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import fails

Import failing

Hi, I tried emailing you admins but no response so here's a partychan post. Imported with same account (new keys), but seems to stop around the same place.

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Issues and Feedback Thread #1

Something broken and need fixed? Found a bug? Want to tell us how the site can be improved? Please tell us in this thread.
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Handsome boys that wear lingerie

Anyone familiar with any handsome or twunk OF boys that have content where they wear lingerie, panties, stockings, etc.? Can't seem to find many on Coomer.

E.g., closet_panties (who sadly is not on coomer)
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Flat chested girls

Wondering if any of y'all know some good ones? I know of blushymallow and a few lewd only girls but want to see more.
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missing pages

Is this an error or are some user pages take down on purpose?
The content is still active.
Many of my bookmarks have this now.
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Add fansly section to coomer.party

I cannot help but notice that the only thing coomer party has is only fans archives. It would be nice if coomer party could also include fansly creators as well to give it a bit more diversity and for others to access fansly content easier
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Any bbw creators on this site that aren't just teases?
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More gays, femboys, and FTMs!

Like come on people, what's with a majority of this site being only str8 content? Tons of us wanna jack it to some gays, femdboys, and FTMs!
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little question

Are a way to suggest a new onlyfans to be added to coomer like in kemono that are a telegram group for that?
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Anyone use Stashapp for maximum organized cooming? I love it but it doesn't natively support OF content. I'm glad I found coomer.party today but I still don't understand how to batch download content and metadata or upload to Stashapp.
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lots of cum

anyone know of any creators that do lots of facials and cumwalks? I already know about lovingeli
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does anyone know of any only fan veiwer tools that arent clearly scams
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Solo Roleplay Thread

I was wondering if y'all had a list of people who did solo role-play like LittlePuck
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Need help importing

Could someone help me upload to coomer, I'm not entirely sure how to.
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Anybody know where I can find a place to request an OF for coomer? It's only 3.75 for a month and I would be willing to pay via Monero or some other discreet form of payment. I just can't risk having it on my statement unfortunately.
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Party for fansly

with OF shitting the bed a lot of girls/others are headed toward fansly any plans for something like coomer party for fansly?
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Interracial/cuckold/swijger content creator on coomer

Most of creator on coomer are full of ads its difficult to to find some good creators please name some if you kknow
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is it possible to download the whole collection of a single girl?

the girl in mind has over 15 pages on coomer, how can i download them all at once? so far on gallery-dl i download one link at a time, which would take ages.
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Emo/Goth/Alt Girl Recommendations?

Recently imported Arisa Vurr (sugarf4iry), Goodness Gracious How hasn't that been there before…, but have the urge for more especially since her schedule is as retarded as her reputation.
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excluding trans/femboy that do vanila stuff, anyone know a good sissy content creator?
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black woman

anyone know any black women on this website (particularly with big asses but im not picky)
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Any shemale/tranny creators on coomer?

If you know any comment down below
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Chubby/BBW Creators

Not ones that post 5-second clips or only pictures.

For some reason, the jannies removed my other thread asking for chubby/bbw creators (I wasn't requesting for them to be imported to the website, but for people to recommend ones that are actually here already, there are a bunch of threads asking for recommendations, and I'm not breaking any rules), so making a new one.
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Can anyone share her onlyfans on coomer.party?
She is Yuka of Girl Crush Group very famous in Korea!
Her onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/krhikari
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Lookin for gay dudes

I know the demographic for this website but I need some bellied men I’ve
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List of Femboys/effeminate twinks?
Preferably ones that actually have porn vids rather than photos

All I know of is Femboygaming and nbabunny
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God, I hate cuckchannel and what it has done to the modern era's vocabulary
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Free account

She has a free onlyfans account and does gentle femdom, mommy domme, hypno, medical, etc. Enjoy.
Also requesting her stuff since I don't have a credit card.
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List of Pawgs

I found luna-jane recently and wondered if anyone else here knows some similar girls.
Don't really care for implants, race, etc. Ass is a all that matters buts it's a thing line with Pawgs vs bbw
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Any pegging creators on here?

or femdom in general
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Importer only importing accounts partially

Unfortunately, the importer seems to just stop after a page or two for some accounts. Example import id: 58b7fef0. Accounts that should be longer: cutekittenkink, lilithinlatexxx, sexmeat.

Do I just need to wait more, is this an actual bug?
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Filter out ads and shoutouts from the site

could someone implement a way to filter out ads and shoutouts from the site?

there is already a Js Greasyfork extention that does it well enough here: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/426307-onlyfans-hide-ads-shoutouts/code so i would expect that its doable on Coomer as well…
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Heckin DMs

Why does nobody ever upload DM'd content? So many people have moved to posting stuff exclusively in DMs yet nobody ever uploads that stuff.

