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thinking on how tf do i search posts containing videos only, cause having to click 50 posts to find maybe 1-2 videos isnt healthy
ps. i dont need a way to download videos only, i got like 300mb left on my hdd xd


Yeah this feature should be added along with sorting within certain dates.


If you have jq installed (https://jqlang.github.io/jq/) somewhere where you have curl, you can easily filter any API response to find files whose filename contains m4v, for example, you can get recent posts with videos with:

curl -X 'GET' 'https://coomer.su/api/v1/posts' -H 'accept: application/json' | jq '.[] | select( [ .file.name | contains("m4v") ] | any ), select( [ .attachments[].name | contains("m4v") ] | any ) | "https://coomer.su/" + .service + "/user/" + .user + "/post/" + .id'


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I am working on a tool to download, will follow up in a bit
as an aside, what is the rate limit downloading files? I'll happily respect it


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reporting back, I've created this CLI tool to download from coomer/kemono: https://git.coom.tech/milkmaster1080/coom-collector
looking for feedback, check it out


There is a Tampermonkey script which allows you to filter


Adds a button, on click it filters just posts which have videos


I like it, easy to use and it just works. Thanks.


Really cool, but I'm too much of a dumb ape for stuff like this.
I followed the instructions but the download stage always gets stuck.
Am I missing some pre-requisites?


An ability for the site to generate a thumbnail for posts with videos is by far my most desired feature.

Probally query the frame used as the thumbnail like 30% into the videos though so it skips any intros or black frames.


you mind sharing the exact command you're trying, and the error?
shouldn't be any prerequisites besides installing golan


I'm not sure why the video .mp4 file metadata is not available on the post as well. I would like to be able to see the post as well as 'sort' by post size (attachments). Seems like a bigger problem if not left unchecked.

For example elsewhere, bunkr recently added sort by size which was sorely needed on those albums. It immediately improved the UX.

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