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I've been looking for a girl on coomer.su but I forgot her name. She is white, she only posts videos, she waves at the start of every video, she never shows her face, she looks young (19-25), she had a labiaplasty (reduction), she stopped posting because of the pain from the surgery or something along those lines, and she had 30-70 pages that had almost no images and only videos.


If it helps, she posted from late 2021 to early 2023/late 2022. Most of her videos are between 4 and 7 minutes long. I think she had a tattoo on her right thigh. I found her by pressing random a bunch of times a year ago, so I don't know how many favorites she has. I do know she mostly did fingering but she had 4 videos with dildos before the surgery. She wasn't extremely sexual. She also had construction going on at her house so some of her videos had that background noise or she'd drown it out with her tv. I think she had topgear playing a lot in the background of her earliest videos or just some british show.


It would also be nice to know if she was deleted so I can stop searching for her. This site seems dead to be honest, but maybe someone will know her account.



I don't think I've ever seen anyone deleted from this site. I base this off of reading the DMCA takedown requests to Google that remove the listings, and other sites that scrape this site removing things, but the content survives here.

Try using the post search and searching for text that might have been in here posts. I tried for "labiaplasty", but none of the results resemble the person you described.


I did the same thing. I also tried vagina plasty and surgery and nothing came up. I also tried looking up basic things that would've been said in her last posts like sorry, painful, leaving/quiting/deleting. I know she was on coomer.su last year because I saved her link in my notes, but I deleted a bunch of stuff to save space and that was one of them.


I'm mostly just hoping someone has her favorited because she is just masturbation. That's all I looked for on there, so I would assume other people are the same way.


u guys figure out who this is? im intrigued


I never found it. I am pretty sure she is on fansly but I looked at every profile on fansly. Took a while. Never found her. I am 99% sure she is deleted since she deleted her account.


Still hoping a knight in shining armor finds her so I can stop being so clueless.


Still searching. Pretty sure she is canadian. She was always clean shaved. Pink. She was pretty pale usually. The angle of the camera would be from the front or front right facing her vagina. She mostly did fingering. Every post was a video or almost every post. She had like 100 or so videos. It was some time in mid to late 2022 that she last posted.

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