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Its probably a waste of time posting this as the random board gets 1 reply every 4 years but I'm sure on one of the "actual boards" it'd just get deleted, so:

Some I've found (left some out to keep it shorter):
Artnip (amazing quality. Sadly only the freeview posts get imported… Seems pointless)

Steven Stahlberg (sometimes even better quality than above. BUT, same problem as above)



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Anybody knows what happened to that site? Cant access it somehow


Its working for me. BBW-Chan.nl right?


Is it?

File: 1630452640066.png (761.08 KB, 3000x2000, big chungus's huge ass.png)


What is your opinion on Big Chungus's big thicc ass?


I'd like to put my penis inside of it tbqh.


If I was an animal person, I'd 100% want to slap it, smack it, squeeze it, bite it, ram it, and more. But alas, I'm a person person, so I dunno man. If she was 96% human and just had animal print skin and a tail (human ears of course), then it'd be a harder decision. Still probably wouldn't be able to get used to it tho unless I was trapped on an alien planet where I crashed and I can't afford a new spaceship to get back to Earth where the 100% human bitches live.


Still… When I see the shape of a big thicc round ass, my dick gets more open minded…

File: 1629728504714.jpg (164.22 KB, 900x1200, E9BEAo1WEAM1d__.jpg)


Whats the plan for Ofans.party? Last I remember Onlyfans took the domain name, but is there any interest in preserving the existing content especially since Onlyfans will no long be supporting adult material?
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link to the tg group again?


It's on the front page:


meant coomer's group


Search around. Not allowed to give you link directly since its sekrit atm


>"OF no longer wants to be in business"
It was MasterCard and/or VISA that compelled them to do so, apparently some anti-sex organization too.
>I plan to create an initiative to archive as much NSFW OnlyFans content before the December 1st deadline.
The no-NSFW deadline set by MasterCard is October 1st. Is OnlyFans giving an extra 2 months before they'll remove pre-existing content?

File: 1630484246250.png (18.6 KB, 123x128, 799132751378120776-removeb….png)


hey guess what?

you read my name ;)


File: 1630507401634.png (79.47 KB, 800x600, 1603836733-0.png)

>hey guess what?

>you read my name ;)


File: 1631071486292.png (566.47 KB, 1080x1080, imagem_2021-09-08_002513.png)

>hey guess what?

>you read my name ;)

File: 1630473386351.png (12.85 KB, 472x607, 1630393384756.png)


I really hate artists that use paywalls. All of them should be flayed alive for being cancer.


If you killed the shark artists then its a lose/lose. Artists can only draw if they're alive so I'd rather just kill the paysites. Sure, we'd still have the "I just draw for the love of drawing" artists who earn via commission (oldschool style), but sadly it seems like 90% of artists are "paywall or nothing" since the last 10+ years, so if we put them on an atoll & nuked it, we'd end up with 90% less "internet art". Yes I know, I took a joke thread seriously, for no reason…


File: 1630553590816.png (159.26 KB, 425x935, fantiasocialtippingcancer.png)

I hate paywalls that encourage blatant money laundering. Artists who play fair are fine by me and I do my best to support them.

Artists who don't enable charge upfront still get paid if you do it right, though Patreon will try to block all of your accounts and payment methods if they find out they're not getting anything *and* the artist still gets paid somehow.

Picture related. There's even a fucking simping leaderboard for social tipping shitlords and even if you support every month you score exactly zero support points, you have to pay extra or throw social tippings until you mortgage your house and sell your family to the triads. 100 bucks for a fucking POG emote and you can toss up to 1000 bucks a post repeatedly. What the actual fuck man.


This really. I don't defend artists who grew a scumbag mentality but it's mostly due to paywalls encouraging this and them going why the fuck not.

And it's obviously also everyone's fault for paying for it. Don't pay and it eventuall dies but it isn't that simple. Boycotting something that allows you to blogpost on while milking simps requires a soul and a heart. The soul and heart are already sold for many of them and there is no buyback.


That sounds worth it to me.
But, sadly new people will copy them and take their place eventually.

File: 1629925525467.jpg (41.22 KB, 400x390, 118749699914.jpg)


I heard it was another piracy site but I haven't been able to find any URL or information about it through searching.

I've asked around but it seems almost like "nobody wants to talk about it".


Can't say I've ever heard of it.


File: 1630555107625.jpeg (248.63 KB, 1024x768, 1 -Jan7J2A5NJteJwu0wANXA.jpeg)

Did someone say Chronos?

File: 1630463157864.jpg (219.36 KB, 880x1041, fefrefrfrrfrf.jpg)


Big Chungus has won.

File: 1629857820351.jpg (63.52 KB, 600x884, rage.jpg)


I haven't been able to access Kemono.party for 3 months now.
No what computer I use I can't reach the site.
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File: 1629873495498.jpg (60.6 KB, 1200x675, MonkaSSS.jpg)

How did you know.


This is a well-known issue, there's even a message on the front page about it


File: 1629904755956.png (119.28 KB, 396x373, Vinerizon.png)

Common enough issue


The VPN works.
I am glad.


>Then stop using Verizon. EZPZ.

If there was no free solution and you just started a new contract year (or 2 years, for some people!)… Dat seperation charge ;*O

File: 1628161127866.jpeg (46.37 KB, 1018x573, E38NxXnX0AkTkt6.jpeg)


Here we go again…


Where ya at, W7-890? We're waiting…


hey wait for me sorry im late to the party (i was participating in the snootgame on event trash)
wheres the furry games thread? VMware works like a champ on my brand new legion 5 mwahaha time to get to work


File: 1629321732287.jpg (9.42 KB, 330x259, 1454857730100.jpg)

What time do you call this?

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