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Are the admins going to fix the OF importer?

This site is DEAD without Onlyfans.

Nobody cares about Fansly. And they're barely updated at that.

And on top of the OF issue, the video player isn't working correctly.

Do the Admins care at all about their site dying?
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Spreading/Gaping Creators

I have a fetish for spreading/gaping pussies and i wanna use this thread as a depot for creators that do that sort of content fairly often. feel free to drop some suggestions!

Here's who i got so far:
> Shybabybun (pic related)
> Tweetney
> Crazywifeslut
> Sizeprincessnina
> Starryfawnn
> Haze_lynn
> TentacleBimbo
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c6.coomer.su is down

c6.coomer.su is down
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Import not working

I recently subbed to new OF creators and when I try to import them, it says Success and then shows me a blank log (for 3 days now). I disabled adblock and tracking Protection and it still doesn't work.
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Should I release this? Videos were impossible for me to wait to load so I got to looking at the api and decided to make a quick c# scraper.

You can queue a list of pages to download (OF username or fansly id), select to only download videos, and select the place files will be saved (will also create a folder for each creator using their username/id). It also tracks a few things on the interface & is somewhat interactive
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mrspoindexter content deleted? There were a lot of archived posts from this milf, now there is nothing
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idrc about people seeing my OF content for free but some super cool channers decided to find me on my SFW/family social media and harrass me with these leaks there.
Thanks guys. :|
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Video player problems

When I try to watch a video it buffers forever and stops every few seconds. Anyone else with the same problem or a possible solution?
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download from onlyfans

wanted to contribute media from paid onlyfans page , how to download the media?
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download error

I used to download the video for watch it later, but for last 2 weeks I can't download it, is it blocked now ?
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So is the site forever broken? No new imports in a while.
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creators.txt caching

Hi, is there a github with code to contribute to? either way creators.txt takes very long to load, I'm not sure whether cache-control works properly? but if it does you could still optimize it by using bson rather than json. another idea, wouldn't it make more sense to create API for querying specific creators instead of downloading everything locally? for sure it would take much much less transfer that way. server side even sqlite database would be enough and it can also be cached in memory.
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Why are videos so slow to load? Certain videos don't have such a problem loading but most, for something like half the video, load 1 second increments while pausing inbetween
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Fansly is only importing the first five medias per post

Fansly importer is only grabbing the first five medias per post. Fansly changed their API back in December or so. The timeline API only returns the first five media links per post/bundle. If you want the rest, you have to use the media API to query for the remaining media links then append the two lists or merge the json dicts, however you're handling.
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guys what's the problem all videos of this page is hidden
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Issue with import for a creator

I bought some of the paid restricted content of a creator and I'm trying to import it to coomer but the importer keeps skipping her posts because the overall post has been scrapped before even though it excludes the additional paid content.

Any solutions?
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Hm anyone know why her posts got nuked, last post i checked was 2024, now theres only 52 pages
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Favorite bug

Unable to favorite any onlyfans creator with a dash "-" in their user name. Plz fix.
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search bar doesn’t work

the line “Loading creators… please wait!” has popped up for at least 10mins and i still cant use the search bar to find a certain creator (no result returned)
anyone having the same problem?
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Loverfans & Darkfans

Will there eventually be support for Loverfans and Darkfans? Maybe a Coomer spinoff for more extreme content?
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New improved (?) import problem

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hidden updates and imports

it seems like when the search is sorted by date indexed or date updated all of the new updates are hidden and the latest that shows is from yesterday please fix that
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Find New Imported Content

I can sort by Import Date for models.

Is there a way to find newly imported content from a model? I'm trying to find if an import added any PPV content that was previously not available.
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Multiple Tag Feature, And a way to disable a tag so it wont show stuff with that tag
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Entire page gone

Ginjo's fansly page got fucking nuked, all attached videos and images are gone, and all that's left is text.
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Favourites, Login and Register page not working

Favourites, login and register pages are showing backend error
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We're so back
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Someone Deleted

Her profile vip profile is not visible anymore. The free one is visible but the actual one that had more followers is deleted.I cross checked she didn’t change her id name either. So I think maybe someone deleted that account from the database of coomer.
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Redirect to permsrv.com?!

Excuse me, what in the enshittified fuck are y'all trying to pull here?

Why did Kemono and Coomer suddently start redirecting me to permsrv dot com? What purpose does that serve to the users?
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guys, if a model remove her page on of,her stuff will still be available here?
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Video stream prioritization

Surely the owner of site can implement some feature to prevent mass scrapers from taking all the traffic and slowing the video stream down.

