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Hi, when trying to import, the log keeps in blank, is anything else to do or does it takes so long to load content? The import is working for other people becaus in recent there's content uploaded recently


Same for me not working


Now I'm getting error "Status code 400 getting subscriptions. Nothing will be imported"


onlyfans finally figured out how to block web scrapers


Nooo … Now the same for me too

@2023-12-26 15:46:30: Status code 400 getting subscriptions. Nothing will be imported


OnlyFans Importer still not working …

@2023-12-26 19:29:51: Status code 400 getting subscriptions. Nothing will be imported



others profiles keep updating in the “recently” tab, I think that Onlyfans importers it is working


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The last Onlyfans entry i found was: hidorirose 2023-12-26T14:43:16

All newer entries are exclusively from Fansly

Importer log remains empty or hit the 400 error for my onlyfans import attempts …



The last entry was later than my attempt to import lol, so idk why wasn’t working for me


I can't upload it either, it gives me a 400 error, even though I found auth_id.


Still not working …

2023-12-27 08:05:36: Status code 400 getting subscriptions. Nothing will be imported


Fixed, you should be able to import now.


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Getting this error now



@2023-12-28 06:38:02: Your key was successfully enrolled in auto-import!

All running normal until now. Thanks!


Same; had two attempts to import just do nothing; let both run for 24 hrs without any sort of log events like errors.

Any ideas what might be causing this? Seems like I got all the session info correct.


same again not working from yesterday


it keeps bean blank


Coomer importer is still currently down…



tried to import 3 different onlyfans but stuck on importer logs with nothing coming up?


Same here, but cant find AUTH ID on chrome :o


On chrome it's devtools then application tab then cookies

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