will likely not be re-enabled for a while. System might be brought back up when account status system is finished. An idea was to only allow trusted users to flag, and certain well trusted users to upload files via manual uploads.
Manual uploads, however, will be brought back online when mod tools are finished. This is to aid with manual approval, so we don't have a repeat of yiff.party's godawful system, full of viruses and spam.

If any further information is available, or any of the information I provided is incorrect, someone from Administration will correct me.

Thanks for understanding and your patience.>>9539


>This will likely not be re-enabled for a while
well shit I might have to pay for this furry porn myself
before I waste my money i gotta ask does trying to import a post that isn't flagged (since its disabled) do anything?


I'm still not able to login. I've been getting "You're doing that too much. Try again in a little bit." even after waiting 10+ hours in between login attempts. I've switched IPs to no success, but was able to create and login with a brand new account


I am getting "429 too many requests" from this link


Bug or broken file?


Can confirm I am also having the same issue, Changing IPs, Devices or browsers does not fix it.


That link is working now, but now I'm getting that error for this link

Does that link work for you?


small handful of random favorited artists are now appearing in "Recently Updated" but not the Favorites tab


I added https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/7744816/post/2965644 to my favorites and when I went back to https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/7744816 the post is now missing, as I said thankfully I still have it in my favorites. There is a large gap of posts missing from this artist, and I'm wondering if something is going wrong and the posts are slowly being deleted. There is nothing bad about the posts and the posts are still there on the artist's fanbox.


Just like a few days ago for user/23793573, again a post is missing that should be there because the later one of the same tier is there.

User: user/11661205

Missing: "Chapter 793 Corpses?"

"Chapter 794 Father" is there. (fresh, retrieved very recently).


Is there a HOWTO?

I selected the "Issues and Feedback Thread" post and then composed my reply.

It shows up on the homepage though, not in the list of "[Last 50 Posts]".

how do I reply correctly??



I found it in the "Recent posts" list, but it's not in the list for the author.




I found my post. For some reason I expected the latest posts to be at the top.



It just happened again for user/34232701 where "Chapter 345" is shown, it was just uploaded, but "Chapter 344" is missing (but I'm sure it is there, just not listed),


Yes, I've encountered posts missing for a couple artists as well posts I know were there, but have since disappeared, an entire page worth of posts for one of them


Are other people still having problems with login or is it only me? I know other people can log in now, but I still can't


I'm having sign in issues too, when I try to log in I get a message saying "You're doing that too much. Try again in a little bit"



You're right, chapter 344 is on the server, just not indexed properly to the creator.



random artist goes to yagamiyato always


This is 10462 again, thank you to whichever admin or mod saw my post here and fixed the issue as the post I linked is back as well as 2 previous ones. The gap in posts is still there though as MilSSak's oldest fanbox post is from 10/27/2020 and besides the 6 newest posts the newest on Kemono is from 8/30/2020 2 months older than the fanbox's oldest post. I bring this up because either (from my understanding of how things here work) the key is broken/being weird and not grabbing all the missing posts or they were manually uploaded which is odd considering the uploader is down atm.

Also, for the admins and mods sanity, I hope that when the dedupe is over this thread slows down as I can't imagine all the maintenance stuff going on atm.


After clicking "Download video" the files I get are simply labeled video with the file type being "file". How do I go about making these files into something watchable?


just updating that i'm still getting the same message ~20h later "you're doing that too much" etc etc




File: 1637127045291.png (7.47 KB, 561x92, Capture.PNG)

I keep getting this same message, ive waited more than 12 hours and i still cant log in


Is there any ETA on when the flagging feature will be restored? Some artists use master posts, and having no ability to update those links hurts.



welp since kemono appears to be censoring content left and right i might as well participate in this madness
anyways fandom aka wikia seems to be removing all NSFW content like monster girls in 2 weeks THIS IS NOT A DRILL
source: https://archive.md/itlGJ .t redditfag (im not the one who made request threads also get a proper word filter instead of using wipe by IP)

yeah yeah go ahead hit me the hardest with your B& hammer i got my 4g sim cards all loaded up
and there are lots of computer cafes near my shithole house (man tranny janny moderation sure has gone downhill here)
also why is the be thankful thread deleted right after i made the my post and 2 basedjaks later (and the cute thread)
https://archive.md/zHETA (nice exit node depict your enemy as a soyjak image what the hell was the other webm about i didn't save it)
https://archive.md/VSQBh https://archive.md/iDAXs the party van and search thread
and dont even think about it i already saved this imageboard locally and the other threads have been secured to archive.is

oh another mass replier i though i was the only autist on 4chan


eww you cummed into the server? no wonder why the lenovo wifi guard keeps popping up hopefully my router does not catch STDs


what does "cultured" even mean (is this an alternate term to "woke"? i heard it on igg while looking for heatgame in the game request)


>The "Next" button sometimes loads a post that is not next in order
>All these features are bound to the cache.
More than ten days have passed but the problem still exists. Maybe try to find out the reason and fix it?


