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Something broken and need fixed? Found a bug? Want to tell us how the site can be improved? Please tell us in this thread.
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There's a few profiles on the site that have broken profile pictures. Is there any way to fix those with the uploader, or will that take an act of SysAdmin action?

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From the team behind Kemono comes Coomer, a scraper/leaker/archiver for OnlyFans.
See /kemono/'s: https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/4.html
>Want to develop or moderate for Coomer? Need to send a bug report?
>Contact me!
DO NOT send me requests.


Things are currently still in a very early state as of this post. Please report bugs as you find them and give suggestions.

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Recently saw someone on twitter (esskayuwunsfw) who's using this OF clone called Fansly
I'm wondering if it's just a shit clone of OF that nobody uses or if there's enough content on it to be worth requesting support for it on coomer.


there's a user on there called alexbreecooper who has some amazing anal dildo content who i wish we had a rip of. Basically all extreme anal content is banned on only fans and a lot of the people who got banned went to fansly.


Yes I totally agree. A lot of smart people are moving to Fansly from OnlyFans because of the large amount of OnlyFans leaks. They are moving there to hide from the leakers because it is less leaked. We need to be the ones to start the Fansly leaking and get it known. Please implement this ASAP.


I'd be great to have fansly supported cuz I have a few creators I like that are on there


people like Indigo White are on fansly, think it'd be worth to have since it's basically the same service.


I'd be interested seeing support since I've seen a few creators move over to into recently.

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Why does nobody ever upload DM'd content? So many people have moved to posting stuff exclusively in DMs yet nobody ever uploads that stuff.

Is there some reason that nobody ever does that I don't know about? Or am I blind and people import DMs all the time and it's just not visible to me?

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If you know any comment down below
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She’s pretty nice I think, and she makes feet stuff


shocked that vicats isn't here yet. probably one of the most popular trans+cis couples in porn.



aka the most cumming trans aren't here.


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this person's onlyfans has remained off coomerparty and there seems to be a collab piece she did in December of last year with @holewrecker69 where it was straight up hardcore shit (in which on @holewrecker's page, which is available on coomerparty, has all bj content while claiming that @pinkboochie holds the anal smashing content) Her content seems to mostly be masturbation and moaning but she does have this along with potentially more collabs which would be great to have on here.


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List of medical fetish creators ? Nurse or doctors maybe ?


bump (is that a thing here?)



She's a nurse, has a lot of videos of her in the hospital washroom shoving things up her ass


She's also a nurse and got infamous for chimping out at a lady on r/publicfreakout, but rarely posts from work


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So someone want to fill me in on how requests work?

I looked at the request section, and I see like the thot and foot request threads, but what if your request doesn't fit in those categories? Also not sure what you guys consider a thot, so wasn't sure where to post the request. Thanks in advanced, and sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section, I'm new to the .party sites.


Surprised she's on on coomer party


Huge ones on her


I also would like this answered. Is thot just a general term for everything nsfw? Does it include male creators? I don't want to get banned for requesting in the wrong thread.

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List of Femboys/effeminate twinks?
Preferably ones that actually have porn vids rather than photos

All I know of is Femboygaming and nbabunny
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I wanna impregnate Arielle Maxine…


I wana impregnate Arielle Maxine… Her bussy is so tight



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God, I hate cuckchannel and what it has done to the modern era's vocabulary
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piss whore






Haven't seen this pic in ages.

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