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Is there a cosplayer counterpart to Kemono?
Onlyfans contents in Coomer isn't very appealing to me.


Your best bet is probably the /t/ Japanese Cosplay thread the current one is located at https://boards.4chan.org/t/thread/1104703

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Checked coomer.party somehow got disgusted by some of the nudes
am I a degenerate if I like 2D arts only?


Then just use Kemono instead, headass


3D porn is always either boring or revolting, and the fact that you are coming to the conclusions you have about it is a good thing.
>am I a degenerate if I like 2D arts only?
Yes. Be proud.


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When it come to nudes from random girls i feel literally nothing. Big same


I feel like real porn is gross because knowing someone willingly let a picture of themselves exist is super unattractive, no matter how attractive the person is (which is 1 in a million already lol)

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know a friend who has these cat models (they bought em) and he gave me the files and such. problem is he definitely won't import into kemono.party

what do


Send me on Telegram and i'll distribute on kemono.shared ;)


My bad for the VERY late reply, I didn't see my post. I unfortunately DON'T have Telegram


creating an acc give me a min or two.


>waiting for phone to get a call dictating the code
>doesn't happen
can't make an account ig fml.


never fucking mind shit's slow as fuck.

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see you all in 4 weeks y'all


File: 1641129582507.png (346.88 KB, 896x597, kemono.png)

4 weeks more like 4 months


Welcome to 9 days later, where the dedupe is now finished!

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Kronii sneed

File: 1641230347937.png (347.19 KB, 596x516, Lancastonian Cheese Gelf.png)


Fun With Lee NSFW edition will never happen.


the hell are you doing here Lee? arent you supposed to be flooding /qa/ with foot cheese spam? how did you even find this site? go back to the jak sharty
oh and i collected 4 of these ponut packs the others are paid

can you share it on anonfiles? me and the boys are gonna do a small /raid/ as a prank

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Dedupe has lightened around 26tb currently, and is not too far off finishing. Though don't get your hopes up. Could take a few more weeks with how much data kemono has. Over 46TB being fed into an ai and automatically deduped.


File: 1640705442721.jpg (2.91 KB, 1170x37, foto_no_exif.jpg)

True information.
Totally didn't use devtools, real screenshot.



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How long can you last? I managed to get to about 39 hours continuous bullsquidding.

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Whats the plan for Ofans.party? Last I remember Onlyfans took the domain name, but is there any interest in preserving the existing content especially since Onlyfans will no long be supporting adult material?
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It's on the front page:


meant coomer's group


Search around. Not allowed to give you link directly since its sekrit atm


>"OF no longer wants to be in business"
It was MasterCard and/or VISA that compelled them to do so, apparently some anti-sex organization too.
>I plan to create an initiative to archive as much NSFW OnlyFans content before the December 1st deadline.
The no-NSFW deadline set by MasterCard is October 1st. Is OnlyFans giving an extra 2 months before they'll remove pre-existing content?


Coomer.party is working now

File: 1633126264462.png (1.29 MB, 1769x985, 1630489570868.png)




you don't wash your hands? what the fuck is wrong with you?

you're walking around with your shitty hands? shit and piss and unwashed pelvis grease?


I never once implied that, take your meds schizo

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