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Something broken and need fixed? Found a bug? Want to tell us how the site can be improved? Please tell us in this thread.
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man is this STILL broken for coomer and kemono imports? i would literally help pay to get it working again

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From the team behind Kemono comes Coomer, a scraper/leaker/archiver for OnlyFans.
See /kemono/'s: https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/4.html
>Want to develop or moderate for Coomer? Need to send a bug report?
>Contact me!
DO NOT send me requests.


Things are currently still in a very early state as of this post. Please report bugs as you find them and give suggestions.

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Most of creator on coomer are full of ads its difficult to to find some good creators please name some if you kknow










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die! ==DIE!== why wont this stupid thread die already also whos the faggot that bumped this from page 5? I didnt come here to see those abominations i just wanted wholesome aryan women for my brown rooster. Bro why is that too much to ask? You white pigskin macacaos literally cum to this? What weird but fascinating creatures am i staring at? I thought this madness porn was already over when site got rammed hard by bald cartoon people? But here we are again fuck this cursed godforsaken place i aint going back to the shithole called pornhub as much as i aint watching avatar XXX you furros are surely a weird creative bunch
Bottom line while i have nothing against public nudity as art it is clear that a sodomite made these onlyfans profiles truly vile creatures


man, you pajeets are a different breed. Go work in a call centre that's about to get raided… I'm sure Salt Lake sector 5 has at least one.


please update more female murrsuiters can't get enough 😍


Not alot of these murrsuiters/softsuiters are getting updated on coomer. Anybody else here trying to upload their content on coomer?



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Here is the link to validate the discount, honestly I'm short of bucks, but I hope it helps you if you are interested in content.

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401 = Unauthorized

Your credentials are invalid


how to fix that?


well what did i messed up?


He told you brudda, make sure your login and password are correct.


You probably didn't do anything wrong.

I tried importing as well and got a 401 error.

The DEVs stopped working on the website so i guess everything is just breaking down as a result

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Error: 009: Could not retrieve import logs.

File: 1664512157895.png (1.62 KB, 266x190, sad.png)


Import failing

Hi, I tried emailing you admins but no response so here's a partychan post. Imported with same account (new keys), but seems to stop around the same place.

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Bump. Import always gets stuck around 1100


Any advice on this? I subbed to a new OF, but its only importing the last few (about 10 posts) while its doing about 400 duplicates I already imported from another creator weeks ago. Any advice? I want to share!


If you're brain damaged enough to be able to understand whatever non-sense the guys wrote in the github repo you could try making it so coomer import prioritizes unknown creators over stuff we already have


I'm not running my own repo, just using the site. :(


I feel you, the request threads are also closed, I tried to request for linasotooo in of, but I couldn't reply to the threads.

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I cannot help but notice that the only thing coomer party has is only fans archives. It would be nice if coomer party could also include fansly creators as well to give it a bit more diversity and for others to access fansly content easier
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True the 1000IQ creators switched to fansly
party team please add fansly support


Yeah a lot of OF creators decided to get fansly ever since the whole situation with the almost banning of nsfw content…


yes and even more so now with their pay split and they have lovense support now.


Yes, please! add fansly content


agreed with fansly since there are so many social platforms nowadays its hard to keep track

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Any bbw creators on this site that aren't just teases?


jaylenexo and chloeemae have some preety good fucking scenes, almost always with multiple guys


Fatassgoddess is one of my faves and someone I was pleasantly surprised to see on here.




Wish she would post longer videos but can't complain.
Also theres honeybiscuit20 but she barely posts/barely any imports.

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