> welp since kemono appears to be censoring content left and right i might as well participate in this madness
No one censoring anything on kemono, unless realistic 3D loli is the hill you want to die upon.
> what does "cultured" even mean
Suffice to say you've failed the culture check spectacularly.
I've already told you the next button issue will not be solved any time soon → >>9480


>I've already told you the next button issue will not be solved any time soon
OK. I have not seen your answer, because tried to keep track of messages from the admin or moderator.


I still can't log in. Is anyone still having problems with this?


I haven't been able to sign in since yesterday, it just gives me a
>"You're doing that too much. Try again in a little bit."
Cause I guess once is too much.


For weeks, most links don't work anymore (says too many requests) and the download speed is slow (a few kb/s)


Dude I just want to check my favorites.
I don't remember the name of all the artists I have on favorites, wtf


Yeah same here, I've waited for multiple lengths of time before trying again. It's not even that big a deal but I don't wanna have to keep skimming through recently updated artists, I just wanna know when my favorites are updated.


I'm also having problems with logging in, hoping it's resolved by tomorrow or this week.


Fix Fantia
There's a lot of links that stop working
Fanbox is working fine


When trying to download a zip file I'll get a too many requests message


Known issue. Cache servers are struggling. Rebuild is in progress. See stickied thread about it.


Just to inquire, but what happens when there's gumroad content that isn't associated with an account?

Like I was doing an import and got a bunch of stuff saying it's already uploaded, but no gumroad listing exists

Like here's some Akairiot stuff that seems to just be unaffiliated with an artist page.





Is there no other way to check manually old stuff that got recently added?
I mean: a artist i follow got his gallery update but it's and old post that don't show up in the first page/first six post and i need to check one by one all the old post.


File: 1637249743986.jpg (656.57 KB, 1920x1080, media_Ev4T2O4UcAQYANS.jpg)

If you look real close at the URL, the posts are associated properly.
There is some specific fuckery that happens when rendering/processing the user pages.
And that is where the bug exists.

✓, X, ✓

I will not debug any file rate limiting until the balancing is finished. ~2 more days.

>a lot of links

>I don't remember the name of all the artists I have on favorites
Wow, rude

>most links don't work anymore
>download speed
See ^^^ up.

Why are you still using dial-up? Upgrade.

Fullsized images load, you tried to download the files at a time where the re-balancing of cache servers was happening.

If you have the session that has access to this content and know such URL, that would allow us to debug that type of problem.

Once versioning is implemented. Near future.

>only allow trusted users
I don't think I trust you.

Probably victim of the broken index.
After some review, we'll see if we can merge the accounts into newer ones.

Works for me. There is a specific logic behind how files are loaded.
You also had the luck of downloading files while re-balancing is happening.
If a file does not load just try later. It should be downloadable.
I know exact reason, but a pain to explain.

Check again. Some things are not updated until the importing process is finished.

No data deletion is happening. I would murder if that happened.
Some fuckery is happening with either JS or Redis/HTTP Cache.
Tried to reproduce, the content is still there.
Did you add the post from the "[Recent Posts]"? If so, import might have not been finished yet.

Please check again and report back, I think the importer was not finished importing things and/or was being debugged by us. Which naturally will restart all halted imports.
If it is you who imported the key, please provide half of the import id.
That way we can check how many posts there are and if the importer is misbehaving.
But I'm pretty sure it should have finished the importing properly. I think. Unless you log says error.
>slows down

>User: user/11661205
>Missing: "Chapter 793 Corpses?"
The post can be found via the search. That would mean the Redis/HTTP Cache is acting up.
Purged the HTTP Cache for that user and the post shows up. Hm, need to think.

Yet you were able to post this just fine…

>entire page worth of posts
Link and examples.


>Maybe try to find out the reason and fix it?
Not a big priority. The file is on the user page and can be found via search. Also >>9480

The fields that can allow sorting like that are there, but the application does not allow that sorting as of right now.
Dunno if shino/devteam are interested in that. They are the ones to decide if it gets implemented.


