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can anybody recommend me some good loli artists on Kemono? I am wandering around anf found only Udon.



kek niggerpill is angry good job inb4 sodomites dump thier murrsuit collections here
>any good loli artists
no idea maybe dlsite? or just search for loli characters and see the r34 artists





Definitely check out the sythmanG, its a game. Lisland - and if anyone could, theres a special 9.9.2 S version, so if anyone could update the kemono of sythmanG that would be great, the S version lets you start any event and get all the girls.

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As the title suggests, are there any methods that are accepted that can export entire artists into 1 zip rather then 50+ or another effective method for getting the full artists page.

>>pic related admin please don't do it


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>he dosen't know about that little meme i made earlier
at this point ill repurpose this as my dedicated meme thread i hope admins dont mind


>JEW usah
That's where you fucked up. Should've been "Jewsah"


happy holidays you magnificent bastards just saying hi from another country PSst use those soot goggles and lookup im testing the internet here
mfw when a sim card for intended tourists has better performance than our shithole 4G network and the mini pc is still going strong unattended
nah i like ursurah shitamee more
also what are some fun things to do with my topton pc? preferrably something server related? haha lute cant touch my proxy


fr i support this feature

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Does anyone know why some have disappeared from the page?


No idea

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Would've just been better off quitting altogether.


guy's worried about objectifying women when the most in-depth live2d model they've made has options for hyper dick and hyper tits and a vore belly

man needs to accept what he does for a livin' lol

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Didn't this place used to have a request board? Can we not request things anymore? Was hoping to request some new profiles for Coomer.Party.
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Yeah, i'm… i'm not exactly sure why that there's a forced block on the Requests.
There was 2 artists that i was trying to request- no sorry, waiting to request- for 3 months now.


it seemed more closed due to the reason of "wawa people are getting the template wrong we cant keep banning people : (" rather than "theres literally 3 people paying for the entirety of this website that breaks every tuesday"


youve been using a site for 11 years that didnt exist 3 years ago?
Damn, gimmie ur time machine


Kemono is 11 years old? Here I was thinking it's just over 2 years old and I've been using it since day one since I saw the thread on yiff bbs


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you fuckin' suck at whatever you just did there

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I just assumed it was magic.


if you pray to admin enough the importer keeps working and if you kill enough children your favorite artist gets imported


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Websites assign a set of characters to your browser to identify you as you after the actual email/password is exchanged. These, in Kemono terminology, are called "session keys."
Contributing users, who tend to be random paying subscribers of an artist who are otherwise just like you, submit their session key to the system if they wish to share with other users. This action is referred to as "importing."
The backend then logs into the account with the cookie, effectively pretending to be the original user, and then rapidly downloads any posts it can find automatically. The system will scramble the session key and store it for repeated future imports when it is convenient, if given permission.
And so, the posts end up on the site for the world to enjoy.


i know what i must do

the orphans shall be sacrificed. dinotonte must be imported.


is there any otehr way rather then manually downloading zips from each post that can grab all images of kemono artists? something similar to say HDoujinDownloder

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psst heres your free HRT try not to overdose yourself during orgasm (plz dont trannyjanny this is /b/ not kemono also how do i get unbanned)


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Meow ◕⩊◕

If its a permanent ban just contact me on email or telegram, you already know my handles for both.


admin kindly unban me please can we talk this out? previous comments https://archive.is/I3UDv
>also issuing permanent bans for the slightest offenses instead of logically addressing criticism
no offense m8 but aren't you supposed to be sticking to your promises? more chill moderation and less harsh bans?
jesus man you really changed alot when you got those mod powers i miss the old partychan (inb4 this one dissappears again for no reason)
protip: the undeleting will not stop until morale improves (and you would end up banning legit PH users instead since i dont use nordvpn)


File: 1647900278412.jpg (949.64 KB, 2000x1000, DragonlayerVR-VR-yiff-game….jpg)

anyone got this game https://archive.is/ZqW44 sorry if asking here is not allowed it seems that the creatorfag removed the original patreon and i cant find it anywhere (i just wanna add this to my VM collection)
also i dont think this will definitely fit /requests/ since the creator is already down and might not fit on the format try not to be too harsh on the ban please


there was a deleted comment here it goes something like this

Usah Sojamee (fake mod no capcode) No.XXX (i dont remember)
[????] as far as i know he never released this game to the public he just made videos about it there were no links it was just sitting in his drive idle not doing anything

if you have /b/ loaded on your browser cache please repost it here it was yesterday (24-26) also can we continue the argument here? it looks fun

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Post what you last came to.
It can be anything: it doesn't even have to be art.
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Came again already.


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File: 1667740958528.jpg (113.35 KB, 1000x1000, cum_on.jpg)

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Are there any alternative options/tools to try or are we truly SOL?


poor human what have you done to xer? our women and race is doomed


I've seen this artist before. For some reason, there are humans with furry moms and furries with human moms.

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