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Post what you last came to.
It can be anything: it doesn't even have to be art.
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And this too.

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look at the clear sky


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so what the fuck am i doing.?? 60gb worth of images, all the same shit ? fuck that man, have you ever think about it, starting to think only 10% of overall porn is worth it, the rest is some noisy shit, kinda reminds me of college classes, there was this stuff for signals that basically says that a signal only has information when its fourier transform is a continous function and anything periodic is just a fucking spike, which is repeating itself forever in the time domain, it looks like this is the case.

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Didn't this place used to have a request board? Can we not request things anymore? Was hoping to request some new profiles for Coomer.Party.
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you fuckin' suck at whatever you just did there


I understand why the request are closed. Probably forever. But I wished they could at least allow to ask for updates only. There's an artist I wish they update on. Which they havent updated her content for 3 months now.


You've looked on other leak sites yet like Ex-Hentai, F95Zone, 8Muses etc? Any or all of them sometimes have more upto date rips of [whoever you want] and sometimes have full sets of paywall artists who were never leaked on KP to begin with (or at the time).

Everyone keeping eachother informed about websites is more important than an update request button IMO. With the right website names, people'd rarely feel the need to request any updates (cos chances are, those updates already exist on another site). What with KP being unable to handle manual uploads for over 2 years, there WILL definitely be over 2 years worth (and counting!) of content that will never be leaked here because it can't be ( "all us artists have to do to defeat KP is simply distribute externally or via DM's LMAO!" -ANY Paysite artist with a brain since 2+ years back when coming to confirm that STILL none of his reward packs have been leaked here (but they're leaked since day 1 at Ex-Hentai every single time…).

I'm sure there used to be an "alternative sites to check" thread on here way back, for this exact reason.


I miss the update voting feature Yiff had.


Do you know any sites that aren't for porn? I just wanna read my webnovels but they won't get updated here-

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But why does this happen?

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this stupid fucking site cant comprehend threads when you import discord servers. turns out it thinks theyre entirely separate channels so you have to import them to. i did this but now the entirety of Burgerkiss' discord page on here is filled with a bunch of channels and it looks like shit (but hey, its all there). anyway you guys should probably add support for threads


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As the title suggests, are there any methods that are accepted that can export entire artists into 1 zip rather then 50+ or another effective method for getting the full artists page.

>>pic related admin please don't do it


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>he dosen't know about that little meme i made earlier
at this point ill repurpose this as my dedicated meme thread i hope admins dont mind


>JEW usah
That's where you fucked up. Should've been "Jewsah"


happy holidays you magnificent bastards just saying hi from another country PSst use those soot goggles and lookup im testing the internet here
mfw when a sim card for intended tourists has better performance than our shithole 4G network and the mini pc is still going strong unattended
nah i like ursurah shitamee more
also what are some fun things to do with my topton pc? preferrably something server related? haha lute cant touch my proxy


fr i support this feature


Lol just how dumb are you? Just use gallery-dl.

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Are there any alternative options/tools to try or are we truly SOL?
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oops my internet fucked up



Did I make this post? I can't even fecking remember but I think I did. Some sauce is still very elusive, even today :*(

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can anybody recommend me some good loli artists on Kemono? I am wandering around anf found only Udon.

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its a discord thing according to an old post


Damn, guess there's no way of getting them then :<


Here's the discord for those, just click at links and figure out which
passwords correspond to which file


Ooo thank you very much.
Where did you find the link btw? I couldn't find it through the search bar


The discord is named "クロFANBOX"
Censorship has to mean it's Japanese so I just searched cromachina in Japanese. "クロ" is the "cro" in cromachina.

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Does anyone know why some have disappeared from the page?


No idea

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