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it's not like there's a common format to use layer (maybe PSD or KRA, but then you need image editor to open it)
so people just export every combination to image


disgusting practice

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Do you save porn? How much are you mad?

I like Witcher/Lara/LOL/TLOU and a couple of other characters. I'm currently collecting an archive. Every day I have hundreds of new images. Sometimes thousands. Perhaps in a few months this will be the largest (in the world) archive of porn with these characters.
[If you would like to join me please message me tg: @kiwitree.]

Kemono is the most useful resource for me, do you know other sites or forums where people shareleaked paid content? Please share links in this thread. Thank you.
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just get a cheap 4tb smr drive


I'm not into cheap complexity




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Here's first where it matters


Kemono is great, but don't you guys know about some other platforms like chan.sankakucomplex.com and f95zone.to for example? If you don't I suggest you check those sites out.

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Anybody figure out how to get around sprout video yet?
hope other artist don't start using it

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>see twitter post of a piece that i like the look of
>the full thing is on patreon
>go to the artist's kemono party
>there is a post on it
>it says that a link to a folder with the video will be sent to patrons
I mean, props to the artist for trying to combat leaks like this, but this feels like such a gross misunderstanding of the point of kemono party


Thinking about the economics of the matter is beyond most artists, and they especially don't care how you, I, or any healthy supporter wants to be serviced.
They want to take care of the perceived "threat" as fast as possible so they can get back to their Simpscord throne rooms; that's where the matter for them begins and ends.


To be clear, I'm criticizing the person who uploaded the post to kemono party, who I assume is a different person than the artist.


is there a way to get the links?

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Wtf is this new logo


>it's real


>it's real


File: 1697056690273.jpg (18.25 KB, 835x635, prostate-prostatitis-835x6….jpg)

looks like a prostate

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Didn't this place used to have a request board? Can we not request things anymore? Was hoping to request some new profiles for Coomer.Party.
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im not going to waste money on this shithole site just because i called a guy hopeless


File: 1690225372784.jpg (53.13 KB, 397x707, Why do people reply to pos….JPG)

Yeah, yeah, now get in the soup kitchen line kiddo


couldnt care less that you spend money to show off your weird paywalled fetishes to other people


Then don't use the site, leech.
Contribute or shut the fuck up.


>But I wished they could at least allow to ask for updates only. There's an artist I wish they update on. Which they havent updated her content for 3 months now.
This, there's an artist I'm into who's KP hasn't been updated since March.

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Hello, anyone know a page like kemono or coomer that leaks content of Booth? Thanks

File: 1684894030120.jpg (37.87 KB, 693x527, trinityfate, jinu, sqoon.JPG)


But why does this happen?


because they don't consider the fact that their sfw artstyle might be extremely appealing to people. either that or their sfw artstyle is them censoring their natural inclinations (drawing everyone twerking with gigantic tits and asses)


because porn is le easy money


Not really
if you mean instant to get money then yes, there's always some sucker to pay it
if you mean get rich or make a living from it then no, it's purely survivorship bias

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I really don't want to see this ugly cunt whenever I visit the site. Every fucking onlyfans leak website is fucking pozzed by amouranth simps istg.

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Is there a public facing API for coomer or kemono?

And there's a billion posts asking for features like searching by tag or gender. Is there a github or something with the source so the community could fulfill those feature requests for themselves?


It is still open source, just have to email bro.


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Huh interesting

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