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Requesting is NOT allowed.

Doing so will grant you a 3 month ban from this board.

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Are the admins going to fix the OF importer?

This site is DEAD without Onlyfans.

Nobody cares about Fansly. And they're barely updated at that.

And on top of the OF issue, the video player isn't working correctly.

Do the Admins care at all about their site dying?
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Then dump their stuff onto a drive and wait until they fix it, idiot.

Its not our fault. Blame the incompetent admins



That'd be sensible advice if there were any way to upload stuff, but the only way to add things is via import, so if his subs are about to expire, he's correct in saying everyone else will miss out… idiot


RIP Coomer


How about you use another downloaded and make a thread if ones not available on a forum of some kind? There's some with great communities


Already done.

Now all I have to do is find a site/forum that accepts anonymous uploads and will make them easy to find. Not all forums are as searchable as Coomer is.

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I have a fetish for spreading/gaping pussies and i wanna use this thread as a depot for creators that do that sort of content fairly often. feel free to drop some suggestions!

Here's who i got so far:
> Shybabybun (pic related)
> Tweetney
> Crazywifeslut
> Sizeprincessnina
> Starryfawnn
> Haze_lynn
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File: 1718820588461.jpeg (85.4 KB, 600x1080, 629005788672700416.jpeg)


File: 1718882788563.png (191.09 KB, 298x396, Screenshot 2024-06-20 0620….png)


This woman is just divine.


File: 1718968010999.jpeg (177.99 KB, 1572x1180, 643610336133390336.jpeg)


Insane amount of content as well

File: 1717427675520.png (29.59 KB, 793x876, Screenshot_2.png)


c6.coomer.su is down


looks like c6 is working again


c4 is down tho


C2 and C4 are down, nothing load no matter what.


It's too slow from a long time now. Have to bare with it due too much traffic.


And the admins do nothing

File: 1716983609575.png (24.87 KB, 1575x347, import-not-working.png)


I recently subbed to new OF creators and when I try to import them, it says Success and then shows me a blank log (for 3 days now). I disabled adblock and tracking Protection and it still doesn't work.
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it is still broken as of today




Voldrix has patched their OF Downloader script on Github. Maybe Admin could use Voldrix's open-source code as the basis for a fix here?


Hopefully they'll get it going again. I found a few open source methods that work they could reference. Just bought a few subs to try and contribute and was disappointed when I wasn't able to upload ):


Remember when Coomer was still open source… aah those were the days.

File: 1718696692614.png (388.36 KB, 980x487, ss.png)


Should I release this? Videos were impossible for me to wait to load so I got to looking at the api and decided to make a quick c# scraper.

You can queue a list of pages to download (OF username or fansly id), select to only download videos, and select the place files will be saved (will also create a folder for each creator using their username/id). It also tracks a few things on the interface & is somewhat interactive


also forgot to mention it will also check before downloading & skip over anything previously downloaded. Was unable to attach a webm to my post, so uploaded it to webmshare



Link doesn't work, it's at

& yes


& yes it also works on kemono, for everything but discord stuff. Also added features to get user ID from username from sites where it's not so easy without viewing webpage source (ie patreon)

Are there any other useful features I could add?


the coomer scrapper works fine.


I wasn't able to find any that were nice for the end user. Only lower quality python scripts requiring you to use cmd/terminal and install lots of random junk.

Mine is a single executable, no additional downloads, .dll files, or extra setup needed - just open the .exe, set creators, and click start

File: 1717332416553.jpg (325.32 KB, 1520x2026, 20240602_144640.jpg)


mrspoindexter content deleted? There were a lot of archived posts from this milf, now there is nothing



yeah account not able to find


File: 1718719452787.png (399.74 KB, 1091x576, file.png)

I also can't see her page on coomer, but I am able to download her content through the coomer api

File: 1702232069592.png (69.54 KB, 277x182, coolsnake.png)


idrc about people seeing my OF content for free but some super cool channers decided to find me on my SFW/family social media and harrass me with these leaks there.
Thanks guys. :|
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Shockingly, actions often do have consequences


Is this jackraidenhaha?
Considering the profile just got wiped



It didn't get wiped, just moved to jackraidenlol2. I really wish Coomer/Kemono would automatically link such accounts, to avoid confusion.


Tits or gtfo


Seriously guys…
Content preservation is one thing, but using it to harass/threaten a real person is another.
Whoever found her non-SW social media and used it for evil, stop and don't do it again.
The last thing I want is for libtards and feminazis to start targeting this website.
An incident like this is all they'd need.

File: 1704057545336.jpg (1.2 MB, 2316x3088, 1670987990177.jpg)


Mursuiter thread!

Females part 1:




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How old were Muhammad's child brides?
Your prophet rapes children, just like trannies. Therefore, Muhammad is a tranny and your smelly brown god is a likely a tranny too.


Why you are on a mosty porn site then?


I want to know which are the slim & stacked ones that use fantasy dildos? not just fucking, but giving bjs, etc?
starryfawnn does great work, but she's too tiny for my taste



File: 1714486228356.jpg (73.06 KB, 788x1654, 788x1654_80998e208db781b40….jpg)


When I try to watch a video it buffers forever and stops every few seconds. Anyone else with the same problem or a possible solution?
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that's not how it works lol


damn c2 and c6 used to be the onews that didn't work but now from c3 to c6 are super slow specially c4 and c5. I hope they figure it out as bunkr did cause all of the server on bunkr is super fast now a days


Is because of fucking people who mass scrape coomer. They hog all the traffic and isn't helping. It's ironic to say this but it's probably better to implement a anti bot or captcha and prioritize the video stream.

Don't get me wrong I love scraping much as the next guy here, and I believe downloading is the only safest option, but still there should be some traffic fairness


I've been complaining about this for a while now. They should limit it to one simultaneous video file per IP or something like that, otherwise it becomes unusable for everyone who's trying to use the actual website instead of filling a 10TB ssd with shit they'll mostly never watch.


I mean without download it will be like wanking in the 90ties, one image at the time… Achh…

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