I noticed BEgrove was updated just this morning but I don't see anything new posts since the last update.
In fact BEgrove was pretty much caught up in the previous update so what needed to be changed from that?
And yes, I checked the Patreon page and that hasn't added anything new either.


>See stickied thread about it.

What am I supposed to look at?


The speeds are so slow. Sometimes it's 1 Mb/s, 10 Mb/s, and then it dips down to 10 Kb/s or 100 Kb/s for 2-3 hours, and the cycle repeats itself.


I'm getting tons of "404 not found"

[downloader.http][warning] '404 Not Found' for 'https://kemono.party/data/attachments/755183/39613811/Milli_Ampere.psd'

[downloader.http][warning] '404 Not Found' for 'https://kemono.party/data/attachments/755183/39125422/Summer-Dimileth.psd'
[download][error] Failed to download 003 Summer-Dimileth.psd


Are these files permanently gone now?

[downloader.http][warning] '404 Not Found' for 'https://kemono.party/data/attachments/755183/38390800/barto.png'
[download][error] Failed to download 015 barto.png

[downloader.http][warning] '404 Not Found' for 'https://kemono.party/data/attachments/755183/38390800/ars_sanctum.png'
[download][error] Failed to download 014 ars_sanctum.png

[downloader.http][warning] '404 Not Found' for 'https://kemono.party/data/attachments/755183/38390800/boofish_1.png'
[download][error] Failed to download 007 boofish_1.png

[downloader.http][warning] '404 Not Found' for 'https://kemono.party/data/attachments/755183/38449912/klara_2.png'
[download][error] Failed to download 006 klara_2.png


Chill. Dedupe is still ongoing according to when I asked Shino… Gonna be a while yet, so expect more 404s. Seeing them all the time when I sync.


Is there any way to change your password, or will there be in the future? The account page is a bit.. barren.


Same goes for account deletion.


1. Click on recent updates today
2. Find few artists that i like got updated
3. Its the same posts from last month for all of them,
4. Mi scusi but what got updated exactly ?


How long till it's done?


Any solution for the login issues yet? Still getting
>You're doing that too much. Try again in a little bit.
for 2 days in a row now. Changing IP and network did not help.


same issue artist claim they were updated only to find the same posts that was there the last time


Dude, that's what I said about Begrove's last update.


OW! Login issue is gone. Cheers boys.


Thanks for fixing the login issue!


File: 1637368087348.webm (240.08 KB, 1280x720, 1634174238577.webm)

Ok, for whoever had problems logging in with your "old"/original credentials over the past week, the problem was kinda fixed.
You can login with your old credentials just fine, I think. If you "re-created" your account with the same username, things have changed.
If you want to access the "newly created" accounts, pre-append your username with BROKEN-DONTWANTREAPAIR-0- or BROKEN-DONTWANTREAPAIR-1- or BROKEN-DONTWANTREAPAIR-2- or BROKEN-DONTWANTREAPAIR-2- and then the password that you had chosen for the "new" account.
Can't be bothered to figure out a way to merge all the linked stuff to the "old"/original accounts. It has only been 5 days, not a lot should have changed. Only <200 accounts are affected.

>Are these files permanently gone now?
No, and if you actually looked at the available(visible) files, you would see that the image is there.
But dedupe is still running and catching up on other stuff, so wait.

>Is there any way to change your password
>will there be in the future?
Dunno, aks shino or webdevs.

Did you leak some private information into the username field?

When it's done.



there seems to be a problem with this page? Apparently it was updated, but the most recent post was from June, which… it's been like that since June.

sorry if this was already brought up


>Did you leak some private information into the username field?

Not exactly..? I was a bit of an idiot when I created the account though, and I want to delete it. The only "unique" identifier I can see other than my username is my join timestamp: 2021-11-19 01:03:39.816069


same shit everyday


no blacklist tool


Accounts hold no valuable info by themselves unless you put your SSN right in the name. Even then only select few admins would see it. And whoever compromises the database I guess.


Whenever I browse the recently updated artists page, ill see a single artist that was on page 1 suddenly follow me to page 2, then page 3, and it repeats with different artists

I even compare the updated date entries for the repeated artist(s) I see jumping with me just to be sure, and they're exactly the same. For instance, PALINGENESIS was updated on 2021-11-20 17:29:05.573652, and I go to page 2 and there that artist's entry is again, with the very same updated entry date

(if this double posts somehow, my internet went fucky, feel free to delete the 2nd clone)


full images on Data5 have been giving connection errors for the last few days and fail to open.
all the other image servers seem to be fine.
example: https://kemono.party/data/dc/f5/dcf52986be6c1dec5432191fbbbc7961eaf25a39cfba849af3bddd9b17855808.png?f=AzazelA_1.png


Artist search doesnt work.