Is there some reason that nobody ever does that I don't know about? Or am I blind and people import DMs all the time and it's just not visible to me?
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How to increase the maximum posts fetched by api

How can I get more than 25 posts using https://coomer.party/api/{service}/user/{username}?
Is there a parameter or is it just impossible?
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[OF] kinkylittlebitch

Magnet link for this bitch's content. I seed this, you can just leech it if you want, np ;)

Tags: Hairy pussy, dirty smoker, coloured hair, tattoos, kinky.

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Requests locked

Are the requests closed right now because both request threads are locked?
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Recently saw someone on twitter (esskayuwunsfw) who's using this OF clone called Fansly
I'm wondering if it's just a shit clone of OF that nobody uses or if there's enough content on it to be worth requesting support for it on coomer.
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collieesi please
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Importing Question

how long does a import take if they have like over 3k media
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yall know any girls already uploaded onto coomer that have a body shaped like mewtwo? (similar to img attached)
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Who has the video of this post?

Please, share it so i can see it
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why there are a few onlyfans gays?
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Video Problem

There's a new ZenZer0 video on only fans, but I cannot download it. Could someone please post the video in Coomer?
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Why does he have no videos atached to his post?
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Importing instructions

I want to import content but I am unclear about how to get the BC token. Are there detailed directions for importing?
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what's the point of this website, if you faggots just import onlyfans teases?
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is there a downlaoder for commer
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Any Femdom creators on coomer?
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List of medical fetish creators ? Nurse or doctors maybe ?
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Shit sucks

Why is this site so fucking slow, shit sucks
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male murrsuiters thread

See subject. Looking for gay/male murrsuiters. Image unrelated.
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preview DM sample

>every single piece of content is behind a DM
What's even the point
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bimbos with lip focused content?

a lot of ones I want to follow aren't on there, but wondering if anyone happens to also follow pages like this
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Unlocked OF content

What happens if I had an unlocked post and I wanted to import Will it be on commercial?
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List of Latex-related creators

Wanting to find a list of latex related creators that got uploaded to Coomer
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Is requesting for updates on creators who already exist on the website considered a duplicate request?
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alternative for fansly?

Is there an alternative to coomer for fansly? I wanna archive some content
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Bc token

I don't know a lot about computers and I was wondering if there is a guide or if someone could point the way to where to find the bc token
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any achieve for loyal fans

any for the site
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Imported transexual accouts

have any of you guys found any trans people who got their stuff uploaded? Could you link them here
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error 503

hi the creators,

i am juste here to say that much off the profiles on coomer.party are not working. It shows 503 error.
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Can't find BC Token

My BC Token is not showing up in my Local Storage. It's the only thing left I need to import everything. How do I work the XHR Request stuff?
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>visit "creator"'s coomer page
>99% of posts are "in dm's ;)"
why even bother? I now you faggots we're all leeching off of are getting this shit in your OF dm's
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is cunny (animated ofc) allowed on here?
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Dick > Tits

This isn't a request but since this place is flooded with chicks I'd like a list of male creators similar to the murrsuiter thread. Fat guys are a plus
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fix yo shit

wtf is wrong with the site, import is super broken, it only imports like 1/10 posts. the site UI doesn't load at all. what is going on?
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Holy fuck there is actually a reliable archive for onlywhores. Great job devs. I can only hope for you guys also include content in the DMs so I can contribute in the future. Thanks for the coomer site.
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Request Thread #2 (General)

Wow. Who would've thought a thread dedicated to thirsty coomers wanting their wank bait would take a lot longer than Kemono's to fill… Well, time for another.
You know the drill


Creator name;
Price of sub;
Link to creator.
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How to find proper user header

I've been trying to use the kemono party onlyfans version to import some content, but for whatever reason it gives me a status code 401 when contacting only fans API. Apparently it's caused by a wrong userheader, but I found it in the same place the guide on the site says it should be. As an aside, everytime I try to use it I am also force logged out of only fans. What's going on and what am I doing wrong?
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You madmen actually fuckin did it, god damn. Are there any plans for a bulk content downloader in the future?
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LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, lets see how many rant we can get from onlywhore "creator"
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Is this like Soyjak.party?

I ain't gonna make a NSFW Fun with Lee I'm not a degenerate I'm a Christian prepare for the Epiphany on the 6th
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Request Thread #1 (General)

Now the site's importer is working, time for a request thread. Gonna follow the same rules as Kemono's for continuity's sake.


Creator name;
Price of sub;
Link to creator.
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It is time to look for stuff
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From the team behind Kemono comes Coomer, a scraper/leaker/archiver for OnlyFans.
See /kemono/'s: https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/4.html
>Want to develop or moderate for Coomer? Need to send a bug report?
>Contact me!
DO NOT send me requests.