Maybe doing a capcha every web session or even introducing a donation page to get priority speeds, I do want the site to last and I will admit it saved me a lot of money.
Keeping sites up like these cost money, and something like this I would fully donate in exchange for speed.
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I've been looking for content by evahhhnay at coomer.su, but she has 2 different OF link, a solid and a nsfw.
She's beautiful poledancer.
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Can't favourite profile with "-" in name

I can make any profile in my favorite list except those profiles having "-" in their name. Many popular profiles can't be favorite and a dialogue box appears for this. in kemono website there is no such issue and I don't know where to ask to solve the issue. Here I am requesting to fix this.
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not working

i put the things for the import for of and it doesnt import or save
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Download in bulk?

Is there a way to download everything from an account in bulk in a zipped file? Has anyone that explored the API tell me how to?
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Someone posted the entirety, or at the very least a large portion of

I do not know how to upload.
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Site is fucked, wtf do I do
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how to search posts by multiple tags?

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Anyone know who this is(desc):

I've been looking for a girl on coomer.su but I forgot her name. She is white, she only posts videos, she waves at the start of every video, she never shows her face, she looks young (19-25), she had a labiaplasty (reduction), she stopped posting because of the pain from the surgery or something along those lines, and she had 30-70 pages that had almost no images and only videos.
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What can be done against spammers?
For instance, look up this:

Only spam posts
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Why is coomer slow? It's slow when downloading pics, vids, when loading pics and vids. The navigation is quick and that's very nice, but the files are slow. Can you do something about it? It's not my internet connection.
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Content updates

Nothing has updated since 4/13, has the site been undergoing maintenence or something or is ths on my end?
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I'm importing onlyfans. There is no reaction. What am I doing wrong?
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Import ppv

How long does it take to import ppv data?
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Hello, the truth is that I really love this page but I can't watch a video without it getting stuck every 5 seconds or not loading at all (it only happens with videos), does anyone know if it is a problem with the page or if there is a way to solve it, Beforehand thank you very much
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user already being imported

i just imported one onlyfans creator to coomer now that i wanna import another creator its not letting me
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Error 003

I used to be able to favorite profiles, but now whenever I try to I get "Error: 003: Could not favorite artist."
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Coomer has been broken for days

I haven't been able to use Coomer for days. Kemono works normally. How to fix this?
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coomer being spammed by ad accounts?

i noticed that someone recently set up coomer to scrape a bunch of ad accounts, so any search including words that those accounts use becomes tedious to go through: https://coomer.su/posts?q=advertising

is there a way to fix? i guess maybe not the easiest thing to automate and there are some ad accounts that are valuable to still have…
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Is there any way to upload archived OnlyFans posts?

Hey. I'm trying to upload content from a creator which was posted and previously showing on their main feed, the posts have now been archived. They're still showing when clicking on Archive on OnlyFans, but the posts in question are unfortunately unable to be scraped by the importer.
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malwarebytes warning

hello there!
anyone else gets this warning from malwarebytes trying to access?
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DRM videos

If I use importer for Onlyfans will DRM videos be included?

If not how do I download?
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It seems like favs don't update and new favs don't show dates it just says "None"
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Delete User Accounts

I would like an admit to delete my user accounts in Kemono.party and coomer.party/su I am unable to do so but I am trying to quit porn and consolidate all of my emails and passwords across computers. Thank you for your help
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Blocking accounts.

Could we please have the option to block accounts on Coomer?

I'm sick of looking up a topic and getting spam accounts or seeing hairy very masculine men. But seriously, There are so many spam accounts it's not even funny. I've seen 5 pages of the same account.
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Is there any guide on how to use this
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OnlyFans Importer

Is the onlyfans importer working? It seems that it gets stuck

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Downloading is Slow

why for the past week has the downloading of pictures and videos been slowed down a crazy amount I've tried to see if its on my end and doesn't seem to be the case please get back to me and let me know if this will be fixed thank you
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Is it possible to make a justfor.fans importer?
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Pinned posts

There seems to be a new small problem when importing the files. If the Onlyfans account has older Pinned posts on their wall the importer seems to ignore those and they don't appear on coomer. This seems to be a new issue since it didn't happen before big update and server change in 2023. Can one of the Mods look into this please?
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Onlyfans dm imports

How do I import ppv's and customs from onlyfans dm's?
I know the dm importer exists for fansly but there appears to be none for onlyfans, and the file upload on the site doesn't work either.
How do I get them into the site?
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Upload files button

is uploading files disabled? the button just loops me back to the search page
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Something wrong with imported posts getting catalogued? I did an import yesterday that seemed to have worked per the log but none of the content seems to be on the site yet?

Pic unrelated
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OKay… I cant understand how ANYONE in their right mind wants to use coomer… unless im doing it wrong. Example: https://coomer.su/onlyfans/user/exoticandthai How the fuck am i supposed to find the video files? This is the same problem ive had with OTHER posts… and even in those posts… the video clip was ALWAYS a preview clip.