The "recently updated artists" section has been flooding all day, with artists repeatedly being "updated" on the list without any apparent changes to the artists' pages.


what the fuck is going on is it me or archive.today is down the other domains are not working too
i hope Zoor is ok (i swear to god ever since the clowndemic kicked in lots of small non-imageboard sites went down)
is this some kind of targeted attack?


site seems to be having a hiccup its back now YAY (weird for some reason the blog is still up and isitdownrightnow says 22 hours downtime)
now i can fap again on my archive link collection (and preserve it offline for safekeeping)


Any errors or specific details? What browser are you on?
This bug report doesn't work.
The issue was being caused by the importer updating the timestamps of the creators it came across regardless of whether or not anything new actually downloaded. Apologies.



Right at the bottom, for you bottom feeders


The importer log doesn't show any log entries… again


This is 10462, and everything is good now with even all the old posts being added. I don't really use recent posts at all, too much I'd rather not risk seeing, so I stick with the favorite artists tab to see what updates (I search artists when I come across one I like and add to favs). How I noticed this "bug" was that I saw the artist updated and went to DL a new psd file from them, the DL was slow for some reason and then kept getting a server error whenever I tried to restart it. I ended the DL, went to the artist's page and it was gone, but thankfully I had saved the post in my favorites. After I witnessed this oddity I came here to report it, and I even made a follow-up post to it after it seemed to have been fixed (10495). So, everything is good now and idk what wrong. I have no keys, and as I said all posts from that artist have all been imported (backwards from newest to oldest) except the newest which came out today. If I come across any other oddities I will for certain report it here.


Back then, we could use the flag system to flag MEGA links posts to update those links instead of fetching dead ones. With the flag system dead, is updating them now functionally impossible, or would we have to specifically request an update?

And if so, which request thread would MEGA link update requests go, the general, or DM/Archives?


Getting a 503 when doing a fantia import at the moment.


Error 503 backend fetch when trying to view favorites


hello there is an issue

I uploaded many posts from this artist:


however on kemono the artist page is bugged

here is one of the uploaded posts as example:


it does not display the artist's name and if you click on the artist it brings you back to the home page


What are the chances of getting post categories similar to what yiff.party had?


Can you elaborate what you mean by that? Are you saying you want some kind of tag-based sorting system, or something else?


I have to say, thank you for having the import logs in the Account page work now. Much easier to check back if something went wrong or not.

I'm assuming this also means that the un-indexed posts bugs due to the auto-import has also been squashed? Or maybe the unindexed posts stuff in general?


Hi, i think the requests page is down, i can't access to it…


The requests page got retired a while ago. Apparently it was mentioned at >>9889 that they're looking into better options, but until something comes the most we've got is begging in the request thread here on Partychan or Telegram.


The "Requests" feature will be removed from Kemono. Requesters are encouraged to use Partychan and the official Telegram chats instead.


what is admin and mod's fetish?


Ever considered adding "Booth.pm" to the site? It's basically Japanese Gumroad to say the least.


Ever considered adding "Booth dot pm" to the site? It's basically Japanese Gumroad to say the least.


Is it me or are the newer images from Fanbox lower quality than older ones?


Importer seems to be down.


When people behave and not send requests in the wrong place or make dumb threads and posts.


can mods restore this thread https://archive.md/pLqY9
i was just about to make my well thought reply and suddenly it 404ed
(also increase it to 200 pages like good old mecuga plz)
man i really need to to get a grip on my adhd (i haven't even read the previous replies yet but i saved them while skimming the HTML)

>>10792 >>10797
kek i didn't realize archive.is had some kind of account support (gonna donate to them one day)
now i can view lime ade and oralfurs furaffinity without needing to sacrifice my email YAY


It's been weeks now, and many download links are still saying "404 not found".

Are those files still there? I think it can be concluded that those files are permanently gone.


There's a big yellow warning at the top of Kemono's homepage that I think you should read.
>Are those files still there?
>I think it can be concluded that those files are permanently gone.
Your conclusion is incorrect.


So is the subscribestar importer down, or is it just that no one wants to upload stuff from that paywall?


There was a message in the request channel in their Telegram saying that it was dead again and a fix would come at some point. I checked again just now and that message has disappeared so I am not sure if it working again. The "auth_token" used for the import is gone (or moved/renamed and I cannot find it), but there is a "_subscribestar_session". I decided to try it again just now as well using the "_subscribestar_session", but it still looks to be broken. Below is what I got after trying though was it was expected (removed the log id, but if an admin wants I can give it to them). Hopefully it gets resolved.

