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What does this mean without authorization
And is there a Chinese here,还有这里有中国人吗


Double check your sess, user id, and x-bc and make sure that they are correct.


I tried many times, including re-logging in, and it still didn't work


I also tried trying it in other browsers, but it still didn't work


got the same issue and OF logs out as soon as I try to import


As above, I've used the OF importer before (so I know how to use it), but today it just logs me out

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Can we have a kemono-run bot that subs to the top voted free OF account every week or so?
Yeah, I could set up my own account to do free subs, but I'd rather not give OF my bank details and setting up a virtual card is a bit of a pain.
I think the voting system would be a nice community thing too.

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Think we could get an update to CennyAD?

Or Biobatz?


someone posted a mega folder on cennyad on simpcity.


>>2502 yeah i saw that but its all old content, all of his new content is up on JFF


Yeah, it would be great if coomer starts hosting JFF content. Right now, we'll just have to wait.

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I want to import but am retarded is there a guide somewhere on how to do it

File: 1685846655431.png (8.57 KB, 758x72, Screenshot 2023-06-03 2143….png)


why do i keep getting this message when i try to import even though i'm already logged in


I get this too, ever since they upgraded the site.


I git that too, and when I finally managed to log into the site (by trying to see my favorites), the importer now errors out with a 503

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When importing, this message appears, how to solve it?

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ok so there's this really hot girl on onlyfans but I don't want my wife to see that I bought onlyfans shit, the only other option would've been paypal but they don't accept this crap.

What do? Do prepaid cards works?
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she switched names at some point btw, https://onlyfans.com/mommyaudri


that's just creepy to look at


maybe consider NOT buying an OF sub when you're married?





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I don't really understand why this keeps happening. It only ever happens on her posts that are videos, as her pictures get imported without issue.

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Place got wiped clean, couldn't post new threads without getting them deleted damn near instantly, and all people seem to do is bash on female murrsuits lol


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i recommend nohtty

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Since Fansly recently got added, I thought I could now go look at my favorite content creators again.

But basically all the Fansly entries except for maybe 2 are completely empty.
Why is that?


Many are probably have a "Free" viewing, so they get scraped by the system, but anything added to the post like a video or image, is probably locked behind a paywall.


I already tried importing myself, and it doesn't import free view content.
You need to import something behind a paywall for the system to even accept it.


A lot of people who use fansly adopted the "pay for the option to pay for things" approach


We've got Sif Avellana memes here and yet still no Fansly imports of her stuff, how unfortunate.
It's problems with the importer it seems like really, it doesn't accept free content and the fact I can barely find any Fansly stuff at all scares me off trying to import paid content to even see what happens, like how Kemono had the issue that killed Fantia imports with getting accounts banned months ago, which are still dead in terms of updates with fixing imports there even now.

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