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> And finally, stop logging out while the import is still underway. It's not magic, the importer needs an active session.

I will log out when doing an import after the importer spends half a day on "Skipping post xxxx from user yyyy because already exists". There really should be an option to just import the posts until an existing one is found. If you're importing somebody who already has a bunch of posts, it really ties up your ability to do futher imports.
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Import not working

My import isnt doing anything? its just stuck with no uploads, even tho i just subbed to someone
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Fansly is only importing the first five medias per post

Fansly importer is only grabbing the first five medias per post. Fansly changed their API back in December or so. The timeline API only returns the first five media links per post/bundle. If you want the rest, you have to use the media API to query for the remaining media links then append the two lists or merge the json dicts, however you're handling.
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They figured out OF DRM vid importing.

Rejoice and reimport.
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Anyone know who this is(desc):

I've been looking for a girl on coomer.su but I forgot her name. She is white, she only posts videos, she waves at the start of every video, she never shows her face, she looks young (19-25), she had a labiaplasty (reduction), she stopped posting because of the pain from the surgery or something along those lines, and she had 30-70 pages that had almost no images and only videos.
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DM import

Just imported from fansly, is there a way to import DMs? I have some vids that need uploading
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Is it possible to make a justfor.fans importer?
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Spreading/Gaping Creators

I have a fetish for spreading/gaping pussies and i wanna use this thread as a depot for creators that do that sort of content fairly often. feel free to drop some suggestions!

Here's who i got so far:
> Shybabybun (pic related)
> Tweetney
> Crazywifeslut
> Sizeprincessnina
> Starryfawnn
> Haze_lynn
> TentacleBimbo
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Any plans to add in separating video and image posts from Onlyfans?

As seen in title, would be mega useful, especially for creators who have a lot of content. Apologies of this has been suggested previously. Many thanks!
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Fansly not uploading entire sets

Just found out fansly isn't uploading an entire set of more than 10 pictures. Tried importing and flagged multiple sets but it's not only not updating beyond the 5 previous photos but it's also giving a 429 error. How do I fix this issue?
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429 - Too Many Requests

Client limit (429 - Too Many Requests) is way too sensitive. It was annoying enough that I can't have multiple videos buffering simultenously, now I cannot browse the fucking page.
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Ordering Posts on Creator's Page

Would it be possible to have the option to order posts by Imported Date rather than Published Date when viewing a creators page? Apologies if this has already been asked.
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Content Going Missing In Coomer

I looked at Niquidoll's content here a few months ago and distinctly remember there being one and only one post about her feet there, but when I checked her coomer page again yesterday I noticed that that content was gone. How is that possible? Isn't coomer stuff imported and just stays? How can one unit of content vanish but the rest is still there? Anyone got any ideas?
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why are video previews black?

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Videos with c4.coomer.su can't be played

Tried on 2 different browsers. No way to bypass this warning.

Anyone else has this issue?
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how to add account??

how to add onlyfans creator to coomer??
im trying to import valery altamer account to coomer but i dont know whats wrong??
if anybody has any idea how to add or have the archive of her??
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why they stop uploading kitsune's videos?
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Import not working for me

Hi, when trying to import, the log keeps in blank, is anything else to do or does it takes so long to load content? The import is working for other people becaus in recent there's content uploaded recently
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No videos on import?

Just imported 2 OF pages but their videos didn’t go through?

Only the pics, why didn’t it import their videos?

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Space that shit out G

My feedee/bbw porn is usually posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This week while browsing the coomer it took my 70+ pages just to get past Wednesday full of some basic bitch roasties. Limit uploads per day so that shit can be spaced out fr no cap.
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Cant Favorite More Artists

Is there a cap of 400 on the amount of artists an account can favorite? I seem to be getting "Error: 003: Could not favorite artist." When trying to add a new favorite.
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thinking on how tf do i search posts containing videos only, cause having to click 50 posts to find maybe 1-2 videos isnt healthy
ps. i dont need a way to download videos only, i got like 300mb left on my hdd xd
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For Administrators of the Page

At some point you will also have the option to add creators from (LoyalFans.com) I would like to know so I can be the first to add someone from there :'V
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@2023-12-28 10:14:12: 401 Unauthorized getting subscriptions. Invalid key submitted. Anybody else dealing with this?
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Requesting is NOT allowed.

Doing so will grant you a 3 month ban from this board.
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Fansly videos all 720p beginning early May 2023

The Fansly importer suffers from the same flaw as most others out there. It is only pulling 720p videos starting early May 2023.

Fansly changed their API spec, the default media attachment on a post is no longer highest resolution. It is 720p. And anything over 720p is HLS stream (no encryption, at least). You have to iterate the medias to find the longest height or width, then if it is HLS, download the m3u8 to get the list of .ts files and merge with ffmpeg.
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she have only fans and
matecito: Camiilescano
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>Buy Fansly account to import
>Importer broken again
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Looking to download videos I paid for that are sent via messages on onlyfans so I can eventually upload them when file uploading works. Are there any easy ways to do this? A browser extension anyone recommends? I tried a bunch of inspect element guides but there's literally no link to the cdn source file on the page source.
Pic is unrelated
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Hide text and thumbnail only posts

Most posts are just a thumbnail with text like "buy my latest video"
Would be nice to just hide that crap and only show posts with video clips attached or even just multiple photos
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idrc about people seeing my OF content for free but some super cool channers decided to find me on my SFW/family social media and harrass me with these leaks there.
Thanks guys. :|
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I can't upload it either, it gives me a 400 error, even though I found auth_id.
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Does anyone have an archive of this creators stuff?

Looks like they nuked their account and I can't find anything on the site for peopleonlylike or skitty
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Unshaven women

This site is full of neckbeards who think its OK for a woman to shave.
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I recently subbed to someone, and tried to use the importer to rip it all to Coomer. I put in the sess key, the user id, and the BC token, and it gave me the success screen before sending me to the log screen, but nothing happened after that. Am I being too impatient, does this shit happen automatically, or did I fuck something up?
Between trying to get a scraper to work when I have no fucking idea how to use python, and this not doing what I expect it to, i'm about to eat a bullet
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re: Import

Newbie here. I purchased an Onlyfans vid a month ago and the link is in my DM’s. I have put my details on the import page. Will the video I’ve purchased become available to us in the Import?

Pic for attention.
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Filter posts with clips only?

Would that be possible to implement? Some post covers have images, but the contents of the post might contain a clip which you're not able to tell unless you go browse each and every post.

Wishful thinking request: Filter short/long clips.
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purchases in chat

Any way to import purchases from DMs?