[]@2021-11-24 02:07:26: Successfully added your import to the queue. Waiting…
[]@2021-11-24 02:07:26: Starting import. Your import id is .
[]@2021-11-24 02:07:29: Error when contacting SubscribeStar API. Either the service is down, or Kemono is blocked.


File: 1637734078970.png (160.4 KB, 1285x700, 202111241407.png)

When I load into any artist's page, something happens to my logged in state and I can't Favorite the artist. The Account, Favorites, and Logout buttons are gone from the top too. However, my logged in state seems to be fine in any other page like the homepage.


^ seems to have fixed itself, or a fix was silently made between now and then lol, thanks.


There was no "fix", it's just how the site behaves for a while when an update rolls out.


Based Admin.


File: 1637805271507.jpg (115.9 KB, 1920x1108, 20211124_205307.jpg)

I cant get in, keeps timing out of Chrome and Explorer


Is your ISP Verizon ? They've have blocked access to the site


1: Don't use Verizon
2: Use a VPN


How long is the deduping going to take? Two weeks ago, the message said it'll take 3 (or was 4?) days.


Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but I have a question regarding this: https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/5339 creator. For a while after Mikuline39 was added to this site they only had 1 post, but a couple weeks ago I saw 4 new posts added and got excited that they were finally getting updated but it's been a while now and nothing new has been imported and I don't know why? Did the importer fuck up somehow? Did the subscription run out and it wasn't renewed? Again, sorry if this is the wrong place/sorry for the length


You've got to be kidding me.


mana has ran out and kp can't do magic anymore


File: 1637884019875.png (4.6 KB, 563x158, Untitled.png)


oh boy, is kemono.party dead for good?


502s are expected due to the downtime announced on the site 24+ hours ago. We should be back and running in an hour or so.


Most of those posts are free. Free posts don't get imported.

The creator also seems to be quite honest (cheap tiers) and doesn't even use Fantia's cancerous backnumber shit that restricts or kills older content. As in you pay once and you get everything thus far.


Will we ever have the ability to search by profile number? The guessing game gets old - is it their pixiv, is it their fantia, is it their fanbox, is it their twitter, is it some contraction of one of those, etc.


hey mikuline's page has more posts now, was it an error that was fixed or did some generous soul decide to help me? Either way thank you


Importer seems to be down for nearly 3 hours now…


RSS, when?


So any ETA on subscribestar comment scraping? Seems like some are resorting to using that share passwords there.


Out of the question. Other things take priority over this. Asked shino the other day and was told that there are a lot more pressing matters to take care of before trying to reimplement RSS


I think this site should have a request update button like how yiff party did

I alsl think they should have something showing how many posts were missing and from what tiers as so that those who were updating artist's pages could see if they missed anything, this is something yiff party had and I think it would be useful


If I recall correctly, the "request update" button on yp didn't actually do anything, it was just a leftover feature from when the sie used scrapper bots


>If I recall correctly, the "request update" button on yp didn't actually do anything

I really wish people stopped saying that.


Why though? Its true. People often asked why the button isn't working, but it never did anything to begin with (except turn grey when u press it). And TBH how "could" it have done anything (since the site had no direct line of contact with the uploaders/important)?




Even if the button did historically have a use, it's pretty much irrelevant now, so I think it's far easier just to say "the button does nothing", than to give an explaination of how early yiff.party worked and how the button links to it.


What makes you say that for sure?
Did YOU work for yiff.party?
I highly doubt that.


You don't need to dive inside the servers to see if the button is purely visual or not.


File: 1638175353624.png (732.98 KB, 1211x619, Can't stop the signal, Mal.png)

Huzzah the flag button returns
Thank you admin-senpai

now just need to wait patiently for uploads to be enabled then the whackamole game with expired links can finally end


File: 1638184741573.png (19.48 KB, 1056x209, Screenshot 2021-11-29 at 2….png)

uh looks pretty enabled to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
hell I didn't even flag this someone else beat me to it though I did go through the rest of the posts flagging any other ded mega links


Aside from flagging individual posts. Will there/is there a way to report creators? I've seen a few that are super suss and probably don't have much of a place on Kemono.


The site is down?




Btw, i wonder if kemomo can create a new post in PixivFanbox in case old imported post is modified


Is there a way to find for specific file types or file names in the search? Really would be sweet to add one if there isnt.


I'm getting this error when I try importing GumRoad

Unsupported content found in product mMVFt. You should tell Shino about this.

