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Something broken and need fixed? Found a bug? Want to tell us how the site can be improved? Please tell us in this thread.
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I hope the importer gets fixed before October ends, because I just spend money in two creators I wanna import, hahaha.

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From the team behind Kemono comes Coomer, a scraper/leaker/archiver for OnlyFans.
See /kemono/'s: https://chan.kemono.party/kemono/res/4.html
>Want to develop or moderate for Coomer? Need to send a bug report?
>Contact me!
DO NOT send me requests.


Things are currently still in a very early state as of this post. Please report bugs as you find them and give suggestions.

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Import failing

Hi, I tried emailing you admins but no response so here's a partychan post. Imported with same account (new keys), but seems to stop around the same place.



This is the exact problem I’m experiencing, sadly my stuff expires tomorrow:/


Anyone familiar with any handsome or twunk OF boys that have content where they wear lingerie, panties, stockings, etc.? Can't seem to find many on Coomer.

E.g., closet_panties (who sadly is not on coomer)

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Wondering if any of y'all know some good ones? I know of blushymallow and a few lewd only girls but want to see more.



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Is this an error or are some user pages take down on purpose?
The content is still active.
Many of my bookmarks have this now.


This is happened to me before, you just wait. The page is still in development so I guess this is normal.

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I cannot help but notice that the only thing coomer party has is only fans archives. It would be nice if coomer party could also include fansly creators as well to give it a bit more diversity and for others to access fansly content easier


true and
>uses real email


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fansly needs to come after so many creators swapped to it from OF!


True the 1000IQ creators switched to fansly
party team please add fansly support

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The thot & murrsuiter threads were combined into one new thread which…if you're only into the murrsuiters, isn't great. 300 links and inevitably, they're almost all regular thots. Would love it to be reverted.




Why even update this when there’s no full video, can y’all upload the full thing pls


When will this updated?

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Any bbw creators on this site that aren't just teases?


jaylenexo and chloeemae have some preety good fucking scenes, almost always with multiple guys


Fatassgoddess is one of my faves and someone I was pleasantly surprised to see on here.




Wish she would post longer videos but can't complain.
Also theres honeybiscuit20 but she barely posts/barely any imports.

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Like come on people, what's with a majority of this site being only str8 content? Tons of us wanna jack it to some gays, femdboys, and FTMs!
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Fuck off, we dont want that shit


Speak for yourself, angry kid
This site is for everyone not just you


>>1850 >>1840
just to be clear i have nothing against simpletons and 3dpd but now i understand why furries hate coomers and anime so much despite fapping to cub themselves


Shut up faggot


>Tons of us wanna jack it to FTMs
Lol srsly? You sick, dude.

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