How do I sort 11+ pages of seemingly only images to find actual attachments worth something.
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Candfans verification

Hey guys, any idea on how to get past this step on candfans? Couldn't find any service to rent a japanse number for this step. How do you guys do it?
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OFs natasha_foxxx is hanging it up

It's sad to hear natasha_foxxx is quitting all of her socials including Only Fans. Going to miss that sexy lady.
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Coomer APIs

Could you please update the APIs to include 2 new fields?

1. Mention when a post isn't available because it needs to be paid (the HTML pages show "This post is missing paid rewards from a higher tier or payment. X media, X photos, X videos, for X$.")
2. Include the ID of the media

Thank you!
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Fansly DM import

imported a few times and no DMs were imported, the box was ticked. Here's half the id: 184e1a69-9610-4e81
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Upload her content

i tried to do myself but idk im doing wrong
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Uploading date by model

Hi. Sometimes people uploading missing content from old dates. Is there any way to know which content from certain model was uploaded most recently?
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loading error

im stuck with upload for a day. what can i do?
2024-02-27 00:05:36: Unexpected error. Import will be re-tried in 5 min, if problem continues contact site staff on Telegram.
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Import not working

My import isnt doing anything? its just stuck with no uploads, even tho i just subbed to someone
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Content Dissapearing

I don't know if this is happening to others, but after checking my favs on the site, I have about 5 creaters that on the preview have their update date as "none" and when clicking on it, I get the "Nobody here but us chickens!
There are no posts for your query." message.

Am I the only one?
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Import stuck for days

My import won't start, A9115ed3e11d is the last portion of the log. I haven't been able to import for several days.
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Is there a better place to report stuck imports?

If not… here's half an import ID for admin to check out: 90d2-b2df1665ef2e

Pic unrelated
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Won't save my keys

The importer isn't saving my keys and won't find any posts to upload even though I'm subbed to a few pages that haven't been imported. Is this just due to high demand or am I doing something wrong. If it's any help this is half the key: Bb1c0083-355d-4e95
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> And finally, stop logging out while the import is still underway. It's not magic, the importer needs an active session.

I will log out when doing an import after the importer spends half a day on "Skipping post xxxx from user yyyy because already exists". There really should be an option to just import the posts until an existing one is found. If you're importing somebody who already has a bunch of posts, it really ties up your ability to do futher imports.
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They figured out OF DRM vid importing.

Rejoice and reimport.
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DM import

Just imported from fansly, is there a way to import DMs? I have some vids that need uploading
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Any plans to add in separating video and image posts from Onlyfans?

As seen in title, would be mega useful, especially for creators who have a lot of content. Apologies of this has been suggested previously. Many thanks!
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Fansly not uploading entire sets

Just found out fansly isn't uploading an entire set of more than 10 pictures. Tried importing and flagged multiple sets but it's not only not updating beyond the 5 previous photos but it's also giving a 429 error. How do I fix this issue?
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429 - Too Many Requests

Client limit (429 - Too Many Requests) is way too sensitive. It was annoying enough that I can't have multiple videos buffering simultenously, now I cannot browse the fucking page.
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Ordering Posts on Creator's Page

Would it be possible to have the option to order posts by Imported Date rather than Published Date when viewing a creators page? Apologies if this has already been asked.
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Content Going Missing In Coomer

I looked at Niquidoll's content here a few months ago and distinctly remember there being one and only one post about her feet there, but when I checked her coomer page again yesterday I noticed that that content was gone. How is that possible? Isn't coomer stuff imported and just stays? How can one unit of content vanish but the rest is still there? Anyone got any ideas?
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why are video previews black?

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Videos with c4.coomer.su can't be played

Tried on 2 different browsers. No way to bypass this warning.

Anyone else has this issue?
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how to add account??

how to add onlyfans creator to coomer??
im trying to import valery altamer account to coomer but i dont know whats wrong??
if anybody has any idea how to add or have the archive of her??
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why they stop uploading kitsune's videos?
R: 20 / I: 2

Import not working for me

Hi, when trying to import, the log keeps in blank, is anything else to do or does it takes so long to load content? The import is working for other people becaus in recent there's content uploaded recently
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No videos on import?

Just imported 2 OF pages but their videos didn’t go through?

Only the pics, why didn’t it import their videos?

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Space that shit out G

My feedee/bbw porn is usually posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week while browsing the coomer it took my 70+ pages just to get past Wednesday full of some basic bitch roasties. Limit uploads per day so that shit can be spaced out fr no cap.
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Cant Favorite More Artists

Is there a cap of 400 on the amount of artists an account can favorite? I seem to be getting "Error: 003: Could not favorite artist." When trying to add a new favorite.
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Requesting is NOT allowed.

Doing so will grant you a 3 month ban from this board.