4a9e2419adb2f720 is the code for the Importer log


how does site handle false flag this time?


That's because you weren't being patient.
IIrc the button can only be clicked every ONCE in a while.
So my guess is whenever it's UNclickable that means your request is currently queued and in progress.

I even remembered that some took over a month before being clickable again.

Those who think they aren't doing their job(s) out of speculation don't know what the word "Patience" means.


Why do artists often show up in the "recently updated artists" tab with nothing new uploaded?
Do they get added to the tab when the upload begins but before it's actually imported and updated properly?


Why not remove the attachments with the same hash in a post to save space?


"Updated" can include older posts being revised.
That is exactly what we are doing.


Are you sure? There are 5 files in this post, only 2 of them have different hashes. https://kemono.party/patreon/user/115823/post/59288252



Sometimes there IS something new, but it does not show up properly in the creator index. Just click on the most recent post that does show up, then click on: < previous
and you may see some new posts.


I often get connection timeouts on data3.kemono.party


Can't be changed until dedupe is finished.



It's been a month now.. how long is dedupe going to take?


Will it be possable to import edited patreon comments? artists are finding out they can defeat it by simply editing the comment with a new link


Yo, I'm getting error when importing from SS:

: Error when contacting SubscribeStar API. Either the service is down, or Kemono is blocked.



Does this fucking chan work? I'm getting 502


Oh now it fucking works. Anyway, I'm getting error when importing from Susbscribestar
: Error when contacting SubscribeStar API. Either the service is down, or Kemono is blocked.


It will take whatever it is going to take to finish.


I'm getting file errors on Reinbach and Meesh but when i change the Data2 link to Data1 or Data3 it works. is this part of the Dedup?


File: 1638543058974.png (333.86 KB, 515x446, 1445976602417.png)

How are you supposed to access videos like these? They don't link to anything. What's the point of putting these posts on kemono then?


Content like this is impossible to get on this site. Far as I understand it, Patreon has a video player of its own, which basically streams the content instead of playing a file. Ergo, there's no file to download, apart from the faulty files like the one you posted.

tl;dr Patreon 1 - Kemono 0


You said it was going to take 1-3 days over a month ago. Why are you lying?


Importer seems to be down for more than 2 hours now.


File: 1638563553570.png (36.85 KB, 1280x909, 8457837.png)

The Patreon importer seems to be idling. It's been like this for some time now. I started the import a while ago.


The importer has been down for 5 hours now. Is there any ETA for when it will be working again?


Importer seems to be working again now.

I hope these long importer outages do not become common.


File: 1638583737968.jpeg (153.94 KB, 1920x1080, 1635227817141.jpeg)

Grabbing these is not impossible at all. The HLS standard (what Patreon uses for in-site video streaming) is well-understood and has a multitude of downloader implementations, and it could be patched into Kitsune rather easily.
Actually doing it is a matter of detecting what is a regular attachment vs. what is a stream, as well as accounting for Patreon API strangeness if needed.
If anyone is currently subscribed to a creator that uses this feature, contact me. I will not lie when I say that my personal interest in the affected creators is very low; too low to do alone.
Assuming my hunch is correct, you submitted your key during an autoimport run. The importer isn't "down" or "idling" at that point, it is simply holding your token in a queue (thus the obvious and intentional message you get that implies something along these lines)



No, you are making assumptions and drawing incorrect conclusions. The importer was down for over 5 hours. Nothing was imported during that time according to Recently Updated Artists.


You of course not talking out of your ass and can provide a link when it was said, right?




When I download the latest patreon file, or even an old one I knew worked, it gives me a .gz file which, when I extract it, contains a .tar file. When I extract that, it gives me hundreds of folders containing "asset", "asset.meta", "pathname" and/or "preview.png files when before, I downloaded a file which either gave me a compressed file yielding a ".unitypackage" file, or the ".unitypackage" file itself. So am I doing it wrong now, or what happened? Thanks if you made it through this wall of text.


The one who is full of shit here is you.

A month old post in this thread said it was going to take a few days. The post was removed two weeks ago.

The yellow box on the front page has said "return to normal operation within a week or two" for three weeks now.


File: 1638615085363.jpg (1.87 MB, 2000x2000, noname-1.jpg)


this faggot is a cp tracer, remove him
the pic in this proof isn't on the kemono servers but given it, it is safe to assume that the 2 that are of that style ARE traced
by the way feel free to delete this posts pic after you have dealt with this faggot
oh, and i won't take it personally if you ban me for attempting to save your necks(still scummy, but eh)


>the pic in this proof isn't on the kemono servers
end of discussion
once the said content is on our servers, come back and we'll see how it plays out
>sind über 18 jahre alt


File: 1638678718176.gif (1.35 MB, 480x320, umu.gif)

Now that I'm forced to reply, might as well go through all the posts and mass reply.

