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A lot of creators send their content through DMs or as ppv, and are not being uploaded onto coomer
So, has a feature to import DMs been considered, for example ?
Because it seems to be a frequent issue


Hey just wondering could somebody do an import for an onlyfans user called shemalejanice? Some of it is behind paywall.

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Can I be tracked if I’m importing? I just did some import for the first time and I’m worried something might happen


>*The site itself doesn't out anything about you, besides maybe when you roughly imported. Consider spacing out the time in-between subscribing and sharing to avoid direct correlation.
>*If OnlyFans themselves becomes hostile to Coomer users, they might try to ban your payment info and account like with what Fantia did to Kemono. They have not done anything like that as of this post, but with some effort on their part, it is possible. Here be dragons.


Nice tips bro.



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If only 4channel itself was wiped like this board was. Same with all users of sneedspeak, really.
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Thank you

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Mostly male stuff


Añéjo and Kaii



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Mostly male stuff

Wolf O'Daddy/Frute_brute

Stephie the Deer

Naughtywoofs/Riley and Rogue


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Any recommends of femboy/sissy/trans fursuiters?



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hi, has anyone discussed adding tags or at least optional gender markers to creator's pages to make browsing more friendly to people who are looking for specific genders?

i just uploaded a bunch of men's profiles and thought it would be cool if there was a way to check a box like "these are all men" when entering my keys, so other people could find them more easily

obviously there a million other tags people might be interested in as well. but even something fairly simple about gender (perhaps "check all that apply" for man, woman, non-binary, cis, trans) would be a useful start
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Please add and tag or filter for dick or pussy.


user added tags would be very helpful for searching


This, tired of clicking on traps.


Where there's a hole, there's a goal


File: 1695202354844.jpg (384.83 KB, 1482x1835, 1693303416884511.jpg)

This would be great, sometimes I am just in the mood to see 10/10 trap bussy and not ugly women

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Seems like the HTTPS certificates for the file servers are expired. At least I can't open videos anymore. Anyone else getting this problem?
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Still can't load any videos, and images won't expand either.


Hope this gets fixed soon. I just introduced a friend to this site when all the vids stopped working


Imports are painfully slow too. I've been trying to import a few girls before my subs expire in a few days, and each post, even if its just an image seems to take forever to pull down.


happening to me as well. one import every 45 minutes at best and 1 hour and 30 minutes at worst.



Yeah, it's horrible. The girl I am trying to import changed her name, so it's trying to re-download all of her content.

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anyone have a tutorial on how to get the cookies for onlyfans to import? im struggling with this


Open devtools and go to the application tab. then click on cookies.

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Does anyone know and can share some web scrapping tool to download all content from specific page in coomer.party?
Thank you for you great site.



You're the best, thank you, kind anon!

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There are some popular people that are not uploaded here, what are other pages like coomer that I can look for her onlyfans?


simpcity.su is the current main forum for it.

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the last few times I've tried importing from an Onlyfans account,it hasn't worked.
I enter the session key, begin the import, then just as it begins importing, the page with Onlyfans open would automatically refresh, and I'd be logged out of OF. Logging out in this way causes the session key to expire, and the import is then immediately aborted.

Is this OF's way of preventing imports? How do I circumvent this?


may have solved it for myself.

the auto log-out seems to happen when I log into OF with Firefox. getting it from Chrome doesn't appear to cause auto-log out on import.

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