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Anybody know any bbw, hairy pussy or couples with both on coomer?

File: 1656188206227.png (8.51 KB, 225x225, download.png)


Primeleap when?
I want to see https://www.primeleap.net/#/sealled/
Sealled pornography

File: 1656125165592.jpeg (105.27 KB, 640x1351, 5DCE9729-1C72-47F7-A98D-E….jpeg)


Anyone know where to make coomer requests?

File: 1656103853795.jpg (68.01 KB, 960x761, 1599922119326.jpg)


do you bozos have an irc?


No, we have telegram.

File: 1633454755562.jpg (27 KB, 943x397, EOLwMQeXsAcXnUo.jpg)




mug moment


poopy playtime


Mug as in large teacup?

Mug as in "face"?

Mug as in "idiot"?


Real trap shit.

File: 1654736248047.png (132.28 KB, 337x248, Janny bananny soy monkey d….png)


Your anti-ddos service is blocking gallery-dl again, giving a 403 error. Clean it up, janny.
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Did that actually solve the problem for you? Cause it's not for me.


Anti-DDOS measures dictate JS checking, so all downloaders are dead currently. All you need to do is wait until stuff is sorted out


My solution above worked. I used an old and forbidden cookie manager for Pale Moon which likely parses the cookies differently. It should look like this as lines in your cookies text file which gallery-dl is setup to read from:


The asterisks will be replaced with unique data. I didn't copy them over because I don't know if it can be used to track me. See if you can extract those cookies in particular.


File: 1654751253745.png (28.35 KB, 747x129, Untitled.png)

Okay the formatting got fucked up due to this website. There should be whitespace between ".party TRUE / FALSE 0 __ddgid_ (your data)" Use the TAB key instead of space to make the correct type of whitespace.


Gallery-dl will work now.

File: 1654522467413.gif (1.46 MB, 320x256, POV_Fredbear.gif)


Is there a way to find a what artist is connected to what discord server? I've found one on their and there's no indication of who it's for.


Unless something changed recently, then no. You just have to "already know", or "just guess". IIRC you can't add Dischord rip galleries to faves either. Not sure why any of that is but hey. I've only ever seen a few Discord rips though (since way back) so I'm guessing it's an extremely uncommon thing. When I look through the "artists" list, I don't see any Discords at all.

File: 1653811223817.jpg (20.04 KB, 505x550, IMG_20220521_185655.jpg)


I don't know if theres a thread open I can use or not but I have a couple creators i want to have put in but got no clue where to request it in


Perhaps the button at the top of the page that says "Requests" would be a good place to start? :P


I've been asking the same question, request only has sections for feet, and MURRSUITERS, would be nice to have a proper topic for your everyday creator.


File: 1654511943123.gif (1.62 MB, 304x259, AD7F2AA.gif)

Then all I can suggest is y'all try and take your sexy minds off it. Heres a gif.

File: 1653603863903.png (12.07 KB, 314x214, fioejawfiojawefoijaweofije….png)


So, the internet is an old thing.
According to google it came out January 1st 1983.

Where is Internet2 then?


Johnny Mnemonic? The Matrix? Lawnmower Man? The X-Files etc? They all feature some form of "Internet 2". As it so often does with technology, science fact will eventually follow the science fiction. Give it 15 years.

File: 1653446072612.jpg (265.58 KB, 1440x2410, Screenshot_20220524-222916….jpg)


Ok so, the last time I tried to get into kemono I got a 503 error code, 5 minutes later it loads but without the ui (note that i didnt try to press anything) pls extinguish the fire in the server room, i want to pirate femboy porn.

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