Where do I start? Do I even start? The banner on front page? Dunno why it was made, couldn't be bothered to rebuke. Even now I don't care.
When will it finish? Whenever I deem it to be fully processed and checked. After the initial run was "finished",
I was told there is more data and it's one of the backups that is <10TB that has to be re-processed just to be on the safe side(maaaaaaaaaaaybe some data that was never restored).
It's been 384 hours since the fetching started and it's now >10TB and not even done. So I don't even fucking know when it will finish.
And I can't start the next dedupe run before that one finishes. So… I don't really care. It will be finished when it's finished.

Again, to whoever reports these. If you are subbed to that type of content, I poked shino to add

Should be fixed, soon. Discord was overlooked and did not have the file name parameter.

It flatlined for 5 hours. But the numbers don't add up with what I was doing on that day.
Either way, I'll keep an eye out on both tasks, should they run at the same time and see if they cause problems.

Dedupe has nothing to do with that.

You posted, so yes.
New challenges showed up. It takes time and effort to get past them.

I'll create a task for that once I wake up. When will it be implemented? Dunno. But there is already code for the posts, so it should be "easy" to do so for comments.

What >>11680 said.

All servers are at max speed, so dunno. Probably an aftereffect of a few changes made for better performance. Takes a few days to settle down.

Can't be bothered to list all posts that are about this topic.
But it was not only visual at the beginning. There was a extra… table? that was showing the "update requested" creators.
If you also remember, there was that "1$ creators that could be scraped" table.
So that button/flag was nothing more than an indication that "someone" requested an update and it was reset if the creator was imported once more.
Nothing more, nothing less.

# SELECT COUNT(*) FROM revisions;

The UI/logic for browsing/loading the revisions does not exist. As to when it will be created, dunno. Ask web devs. But the backend logic in the importer already exists.

I'd rather keep the search simple. I'll look into this once I got time and motivation. Not really high priority. Was not even a priority before.

On shino's ass to add automatic change detection… wai what?
>and probably don't have much of a place on Kemono
Not for you to decide.

>whackamole game
not for long

There will be a fix for that, soon.


So, what about that Subscribestar importer, eh? Still broken.


I'd like to report the same problem as this Anon, but it's on a different creator's page.
After checking these "filenamehere_Pass.zip" files in a hex editor, they are the exact same 3.6kb files as the one Anon linked previously from a different creator.


>I DoNt CarE
>I dONt ReaLly CaRe
>I DoNT KnOw WheN iT ArE DoNe

Okay, retard. For weeks, you lied to us about when it'll be done, all while not knowing how long the process will actually take. You should've at first said that you don't know when it'll be done, but you chose to be a cum-eating cunt and lie to our face about it.


Has the importer been slow lately? I see the same people on the first page of Recently Updated for what seems like hours.


I can't access it as well


kys sperg

Working on it.

Do you really expect that there will be imports 24/7?
Go do something productive, instead of endlessly watching the recent posts for new content.
>been slow lately
import and see



Data3 working again.


data1 is not accessible on my end

[downloader.http][warning] HTTPSConnectionPool(host='data1.kemono.party', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=30.0) (1/inf)



You are trolling, right?

You can look at the recently updated artists and see new ones imported every few minutes just before the imports stopped for more than 5 hours. You would have to be a fool to not realize that the importer just stopped working. Especially when there was a commenter right in the middle of it who said his import was not going anywhere.


Dont use verizon, dont use opendns.

Use a vpn if changing both didnt help.


I am on a VPN


i noticed my favorites decreasing (first from 296 to 286 and then later today to 283), what's up with that?


I know this will probably require some database changes, but could we get an ability to search through Discords with basic text search? Right now, going through a long Discord channel on Kemono is very painful with having to constantly hit the load more button and dealing with it loading duplicate posts half the time.


Substar down again? What is ETA for fixing it?


> us
> our
Who is us? Why do you speak on behalf of anyone else but yourself on the internet?


Any news what might be causing this?
All these single password containing .txt and compressed .txt files are from different creators, yet they are sharing the same url somehow.
Or it's just the temporary results of the ongoing deduping process?


