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Make sure you include an example of the artist's work or it probably won't get looked at cause there's a billion people that want to request things and that means a billion links to click to get an idea of the content.
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if kemono.party isn't gonna update those pages, then I hope you guys are gonna add those pages:

mundanesc: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=7036513
ocarinaOTW: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=15546700
maenchu: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=28920687

I really hope those ones get added…rather sooner than later.

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Be nice. Be cool. Be seiso.

We currently support:
Pixiv Fanbox

Visit https://seiso.party/importer to import posts. Create an account and log in before importing to get credit for your import so you can see how you compare to other users on the leaderboard at https://seiso.party/leaderboard

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Can anyone list some good quality/skill artists that can so far only be found here (preferably very good skill, not cartoony or midrange level, but "art porn")? I want to know if theres any good reasons to crawl EP right now or if ATM its more "a site to use if you can't access KP"? Let me make it clear BTW I'm not against using other sites ("the more the merrier") but the main (or only) reason I'd use other sites are "because this site has content the others don't".


Thanks for the reply.

Its a shame theres so many artists with that kind of attitude these days…

Anyway thanks for your efforts man ;)


I will try to reduce this list by importing them to both kemono AND seiso

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1. Were there any particular reasons for switching to author names by default instead of author patreon.com/* URLs where available?
2. Is it possible to make a search option to search by patreon URL?
3. In that same vein, what about patreon IDs in kemono urls vs seiso's internal db IDs? Maybe a search option for that too?
4. So what about the idea for the crawler to check if a subscription is active before trying to import, or at least an option to import user feed like in the past, instead of crawling through my 20 inactive subscriptions to get to the one that needs importing?
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“Hah! What are you doing stepsister??"


Not >>2 but
1. Is a timestamp planned? Very convenient to check what's being currently imported and quickly merge database entries. Recently updated is available at the time, but it's not very detailed.

2. Artists can change their vanity on some services - their UID however is static. This would help a lot and also avoid duplicates while retaining seiso's current indexing method.

3. Any plans for manual upload especially for Fantia? The session token can be used to check orders if I am not mistaken so purchases should technically be importable.


What do you mean by "timestamp" in #1? All the timestamps are in the database so it's just a matter of displaying them. Are you asking for the timestamp that an artist was last imported?

As for #2, artists are referenced via their "service ID" when importing. It checks to see if an artist on service X has an id Y and if it does then it uses the existing artist otherwise it creates a new one in the database. We don't have to worry about artists changing their names.

For #3 yes manual uploads are planned. Just haven't started working on them yet.


Thanks for all the replies!

1. Yeah, if it's in the db that would help see if there's something off with the recently updated list at times.
2. Bueno! Thanks for the details.
3. Good to know, thanks again.

(politely saging)


a) artist+service in document title when browsing an artist just like on the listing page (currently defaults to seiso as the document title for everything)
b) some kind of way to browse missing indexes without checking manually
c) adding the ids somewhere in the filename, all services provide unique file attachment and post ids for a reason and it helps keep things properly listed and organized

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