File: 1638851401882.gif (378.56 KB, 680x552, umumumumumu.gif)

Has nothing to do with dedupe, even the file that it links to is wrong.
Because that hash represents NULL. How that image got associated with that hash, dunno. I'll set the file to what it should actually be, or at least the what the hash represents.
But either way, the files that should be downloaded were somehow not properly downloaded, and the empty file was hashed.
Shino is informed.

There is a fix in the works, but other things are currently being worked on. Also, the fix is a bit of a pain to integrate and have it work with the site. Just as one thing was fixed another pops up.

The index exists as of a few hours, but that feature is not a priority(like a lot of other things, but it is noted ).
Also, I don't even know how it would be implemented with the current discord layout. Dunno how it will look like later or if it will change at all.
https://beta.kemono.party/ is slowly being worked on. So, if there are suggestions, drop them here. Or on telegram.


>reddit spacing
The fuck do you want from me? It's been two days since then, I've already confirmed that it happened and the importer is running.
Do you think I spend all my time looking at the server like you orbit the fucking recently updated artists?
You think we tend to the servers 24/7 with no breaks and no free time? Get a fucking life, you second hand bitching retard.
If shit happens, it happens. It is then fixed, end of the story. And amidst that we have our own lives to take care of.
I'm more interested in other peoples suggestions and reports, but you trying to be a smartass is not one of them. Yet you rub me the wrong way.


Is the site incapable of handling txt files, or is this post just fucked?

I've never seen an artist uploaded here that uses basic text files before, and I tried using the files in this post
But it just comes up as gibberish, I've encountered this problem before with japanese games and their text/readme files, and setting my locale to japan always worked but not this time.
Flagged the file for reimport when I first found it and it was reuploaded today, but it still looks hooped.



A simple suggestion, but is it possible to implement a searching/discovery system for artists by searching for a tag associated with a certain type of content?


>Has nothing to do with dedupe
Thanks for the reply, I'll wait for the fix patiently then.


>Also, I don't even know how it would be implemented with the current discord layout. Dunno how it will look like later or if it will change at all.
Wouldn't it just be a search bar at the top-right like how it is on an actual Discord channel?


File: 1638887551820.png (653.12 KB, 750x614, 20210428_122838.png)

can we get some sort of confirm request thread ?

ex :

Confirm Request Thread #14 (General)

Artist: HentaiRed
Tier: Daring Do Books for Rainbow Dash ($20)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=7198095
Kemono: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/7198095 (UPDATED ! HAVE FUN JERKING OFF)

Artist: Chaztheweasel
Tier: Not Safe for Weasels ($9)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=299091
Kemono: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/299091 (UPDATED ! HAVE FUN JERKING OFF)

Artist: LewdFroggo
Tier: Frog Enthusiast ($10)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=44182496
Kemono: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/44182496 (UPDATED ! HAVE FUN JERKING OFF)

Artist: MrPinkuGames
Tier: Believer ($10)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=17873888
Kemono: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/17873888 (UPDATED ! HAVE FUN JERKING OFF)

or idk something like that, i know its up to the importer but addition like this would help


>>12250 (can admin just add a wordfilter instead? other chans have this)
aaand ARCHIVED (hopefully you have a VPN)
(damm i havent read the other comments yet im gonna do my autistic mass replying later)


how's online classes buddy? btw i recorded your email to my txt files

hi muta hows your VM fetish doing i liek ur videos

also one more thing admin make the text box hover when replying (4chan has this feature)
and make the replies show when i hover my mouse on them having to open new tab is inconvenient


hoping things don't go the same way they did during the previous one


From an aesthetic POV looking at the beta, it looks nicer with all the buttons on a sidebar rather than a topbar. But stability wise, I hope it gets fully worked on and double checked before it goes live so we don't get a wave of 404/504/123/whatever error codes im missing that screw with shit and keep us from loading the website at all

otherwise keep up the good work. If this double posts, got a verification failed error, so go ahead and delete the dupe


Sorting search results by date HAS to be a thing, please!
Also a blacklist system, should work kinda like favorites, you click the artist and instead of the star you click the X and add him to your blacklist pool, thoughts?


File: 1638926134215.webm (2.58 MB, 535x420, GondolaGroovinBackAlley.webm)

>Sorting search results
If the UI generation is to become client side and data is fetched via API, sure. Don't see a reason why it wouldn't be possible.

end yourself

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ up to devs.

>by searching for a tag
If tags/categories were a thing, probably.
But they aren't. It's somewhere in the back of our minds, but """priorities""".

Site itself is capable, probably something to do with the specifics of the file linking on the respective services and the way importer is trying to get the data.


Hello-o! Subscribestar import is still broken.

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